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Meet Me Knives In Shining Armour.

I have chosen to share a photo or two with y’all. Simply because I can. And also maybe because I’m a wee bit proud of my beautiful blades. I only have four at the present moment, but more on in the future.
So, here is first photo:

Are they not astounding? And yes, they of course have names, duh. I’ve been naming things – just about anything that I could – since I was little. One of the first cats I named was Polly Anna unfortunately. We called her Porky though…anyway! That, my friends, has nothing to do with my knives and their proper names.
The one in the middle (which I got only a couple months ago. August to be exact) is Abelia (Though, often called Dagger Me Truthful to match my other two’s names), then the one to the left, the Sgian Dubh, (which was my official first knife. I’m not including all the pocket knives I have and have had, for obvious reasons.) the sgian dubh’s name is respectfully Jarrow Smith. The one at the bottom, my Buck 119, is named Kill You and the last one, on the upper right, is Trust Me. Wonderful naming, no?

And here is one last photo of them all (some with their sheaths if they have one)

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‘Ave ye ever wondered?

Well, ‘ave ye?
I have. To warn you, why wonderings and conclusions could shock you. Maybe.
Have you ever wondered what type of person you’d be if you never knew God? That would be absolutely horrible, and I am SO unimaginably thankful that I do know Him. But I decided, that if I never knew the Lord (which one more time, would be beyond awful.) I’d most likely be goth/emo etc. Yeah, scary, huh? I’d be the quiet girl, gravitating towards dark things, the outcast, and so on. I’d listen to loud music, play the drums, probably dye my hair black. I can see the scars I’d have, and the results of those scars. I am so thankful I know my Saviour.
(And granted, that I already would like to play the drums. But not the evilness of dark music.)
Now back to the foundation that I do know God, but let’s wonder what it’d be like for us not to be homeschooled, or as as far as we are in our walk. Say we’re the fluffy Christians, who pretty much just call themselves Christians. (sorry to be so blunt.) Anyway, okay. So I think I’d be still the quiet girl in school, but since I’m partially a Christian, I probably wouldn’t be as dark as I would without God completely. Dallas and I had this discussion before she married. We decided she’d be the cheer-leader type, where you either like her, or you don’t. And I’d be the shy, reserved girl who tries hard to get the best grades, and whatever. Funny, ay?
Your turn!

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Baby Showers

Yesterday we ladies of the family, including Dallas, went to a friends baby shower. It wasn’t bad, but there were a lot of talkative females in one room that wasn’t all that large. If you know me, you are aware that that is not my cup-o-tea. Two gals that were there, that I would normally talk to (maybe ;) ) both had other friends there, and plus it was their sister’s baby shower, so they were helping a lot. Mum talked to another Mum, who is very nice, but has two daughters I don’t think I’d get along with. And we might have to stop by their house next time we go up north, because they live up near there. About half-way to Duluth, I think. Not quite maybe. Anyway. Though the lady apparently has a son or two (I think they’re like 10 and 12 maybe…) that would be very interested in my knife-carrying habit, so that may not be so bad…
But anyway. So yes, that was how we spent most of the day yesterday, was surrounded by woman. I ‘won’ a ‘prize’ though, so ya know, that was cool ;)

Today, at church, Mum and I are doing a small skit/drama for the church. Ugh. It’s called “Mrs. Clean” and it has the stupidest ending. If I had more time, I would’ve thought about re-writing it. Anyway, it’s just Martha and Mary. I’m Mary, and Mum’s Martha. It’s really short, so it won’t take us long, and I’ll probably make someone upset because of my ‘acting skills’ or to some, lack-there-of. (This isn’t broadway. At least I am ACTING! I’ve got emotion into this.) Yeah, issues? Just kidding! Naw, it’ll be perfectly fine. We both know our lines backwards and forwards, so it shall be grand.

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Mine Hopeth Trunketh.

Jyep, I finally got my butt around to finding my battery charger, charging my dead batteries, and then putting the fully charged batteries into my camera that really isn’t great, then taking photos of my trunk that I got for my birthdayeth. So without further ado, here beith the photos.

B-u-T-full ain’t it?

And that is the inside with some lady ;)

It was cool, because when we got it, there was a whole bunch of old newspaper clippings that had just about disintegrated. The year on one of ’em was like 1902 or something. Really neat :) I kept the clippings.

So dah, that is mine hopeth trunketh. And no, it’s not empty.

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Ready or not death will find you.

I had an interesting dream last night. It causes great thought for me.
It was like a battle was going on. Guns and everything. My Dad and I were fighting side by side. Dad was wounded. I was shot several times in the leg and arm. I said “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” and the guy who shot me before, said “Is that so?” and shot me in the head. Everything went dark, and I could feel myself fading. Fading away, thinking *This is what death is. I’m going to be in heaven in a few moments. NO! I’m not ready. I’m not ready, Lord. I’m not ready to leave this earth.” And somehow I recovered – it wasn’t somehow, it was a miracle.
This dream was so life-like, that I still can imagine what dying is like.
Last night before I fell asleep I asked that God would guard and ‘conduct’ my dreams. And lately I’ve been wondering what His will is for me. I used to be so sure I was so mission in India, but I haven’t felt so great a pull there anymore. And I am not sure if that’s Satan’s doing, or God’s. This dreams causes me to think I shall one day be dying for my faith, as every Christian might have to face. And are we ready? Just because God saved me in my dream, does that mean He will do the same in real-life situation? Will I be ready to leave this earth at that point? Right now, I know I’m not ready. Somedays I want to be with God more than anything, but in the big scheme of things, I don’t think I’ve fulfilled my purpose here, yet.
Though this dream hasn’t really reveled God’s complete will for me, it has caused me to think.
“Our parents battle is about to become our own.” – How To Train Your Dragon.
I’ve had a couple dreams in the past about battles. Real life battles, where people die. One that still rings clear is the one I had where someone said they were going off to war, and I said “But we’re only 15!” I was left, while the other teens went. No matter what the age we are, it’s not ‘only’. God can use us at any age, if He so desires. Prepare yourselves to be ready.

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Why I would not live on Wiggle Road Part 3

Because it just sounds weird.

Wednesday We awoke from our sleep (actually, not all of us slept really great, but that’s normal for up there.) and we kind of just hung around for a wee bit. Soon, we got all packed up,

and loaded the car. We did a little cleaning up as always, and said our fare wells. It was about…elevenish I think by the time we left. Eleven Thirty maybe. We went into Duluth, stopped at the Dollar Store (Nanny had given Noah money, and what is a Duluth trip, without going to the dollar tree?). I got a couple things – some envelopes, pens, and a notepad.
Before we could go home, we had to stop at USA Foxx and Furs…Just kidding!! We certainly didn’t have to, we chose to :P Haha. We stopped there to visit Toby (nissesummit) because he works there. We went into the store part of it, and was greeted by a guy. He asked me to skin a bear, since I had a knife on me ‘I have one waiting right now!’ Haha, thanks, but I’m good. After asking me a few more questions (yeah, believe it or not, I was the one that talked and answered the questions. I think Mum was out of her comfort zone… ;) ) he had a gal named Donna lead us up to the top place where Toby does the work. Donna had a fantastic accent. I could seriously listen to that all the time. I want an accent. :) I found out it is Polish. Very cool. Once we got up there, Toby showed us around, and it was very interesting. Mum said it was like a homeschool trip ;)
We only stayed there for a little while – we had a time limit, which I hope we didn’t overstay ;)
And soon it was finally time to get home. I love home. But it took a while to get out of Duluth. Dad missed a turn or something. We did finally get out, and had the long drive home. And we arrived home around Five or so.
When I got the mail, I was caused to laugh, as I opened one. It was a birthday card from my other grandparents (Mum’s Dad and step-mum) and the card was…Mr. Thornton! Hahaha. Mum and I both had a good laugh over that one ^.^

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Why I would not live on Wiggle Road Part 2

Because every time I saw it, wrote it, heard it, I would automatically think of a Wiggle’s Song, and that is not a good thing.

Tuesday Raechel has been 16 a full 24 hours now. Whoopee. After hanging around Nanny’s house, my family and I (not including the dog and cat) left, and went into Duluth. We went to Canal Park first. Oh was that wonderful. It was quiet when we got there, and I was able to stand in the water, with no one around. I only got my feet went though – I was wearing flip-flops. The water was cold, but not bitterly so. After Mum convinced me to leave that spot, we walked the..uh, blanking…the walk that leads to the lighthouse. Then went into the museum building, looked around there, watched the creepy people talk in their rooms (they’re not real.) and when I talked back to them, they wouldn’t answer. Huh. After that, we found out a ship was coming in soon, so we waited that out. Mum, Noah and I walked the board walk, and came back to Dad, and waited some more. The ship finally came in. I’ve seen a lot of them come in, but it was cool for Noah :)
Next we went and had lunch, and proceeded to go to my beloved Seven Bridges Road. That was wonderful, as expected. I would have photo’s except I LEFT MY CAMERA AT NANNY’S. Erg. I was all proud of myself for remembering to bring it up, and then I go and leave it at ‘home’. Whatever.
We actually didn’t stay at SBR for all that long. Dad was really tired, and sore, and we still had stuff to get done for Nanny and Grandpa John. While at SBR though, I did get wet. My feet of course, and then the bottom of my skirt got dampened as well. It sure is beautiful up there. Heh heh, and I had some lady walking by laugh at me…see, I was singing. Weirdly, and with my own words. We were walking up the ditch-y area, and Mum took the soft path, and I took the rocks, so I sang: “You take the soft ground, and I’ll take the hard one, and you’ll probably get thar afore me!” (to the tune of “Loch Lomond” Or however you spell that.) And so, a lady was walking right by us, but I didn’t know that, hence the reason I was singing… :P
After arriving back to Nanny’s, Dad took a nap and Mum, Noah and I…did something. I don’t know. Just hung around. When Dad got up, we put away their outdoor furniture, then Dad took care of their pontoon – getting it ready for winter. And I cleaned out the outside firepit. We had dinner, talked to my grandparents, who never fail to bring a smile to my face. And G. John is constantly dishing out compliments. I think I said “thank you” a billion times ^.^
Around bed-time, I went down to the bunkhouse (it’s right by the house, and has six beds in total, I think I counted. A sauna is connected to it.). This is where I slept:

Yep, it’s messy. And yes, that is a “Rugrats” pillowcase. One of Dallas and my favourite shows growing up =D
Some other random photo’s I took that evening:

Here you can see some of the bunkhouse – and me ;) I took the picture facing the window, as I’m sure you figured out.

This is the top of my journal entry the night before. Please excuse my handwriting. I was tired, it was late, etc. etc.
And that’s really about it for Tuesday!