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You took my toothbrush?

Hola, I’m home! And have been since Sunday night.
Duluth was grand. There was flooding up there…but thankfully it was done by the time we got there – I mean, you could still see the effects of it, but it wasn’t raining hard or anything while we were there.
I may or may not update more on the whole trip soon…as of right now, I just don’t feel like it…

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First, Happy Father’s Day to you! I hope you all have a wonderful day with your Dad’s :)

I’ve got some photos of dresses I’ve been meaning to share, but haven’t gotten to it for various reasons. We’ll see if I can get it to work today though!

(Above: Notice how freaking low it is? Man, it was shocking. We got the dress at a garage sale, and we were at Dallas’ afterwards, so I tried it on, and I didn’t even want to come out of the bathroom XD So, we found a shirt to go under. :P)

(Above: I felt a little ‘funny’ in this one – like a “homeschooler” ;) Haha!The knives helped me be more me, though, so it was okay.)

And this following one is my favourite. It makes me feel…oh I don’t know. Fairy-tale-ish, but not quite the right word…Elven-ish?

I love the dress though. I got a little sick of being in dresses after a while, but this one I could wear all the time. There is just something about it. Twice I was told it is a very “Rae dress” if that means anything. ;)
Oh and just a little note: If I’m not wearing my knives, it means it was Sunday. But of course, if I am, it means it’s not Sunday. :)

There has been quite a bit that I could be posting about lately, but I just haven’t gotten to it.
But this week is going to be a grand week. Yay!!! Going to be meeting a penpal (Yippee, RaeAnne!!!) at MOA, then my family will be heading up to Duluth and I’ll be meeting two other penpals too! So much fun to look forward to!! :)

And then this past week, we got to tour the Tabernacle. It was so cool. If you have the time, look up “Messiah’s Mansion” – it’s an amazing ministry! I really really really loved going through it. Seeing so much passion was beyond amazing, and just a great reminder to never settle for less! The passion of both tour guides we had (we went through twice) was really great. Our first tour guide was a older gentlemen who was so sincere, and knew his Bible so well – he was great. Then the next day we got a young man, and he was great too. He focused a bit more on Jesus and His call to mission, and of course, I loved that! He was so on fire though; it was so encouraging! I wish I could be surrounded by more people like that; so in love with the Lord!!

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And we’re back…

We got a new computer. It’s nice and new. Still haven’t gotten the old stuff switched over, but that will come.

I’m exhausted. But okay… I don’t know if I would be okay were it not for my Abba Father, though. And not because of the computer, don’t worry. This is something else and maybe just me rambling.
How about a song?

The lyrics. They seemed fitting. Pretty much at least.

Okay, well this is kinda pathetic, but I thought I should let ye know computer’s back. Probably didn’t need the other bit, but hey. It’s there now.