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August Book Goodies

Hello :)

I’m here again. And for once, I am actually going to share a sort of “wrap-up” like many bloggers do. Only sort of though…I guess what I am doing is what most call a “book haul”. I just call them goodies. I got lots of book goodies this month, which was exciting. I didn’t even spend a fortune. Actually, I barely spent any at all….

This is a picture of my August Book Goodies:



David and Bathsheba by Roberta Kells Dorr ~ Thrift store (I have two other Biblical Fiction books by this author, one I liked and one I didn’t love as much, so I’m curious to see where this one falls.)

Critical Pursuit by Janice Cantor ~ Thrift store (this one excited me so much, because I was browsing the shelves, and thought I saw this one but it wasn’t it, however…I looked next to the book I thought it was, and the book beside it was this one! This is the first book in a series, I have already read the 2nd, and loved it, so I’m excited to read this one too.)

Healing Thoughts by William Branham ~ A friend blessed me by sending me this little book, and I’m finding great insight in it!

Never by J. Grace Pennington ~ Won in a giveaway. (Looks so good, can hardly wait to start it!)

Missing by Peggy McAloon ~ Won in a giveaway (Lovely cover!)

A Love to Come Home To by Alicia Ruggieri ~ Gift from the author (Eeeeee!!! Beyond excited for this book!! It’s so beautiful and I know it will be a fantastic conclusion to this beautiful series!)

Hattie Ever After by Kirby Larson ~ Thrift store. (I’ve read this before; it’s the sequel to “Hattie Big Sky” which I love as well. So happy to own both books now!)

Kingdom’s Edge by Chuck Black ~ Thrift store (Snapped this up as soon as I saw it! I love Chuck Black’s books. <3)

An Echo in the Darkness by Francine Rivers ~ Thrift store (This completed this book’s series for me!)

Rise of the Wyrm Lord by Wayne Thomas Batson ~ Thrift store (Haven’t read this series yet, but have heard good things about it, and own book one.)

Raiders from the Sea by Lois Walfrid Johnson ~ Little Free Library (This also completes the series for me ~ had each of the others except book one. :) I exchanged an older book of mine for this one as one of the Little Free Libraries in our town – love them!!)

London Confidential Series by Sandra Byrd ~ I was sent this series by the author to put in one of our town’s Little Free Libraries, and I get to read them before I do that, so that’s rather exciting. :)


So yes, good Book month indeed. :)

It’s been a very busy month as well – August seemed like a long one, and there was plenty to fill it up with. The garden has been our primary source of busyness, add in there kittens, chicks (our 1/2 banty 1/2 chicken hatched out at least 14 eggs…so cute little black pom-poms are scurrying about!), daily life, having a {big} garage-sale and my cousin’s wedding among other things…’twas a full month.

We’re not quite done with the garden yet though. Still hard at work on that one. I’m just looking so forward to the cooler weather! We’ve had a couple cooler days, but also some really hot ones….bring on Fall, I say!

As for reading….Kind of slow going. I’m working my way through the Call the Midwife books. Almost done with the first one, and it has been very good, except for one chapter that I highly recommend be skipped; I did so myself. And if you’re at all squeamish about birth and whatnot, this book may not be for you. :) Next on my list is the London Confidential series mentioned above so I can get those to a Little Free Library.

I know I keep saying this, but I do want to make an effort at better blogging, however lately has not been the time. With everything else I’ve had going, I have not had much of a chance to stay on top of much things internet related, for which I do apologise. I am trying to keep up with the various blogs I follow, but I apologise if I have yet to comment! Soon, my friends, soon I hope to return to such things.

So with this I shall sign off, but do let me know what you’re up to and all that good stuff! You’re all not far from my mind!






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Blog Tour: Blessed Assurance by Faith Blum

BA Banner

Who doesn’t like a good mystery? I’m sure there are a few, but most people do like mysteries. What about a mystery within a mystery. Faith Blum’s new novella is just that. First there’s the mystery of who tried to dupe five mail order brides. Then Adelaide finds out someone is claiming she’s a runaway bride. What happens to her? Find out in Blessed Assurance.

About the Book

Blessed Assurance_FrontBlessed assurance, Jesus is mine
O what a foretaste of glory divine!
Heir of salvation, purchase of God
Born of His Spirit, washed in His blood.

Adelaide lost her parents a year before and now a rich man in town is making unwanted advances toward her. Desperate, she writes to two men and quickly accepts the one from Cheyenne, Wyoming. On the final leg of her journey, in a stagecoach with four other mail order brides, her suspicions are confirmed. Will she ever find a man she can truly trust?

buy-button-amazonAbout the Author

Author Picture 2015-2016 cropped

Faith Blum started writing at an early age. She started even before she could read! She even thought she could write better than Dr. Seuss. Now that she has grown up a little more, she knows she will probably never reach the success of Dr. Seuss, but that doesn’t stop her from trying.

When she isn’t writing, Faith enjoys doing many right-brained activities such as reading, crafting, playing piano, and playing games with her family. One of her dreams is to visit Castle City, Montana, someday to see the ghost town she chose for her characters to live in. She currently lives on a hobby farm with her family in Wisconsin.

There are many ways to connect with Faith online. All of them can be found in one convenient place: On her website you can find links to her various social media sites and both of her blogs as well as learn about any events she has coming up.



Detective Bradley Connor stepped off the train in Cheyenne and gathered his horse, saddle, and saddlebags from the cattle car. After stabling his horse at the livery and finding a hotel, he headed to the sheriff’s office.

“Are you the sheriff?” he asked the man behind the desk.

“I am. What can I do for you?”

“Bradley Connor. I’m a Pinkerton detective and I need some information from you.”

The sheriff sat up straighter. “Sheriff Leland Granger. I’ll certainly help in any way I can. What do you need to know?”

“Do you know of an Adelaide Brown?”

“Yes, I do. Surely she isn’t a criminal!” Sheriff Granger’s face was filled with horror.

“No, nothing like that. She simply ran away from someone and that person is looking for her. Could you tell me where she is staying?”

Sheriff Granger gave him an assessing look. “Why?”

“I need to speak with her alone. I have an uncomfortable feeling about the person who is looking for her and need to hear her side of the story first. Is she married?”


Bradley leaned forward. “But she came out here as a mail order bride.”

“Yes, but she, and four others, were lured here by those ads. They were meant to be sold to saloons, but the outlaw’s plans were thwarted. Four of the five have now married. Adelaide is the only one who has not.”

“Why not?”

Sheriff Granger shrugged. “I don’t know. As for where she lives, she lives with Allen Reese and Edward Harris.” He gave Bradley the address. “But I would be careful about approaching her.”

Bradley nodded. “I will. Thank you.”

Bradley found the house and watched it carefully. It only took a few hours before he caught his first glimpse of her. She was truly as beautiful as his client had said she was. So why had she run away?


BA Promo




BA Giveaway

Faith’s sister, Naomi, graciously hand painted two beautiful bookmarks for this giveaway. There will be one lucky winner. The bookmarks are made with Adelaide in mind. Aren’t they gorgeous?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tour Schedule

August 26
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With a Joyful Noise-Excerpt
Rebekah Lyn Books-Excerpt
August 27
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August 29
Singing Librarian Books-Excerpt
God’s Peculiar Treasure Rae-Excerpt
August 30
Ramblings of a Young Author-Review
August 31
Jaye L. Knight-Excerpt
Rachel Rossano’s Words-Excerpt
September 1
The Abrahamic Adventures-Excerpt
Writings, Ramblings, and Reflections-Character Interview (Adelaide)
September 2
Bookish Orchestrations-Tour Conclusion and Winner


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Hi :)

This will most likely be a short post because…well, I don’t feel I have much to write about. I’m kinda boring. XP Life has been busy, and I just haven’t had a lot of time/motivation to write up blog posts, so I do apologise. I keep hoping for some blog-post-inspiration to hit, but…I guess I’m still waiting. :D

How are you? I hope everything is well in your world. And if not, I hope you are finding vast amounts of comfort in our Lord and Savior. I’ve been running to Him plenty, and so thankful to be under the shadow of His wings!

Are you reading anything? I am currently advance-reading “The Flaming Sword” by Heather FitzGerald. It’s the second book in her Tethered World Series. And yep, this will actually be a review book.

I have mostly been reading review-free books, and it has been very nice. Though an occasional review-book isn’t so overwhelming anymore, because they’re not numerous. And I’m still not on the blogging-review programs.

Eventually, I will have a review up for “The Cautious Maiden” by Dawn Crandall that I advance-read recently – looking forward to that! It was a book I very much enjoyed. :)

I also read “Courageous” by Dina Sleiman recently, and also enjoyed that one. It was a great addition to her Valiant Hearts series. I have one or two concerns about it, faith-wise, but other than that it was a great read.

I can’t go without saying that I’ve also read a How To Train Your Dragon book, because of obvious reasons. I love HTTYD. :D


I’ve been writing a bit lately, which is nice. A newish story that I’m really enjoying. I need to be editing…but I know God will bring that about in the perfect time too.

Soo….what else is there to say? I’m enjoying following along on Shantelle’s blog series, “Hidden Gems” right now where every Monday she posts about a new lesser-known author, and there’s a fun giveaway in each, and then Sarah Holman is having a  Summer Extravaganza, with a giveaway every day of this month. So, lots of fun, and you might want to check both of those out. :)


I guess that’s about it for now…maybe you’ll see me posting again sometime soon…I can hope! :)

Go in the peace and grace of God! :)


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Blog Tour: Letter of Love by Amanda Tero

Have you ever read a story and wondered, “What happened to so-and-so?” Well that is exactly what happened after several readers finished Amanda Tero’s Journey to Love. The journey is now continuing but this time in New York, with Marie’s brother Edward. Read the first Orphan Journeys Short Story to find out what happened to a character from one of the Orphan Journeys Novellas.
A short story sequel to the novella, Journey to Love. Can be read as a stand-alone.
About the Author
Amanda Tero is a homeschool graduate who desires to provide God-honoring, family-friendly reading material. She has enjoyed writing since before ten years old, but it
has only been since 2013 that she began seriously pursuing writing again – starting with some short stories that she wrote for her sisters as a gift. Her mom encouraged her to try selling the stories she published, and since then,
she has begun actively writing short stories, novellas, and novels. If something she has written draws an individual into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, it is worth it!
“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding.” (Proverbs 3:5)
Connect with Amanda
Purchase Link
Enter the Giveaway
In honor of “Letter of Love’s” release, Amanda is having a dual giveaway!!
If you live in the US, enter here.
If you live out of the US, enter here.
The fun doesn’t end there though! Mark your calendars, because both Journey to Love and “Letter of Love” will be FREE on Amazon, August 1-2!! You’ll only have two days for you and your friends to snatch them both, so share about this free deal!
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