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Why I would not live on Wiggle Road Part 1

Because everytime I would write it, or hear it, or see it, I’d think of The Wiggles. (No, we didn’t drive by the house there, just saw it on internet)

I am home sweet home now, and a year older nontheless.

This is what 16 looks like…Ha! Naw, this is “Mr. Timn”. Birthday present. Explained further below.

Sixteen is a nice age, and I can be driving soon. My savings for it is growing slowly.
We had a lovely time in Duluth. And I shall be posting about it in parts, because that seems easiest.
Today, I shall post about Sunday/Monday:
Sunday evening we celebrated my birthday, which was the next day. Dad came home from Wisconsin around fivepm, and David and Dallas came out a bit earlier. We had dinner, then cake, and to Noah’s delight, opened my presents. I think Noah was more excited than me. Weird. Anywho. We didn’t have 16 candles, because that would be too much. Mum just put on maybe…6 or so. I tried to get out of having them sing to me, but that didn’t work =/ Oh well. I blew out the candles, and all went out accept for one, which just wouldn’t go out. And if you know anything about my family, they teased me to no end about that. “Uh oh! She’ll have one boyfriend!” David, of course, had to name someone. Ugh.
First I opened Noah’s two presents to me, because she wanted me to. One was a hat, that I very much like, and wore on Monday. There will be a picture of it, but I probably won’t post that till I write about Wednesday because that’s when I took it.
The other thing she got me was some German-made chocolate. I still haven’t eaten it, but let me tell ye, I am looking forward to that ;) Next gifts were A Julian Smith t-shirt, my hope trunk, a Voice of the Martyrs t-shirt, book on India, and rubber bracelets, and…bum.bum.bum… “North and South” movie and book! That was lovely. Dallas and David got me a beautiful necklace too :) I think that was it…*shrug*
Monday we (Dad, Mum, Noah, me, Truly, and Nina) left the house around nine-ish. We didn’t arrive in Duluth for some time, because we drove by some houses for sale up around there, and got out and looked at one house. That one was amazing, but it was in the process of being sold :(
On the way up we stopped at one point, just outside of Duluth I believe, that had a breath-taking view. I got a couple pictures, but they didn’t work very well…

It was … astounding in person, and the colours up there were vivid and beautiful.
When we finally got into Duluth, we decided to forego Seven bridges road, and just go straight to Nanny’s and Grandpa John’s. We were all tired. Nanny had a dinner for us, and cake. Again, I was sung to against my will. And again I blew out candles. Only 3 this time, and all went out.


I am a peculiar treasure who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

5 thoughts on “Why I would not live on Wiggle Road Part 1

  1. Sounds like a fun day!:) And you got some nice gifts, there! North and South…=D Awesome. Oh, and are you going to show us a picture of your hope trunk? After hearing about it, I’d sure love to see it.:)

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