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All the Pretty Things

A friend on Pinterest (and a pen-pal matter-o-fact) pinned a pin (not dreamed a dream) that had some beautiful lyrics.  This is that pin:

These lyrics are absolutely beautiful and so true. <3

I asked what the lyrics were from and she informed me they were from Tenth Avenue North’s song “All the Pretty Things”. I now  love this song, and it really hits deep.

I was going to try to add a video of it, but I’m having some technical difficulties, so I’m afraid I can’t post the song. But look it up! It’s beautiful


“All the Pretty Things” by Tenth Avenue North

We are, we are, we’re caught in the in-between
Of who we already are and who we’re yet to be
We’re looking for love but finding we’re still in need
It’s only what we have lost will we be allowed to keep
And we’re waiting but our eyes are wandering to
All this earth holds dear

Look at all the pretty things
That steal my heart away
I can feel I’m fading
‘Cause Lord, I love so many things
That keep me from your face
Come and save me

And we run, we run, to finally be set free
But we’re fighting for what we already have received
So we’re waiting but our eyes are wandering to
All this earth holds dear

Look at all the pretty things
That steal my heart away
I can feel I’m fading
‘Cause Lord, I love so many things
That keep me from your face
Come and save me

We are, we are, we’re caught in the in-between
But we’re fighting for what we already have received
We are, we are, we’re caught in the in-between
But we’re fighting for what we already have received

Look at all the pretty things
That steal my heart away
I can feel I’m fading
‘Cause Lord I love so many things
That keep me from your face
Come and save me


How true is that? For me, there ARE a lot of things that keep me away from Him – so many distraction. The computer and reading are big ones for me. When I get up, I want to do what I want to do – not what He wants. But I don’t want that any more. I need Him to come and save me.


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Book Review: “A Bride in Store” by Melissa Jagears

Today I present to you a book review. I was priveledged to be an influencer for Melissa Jagear’s newest book, “A Bride in Store”. Her first book that related to this one (call it first in the series if you will) was “A Bride for Keeps”. I’ve read both, now, and would definitely read more by this author!
But now, for my review:



Cover Art

A Bride in Store
by Melissa Jagears

Series: #2 in “Unexpected Brides”*

Source: Copy from Author & Publisher

My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Melissa Jagears’ Site


Impatient to meet her intended groom and help him grow his general store, mail-order bride Eliza Cantrell sets out on her travels a week early. But her plan goes sadly awry when her train is held up by robbers who steal her dowry and Axel, her groom-to-be, isn’t even in town when she finally arrives.

Axel’s business partner, William Stanton, has no head for business and would much rather be a doctor. When his friend’s mail-order bride arrives in town with no money and no groom in sight, he feels responsible and lets her help around the store–where she quickly proves she’s much more adept at business than he ever will be.

The sparks that fly between Will and Eliza as they work together in close quarters are hard to ignore, but Eliza is meant for Axel and a future with the store, while Will is biding his time until he can afford medical school. However, their troubles are far from over when Axel finally returns, and soon both Will and Eliza must decide what they’re willing to sacrifice to chase their dreams–or if God has a new dream in store for them both.

My Review:

I was excited to read this book, and knowing that Mrs. Jagears had written one previous to this, I checked that one out from the library before I read this one. I’m glad I did, too, because there was some good background and references that gave this story more insight. But both books could easily stand alone.  And be equally enjoyable!

What I was most impressed with in this book was how it was not solely focused on the romance aspect of it – it was planted firmly in the message of Christ, which I loved and greatly appreciated. I was so happy to watch the characters go through different things and struggles, and see them pull through to Christ in the end. It was such a pleasure to find the goal of His healing being the center of this book.

The characters were very well built up, and I really liked William. At first I wasn’t sure if I’d relate too much to Eliza, but I really grew to love her, too.  I appreciated everything about this story. It was realistic, and definitely caught your attention and held on. I thought about this book a lot  when I was not reading it.  The book carried moments that made you laugh, and there was many a moment that was rather…heart-breaking, but it was all portrayed superbly. Mrs. Jagears handled every aspect very well. I really enjoy her writing, and will be looking forward to more of hers in the future. A lot of it really had me thinking – which is something I always love about any book; I want to be convicted and encouraged to learn more – especially in fiction because that is what I mainly read. There was a couple spots in the book where I actually had to stop and think about what was being said/learned. I even marked one particular spot that really got me thinking, for further remembrance. :)

I loved the ending – perfect. And I don’t mean it was perfect only for the fact that it was ‘happily ever after’, but because it ended in a way you could believe it. It wasn’t all easy. For either character. But finally, in the end they realised what matters most.

Adorable. Yep, that’s what this book was. I really enjoyed it. It’s an easy read, while still being captivating, and there is a bit of suspense in there too – always good for a novel. :D

My thanks goes out to the publishers and the author for sending me this review copy and letting me be an influencer! It is a joy!

*However, I just found out that there is a novella by the title “Love by the Letter” that is like a prequel to this series, or sort of the first, which would make ‘A Bride in Store” kind of the third…Either way, you can find a free ecopy of “Love by the Letter” on Melissa Jagears’ site listed above! I’m looking forward to reading it. :)

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A Writing Tag

I meant to get this post done sooner, but life has been BUSY. I feel like I keep saying that, but it’s true.

I saw this writing tag over at this blog: However Improbable
And since she said anyone who wanted to could take it, I did! So here are my answers, answered to the best of my ability at the present moment:

1. What am I working on?
Currently I am working between my kingdom-y “fantasy”-type book and my retelling of Beauty and The Beast. (Yep, I know lots of people are doing BATB retellings for the Rooglewood Press contest, and so am I! I will not actually be entering mine though.)

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Well, I’d like to say (humbly) that it differs because I dig deeper into the characters and their struggles/joys etc. It is relatable, because oftentimes the characters are broken – and we are all broken in some way. My goal is to spread His healing through my writing.

3. Why do I write what I do?
Because I love it. It is the gift God has given me, and I write for Him. Writing is a great passion of mine. =)

4. How does my writing process work?
Erm….off and on. Sometimes I write for hours and days at a time, but then go days, even weeks (eek!) without writing anything story-wise. I used to panic about that, but God continually reminds me that I am writing strictly for Him – only. No one else. There is no dead-line or high expectation I am trying to reach. So I only write when He inspires me to write. :)

And there it is! If you would like to do this tag too, please do! But also, please let me know because I would *love* to read your answers!!

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Monocles, Chores, Some More Chores, Wasp Stings, and Maybe Something to do with Writing/Books

All that equal’s a long post title!
But I assure you, dear folks, that all of it is true. Yes, yes, all of it – with no begosh nonsense about it! (“SPARKLER!”)
Anyone that gets that quote gets Three Hundid and Fiddy dollas. No not really. But hey, if I could get that to ya, I might. Because sometimes you just need Three Hundid and Fiddy dollas.

Okay, enough nonsense (begosh or not!).

I present to you, The Monocle:

Monocle 2014 (2)

Fancy-schmany and lovely-rovely, yah? Odd, and queer as it may be, I have for a long, long time wanted a monocle. Why, you ask? I don’t know. But I have. And I was so pleased to find something like one. (It may be more like a magnifying glass, but for everyone’s sake – mostly mine included – I am calling it a real and proper monocle) So I got it. And it is smashingly delightful, I do tell you.
I was pleasured enough to find it at our local ‘Stockade’ rendezvous this past weekend. And for a very affordable price.
So. I am now the proud owner of a monocle. Which I love. Next on my list is a top hat and a fashionable cane.

Moving on.

Chores. Oh yes, chores. We have our usual chores, of course, but this past Thursday we’ve started doing the gal’s whose horses we keep, chores. She has some horses here and had a couple at her house. Very sadly, and very unfortunately, she now only has one at her house for the time being. Because one passed away the day after she left. Long story short, it was quite terrible, and not something we want to relive.
Otherwise, doing her chores have been going fine.
We’re also doing some chores for another family this week. They have puppies, dogs, and chicks. Should go smoothly. :)

Wasps! Keep them NOT near me. As in, keep them far from me, please. On Monday (last week), we found out that I am severely allergic to wasp stings. Severely. Our doc. said that I was lucky (ahem, blessed) not to have gone into anaphylaxis shock. I should’ve gone into the doc.s right away, but being that I do not care for any sort of doctor, I did not. I didn’t go till Thursday, after my leg and ankle were swelled up huge and wouldn’t un-swell. I was given drops (he’s our homeopathic doc) to take and skin cream for the areas that were stung. Both work well, and by even the next day, I was able to walk more. (Tuesday, and Wednesday I couldn’t really walk it hurt too bad – Thursday I could kinda walk).
We also had a garage sale this past weekend, and it was hard for me not being able to help much due to my leg, but that was a lesson in itself for God. Worth doesn’t come from what we do or even don’t do.

As for reading and writing…both are going well =D I’ve still been reading quite a bit (when am I not?) and I actually have been writing a fair amount, which I enjoy. I do actually have a writing post planned, so hopefully I can share that will you sometime soon!


Both pictures in this post were taken by moi. ;)

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Happy August everybody!
Third of August and I’ve barely thought about it not being July…

Sooo, I enjoy taking quiz’s occasionally; they’re rather fun. And I thought I’d share them here, too, so you can have fun also.

I took a “Sherlock” quiz here: here:

My result was actually Sherlock Holmes himself…Not sure if that’s entirely accurate, but hey, I’ll take it. ;)

Sherlock Holmes

“You are Sherlock Holmes. The smartest person in any room (unless your brother is there), you frequently drive people crazy with your rude tone, frighteningly meticulous eye for detail and rapid-fire conversation. Some find your brusque demeanor and total disregard for social norms off-putting and you might have a hard time making friends. But you’re shockingly loyal to the (very few) people you choose to associate with voluntarily and there’s definitely a heart buried somewhere under all that arrogance. Your friend is probably right about the solar system being important, though, so maybe you should look it up. “


I also took a Downton Abbey quiz (because who doesn’t love Downton Abbey and Sherlock??), and though on a different quiz previously I got “Mathew Crawley”, this time I got “Anna”. You can also take that quiz here:


You are Anna Smith, head housemaid of Downton. You are basically the best employee ever. Competent, practical and tough, you can handle anything life throws at you – whether it’s rude colleagues, secretive romantic partners or surprise dead bodies in the workplace. Your kindness and loyalty are to be admired, and that Bates fellow should really recognize what a catch you are.

And I know just about everybody loves the whole Anna and Bates story, but I will risk being hurt by all the Bates-Anna loyals by admitting that I do not. I do not care for Bates, and Anna is fine, but she seems a little young for Bates….


But yes, so random post about random quiz. Enjoy. :D