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“Hello World!”

As most, if not all of you have heard by now, I am the proud auntie of a BEAUTIFUL boy. Little Liam was born to my elder sister and her husband on March 17th, (St.Patrick’s Day!) 2012 at 8:51 in the morning. 7 pounds, 9 ounces, 18 and 3/4 inches long. Fantastically handsome. Here, you may see for yourself:

My little nephew boy, not even a day old.

Isn’t he just perfect? Wow. And wow million more times! This is the happy family:


Above: I took that one with a very nice camera – it belongs to a family friend (we board her horses…) who is a photographer. She did Dallas’ engagement and wedding pictures, and now her baby pictures – she let me take a few pictures at the wedding, and now the baby. :)

And one last photo, me holding my precious nephew the day he was born,. (And the date on the picture is wrong, just so you know.) :

And yes, I am utterly and completely head over heals in love. And I’m not just being silly, or ‘auntie-ish’ I truly am in love with my nephew. I didn’t think I could become so attached :) And I know you’re probably all like ‘duh! Of course you are Raechel” but it’s different. I know what I’m talking about :)

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“It must be You”

This song really caught my attention in church yesterday. The words, the music, the meaning. I was quietly humming along by the middle of it, and ready to sing myself, and trust me, I don’t do that a lot.

The reason our Church showed the video, is because we’re going through “The Story”. Well, my family aren’t reading it, but most of the church people are, and Pastor M. ‘s sermons are centered on what the chapter they all read was on.
I like going through the Bible, but I wish we would do just that: go through the Bible. Not from a book making the Bible into story-format. That seems somewhat blasphemous to me… The Bible is not a story. It’s real. It’s truth. Not to be taken lightly, but to be lived by and absolutely revered and cherished.
I love God’s Word. Whenever I open it, I feel breath. Life. Spirit. Power.

God’s taking me through a lesson lately. A lesson of complete and utter faith. It’s hard. I’m having lots of ups and downs. Lots of valleys and lots of hills. But even in those valleys, He is with me. Even when I cannot feel as strongly, He is still here.
I’ve been more broken than ever before I think, and it’s humbling. My family has been witnessing me completely broken at times, and then completely fine and praising another. But I asked for this. I asked God to give me faith. He’s giving me faith. I asking Him to give me humbleness. He’s giving me humbleness. And all the while, I am practicing openness. I am a private person. A quiet, reserved person, who rarely says or tells what I’m feeling deep down. We’re getting there though.
And I’ve been able to experience Jesus like never before. That’s a thing to recount all on it’s own.
My Abba is good. He is righteous.

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When you run out of things to say, just keep running; something will turn up somewhere.

Dearie me, has it been a while since I last posted. My apologies. Haven’t really had much to post about, nor the energy or desire…
I’ve got some pictures to share though, if my computer will behave. Shall we give it a try?

"These are my friends, Bill and Bryce"

(Above) Okay, c’mon people, one of you should know what my humor is up there. I did this a few weeks ago. Like a week before we even went up to Duluth. I wore them on my fingers the whole day, which made eating a tad bit hard, but you know, it was worth it XD

Tired of waiting...

(Above) Not a very good picture, but I figure it shows my weariness of waiting to just leave for Duluth :D We had to do this Open House/Auction type deal for a friend of Dad’s, and then we were gonna head up to Duluth. Next photo is of Noah in the car with me.

8, almost 9-year-old driving. Just kidding XP
Birthday time.

(Above) A few days later, up at my grandparents, lighting Noah’s birthday cake!

A few days ago, Noah and I decided to dress up (very rare for me, but it was fun.) Mum took some photos:

(Above) I love Noah’s serious face in that one!

(Above) Mum then took some in Sepia. Oh and Noah changed outfits, just in case you weren’t aware ;)

So those are the photos of that day :)
Yesterday, while Mum was on the phone, I wrote on my ankle (naughty me) and gave myself a tattoo :D It says my future husbands name. *Snickers* One of you readers knows for certain who that is, and I’m sure the rest of you could guess.
But my funny-realisation was that, I had done it, and then worn a shorter skirt that day! And not long-socks. We went to a town 45 min. West of us, which made it all the better for me, as I’m sure I was a sight. Though that is normal for me, utterly so. I was also wearing my OP shoes that are big and clunky, and black with red plaid >.< Good times.
Weeel…I guess that is all for now folks. :) Merry Christmas!