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“Worthy of Legend” by Roseanna M White ~ Book Review

“Worthy of Legend” by Roseanna M White

Book Three in the Secrets of the Isles Series

Launch Team Review Copy

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

About the Book:

After a summer of successful pirate-treasure hunting, Lady Emily Scofield and her friends must hide the unprecedented discoveries they’ve made, thanks to the betrayal of her own family. Horrified by her brother, who stops at nothing to prove himself to their greedy father, Emily is forced to take a stand against her family–even when it means being cut off entirely.

Bram Sinclair, Earl of Telford, is fascinated with tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table–an interest he’s kept mostly hidden for the last decade. But when a diary is unearthed on the islands that could lead to a secret artifact, Bram is the only one able to piece the legends together.

As Bram and Emily seek out the whereabouts of the hidden artifact, they must dodge her family and a team of archeologists. In a race against time, it is up to them to decide what makes a hero worthy of legend. Is it fighting valiantly to claim the treasure . . . or sacrificing everything in the name of selfless love?

My Thoughts:

The author does it again – creates another absolutely marvelous novel that I can’t get enough of. Worthy of Legend was beautiful. From its characters to its plot and the faith message in between, it was all displayed in such a lovely manner, and it was the perfect conclusion to this fabulous series.
Lady Emily really came into her own in this novel, and I absolutely loved seeing her flourish and discover her own strength, even when it looked different than her friends, different than what she thought strength meant.
And Lord Telford. What a loveable protective character in all his standoffishness XD In my review for the second book in this series, I stated how much I loved Sheridan, and now I don’t know how I’d choose between Sheridan and Bram if I had to. Good thing we readers don’t generally have to choose between beloved book boyfriends, right? ;)
There were so many excellent lessons to gather from the pages, and I tabbed so many spots. The historical side of the novel was also exemplary – to be honest, the legend of King Arthur was never one that particularly appealed to me, but I actually loved how it played a part in WoL! Especially in regards to Bram, that was a fun touch.
 Before I finish this review, I also want to add how I so enjoyed Tommie and Enyon’s story told among the pages too; they were so sweet, especially how constant Enyon was. There was plenty of adventure to be had among the pages too, with lots of treasure hunting.
Truly a fabulous book!

I received a copy of the book from the publishers as a part of the launch team. I was not required to write a positive review, and all thoughts expressed are my own.