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Das Auto

I try to come up with a title that is related to the post, but my brain only produces odd ones…

This post is just going to be a little bit of ramblings, up-dating ye on just stuff.

I have determined myself to learn Russian, and know a handful of words thus far, but I will admit it is getting harder :P Very fascinating though. I love Russia and the language, and so I’m learning it. Plus I would like to go there someday; maybe adopt a few children, mission there…etc. :)
Most of you know how much my heart has a place for India though. That spot in my heart as been re-lit and a huge yearning. I am beginning to pray for India as a country and place it all in His capable hands. I email a young man in India, who runs an orphanage type place, and he contacted me recently (Just this morning actually), and asked for prayer for the children, as they are getting viral fevers, and prayers are greatly needed. Yesterday, my elder sister was here (with her baby of course!) and in the afternoon we decided to watch one of Noah’s new movie things called “The Torchlighters: Heroes of Faith” – they are about various Heroes of Faith, and their stories, in cartoonish form. It’s kind of hard to explain. Mum got them from Voice of the Martyrs, for my younger sister Noah, so she can watch good, Biblical things – and it has ended up that we watch them with her :) Yesterday we watched one about Amy Carmichael. It was actually our first one to see. Honestly, there were parts where I wanted to cry – because of the reality of it. This isn’t just a make-believe story, it happened; and bad things still happen. Watching it, just really rekindled my heart’s desire to go there. That is not to say I had given up on my desire, but it had been a little watered-down, simply because I haven’t been as focused. I don’t know when God will have we go over there, or if He even will, but I am wondering if it will be soon. I turn 17 in 11 more days, and graduate in the spring (though, I kind of already have graduated now; I’m only doing a few things) and know that it could be any time – I definitely feel God preparing me; there is no doubt about that. He is preparing us all for His purpose. Yes, we will go through pain, and scratched and feel like we’ll come out all bruised and broken, but really, He is healing our bruises, and making us whole and clean again. To be the perfect Bride for Him. It doesn’t matter what He’ll have us doing – it matters that He has our hearts, and knows we are His completely. He is a loving and merciful God, and just waits.
I often don’t feel equip, or ready to mission, and share about Him when He calls me to go; but I know I don’t have to be, because it is Him who does all the work. It is Him who does all the healing, and all the saving. He just wants me to obey and follow Him, using me as a vessel for His glory.

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Never Too Old


Nice first thing to see yeah? ;) One is never too old to dress up. Now, shall I explain this? Well, you see, I went into Noah’s toy room/closet to look in the dress-up bin for some moccasins (which I didn’t find right away) and found our “Napoleon Dynamite” wig. Then a bonnet. And then I decided, “Why not dress up and make Mum and Noah laugh?” So, I did. And above was the result :D

My sister wanted a photo with me, of course. ;)

So, that was a fun day…

What other photos can I share with you?

(because….bum..bum..bum…we found a camera at a garage sale for only $5 and it’s 10 mega pixels, and my old USB hook up works! Praise the Lord!)

Above: My elephant collection! Not the best photo, but it’s as good as I can get. I looooooove elephants. The feather in the picture frame is a peacock feather from India – I had a dear penpal there that sent it to me :) The postcard on the top corner of the frame is from the Cincinnati Zoo, as are the two photos of real elephants to the left of the frame. Oh and then my soft-ball photos are up there, because they have no where else to go :)

And one last photo; my book collection:



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Book Trailer – “Unstoppable”


Nick Vujicic wrote “Life without Limits” and now this is his second book, “Unstoppable”.  I have not yet read his first book (though, did begin it when Mum had it checked out from the library), but from what I have heard about Nick Vujicic and his life is just amazing. I am excited to read this book of his, “Unstoppable” which is released in two weeks. By blogging about this, I will receive a free copy, but that is not the only reason to blog about it – Nick Vujicic has encouraged and inspired so many people – God is using him, and he is obeying. I hope you get a chance to read his books as well, and are encouraged! To God be the glory!

You can read the first chapter here:

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Good day to ye all; giveaway anyone?

Yep, I’m posting about another give-away! It is at Shining Stars Magazine blog, and the give-away is… the book, “Set Apart Femininity” by Leslie Ludy. It sounds so good, and I definitely want to read, whether I win it or not :)
You can enter this wonderful giveaway, too:


oh and before I forget – I will not be online much at all from Wednesday-Friday. We’ll be in Duluth. Yay!!! I am really looking forward to going; it’s been too long. We’ll be stopping at Lake Superior on the way up (normally, we just head on straight to my grandparents, and do Lake Superior one of the days we’re up there).
Dad leaves today, and Mum, Noah and I leave tomorrow. “See” you soon! :)

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I can’t possibly think of a better title than this one!

Hello….do I dare show my face? Why yes I do!

Sorry I never posted those said pictures of VBS – haven’t been able to get them from the camera to the computer. Not sure if the camera or the USB cord is fried…either way, I need a new camera. God will provide that I’m sure, at some point!
Oh and we never did go up to the Island.

So…what have I to tell you? Not much really…EXCEPT….
That….I…….a….new…..knife !!! Yay!! It was a total God thing too.You see, I’ve been really wanting a new throwing knife, because my “regular” throwing knife isn’t good, and my Buck 119 doesn’t handle well when thrown (it..ahem…breaks). So you can see my need. Or rather, want.
We were just at Wall-mart the other day, just in the clearance aisle, and I wasn’t really looking. I said out-loud though, “I really want to find a new throwing knife that’s under $20” Uh-huh. Under twenty. That’s about all I had. I turned around then, and what did I see?? A knife. A Gerber knife. And what was the price? $19.00
Haha, amazing isn’t it?? AND the blade goes all the way through the handle, so don’t have to worry about it breaking. AND (:)) it came with a really nice sheath, so that’s a blessing too! God is good!

We’ve been canning a lot – tons of tomatoes in the garden. Just tons.
But I’m feeling bored of typing, so I’m going to leave. Bye.