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Salsa, Spaghetti, practice and dog-watching! :)


So as my title fills, we made salsa and spaghetti and I practiced our drama for Church and this weekend I will be watching two dogs. Actually three, but two are at the same house.
Yesterday, my Mom and I started boiling and peeling the skin off tomatoes at 11:30am. We did that for a while, then my older sister came and helped till about 1:00pm, but then she had to watch the little one year old we take care – she was napping when Dallas was helping.
I did the peeling of the tomatoes – I actually requested to do that, because it is somewhat enjoying :)
We made salsa – Mom got all the other ingredients ready and such while I peeled – till around 2:30pm, then we took a very small break in order for me to eat lunch and do dishes – and get the mail of course :)
Then Mom went out and got more tomatoes, while I locked up one of my cats in her cage with her kittens – only because she wanted to.
Then we went back to it. We didn’t finish completely till like 4:00pm maybe. Then Mom told me to go sit somewhere and found something to do, because, as I am sure you all know how Mom’s can be, she knew my back and feet were hurting from standing over the counter peeling of skin of tomatoes. I told her I was fine, but she made me go anyway. After a little bit I came back down and started peeling tomatoes again so she could make Spaghetti sauce! All I could help with was the peeling so after I was done with all the tomatoes we had gathered, Mom did the rest. And I ran through our script with my Dad, because he and I along with another guy from our church, are doing a small drama up in front of church. After we went through that, I had helped Mom some more, so she could finish and be able to come in to church that evening and watch us practice it. So she did get to come! Practice was at 7pm and didn’t end till near 8 I think. It went pretty well though. I was slightly crabby, because I was real tired, and did not want to be corrected in how I said my own lines :) See, our Pastor – his wife is in charge of this drama – well no matter how I do, he usually finds fault and tells me to do something differently. Thankfully he didn’t do it too bad this time, but two years ago, when I was in the VBS drama, he kept correcting me over and over, almost to the point where I wanted to cry.
So that’s one of the reasons I was slightly crabby :)
But it did go really well I think!
And then this weekend, (Friday afternoon, till Monday evening) I won’t be able to be on the computer much.
I will have to go into town at 7am, 12pm, 5pm and 9pm those days to watch the two dogs and what not.
Well, that ’tis all I shall be saying here. God bless to you all! :)

Love in Christ

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A dingo ate your baby. ( =0 D)

Hello again!

I found a new template theme! I had to use it, because it is called Daisy Rae – get it? Rae -chel. I get called Rae all the time, so it fits! :)

I am now back home from our trip. We got home Sunday night, and I just haven’t posted yet :)

We had a very good time, for me it was pretty eventful. On Thursday I accidentally caused my parents to think I had drowned. It was very unintentionally, believe me! I went down to the white bench that is at the edge of the Island point, and secluded by trees, so I could write back a friend of mine. I told my Mom where I was going, but she thought I meant somewhere else :) So after quite some time, she started looking for me and couldn’t find me. Dad thought someone had fallen off the front dock, and so they both worried that I fell and drowned…! After calling me for a few minutes, I finally heard them and went to see what the matter was! But I scarred them kind of badly :opps:

The next day, Friday, I stepped on an old rusty nail, while helping Dad make steps for the outside staircase. It only drew a tiny bit of blood, and didn’t hurt too bad. I showed Mom, and again caused the worried face to come on her face, and she told me to put peroxide on it immediately. I did, and I was fine. Though the next day, Saturday, it started to hurt, and I was super dizzy, along with shooting pain in my elbow.  So Mom once more started to worry, that maybe I had tetanus! We were in ‘town’  at the time, so she couldn’t look up the symptoms for Tetanus, but once we got back to the Island, she had Poppy (our grandpa) look it up – and I thankfully did not have the symptoms of it. So I don’t know why I was dizzy and had shooting pain in my elbow – and let me tell you, it was painful when it would happen. It brought me to tears inside a gift shop, when it decided to start throbbing. No good.

While we were at that gift shop, I broke down and bought a very nice  green (not light green or forest green, it is almost like a rusty type green. I don’t know.) sweatshirt that was $4o.oo dollars. Which used up sadly, all of my savings :( But I am getting more money, every weekend till September, because I will be watching dogs every weekend! We’ll see how that goes. I would prefer if it were cats I were watching, but oh well!

And Sunday after noon we came home, because everyone in my family, plus my older sister’s best friend who came up, were all emotionally and physically exhausted.

We did plenty of other things, but I don’t think I will go into detail. I already did that on my homeschool blog…I didn’t go into huge detail, but I said a few more things. Like how we got to play Kick the Can on Friday and Saturday! It was soo much fun!

Okay, well I should be going, have a wonderful day in the Lord!

Love in Christ

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"Enter Title here" Hehe I like that one :)

I decided this blog will be my fresh clean one. I already have one over at Homeschoolblogger, but I want this one to be new! So now I will tell a tad bit about myself :)
Mine name is Raechel (and yes, I meant to say Mine) which you probably already know if you are reading this. I am 14 years old, almost 15, in Ocotber! I can’t wait! :)
I am homeschooled, still have 4 years left of it, then I leave it up to the Lord what He wants me to do! I feel that He is calling me to be a missionary, so for now I am trying to learn as much as possible :)
I have a wonderful family, and I love them dearly :)
I am a strong believer in Jesus Christ. He is my everything! I strive to please Him in all I do.
I love writing things such as stories, prose and poems, and I am attempting a couple novels :) I like to read, but don’t want to over dose and take away my focus from God.
I like being outside when it is cooler out, walking, biking and just talking with my family. I also like playing with my animals.
I do love animals, and thankfully live on a small hobby farm where we have quite a few :) And I also like smiley faces! Hehe!
Anyway. I love to laugh, smile and be happy, though I am quieter around people. I will engage in conversations and such, but I prefer to sit and observe others talking. span>
I think that’s enough for now. If in’s you want to know more about me, then you can talk to me – though I won’t be home for a while. So you’ll have to wait untill Monday :) Though you can still comment and such, I just won’t reply till probably Tuesday! =0 D
God bless!
Love in Christ