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Marked with a ‘T’

Yesterday, my family went with some friends (they’re an adult couple, more friends w/ parents, but Mrs. N is super nice, and everything…in order to explain them, it’d take too long.) anyway, we went with them up to Little Falls to winterize Mrs.N.’s late sister’s house. The whole situation of it is sticky, and very sad and messed up, but I’m also not going to get into that.
After we winterized the house, we had to go into Little Falls to do some things, and while Dad and Mr. N went somewhere to take care of something, Mrs. N, Mum, Noah and I were dropped off at a park next to a zoo which we would go through when Dad and Mr.N got back. The park was very nice, and quite beautiful. And there was this awesome merry-go-round thing. Two actually. One large one, and one 1-person one. The 1-person one was really great :D I got so dizzy on it I couldn’t want straight. Good times. And then the larger one, I did with some little boys who wanted to join Noah and I. They were pretty cute, typical boys ;)
After the guys came back, we went to the zoo, and were for some reason marked with a ‘T’ stamp. I still have no idea why. The zoo didn’t start with a ‘T’. My thought was maybe the ladies name begun with a ‘T’ who was stamping us. *Shrug* or else they could’ve just grabbed a random letter stamp. If that’s so, they really should’ve grabbed a ‘z’ or a ‘p’ or something that had to do with the zoo…
The zoo was little, but had grand animals and my ‘zoo animal want’ list just grew bigger. Mrs. N said “Whoah, I’ll let ya have a knife but a TIGER?” Yes, I fell in love that day. He was an adorable ‘little’ fellow. I just wanted to go and hug him. Seriously, he was the cutest thing ever, and my heart shall never beat the same. ;)
Mrs. N also said I couldn’t have a bobcat. Pfff. Ruin my day why don’t ya? XP
David (my brother in law) STILL hasn’t gotten me all the animals on my list. He said before he and Dallas were married, that he would fulfill my wish. Well, he hasn’t. Anyone willing to, I shall give them a big hug and a kiss ;) (no, I wouldn’t have given that to David. Just a hug. And perhaps some chocolate.)
After the zoo, and getting my heart broken, we got some water, and went back to the house to finish, then went to DQ. We were gone the whole day. And I got quite a bit of reading done, which was nice.
I am still marked with that ‘T’, it won’t come off, and my other hand has it too because I must’ve put that hand on-top of the other. Weird. I even took a shower last night, and it hardly faded. What kind of ink is this??



I am a 22 year old homeschool graduate who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

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