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Once a week/Pinterest Favourites

I know a while back I had said I might try to share some Pinterest favourites on here, but I kinda let that one fizzle out. I thought that I might try again, this time setting a schedule for myself – I’ll post 5 or so favourite pins I discovered over the past week every Friday. I’ll give it a try, and if it interests you, great, and if not, please let me know! I would love to hear what you would like to see on this blog. :)

So, as it is Friday, here are a few of my favourite finds of this past week:

There is just something eerily grabbing in this quote. I thought it would be a great writing prompt. :)

I want this!

Mum and I both want this so much – isn’t it adorable?!


"El Shaddai knows all my 'if onlys' and weaves them on the loom of His good plan" - "The Pharoah's Daughter by Mesu Andrews, releasing in March

From Mesu Andrews’ upcoming book, “The Pharaoh’s Daughter”. (I can’t wait to read this book – I have an ARC copy, but haven’t been able to start it yet. Will soon though!)


Imperfections - we all have them. And yet He loves us more and more.

We all have imperfection, yet God loves us more and more, and continues to work on us. He is love. :)

Made the paper heart yesterday!

I thought this was pretty cute. I made the heart piece, and am hoping to add it to a frame like this. We’ll see. :)


And this is for a type of writing prompt. It just is lovely. :)

And so concludes this first week of ‘Pinterest Favourites’.

Are you on Pinterest? Did you have any favourite pins of the week? I’d love to see. :)

And just to note, though I’m sure it is evident, all images shared above are from Pinterest. :D

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Revell Book Review: “At Home in Last Chance” by Cathleen Armstrong

At Home in Last Chance” by Cathleen Armstrong

Review copy from Revell Reads

My rating: 3 stars out of 5

About the book:

Kaitlyn Reed and Steven Braden have always had a similar philosophy of life: when the going gets tough, they get going—out of town and away from the problem. Now they are both back in Last Chance, New Mexico, and trying to start over. But a new start requires forgiveness from old wrongs, and how can they seek forgiveness from others when they can’t forgive themselves?

My thoughts:

This book was just a so-so book for me. I wasn’t overly impressed, but I did not hate the book. I think it held a lot of potential, however there were a few things I was a bit disappointed in.

One of the bigger things that I was disappointed over was the extreme lack of Faith. I feel like I’ve been saying that semi-frequently with a few of my past reviews, but it’s true. A lot of “Christian” books are not exactly Christan – they’re clean, yes (at least some are), and there is nothing bad in most of them, but there also isn’t much about the Lord in them. When I read a book – even fiction – I want to be encouraged and helped along in my walk with Christ. And this book didn’t really minister to me at all in that way.

The characters were good, though I think they could have stood a bit more developing and completeness. There was a lot of jumping, and the romance was rather fast and incomplete. Though I will say that I did not expect to like the ‘hero’ Steven, but he became one of my favourites from the book. I did not care for everything about him, but as the characters go, he was the one I enjoyed reading about the most.

Once finished,  it was kind of a disasisfying book personally. I would have liked to seen a lot more from it.But as I said, I think there was potential for it, especially if the book was much more centered around the Lord and His healing works.

I received a complimentary copy of the book from the publishers in exchange for my honest review which I have given.


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One of my favourite magazines…

Hello readers!

I wanted to share with you one of my favourite magazines that I have the privilege of receiving. It is an e-magazine, handily delivered right to your inbox once a month – the owner/author of this lovely magazine is the sister of my dearly dear friend. :) Here is a little more info on “The King’s Princess”:

“The King’s Princess is a monthly e-magazine dedicated to encouraging young ladies in their walks as daughters of the King of kings. The magazine includes encouraging articles, fiction stories, book and movie reviews, and more! For more information or to sign up for the magazine, you can send your email address to Bella M. at:”  


And I can honestly say the content in this magazine is always uplifting. The articles Miss Bella and Miss Kenzie (my David/Jonathan!) write and share are truly amazing, and always touch me deeply.

If you decide to sign up to receive the monthly e-mag, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy!



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Extra’s for “My Heart Knew” short story

I thought I would also share just a few things that reminded me of the short story I just posted – “My Heart Knew” – and also how God used it to teach me. He likes to do that, and I like it when He does it, too. :)

First, here are some pins (all from Pinterest) that are like the story:

For my short story I wrote...

Adelaide maybe wouldn’t have been wearing this exact mask to the ball, but I thought it was lovely looking.

Not an exact resemblance, but I think it kind of show the bright excitement in her eyes. (I don’t know who drew this picture, but it is lovely, and if by chance the artist of it is reading this, please let me know so I can credit you!)


By burdge bug!

This also reminds me of her a lot. (Done by BurgeBug on Pinterest)


Maybe her, but not quite him, at least in my mind. :) (Again: I don’t know who drew this picture, but it is lovely, and if by chance the artist of it is reading this, please let me know so I can credit you!)


So, my husband realized (and verified) this is not a Shakespeare quote (smartypants!), but I love it just the same.


As for what God taught me through this short story…read on.

Around the time that I wrote “My Heart Knew”, I was debating whether or not to get a Kindle Fire. I had saved up birthday money and some Christmas money, and had enough to buy one….but I was afraid of making the wrong choice. Doubts flew through my head, “What if God doesn’t want me getting a Kindle and I waste my money?” “What if I spend the money, get a Kindle and then find it hurts my eyes?” etc.

So anyway, I was thinking on it a lot. I didn’t want to make the wrong choice and have God be angry at me. But I wanted a Kindle Fire – it would make reading a few ecopies so much easier than on my laptop. I tried praying about it, but then I was afraid of not hearing correctly. Mum was talking with me, and she said, “Remember the short story you just wrote? Adelaide trusted that the Lord would bring good to her – and that she would know it. And that, no matter what, He would be glorified through it.”

Trust. Trust that He has everything in the palms of His hands, and He does only want good for me – whatever that may mean. If it meant that He would find me the perfect Kindle, or if He would have me wait – whatever He chose, it would be good. Adelaide prayed that God’s will would be done no matter what, and in everything that He would be glorified – she would rest joyfully in that knowledge alone. And God proceeded to show me the same thing. He gave me ultimate peace – whether I got a Kindle Fire or not.

God’s not out to give us the worst or punish us, or withhold things that we want from us. Everything He does for us is good. He has reasons why He does what He does. And He does it because He loves us, and goes on loving us. Such a valuable and important reminder!!

(P.S. God did provide the perfect Kindle Fire within my price range – almost immediately after I surrendered it to Him! And I love it. :)


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“My Heart Knew” – another short story

Hello once again. =)

I know I said I was hoping to post this other short story of mine sooner, but I just wasn’t able to until now. Again, this short story was inspired by a pin on Pinterest. Of my two short stories, this one was written first.  So, without further ado, here it is:



“My Heart Knew” by Raechel L. K.

Masked ball...(Victoria Frances)

Dear Lord, I pray that you would be glorified in all I do, especially tonight at the ball. I pray Your will be done. And Lord, as I always pray, I ask that when you bring me the one You have chosen for me, my heart would know straight away. Thank You, my Lord.”


Adelaide French prepared for her first ever ball. And lucky for her it wasn’t just any ordinary ball, but a masked one, which promised even greater pleasure. “Mother, will this do?” she asked as she fingered her hair one last time. Delicate flowers gilded in and out of the twisted braid she had done herself.

Mother Dinsella walked over to her preening daughter and smiled as she brushed her own hand over Adelaide’s light brown tresses, “Perfectly delightful, my dear. Now, be quick about you, for the carriage shall soon arrive!”

Giddy excitement filled Adelaide to her peak, “Oh yes, mother! I am ready, just let me grab my clutch,” Adelaide quickly secured her clutch to her wrist and followed her mother and father out of the house into the waiting carriage, all the while praying for her one hope to be answered if it was in the Lord’s will for her.


“Oh my,” Adelaide breathed out the words in a hushed whisper as she gazed upon the castle whose walls she would dance within. “Positively divine!” she remarked.

Father Krendell smiled loving down at his daughter as she placed her mask securely over her face one last time….soon they would be lost in the midst of dancing masked figures, and Adelaide was certainly ready. “Now Adelaide, do be careful my love, and return to the carriage before half past 12, for then we must be leaving, alright?” her father said. Adelaide nodded, her eyes glimmering through the mask holes. “I surely will, my father. Good night! And see you in passing,” she smiled wildly up at him then disappeared through the castle doors that were stationed with royal guards. “This shall be a splendid night for certain!” she thought, knowing no matter what the King of her heart would be glorified, no matter the outcome.


The castle was all abustle as couples passed by in quieted hush and the flurry of skirts passing as they trounced around the ballroom floor. “Just splendid,” Adelaide sighed once again, still beholding the wonder of it all. She had no sooner moved past the refreshment table that she was suddenly right in front of a masked young gentleman who held out his hand, “May I have this dance, my fair maiden?” Adelaide smiled slowly up at the young man but meekly shook her head, “You are not the one, pardon me,” she said as she glided past him. She didn’t know exactly who the one was, but she knew she would sense it as soon as she came upon him – or he came upon her.

“May I have a glass to drink, please?” Adelaide asked beneath her mask at the refreshment table. “Here you go madam,” the server answered back as he handed her a drink. “Thank you,” she said as she took the glass and tasted her first sip. “Delightful” she said. It was then that she looked into the server’s eyes, and noticed an oddly familiar glimmer residing there, as if she’d seen it and knew it before. Immediately a quote of Shakespeare floated through her mind, and no sooner had she thought it that the server echoed the words she spoke in silence, “When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew,”

Adelaide’s eyes widened and indeed a smile grew on her face. The server walked from behind the counter and took her glass, setting it back on the table. “Please won’t you dance with me?”

“Yes,” she quietly offered, “Yes,”



Adelaide stepped back into the carriage, a lady full of peaceful excitement and awe. “So, my dear Adelaide, did you have the marvelous time that you thought you’d have? Or was it all together a bitter disappointment?” her father asked kindheartedly. Adelaide folded her hands over her skirts, her eyes still shining with hope and glory for the Higher One who answered her. “I prayed I would know, papa, and I did. My heart knew. The Lord has been gracious to me, and I knew. Forever I shall remember this day in my heart, for a danced with a servant who was fit to be a king, and it was marvelous. Simply marvelous.”

“And what did you pray for, dear one?” Father Krendell asked gently.

“I prayed that He would be glorified, and I would know His plan for me in finding the one whom my soul loves. I have found him papa, and he has the heart of a king for the King.”

“Thank you, my Lord, for your ever gracious blessings.”


The End

And please respect that this is my writing, so no stealing etc. Not that any of you would do that. :)

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Cover reveal – “Mr. Portly the Pug Finds His Purpose” by Alicia Ruggieri

The lovely and talented Alicia Ruggieri is releasing another book – this one a children’s book, illustrated by her husband. I wanted to share the cover with you, because it is darling, and I’m certain the story will be as well!

Mr. Portly the Pug Finds His Purpose: A Read-Aloud Story about Embracing Individuality


Go to Alicia’s blog to find out more, and to  her blog so you can keep up with her exciting news. :)

A Brighter Destiny

The release date for this little book is, God-willing, February 2015

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BookLook Review: “Both of Me” by Jonathan Friesen

“Both of Me” by Jonathan Friesen

3.5 stars out of 5 Stars

Review source: Booklook Bloggers

About the Book:

It was supposed to be just another flight, another escape into a foreign place where she could forget her past, forget her attachments. Until Clara found herself seated next to an alluring boy named Elias Phinn—a boy who seems to know secrets she has barely been able to admit to herself for years.

When her carry-on bag is accidentally switched with Elias’s identical pack, Clara uses the luggage tag to track down her things. At that address she discovers there is not one Elias Phinn, but two: the odd, paranoid, artistic, and often angry Elias she met on the plane, who lives in an imaginary world of his own making called Salem; and the kind, sweet, and soon irresistible Elias who greets her at the door, and who has no recollection of ever meeting Clara at all. As she learns of Elias’s dissociative identity disorder, and finds herself quickly entangled in both of Elias’s lives, Clara makes a decision that could change all of them forever. She is going to find out what the Salem Elias knows about her past, and how, even if it means playing along with his otherworldly quest. And she is going to find a way to keep the gentle Elias she’s beginning to love from ever disappearing again.


My Thoughts:

This would’ve gotten a full-rounded 4 stars, very possibly 4.5/5 stars had it not been for the ending. I couldn’t do the ending. I mean, why? Maybe there was a reason, but I don’t think it was necessary. I can think of other ways to end it. In fact, I wrote a short ending of I how I wished it would’ve gone…just for my peace of mind.

But the ending aside, I really enjoyed the beginning and middle of the book. It was really captivating, and riveting. There was some parts that I didn’t really understand and I was confused at, and there were a couple of parts that made me uncomfortable that I didn’t care for, but other than that, it was really good. Were it not for the ending, I think it would’ve definitely been a favourite.

I also very much wish that there would have been a Christian redemption thread much stronger than there was. That’s another reason why the ending let me down – it just held such potential for Clara do find redemption.

Oh and there are a couple swear words spoken by other characters in this.

This book is packed full of emotions. I loved that, except for the emotion required at the end.


I received a free copy from BookLook for the purpose of this review. These thoughts are my own, honest and unbiased.

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Book Review: “Waltz into the Waves” by Sarah Holman



“Waltz into the Waves”   a Cinderella retelling

by Sarah Holman

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Publication date: January 17th, 2015


Amelia has always lived in a manor by the sea with her father, and looks forward every summer to a visit from Alex. However, her perfect life is dashed one summer when tragedy strikes. Will her life ever be happy again?

A 7,000 word short story of faith, love, and happily ever after.


My Thoughts:

What an absolutely lovely retelling of the classic fairy tale, Cinderella! Truly, this short story is just darling. I loved it the minute I begun it. “Waltz in the Waves” is short and sweet. I told myself I would pace myself when reading it – a chapter or two a day or so (there are 5 chapters total), but once I started, I couldn’t stop.

I loved this sweet story, in its simplicity and endearingness. I love Amelia Ella, and Alex. The ending was just superb.  The only thing I would remark upon would be that I think it would have been even better were there to be a deeper Christian theme underlying it.

I am quite impressed with Miss Holman’s well-crafted story, and am glad she published it so we have the pleasure to read it. I encourage you to pick up a copy for yourself, especially if you love sweet fairy-tale retellings. :)


Thank you so very much, Sarah, for sending me a complimentary ecopy for review!

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Book Crash Review: “Word Changers” by Ashlee Willis

“Word Changers”

by Ashlee Willis

Review copy from Book Crash

About the book:

Escaping from the turmoil of her home, fifteen-year-old Posy finds herself at her usual haunt … the library. When she chooses an unfamiliar book from the shelf, she does not devour its words as she usually does…

Its words devour her.

Posy is pulled into the pages of a fairy tale in turmoil. Characters whisper of rebellion against their Plot. And Posy must find a lost princess whose role in the story is crucial, before her own role in the book comes to a horrible end.

With the haughty Prince Kyran as a reluctant companion, Posy ventures past the Borders of the Plot, into the depths of the treacherous Wild Land forest that lies beyond. Secrets are buried there, dangerous and deadly.

Yet the darkest secret of all is the one Posy carries within herself.

Soon it’s clear that finding the lost princess is the least of Posy’s concerns. The Author of the book must be found. His Plot must be put to rights again, his characters reminded of who they were first created to be. Only then will the True Story be written, both for Posy, and for the tale she has now become a part of.

My Thoughts:

I was interested in reading this book because really, falling into a book sounds pretty neat. :) And seems like it’d be a good premise.

However, I was concerned at the beginning of the book for a couple reasons. One being the fact that magic is involved. I know magic is common and an infatuation among many, but I must be honest and say that it is not something I am comfortable with in the least. I do not believe magic is of God (and since it isn’t of God is can only be from one other source), and thus try to steer clear of books containing magic and ‘powers’ because of my beliefs and convictions. I was also a bit… uncomfortable with the owl figure, who ‘dabbled in magic’.

I, like many, am fond of fairy-tales, but I am not fond of the magic and often ungodly treachery involved.

Personally this book was just not for me, but of course my opinion is only one of many.


I received a complimentary ecopy for review from Book Crash. All thoughts are my own.

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Shine – Short story

Hello :)

I mentioned in my last post that I had recently written two short-short stories. I thought I would share them here, one at a time. This one is the second one I wrote. I post the first one sometime soon. :) The way these stories came about was just going on Pinterest and seeing a pin and writing from it. :) Enjoy and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Please do not steal/take, etc. Thank you! :)


“Shine” a short story by Raechel L. K.

Don't shine so others can see you; shine so that through you, others can see Him.

“Shine,” Alsebeth sighed. “What if you don’t want to shine?” she mumbled to herself as she flipped the Bible pages continually, reaching the end without finding anything to touch her soul. Oh sure there was plenty of gems to be found in the Bible, but she wasn’t interested at that precise moment. She wanted something to reach out and touch her – deeply, not just on the surface. And yet the only thing that kept jumping out at her was the same verse she had seen nearly everywhere she turned. It was mentioned at church the recent Sunday, it was in the recent magazine issue she received from like-minded Christian girls, it was even in her penpals latest letter. Shine. What did it really mean? Alsebeth was introverted, quiet and shy to the extreme. She liked staying in her quiet home that was well within her comfort zone. She loved the Lord deeply – He was rooted in her very soul. But shining was a daunting aspect she hadn’t wanted to consider. Before or now. It just wasn’t in her vocabulary, nor her way of living.
Placing her head in her hands she prayed, “Oh God, show me what to do. Show me how only You can change my heart. Show me.”
“Alsebeth!” her mother’s voice invaded her prayer, “Time for dinner honey, can you come help clear and set the table dear?”
Alsebeth shut the Bible gently, setting it on her pillow. “Coming mother!” she replied with a soft voice. “I will return, Lord,” she whispered as she fingered the Bible one last time and headed down to the kitchen.
Once dinner was set and Alsebeth and her family of five were seated at the table, father, John, bespoke the family prayer and blessing over dinner. Amen’s echoed around the rectangle table, and mother, Junelette started to dish each family member their plate. Rice, mashed-potatoes, gravy, corn, and not to forget the roasted turkey. A treat among their table. What was the celebration, one would ask? Nothing quite so extraordinary as a holiday or birthday, but rather a quiet gathering of their growing family together. Alsebeth’s older sister, Lily, and her new husband, Ryan, were visiting. In fact they had just come to announce that their family of two would be turning into three come Summer. Alsebeth smiled to think of greeting her new nephew or niece into the family.
“Are you staying till Sunday liked you hoped?” John asked Lily and Ryan across the table. Lily nodded and Ryan answered, “If you’ll have us, we’d love to.”
“Of course dears! We’ll have you as long as we can keep you,” Junelette smiled at her children. There was little that made her happier than seeing all her children together.
Dinner was continued with warm conversation, and truly Alsebeth loved being around her family, but she was eager to get her soul settled some. “Mother, when dinner is complete, may I return to my room? I have something I want to pray about.”
“Certainly, darling. May I help you in any way?” Junelette said.
Aslebeth shook her head, “Not yet, I don’t think. There’s just been a verse on my mind that I want to mull over some more. One in Matthew.”
John nodded his head knowingly. “The ‘shine’ one? That one has been on my mind too.”
Alsebeth was glad to know she wasn’t the only one thinking – and perhaps struggling some – with that verse. “Yeah,” she answered, “It provokes a lot of thought.”
“I agree. Well, let us know if you need anything, and we’ll be glad to talk with you, or pray with you, too,” John said, and Alsebeth smiled, “Thank you, Dad.”
“I don’t want to shine, God, I’m too afraid…” Alsebeth later cried on her bed, as she considered the verse more and more. “I am not outgoing, I am not bold, I am timid and shy. And I don’t know how to fix that,”
As she sat still, remaining quiet except for the occasional drip of a tear falling off her nose onto her outspread hands, she was humbled by a Voice much greater than herself, “You need not fear, My little one, for I have everything in My hands. I have created you just as you are, you are holy and sacred to me. I will change what needs to be changed, and heal what needs to be healed in you, but you need only be still. Look closer at this verse My love, and whisper it to Me.”
Aslbeth felt tears stream harder down her face as she breathed in awe at the One Who so graciously spoke to her soul. She took in His message like a rain shower on a parched land. It was everything she needed to hear. And so she picked up her worn torn Bible again and opened to the marked spot, whispering the words she feared, out loud in a quiet whisper to her Creator.
“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matthew 5:16”
And more tears cascaded down her face as she realized the meaning – it didn’t mean that she had to shine in an out-going way; it meant that she was to shine for Christ, for her Abba Father. It was to serve Him, and through serving Him – in whichever way He sought fit – that others might see her shining for Him and glorify Him too. “It’s all about You, Lord, and what You do in us, and for us.” she whispered, a smile gracing her face.
“I will shine for You. In however way You see fit, Jesus. I will shine.”


The End