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Hello, and welcome to my blog, God’s Peculiar Treasure Rae! I’m Rae, obviously. Or Raechel – I go by both. I am a twenty-something year old God-fearing young woman, and my main goal in life is to grow closer and bring glory to the Lord. I’m not perfect, and I fail daily, but I am thankful to “be strong in grace”, as the Bible says.

A few of my hobbies include reading, writing, spending time with my family, and knife/tomahawk throwing. I’ve always wanted to learn sword-fighting too – want to be that loyal and worthy Knight (ahem, Lady) to the king of Kings. :)

As I said, I love to write; I’ve been penning stories and poems for many years. I have a few novels completed but not quite published yet – that is definitely a special dream of mine though, that I look forward to accomplishing whenever God brings it to completion. A few of my poems have been published in an anthology, which was an exciting experience.

This blog is mainly for Book Reviews. Since I’ve had it for so long, it has contained many, many topics, and posts, but at this season of my life, I use it primarily for posting the book reviews I write. I am also a bookstagrammer, and you can find me on Instagram: @vikinglady10


Many years ago, I added this section to my bio, and I can’t bring myself to delete it. I do still love How to Train Your Dragon after all….



I’m a bit…unique (aka weird) and I love How To Train Your Dragon…

Some (very random) things I love are these:

Toothless, from the movie “How to Train Your Dragon”.

I also love the movie itself, “How to Train Your Dragon”.

I also love the language written in “How to Train Your Dragon.”:

I also love the music from the movie “How to Train Your Dragon”:

I also love the clothing from “How to Train Your Dragon”:

(The boots are awesome. I’ve got some baby-boots that look that.)
Okay, I think you get the point. I love (almost) everything about the movie “How to Train Your Dragon”.

Other things I love:
Well, I love elves, gnomes and dragons like these:

“Hanging with my Gnomies”

I love this Viking:

(As well as the photo in the corner of the photo of the viking! Teehee.)

And I love blades:

And I love writing
And I love reading
And I love well-written books
And last but certainly not least, because it is the most important to me…
I love my Father and His Word.


Rae (1)


And this is just a funny picture:

Thank you for taking the time to read through on this nonsense! :P I’d give you a reward if I could. ;)

27 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Good work on this page. You are so pretty, honey. Keep being yourself. There are far too many copies in this world. God made us unique for a reason! God bless you~Anna

  2. I just came across this blog and I like the look so far.(: And obviously, since your background images are from North and South… we must be kindred spirits!(: I look forward to reading what you have to write!
    (By the way, I found this blog by clicking a comment on Kingdom Pen’s website, just so you know how I came across this) (:

  3. Hallo, Wie geht es dir?? That’s real German, I had to learn it while living in Switzerland these past 2 years! :) Are you homeschooled? blooming-maiden.blogspot.com

  4. You and my husband, people who love blades. :) He loves to throw his tomahawk thought he’d rather make them anymore, but our children will be learning to throw, I’m sure. Maybe we ought to watch how to Train your Dragon…..

    1. :) Oh tomahawk throwing is so enjoyable – that’s neat that your husband makes them! And yes, I do recommend How to Train your Dragon :D Thank you for your comment!!

  5. Ahh. I’m likin’ this site, Raechel. BTW, I homeschooled both my children, and they are much stronger characters because of it. *emphasis on the character part*

  6. I’m so glad I found your blog! Homeschooling rocks! :D I’m also a fellow writer, reader, and hopefully someday a linguist. ;) Just a tip, Russian is hard… that alphabet! :D I’m very pleased to meet you and I can’t wait to dive into your posts!

    1. Haha, I’m glad you enjoyed it! HTTYD is a BIG love of mine. :D Not that you couldn’t already tell that… ;) Yes, the soundtracks are amazing!! I love them too. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)

  7. Hahaha you have the best “about me” page EVER!! :D I’m so glad I found your blog! I loove How to Train Your Dragon! <3 *hugs Toothless* And, while reading this, all of a sudden I want to take up knife throwing and sword fighting. Maybe I should, because that would be so cool! :D That's actually super cool that you throw knives and tomahawks. What made you want to learn that?

    Karyssa <3

    1. Haha, thank you muchly! That is a very nice compliment! :) Yes, Toothless and HTTYD are AMAZING! <3 Hehe, it's super fun – you should. ;) Well, I actually had a friend introduce me to the art of knife-throwing when I was around 13/14. I'd always love blades, though I hadn't thrown them before, but when I met this friend, he showed me how and we started tomahawk throwing around the same time. And I've been hooked ever since. :)
      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment – very nice to "meet" you! :)

      1. Hey girlfriend! Its Ry from green acres farm blog. Knives are awesome. I own a couple knives and I love self defense and want to get a concealed to carry permit when I am 18. Do you like archery? How to train your dragon is. Can’t find adjective.. Hm.. Well you get the idea.. We quote from it all the time.. “This here, this is a talking fish bone!” XD anyway which do you like better? How to train your dragon 1 of 2?? Toothless is hilarious!

        1. Hi Ry! Yes, knives certainly are amazing – I just love them. :) That’d be cool to have a concealed carry permit – I wish you the best with that when the time comes! I do like archery, yes. I don’t do it super often, but I do have a compact bow and enjoy using it in target shooting. How about you?
          Ah yes, HTTYD is marvelous! I quote from it all the time too. ^.^ I love them both, but I think my favourite would be the 1st. Such a good one. And yes, Toothless! Love him!!
          Have you read the HTTYD books? I’ve read the first 4, and they’re really good, but very different from the movies!

  8. You sound like one heck of a interesting person, I mean, it is kinda unique to like Sword Fighting…. Missing to Russia? That sounds very interesting! What sparked your interest in Russia ( other than possibly God calling you there.?)

    1. Thank you ^.^ You know, that is a good question – I’m not actually exactly sure when my interest in Russia started…I think it was around the age of 13 or so. I’d found some “learn-to-speak-Russian” tapes at our library and then read some books set in Russia, and was just hooked I guess! I really would love to go there someday – I think it seems like a beautiful place, and I love their language. :)
      Thanks for commenting!! :)

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