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In meinen Herzen

No this post doesn’t really have anything to do with things/people/animals etc. that are in meinen Herzen. I just wanted to use a German title, and that sentence came to mind.

So. Here I am. Very tired still…thanks to my cat who is now cuddled up on my lap. Let us start with Monday.
Monday evening was the Azure food truck. We were there from 8:00pm till 10:00pm. 95% of that time was spent lifting big heavy boxes. We got home late obviously, and crashed.
The next morning, we had to get up and do our chores as well as readying the books for the homeschool curriculum and book sale that was going to happen that morning. We had to be there by 8:30am which failed to happen. You see, here are our chores:
Mum’s chores – she feeds the 35 or so butcher chickens, waters them. Feeds the layer chickens, waters those. Gives the newest baby chick and her mama food and water. Gathers the eggs. Gives food to the banti chickens, as well as to Duck. This process takes her at least 20 minutes, usually longer. It doesn’t sound too complicated, but those who have chickens most understand, right?
My chores: feed the deck cats ( these are the cats that hang around the deck. Yes, they all have names.) then bring food out for Sassy, her kittens, her two adopted kittens, as well as Noah’s cat Ferdie, who gets locked up with Bunny at night. Yeah, interesting huh? I let out Sassy and her four older kittens, and feed them out side their cage, then give the two little kittens (there used to be 3. One recently died.) soft kitten good inside the cage. Then I let Ferdie out if Noah isn’t out to do it. Next comes the rabbits. We have only 3 at the moment. First I feed Orange bunny (his proper name is.. Teddy I think.) then comes Thumper, and then Bunny. Next is waters. Have to give the rabbits all water, and cats.
Finally I am done with my barn chores, and then am off to pick a bucket full of grass, which then gets brought into my piggies. Next is feeding Nina, then the hamsters. All done!! That takes me about 20 – 25 minutes on a good day :D

That was probably really boring.
The book sale went alright. Not as good as a turn out as we all hoped. But what can ye do? Three people including us, sold books. About 5 maybe, people stopped by. Maybe less. We sold the most I believe. I even sold some of my books! Praise God :)
To make this post still somewhat short, I will just leave it at that. Today I believe we are canning. Fun times. :P

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So soon?

Yep, I know. So soon for another post. But my mind has been on me up-coming b-day, and I thought I’d share me thoughts.
Why would I be thinking of something that is a little over a month away? Well because 1) I can and 2) we were just at a children’s b-day party, which got me thinking.
Mum and I were joking that for my 16th birthday, I’d have a “Coming Out Ball” ^.^ Funny thought, no?

I don’t want anything big to celebrate my 16th birthday. No silly birthday party where some people come and laugh/giggle, eat, watch me open presents, make me uncomfortable as they stare so intensely as I open their present and where it is all about ME.
The only thing I want for my birthday is the trunk I’m getting and possibly a trip to Duluth, God-willing. The perfect way to spend my b-day would be at Seven Bridges Road with a small picnic. I just want something very simple. No hoopla, no whatever.
I am looking forward to turning 16 though. Finally an age closer to matching my maturity ;) Haha. If I have money, (praying God provides) I might get my permit, and then license….hopefully. I’d be a very careful driver, worry not. I have studied how Mum and Dad drive the car since I was little. No joke. It’s in my blood to drive. While we’re talking about driving, here are two things I want to do before I die (besides the obvious of missioning, and possibly marrying if it’s God’s will.)
Drive a race car
Play a dead-person in a show/movie/play/ etc. Been practicing this one :D Mum says I’ll never get married due to my weirdness, and what would appear as morbidness. It’s really not morbidness. It’s…cool. Think about it. To play a dead person in say, Psych or something! So cool.
And last but not least, have this song as my ‘theme song’:

Such a beautiful song.

Also, before I go, let me just ask that y’all be praying for my sister, Dallas and her husband, David, as they travel down to MO today, for the week. David will be working on some building (s) as he is now a construction person…which is his God-given gift.
Dallas will be staying with a close friend down there :)

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Yes, I have joined the wonderful world of Twitter. Funny huh? There’s a short story behind it all, which I will so graciously share with you all.

I’ve pretty much always been aware of twitter and what it is, but never joined just because, well, I guess I didn’t think I needed one. But apparantly my dear Mum, was unaware of what you could do on Twitter…
This past week, while we were up at the Island with her side of the family, she was made aware of Twitter by her nephew, my cousin, Matthew. “Wait, you can follow Psych? Rae, have you heard of this?” “Yes, Mum.”
So, being pretty much the only person in the house that has any clue about what happens on the computer world (a.k.a me.) I have set up a twitter account (gasp!) and shall therefore start following Dule` Hill, from the tv series Psych – who we’ve found, tweets Bible verses once in a while :)

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There’s no place like home…

There really is no place like home. Besides Heaven, I’m sure. ;)
We arrived home last evening, around 5 or so. It is such a long car-ride. With stops and all it’s about 6 hours one way.
Our time up at the Island was enjoyable, and the views beautiful. Up north just can’t be beat. And the water. Wow. So frightening, yet intriguing. Turtle Lake (the lake it’s on) is actually a very creepy lake. There are the holes, and at one point, near the Island, the water is like 180 feet deep. Plus right off the…back dock I think it is, there’s the rock bar. Add creepy fish, and you’ve got the perfect settings of a nightmare! Haha.
Oh and just to add something – our great-great grandpa, I think it’s that many greats to us, died in the lake. But they didn’t find his body till the next spring when it floated up to shore all bloated and nasty. Oh and his arm was missing. There are different stories of how that happened, but I think the true one is, that when they ….can’t think of the word…dredged? Anyway, when they did that to the lake, it ripped off his arm. Gross huh?
But besides that, there aren’t too many more nasty stories ;) Hehe.
We got up there around 3 in the afternoon on Tuesday the 16th, and just hung around. The best day was the second to last day :D We played kick-the-can with almost everyone up there, we went for a awesome boat ride, at night we played killer and I had a partially melted marshmallow on chocolate. Good times. Killer was awesome with so many people. And my one cousin – Matt – was fun to play with, because he couldn’t keep a straight face no matter what :) I was the Killer once, and I managed to kill like 4 people before my …uncle (would it be step-uncle? No clue) ratted me out ;)
So yeah, Island was good. Had fun. Good to be home. Enjoyed a shower once we got home. Loved sleeping in my own bed. Miss the hoodies.
On the way home, there is a really twisty, hilly road, and unfortunately Nina (my cat inside who we took up) got sick and threw up. Thankfully it was in her cage. I was a bit nauseous too, which is very unusual for me. I still am getting ‘dizzy spells’ even now. Yesterday, at times, it’d be really bad, and I’d have to grab on to something. But I’m alive still :)
If you have any questions about our trip, feel free to ask. I don’t know what more to include… :)

Yesterday, (Sunday) was the Stockade near us. We go to it just about every year, twice a year. Sometimes we skip the winter one though…Anyway, that was enjoyable. The A.’s came down (Toby over at Nisse Summit and his family) and went to it with us, which was fun :)
I bought (Dad split the price with me. Thank you Dad!) a really cool knife. Perhaps I shall take a picture of it, and post it along with this post….(in case you are wondering, I am typing this on my e-mail, not blog, so it’s not ready to be posted yet. By the time I post it, I might have photos.)

Oh and about the Island, there’s a gift-shop there at the boat landing (it’s a resort type thing) and I was able to get a necklace that has a water beetle bug in it (plus the stuff around the bug, glows in the dark. Totally cool.) as well as a bracelet that says the ‘towns’ name on it, and a wooden letter-opener with the head of a moose :D Just little stuff, but still cool.

Okay, here are some photo’s of the Island, as well as my ‘stuff’ ;)

Above is us at the big fish – we take a picture there almost every year, on our way up to the Island :) (if you don’t know, I’m in the red shirt, and green skirt, Noah is the little girl, Dallas is the girl with her hubby)

Cool tree on the way up.

Noah and I watching Tangled on the way up.

A favourite view of mine, up at the Island.

I really liked how this picture turned out – it’s my sister, Dallas, and our cousin, Grace, about to jump off the dock :)

And last but not least, my three trinkets from the gift-shop up north, and my knife I bought yesterday at the stockade.

Dah. I think that’s it for now!

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‘See’ you Saturday evening…or Sunday…

Yes Folks. It’s time for me to post a ‘good-bye post’. Please, don’t cry. I WILL BE BACK!
We are aiming to leave right away in the morning, around 9, but we’ll see how that goes, with our morning chores, and last minute stuff. You know, stuff.
I sat down with the intentions of writing a nice sensible post…okay, that’s a lie. Sorry. I’m a little…..SLAP-HAPPY TIRED!!!!!!! Okay, pull yourself together, Madam Blueberry.
“I do NOT CRAP ALL OVER THE HOUSE!” “No, Jeffrey, you leave your crap all over the house.”
Hahahahaha. Mum, Noah and I are on a Julian Smith high. Been watching his videos as often as possible, just to keep our humor amongst the chaos of getting ready to leave!
So…how’s a-going? Grand here. Did I tell ye we had cows in our back yard? Cool huh? I wanted to keep one ;) Oh! And funny mental picture for you, just to make you laugh:
Mum, Noah and I (yeah…it’s always us three.) walked down to another neighbors where the cows now were, and started calling them in ‘cute’ voices. Well…little did we expect they’d come!! They started running towards us, and so we started running away from the on-coming stamp-peed!!! Haha, it was soo funny!

Today, I not only finished cleaning guinea pig cages, but I picked grass and bagged it up for our trip – Brenda will feed them for me while we’re gone. It took me two hours. Can you believe that? And that was with picking two bucket-fulls each time! But I love my guinea pigs. Don’t I? Yes.

Alright, well to leave off on a good note, besides saying Good night, and good bye, check this out:

BYE BYE!!! (quoting from Veggie Tales, there…)

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In which I don’t feel like giving a reasonable title.

A few things I’m going to post about hopefully in this one post:

  • Freezing Corn
  • Leaving in three days
  • The moon

Okay, so last night (everything was moving so fast/I could barely keep track/of your defenses, of my defensiveness/ Got me thinking we’re never gonna get it right/ I wanna settle this before the sun goes down tonight/if I could only solve the bitterness I feel inside/this thing is eating me alive!/)  Oookaayyy…Rae let’s at least try to stay on subject here, shall we? Agreed.

Okay anyway, yesterday afternoon we went to some ‘neighbors’ (they don’t actually live right next to us, but only like three miles away, I think we figured. They also go to our church) let us come and pick a whole bunch of corn for freezing for the year. They are such a blessing from God!! After we picked nine wal-mart bags full, we went home, and made dinner first, ate, then started the whole process. Oh and David and Dallas helped us- another blessing from God. I started out washing the corn, while Dallas got the zippy-type bags ready (you know, labeling the bags, then filling the bags with a tablespoon of salt and sugar, then filling it with corn.) Mum was the boiler for a while – putting and taking out the corn from the boiling pot, then giving it to David, who was cutting it. After only like two bags, the electric cutter blew up, so we had to cut it by knife. I took over boiling for a while, and Mum washed, and then finally, finally, finally, I got to cut the corn. So enjoyable. You can only do it for so long though, before your hands tire. So we rotated like that – except Dallas who did the bags. She liked that job, and knew how much corn to put in each bag.  We started this at about…5:30pm, maybe? And didn’t finish till 10:00pm, and we still left a bag. But we were all done. So tired that we were scary. But you know, it was good times.

Second thing: We are leaving in three days already. AHHHHH. So soon it seems. But it’ll be fine, right? My animals will be well, yes? God-willing, yes.  For those of you who don’t know (which actually might be most of you…) my family and I, are going up to an [small] Island that my grandpa’s family owns. We get to go up once a year. We’re leaving on Tuesday, and not planning on coming home till Saturday. It’ll be a long drive – six hours – and so we’re starting out in the morning. I’m looking forward to it. I can almost smell and feel the water. And playing Kick-the-can will be awesome :) Brenda -the gal who owns the horses here –  is staying and taking care of all our millions of animals. ;) K, so there aren’t millions. Just lots.

The moon. I actually don’t have a lot to say about the moon. It just sounded good :D Last night, though, when we were done, Dallas and I went out to the field/backyard, and looked at the moon. It was gorgeous. If there’s one thing I love, it’s the moon. (The beginning of that sentence: ‘if there’s one thing I love..’ doesn’t make much sense. Because of course I love many other things. Such as GOD.) It was a full moon, and it was shining so bright – the light around it, was in the shape of a cross!! That was so neat. God is so good. I love my Savior more than anything. How He creates things that always reflect Him is simply amazing! I love it :) I’m on fire for my God, my Abba Father.


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New look

What say you of the new template? I personally like it very fondly. It’s…awesome. I must say though, that I was a bit saddened to take away my ‘Toothless’ picture for the header, but I suppose one shall live through the change ;)
Today is Bright Lights. I’m sort of excited to see what God’s going to do, since He didn’t have me prepare a full lesson!
Yesterday, I walked around the lake in town, with a friend – we had a pretty good time :) We leave for the Island in less than a week now!! Ahhhh! Can hardly believe it’s so soon. Long car drive up ahead. But thankfully, and only to my delight, we won’t have the dvd player. David and Dallas will :D You see, Noah has to have it on the highest volume. And well…ahem…I don’t like much noise on car rides.
One thing I am looking forward to do up there (besides take in the view. The water. Oh. my.word.) is playing kick-the-can with just about everybody like we did last year :D So awesome! Dallas and Pete will probably win again…!

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A give-away over at Shining Stars mag.

Hello one and all!
Sorry for the lack of posts. Hasn’t been much to post about :P

Anywho. I am blogging about a give-away that is going on over at Shining Stars Magazine! It is a lovely two-winner giveaway, of knitted products. Looks splendid to me :)
To enter, go here:

Hope you enjoy! :)

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Yesterday was a busy day. Well, in sorts. We ran errons (sp?) all day. We left the house at quarter to eight am, and didn’t get home till 2:30, but then left again by 3 pm and didn’t get home till around 5 pm.
The morning bit was spent in another town, semi close. Well, first we had to go to some friends house to learn their chores, so I can do them over the weekend.
In W. (what I will be calling the town) we stopped at GoodWill, where I found three awesome books, plus Mum found quite a few other things. Then we went to…The Christian book store, I believe. Wow. I LOVE it there. We seriously had a hard time leaving. We’d go to leave, and then find more stuff! What I bought there was a ring that says “Greater is He that is in me.” a necklace in the shape of a guitar pick, that says on the front “You never let go” and on the back it says “I will fear no evil for my God is with me.”, and I also got a book, as well as a shirt that I love, which says “Faith Book: God wants to add you to His Book, do you accept?” Cool, huh? Mum got some stuff too.
After that we went to a few more stops and finally came home for what felt like a few minutes, then went back into out town, L. and first dropped off eggs at some friends, then dropped off a cat carrier for Dallas, and talked with her for a bit. She has a cat :) Unlike any cat I’ve ever seen…His name is Ferdinan, if anyone has ever read that book, you’ll know sort of what kind of cat he is.
Then off to Walmart Mum, Noah and I went. We got what we needed, then checked out. Of course Mum, being a Mum, went in this one young man’s line, because he smiled at me before. (eye-roll, and embarrassment) And in Mum’s mind , I might as well be married to guy, because he asked how old I was, in a round-about way. *Smack hand to head*
But lucky to Mum, he’s moving to CA come fall, and that shall be the end of that.