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Due to…

Due to the unexplainable, unpredictable, uncaring weather. I shall be moving somewhere north, until further notice. I do not like the heat. I don’t know why, but my body can barely handle the heat. I will start to burn up even at only 80 degrees. My cheeks are flaming, and I feel useless. SO! We’re moving. Or so I wish. Nothing keeps me down here. It’s not like I have billions of best friends here, or am in all sorts of activities.
Yesterday was the Bright Light’s group. First official meeting (last one didn’t turn out so well…) and only two girls showed up. I went ahead with it anyway, because I knew God wanted me to. See, this is, as He showed me yesterday morning, preparing me for missioning. People has said that to me, but like most times, you can’t believe them until God reveals it Himself. The time went well though, and Christ totally talked through me!!!! I was very excited about that. I praise Him for letting both those girls come, and for the one girl, because though a bit younger, was very helpful and had great godly input! And I also was glad, because God is presenting yet another time for me to truly witness to the other girl – who was actually my best friend growing up. Their family was like my second family. Anyway, she asked some questions, that most teens ask, because they don’t know any better – because no one teaches them.
Haha, well I should probably stop before I go our on a tangent…

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Last evening

Last evening was the Azure food truck. It was done at the fair grounds, because our church is unusable at the present moment.
It went fine, though Mum forgot scissors, so Mum asked if I had anything. Silly question. I always have a pair of scissors in my purse, along with two pocket knives. And lucky for them I even had my sgian dubh last night. I used that.
The funny part of last night was David and the box. For any of you who don’t know, David is my brother-in-law. We had both got done sorting the boxes first, so we went to his house and picked up his truck, so he would be able to bring the freezer Dad brought in, home. That was an enjoying/interesting time…David can frustrate me sometimes, but usually can make me laugh. Okay, so lets skip to the funny part. There was a box. It fit on my head perfectly, David found out. He just stuck it on me, then he must have decided it needed eye holes…I see his face peeking up, and then he takes the box off my head. He made me a box mask. It was really quite funny. I wish had a picture, but the only one we have is on David’s phone! He dared me to wear it the rest of the night, when people came to pick up their orders. I did wear it for most of the night, but it did kind of smash my nose. Oh and he also cut ear flaps so I could hear better :D I got a few comments on it. It made us all laugh though. Dallas said I looked like the Cluclusclan from the movie “Old Brother Where Out Thou?”
This week is pretty much free, isn’t that grand? Today I’m having a friend over for a visit, (haven’t seen her since….May, at the wedding I think) and then tomorrow is the official Bright Lights group meeting, which isn’t going to be called Bright Lights any more, because God decided I couldn’t use BL material. He’s having me writing me own. I think it shall be called “Special Treasures” taking from the verse in Exodus that says “And you shall be a special treasure to me, above all people, if you obey my voice and keep my commandments.”
I’m praying that will go well tomorrow. I’m a wee bit nervous to lead it. But I am fully trusting that GOD will lead it, not I.
And we don’t have the girls till Friday, so Thursday is free free free!

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Sunday only it’s not Sunday still

Yesterday, being Sunday, we went to church. My sister and brother-in-law were not there.
Half way through church, I felt like I was burning up. Lovely, ay? My cheeks were red (aren’t they almost always?) like I was blushing severely or something. Mum asked if I wanted to leave, but I knew it was only an attack from Satan. He’s done this before; makes me feel like crap, like I have mono, so that I won’t (4444444 – Nina) focus. After church, Dad and Mum prayed over me, and it slowly got better. Some friends took us out to eat at Pizza Ranch. That was nice. :) Steve wouldn’t give up though, on me joining softball. If he asks again, I’m just going to tell him, with everything that’s going on, softball – though I adore it – is an unnecessary thing.
I thought and prayed hard about that decision. I do enjoy playing, but it would take up a lot of my time and energy, and then where would my God-time fit in?

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That way.

Last evening Mum and Dad were gone from 3:45 to 7:00pm. So it was just Noah and I home. After sitting in her fort for a bit, and then watching Arthur, we went outside. I was watching her swing, when I saw my old bat laying on the ‘play house’ porch. I went and picked it up, and oh did it feel good in my hands. Memories of when I was 10 -12 popped into my mind. To quote Flossie: I was a short-haired soft-ball fanatic. Or freak…
Noah noticed I picked up the bat, and she jumped off the swing, “Lets go find a ball and see how far you can hit it!” I followed her to the shed where the sports stuff is at. We found a ball, and another bat, and went out to the back yard, which is pretty much an empty field, except for a bunch of cars.
Noah so kindly let me go first. I was a bit rusty unfortunately, and could only manage a bunter. ( hope these words are correct. They keep popping into my mind, and seem correct..) Noah used her stand Dad made her, and hit a couple good ones for an eight year old :) We went me, her, me, her, me, her, etc. Finally after saying I wanted to hit a flyball, I did! And oh that sounded and felt so grand. The clinking/thudding sound of the ball hitting the bat in just the right way is amazing :D

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The Naming of the Kittens

Yes, folks, I have named my little kittens. Well, correction: Sassy’s kittens. They were born on May 24th, 2011, and are now big enough to walk around, play, and attempt to eat hard food. As far as we can tell, they are four females. And their names are as follows:
Trella – dark calico
Darya – fluffy grey and white
Alaytheea – white, with black patch over ear, and a black tail
Astrid – white with a grey patch over eye, and light light light calico tail

Trella is Spanish, Darya is Russian, Alaytheea is just a really cool name, and Astrid is Scandinavian. Anyone guess my pattern? You see, each year, any kittens that are born, have a ‘theme’ for names. Each batch of kittens will get a different theme. This years theme for Sassy’s kittens was countries/culture etc. Trella looks like she’s from Spain, Darya (my baby!!) looks Russian (no kidding. I knew that I was going to name her something Russian from the beginning) Alaytheea and Astrid both look very Scandinavian. Noah (my little sister) named Astrid, with a little convincing from me. (She was origanally going to name her Snowflake…)
So, there are my kittens and their respected names. Jessy should be next. Praying her kittens will be just as healthy.

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My dreams have been very vivid and memorable the past couple nights…
Also, last evening, before ‘bed-time’, I was able to finish the last chapter of “The Hobbit” AND go for a walk with Mum! On the walk back, we saw a muscrat (Sp?). Or at least that’s what we think it was. It could’ve been a fisher, as we have one of those on our road too.
I wish the weekend wasn’t done…this week starts a week of bummer.

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Happy Father’s day one and all! Today is going to be a good day, and my life even better. Because… I’m Not Perfect and that’s OKAY.
Last night, after my truth time, we watched “How to Train Your Dragon” or rather most of it. I was tired, and didn’t finish it all. But oh how I love that movie. It’s right up there with “Wives and Daughters”.