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A Time To Glow

Today is Valentine’s Day. A day to be completely in love. But not in love with chocolate. Or food. Or even in love with a guy/girl. It is a day to be completely and totally in love, with all surrender to our glorious Lord, Jesus Christ. I had meant to write something on the subject of “glowing” but hadn’t yet gotten to it – and now I sit here with a few extra minutes (well, more than a few…) and realise, “It is Valentine’s Day. What a perfect time to share these thoughts!”. So I will.

Picture this:
A young lady is finally walking up the aisle. It is her long-awaited wedding day. She is marrying the man she loves, and she is just radiant. She glows with happiness and joy. People always comment on how radiant, and how much the bride glows when she is married. She does glow. If it is a marriage based on Christ, it will continue to grow. But I am not here to talk about marriage. I am here to talk about glowing.
A few weeks ago, I had such a dream in which I married. I did glow. Or so the people attending my wedding said. But I felt radiant, and content. In my dream, I loved the man I married; I was so…happy. Soon I awoke, and that dream was left in my thoughts. I told Mum about it, and prayed about it. I had to let it go. Not just let it go, as in forget about it, but let it go as in giving it to God. I am not ready to marry. I don’t know if I even will marry. God wants me to leave that up to Him. (I’ve had a few conversations with God on similar topics ;))
When I relayed some of my dream, and the feelings it caused, to my Mum, she mentioned something about how we should glow for Christ. And it really hit me. How caught up do we get with being radiant and glowing when we’re married, or any other event that happens here on earth? It’s so easy to do. We want to glow. Or at least I do. I loved being as happy as I was in that dream. But I don’t want to be glowing for only that reason. There is nothing wrong with glowing at your wedding, but that is not the most important thing, nor is it right now. Christ gives me reasons to glow right now. And I want to. Oh so badly do I want to glow with radiance of Him. Right now. Always. Forever. The glow that Christ can give us isn’t just for a day, a year, a season, and life. No, it is for eternity. And that is amazing!
Often people relate earthly marriage, to our heavenly marriage with Christ; being His Bride. I think that is great, but the weight of it can’t fully sink until God reveals it in our hearts individually, in His timing. I had heard it before. I had believed it before. But the moments after that dream I had, God showed me the meaning of glowing with His beauty, and it just “clicked” finally. Fully. I’m sure I will learn it again. But how wondrous is that!
Now is a time to glow. Not for anything here. It is a time to glow for Christ, with Christ, in Christ. Now. That glow He gives us is more beautiful that anything we can ever picture. He glows in us when we are truly in love with Him and have given ourselves to Him. True it means we have to be broken, but it will be beautiful, for “when I am weak, then am I strong” (1 Corinthians 12:10 “Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.”)


We may falter, and we may fall, but our hearts are His. There are times when I may take my heart back in my hands, but I never really truly possess it. My heart belongs to my Father in heaven, and if someday He sees fit to share that with His match for me, then it will be perfect. But for now it is only His, and I want to glow from that fact. I want to glow with a radiance for Christ, the One who gave Himself for me; my perfect, spotless Groom.

Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not.” 1 John 3:1

Let’s give our hearts to Him, and truly glow!

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The Rawest of Raw

My last post was pointless, really. And I regret of that a little. There is so much one could say, that would be edifying to others, yet I lowered to a trivial post. I am not guilt-ridden about it; I have just learned a little since then and I do wish to share. So instead of a short meaningless post, I am hoping for this to be a deeper, more meaningful post. :)
I have so many thoughts on things I was taught just this morning, yet hardly no where to begin.

The Lord, He draws us back to us, doesn’t He? I have the firmest of answers for that: Yes. Yes. And yes again. He never stops drawing us back to Himself. We run and we run, and at sometime we come to realise we become tired of running, and who draws us back, but God alone?
How many times have I tried to keep Him ‘at bay”? Really, how many times have I ran away? Too many. And I will probably do it again. Yet, there He stands, just waiting to take me back into His arms, and set me on His straight and perfect path again.
I was reading in “Kisses from Katie” this morning, in Chapter Two, and so much hit me from it. The Lord spoke something to me, as I was reading how Katie Davis was saying how she has to cry out to Him for the strength just to go on. She could praise and dance for Him in the day, joyously with the children, yet at night she cries out to Him with everything that is in her heart. My Abba whispered to me, “I want that raw emotion, that raw relationship” and He just kept repeating that word “raw”. He wants a truly raw relationship from us. He wants our raw emotion; nothing covered up, nothing hidden. And that means so much. We so often do try to keep God where we want Him, because we are afraid of where He will take us. I admit that I have done this. Multiple times. I was convicted of such this morning. But He brings me back around, back around to Him so I can have that rawest of raw relationship. And what does that exactly mean? What does it mean to have a truly raw relationship? It is to have our emotions so raw and open, to come and cry to Him all the time, with whatever we are feeling and/or experiencing. To stop holding back. He wants me – us – to praise Him when we’re joyful, and cry and shout to Him when we are struggling. To truly and utterly come to Him with our every need; to be raw. I want that raw relationship with raw emotions. I am afraid, but I want that. Fear is only a spirit, and what does He say in His Word? “For I give you not a spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of a sound mind.” I need to call on His power, strength, love, and sound mind. I need to get rid of this spirit of fear continually. So that I can be raw. So that nothing is hidden from my glorious Creator. No more “keeping my composer” so I appear to be “okay”. When I’m not okay, I must say, “God, I’m not okay. Heal and fix me!” and then allow Him to. We have to be willing. We must be willing to be raw and “vulnerable” because when we are, we are so much more protected. So much more safe. But not by our power; By His.
I want my heart to be His, to be the rawest of raw so He can be more and I can be less. I encourage all to be “more raw” with Him. :)

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Two years

Apparently, on the seventh marks two years I’ve blogged on WordPress, here. (Although WP said TODAY did…but I looked back at my first post, and it said the seventh)Huh. This I guess, was my first post here: – a very short, random and very poor spelling one it is. And of course there are posts before that, because this blog was on the infamous Jibe Now before I had to switch over to WP. Sad, sad.. :D
What else to say…well, if I had proper enough time, I would try to sum up the two years – but right…that would be a long post and a boring one, no doubt! Besides that, time have I not.
So, this is a pointless post, saying it’s been two years, when it hasn’t been two years just yet till the seventh, but here it is now! XD