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I entered a give-away….

‘Tis right. I entered a lovely giveaway over at the Erratic Muse. You can see her give-away post here:

A beautiful necklace is the prize, as well as a gift card to Bookish Charm. The necklace really is stunning! I think so at least :)

I’m not sure how long the give-away is, as it didn’t say, but I suggest you try to enter too! :)

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Clever title starts here….

Urg. I have been having absolute withdrawls from Nanny’s up north. The past two nights, I have dreamnt about their lake, their dock, their road. Last Night’s dream was a bit more in depth then the one before. It was a little strange. But good, because I was in Duluth! Duh ;)
I pray we can get up there soon. I need to go see/smell the lakes. And not just any lakes, mind you. Nanny’s lake and Lake Superior. Gorgeous. I want to go to Brighten Beach, Seven Bridges Road, and the Point. Oh and the Glenshene Mansion. But that is extremely costly.
I don’t know when we’ll be able to go, because of time and finances…we are busy almost every weekend until the wedding. We had a couple weekend open in the beginning of April, but that soon changed, as we are going over to some friends for dinner and to visit the first weekend — Saturday. And we can’t do anything on Sunday’s because of Cantata.
Then the second weekend, Kristen (Dallas’ friend) is coming (She couldn’t this last weekend because of the snow) and then the next weekend after that — the third weekend I believe — is one of Dallas’s bridal showers. Oh and then the next day after her shower –Sunday — is the Cantata preformance. Then there are only two weekends left. And I think there might be something going on there too. May 1st is another bridal shower for Dallas, and then so on and so on.
We were hoping to go up this wednesday, the day after the Azure truck, but we can’t afford it right now. Kind of stinks.
But I know God will get us up there some time. I can’t wait for it :) Getting my feet wet in the freezing water. Yes, very lovely.
I’d also really like to go to the Island, but that’s not till this summer.

Oh! I want a Pembroke Welsh Crogi! Soooo cute!!!! Brenda — the gal we bored horses for — just got her puppy yesterday, and brought her with her to do chores, so we got to see her, and oh my word!!!! She is so cute! I’ve decided that I am going to get a boyfriend (a real one. Haha, sorry Vlad.) so he can buy me one, and do my dishes ;) Also buy me chocolate. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? :P

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Beautiful People — Jaco

This is something that I am going to be doing. It’s very neat. It’s called Beautiful people. I found the deal thing from Hannah Grace since she is participating in it too. It’s for getting to know your characters more :)

What is their full name? Jacoby Milstern — mostly called Jaco
Does his or her name have a special meaning? Not really, I’ve always liked that name, and as I was sketching my new character, the name came on it’s own.
Does your character have a methodical or disorganized personality? Um…more so a methodical I guess. We’re still finding out his personality :) He is very quite, almost undercover like. Steathly. But does have a sense of humor.
Does he or she think inside themselves more than they talk out loud to their friends? (More importantly, does he or she actually have friends?) He does have one friend, like a side kick sort of, whose name is Jak. But mostly, Jaco is quiet and thinks inside more so.
Is there something he or she is afraid of? Not really. He has had a rough life already, at age 17 and so isn’t much afraid of things. Yet.
Does he or she write, dream, dance, sing, or photograph? No. He has a desire to do something, but doesn’t know that yet.
What is his or her favourite book? (or genre of books) Only reads when no one knows. Likes How-To books mostly.
Who is his or her favourite author and/or someone that inspired him or her? He doesn’t have one.
Favourite flavor of ice cream? Chocolate
Favourite season of the year? Autumn. The colder times of it.

So there is it! I am very much looking forward to writing Jaco’s and Jak’s story. It shall be a challenge, and I haven’t done something like their story before. :)

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“Knowing a Foreign language can be helpful” My ‘speach’

Knowing a Foreign language can be helpful

Shalome and good evening. I am giving a speach on my said title of choice. Well rather by force, but mayhaps I should have left that part out. What say you?

Now. Why do I think it would be helpful to know and speak a foreign language? There are a couple points I have to make.

You should know that I have always been interested in languages. I unfortunately only know bits of German, Italian and such. I also know how to write a think or two in Hindi; but that, my friend, is straying from my point.

One reason it would be extremely helpful to know another language is if you were going to travel to another place. You certainly would want to understand what people are saying, wouldn’t you? And what is also important ‘boot learning another language is that you can share the news of Christ in their language too! What a blessing that would be, huh? I think so.

Another point I have to offer is that we should know foreign language because if a person came over to America or something, and needed help learning English you could help them! Amazing!                                                                                                       There are many reasons why it would be helpful to learn a foreign lanuage.            Also it would be very educational.                                                                                                                                    In conclusion, I am 100% for learning another language!

This is Raechel signing off – Good night!

 © Raechel K.

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Pioneer Club

Such fond memoried :D Haha. Shall I explain?

There is this group thing at one of the many churches in our town, called Pioneer Girls Club. It’s kind of like a girls scout thing…only Christian.  I used to go to it from age 8/9 till the very last year I couldn’t, which was around 11 years old. Most of my years there were awesome. I had a amazing teacher, Mrs. Jones, who truly was an amazing teacher, honestly :)  My years in her class were the best years. 

So anyway. Noah’s friend, Sophie – who we used to watch last year, along with her little sister – was over for a visit with her Mum and Natalie yesterday, and they were talking about Pioneer Girls. Noah decided she wanted to try, so we did. Mum and I brought her into town, and brought her into the class room she was supposed to be in. This group was a little different from the one I was in, as I started in 3rd grade, while she is in 2nd grade and that’s a different class.  Mum and I waited the hour and 15 minutes there, while Noah ‘learned’ supposedly ;) I recognized lots of girls from when I was in it, but they had um…become extremely worldly :( It was sad to see. Then there was some youth group apparently going on too, and there were these three boys (teen) who were out and seriously fighting –like serious fighting. Not just knocking each other around. They were full out punching each other hard. No matter who told them to stop, they didn’t. It was quite rediculous. Mum finally told them to stop :P Good for her, I thought.

Noah said she had a good time, and she might go back she said. We’ll see. I’m worried about it, because of…well…the influences she might be with and the bad habits she could pick up, and she will most likely deal with girls being ‘clicky’ which I did, and hated. Girls can be nasty, even at a young age. I’m not saying it’s right to fight, but sometimes, I wish I could’ve just pounded some of the girls then, instead of just listening to them make horrid comments. I’m not good with words…mean ones at least…which is probably good…but it was hard at the time.

Anywho, so that’s what we did last evening.

I am really praying about starting a Bright Lights group…can’t say how much I don’t want to…I like keeping to myself…I’m quieter. I don’t like talking in front of people, even if they’re younger than me. But if God keeps pushing the idea forward, I will obey…I already know several girls who could come.

Alright, there you have a senseless post.


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I don’t feel like coming up with a clever title, so I am just going to post :) There will be pictures in this post however.

Have you ever wanted something so badly, it almost hurts? I’m sure I am probably the only weird human being who has. And what’s unfair is that the two things I most desperately want, aren’t even in existence. Unless one was to mix Nanny’s with the island…and if God wanted to creat a dragon just for me. But seeing as that probably won’t happen, I just have to try to be content with thinking that Heaven will be perfect…even if there is no Toothless. I think my heaven will be my Island. It would be wonderful. 

It’s also sad, when one can regognize a voice from a movie, and know exactly what movie it is, all the way from the porch….haha, I heard “Hiccup” on tv in the living room after Mum, Dallas and I got home from Cantata practise, and I knew they (Dad, Noah and David) were watching “How to train your dragon.” And that, my friends, is how I went back on my, “I need Toothless” deal. I try not to watch that movie, as it gives me a great wanting. But it is one of my most favourite movies.    I went upstairs and decided to attempt to draw ‘my’ dragon. That was a fail. I can’t draw for beans. So I traced Toothless out of my colouring book that Mum got me as a joke :D Here is what I came up with in my tracing:

Though they are not perfect, I was pretty satisfied with my tracing. If only I could free-draw! Then we’d have something ;)

A couple days ago, Mum ‘trimmed’ my hair. Though she had to cut off a bit more than a trim, because I had bad split-ends – which is unusual, because this is the first time I’ve gotten any split ends. Weird ;) My hair doesn’t look too short, but here is a pic:

It was only maybe another couple inches – maybe less – longer.

Last evening, as I mentioned earlier, was Cantata practise…it was the first one this year. Cantata is the choir that is directed each year by a Mr. Keith J. who is now the mayor of our town ;) Hehe. It is a pretty good size choir too. Mum and I did it last year, and now again this year. Dallas is too, though she’s done it more years than we have. The finale preformance is on Palm Sunday…two weeks before Dallas’s wedding! :D

Lately, I have been working on memorizing 2 Timothy. It’s going alright, all considering. I’ve only just begun a couple days ago, so I haven’t gotten a full chapter memorized yet, but I’m getting there!

Alright, fare well for now.


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The week of death

Sorry for the morbid title. I hope it doth not desturb thee too much. I was going to pick between that title and “gone” and I figured the one I chose suits me better. So I am sorry if it disturbs you, causes you to cry, or anything else along those lines. ;)

Yes. There was two deaths this week. One was much more awful than the other one though. Our dog, Hutch, had to be brought to the vet to be put down on Wednesday. I am thankful that Dad didn’t have to do it at least. It was hard saying goodbye. It always is when pets pass, I suppose. I sobbed over guinea pigs dying, and cats, and so needless to say, I cried – this time quietly – over saying good bye to Hutch. Here’s a picture or him:

He looks so healthy there. :( We had to put him down because he was in so much pain, and getting really old. He had a huge knob on his leg, that the vet thinks was cancer, and so it was best that he was put to sleep, because it would have just kept spreading.

So, we only have two dogs now, and one will be gone in a matter of three or less months. And who knows with Truly :D She’s a little dog, but old. Mum said, that I could get a basset hound after Truly passes. I know, horrible of us to think like that, but I want a basset hound! :)

The second death was Noah’s fish. She still has one left though. Gold fish certainly don’t live long. It was kind of weird, because the fish that died, earlier that day, I was joking that the fish was practicing dying, because it would turn from side to side. Little did I know, that it would die that evening! Oops. ;) No tears were shed amazingly. I was a little worried about Noah. But all is well.

I have more news, but I don’t suppose it would sound very good under the title that I picked :D So I shall leave you here! Good day :)

~Lady Rae

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Random;weddingdetails;walking;thetruck; ect ect ect.

Mmmhhhm. This is all of those titles. This post could be random, (Most likely) this post could contain wedding details, this post could contain walking details, this post could contain walking, this post could contain the truck, or it could contain more. Just wait and see.

On Monday, my family left the house at 10:45am or so. My Dad and Noah were going up to Brainard to get a Godsend lawn-mower – it’s a Godsend, because Dad prayed about finding the perfect lawn-mower after selling his tractor. And he found this lawn-mower that has attachments and everything for half the price of everything else. So good. Anyway, he dropped Mum, Dallas and I off at the Mall in St.Cloud to ‘Bridal/wedding  shop’ So we walked around the mall, not finding much. Can you believe that the St.Cloud mall didn’t have one bridal shop? They had dress shops, in which were a couple white dresses, but who wants a sleeveless prom-looking white dress? Not Dallas. Anyone can have their prefrence, but that wasn’t Dallas’s. So we walked across the street to Michaels to look at flowers.  There were quite a bit of flowers, but most looked really really fake. So after spending a tiny while there, we decided to go to Pawn America which was right next to Michaels. We looked at the wedding bands for David. Just to get an idea. Found one that might work, but didn’t get it, because David has something in mind. After that we decided to walk to Bed, Bath and Beyond to see if Dallas wanted to register there – she didn’t. We went into Party something to look at wedding stuff, and got more ideas. Then we walked farther and where did we come to? Barns and Noble!!! Love that store :) There is no place like a book place. Though I didn’t get to look at any books, I still got to read my book, while Mum and Dallas looked at wedding books. By this time it was around noonish, maybe later. And we were…hungry. Mum and I couldn’t eat anything, but Dallas got a muffin at the caffe conected to Barns and Noble, and Mum and I got water.   Then after sitting there for a while, we walked to…Savers. Which was quite a ways away. really. We walked a ton. And we had to go through the snow :) Unfortunately I wasn’t wearing my boots, but rather my OP tennies, and holey socks, and a skirt….sooo needless to say, I was cold for a while. We went into Joann fabrics first – which is on the same strip as Savers – and Dallas found flowers she liked. So we got a few to try out. Then we went to Savers and looked around. We found Noah a possible flower-girl dress. But not much there. So we went down to Big Lots. Didn’t find a lot there either. And where was Dad? He was only a little bit out of Brainard. We were all ready to be done. It was around three pm by then. So we sat in the lawn chairs in the middle of Big Lots store. I read some more, while Mum and Dallas made a list.   Then we decided to try the one last thrift store, that Dallas didn’t want to try, but we did in the end just incase there was a cage for me or something. And guess what we found? Dallas’s WEDDING DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s beautiful, never worn, and fits her perfectly. It was sooo a God thing, for the dress even had the colour that she had planned for her colour theme!!! She looks stunning in it. It was very affordable too. So that was amazing.  Now next we will need to order Bridesmaid dresses :D She knows which ones she wants, just has to wait to get everyone’s size. We know my size, and Leah’s, and possibly Kristen’s, but not sure on Jenny’s and Laura’s. It’s neat how they – David and Dallas – are doing it, because they are having David’s two sisters and his brother stand up on his side, and Dallas is having me, along with Leah and Kristen to stand up on her side. So no boy-girl thing.

Are you bored yet? I’m sure you are. I’ll skip out on a long whatever of the truck. Not that there is a lot to tell. Yesterday was just the Azure food truck that comes every month. It went fine.

I’m still getting over Jibe Now being done :( It’s so sad. But I won’t ramble on. I need to be done. Bye bye ;)