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I entered a give-away….

‘Tis right. I entered a lovely giveaway over at the Erratic Muse. You can see her give-away post here:

A beautiful necklace is the prize, as well as a gift card to Bookish Charm. The necklace really is stunning! I think so at least :)

I’m not sure how long the give-away is, as it didn’t say, but I suggest you try to enter too! :)

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Clever title starts here….

Urg. I have been having absolute withdrawls from Nanny’s up north. The past two nights, I have dreamnt about their lake, their dock, their road. Last Night’s dream was a bit more in depth then the one before. It was a little strange. But good, because I was in Duluth! Duh ;)
I pray we can get up there soon. I need to go see/smell the lakes. And not just any lakes, mind you. Nanny’s lake and Lake Superior. Gorgeous. I want to go to Brighten Beach, Seven Bridges Road, and the Point. Oh and the Glenshene Mansion. But that is extremely costly.
I don’t know when we’ll be able to go, because of time and finances…we are busy almost every weekend until the wedding. We had a couple weekend open in the beginning of April, but that soon changed, as we are going over to some friends for dinner and to visit the first weekend — Saturday. And we can’t do anything on Sunday’s because of Cantata.
Then the second weekend, Kristen (Dallas’ friend) is coming (She couldn’t this last weekend because of the snow) and then the next weekend after that — the third weekend I believe — is one of Dallas’s bridal showers. Oh and then the next day after her shower –Sunday — is the Cantata preformance. Then there are only two weekends left. And I think there might be something going on there too. May 1st is another bridal shower for Dallas, and then so on and so on.
We were hoping to go up this wednesday, the day after the Azure truck, but we can’t afford it right now. Kind of stinks.
But I know God will get us up there some time. I can’t wait for it :) Getting my feet wet in the freezing water. Yes, very lovely.
I’d also really like to go to the Island, but that’s not till this summer.

Oh! I want a Pembroke Welsh Crogi! Soooo cute!!!! Brenda — the gal we bored horses for — just got her puppy yesterday, and brought her with her to do chores, so we got to see her, and oh my word!!!! She is so cute! I’ve decided that I am going to get a boyfriend (a real one. Haha, sorry Vlad.) so he can buy me one, and do my dishes ;) Also buy me chocolate. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? :P

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And that’s all there is to it. ;)

I am going to marry an Eli if I get married. Not a Todd. And I don’t mean some guy named Eli or Todd, I mean that type of person. If any of you have read any of Robin Jones Gunn’s christy miller, seirra jenson, college series, and katie weldon books, you’d know what I am talking about. I wouldn’t pick a Rick (haha, that rhymed!), nor a Paul, nor a Doug, maybe possibly a Todd, but most definitely a Eli. Totally great. Godly, mission-worthy ect.
Haha, that is only IF I get married though. And as some of you know, I am not dead-set on getting married. India is one of my main goals :)
Just so you all know and are informed now ;)

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Beautiful People — Jaco

This is something that I am going to be doing. It’s very neat. It’s called Beautiful people. I found the deal thing from Hannah Grace since she is participating in it too. It’s for getting to know your characters more :)

What is their full name? Jacoby Milstern — mostly called Jaco
Does his or her name have a special meaning? Not really, I’ve always liked that name, and as I was sketching my new character, the name came on it’s own.
Does your character have a methodical or disorganized personality? Um…more so a methodical I guess. We’re still finding out his personality :) He is very quite, almost undercover like. Steathly. But does have a sense of humor.
Does he or she think inside themselves more than they talk out loud to their friends? (More importantly, does he or she actually have friends?) He does have one friend, like a side kick sort of, whose name is Jak. But mostly, Jaco is quiet and thinks inside more so.
Is there something he or she is afraid of? Not really. He has had a rough life already, at age 17 and so isn’t much afraid of things. Yet.
Does he or she write, dream, dance, sing, or photograph? No. He has a desire to do something, but doesn’t know that yet.
What is his or her favourite book? (or genre of books) Only reads when no one knows. Likes How-To books mostly.
Who is his or her favourite author and/or someone that inspired him or her? He doesn’t have one.
Favourite flavor of ice cream? Chocolate
Favourite season of the year? Autumn. The colder times of it.

So there is it! I am very much looking forward to writing Jaco’s and Jak’s story. It shall be a challenge, and I haven’t done something like their story before. :)

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Quick Sunday post.

I gotta be quick, because it’s almost time for Church and I’m still in my pj’s =D But I though I’d post and up-date y’all on what’s going on here.

This weekend, Friday – Monday morning, I have been/am doing some ‘neighbors’ from Church’s chores for them. It’s been quite easy, as they only have a dog, a horse and some barn cats. I go over there twice a day, and desperately wish I could drive myself, because I feel bad making Mum and Dad do it. Oh well. One more year, right?

It’s been very nice out lately, but that means lots and lots of mud and water, and unfortunately I don’t have mud boots, nor do I want my parents to buy me any because that cost’s money. So I use my winter boots! They work fine.

God has been active as always in my life. The past few days I’ve been struggling, not being able to conect like I normally can with Him, but on Friday night I believe it was, I went into prayer and inquired of Him what was wrong. He sort of showed me…He brought me to the verse in Matthew “Can you not wait with Me and hour?” ect. And you know what He had me do for an hour and a half? Write. Yes, I got five- six pages written in my book, which was amazing! I felt so….praising to God! What He had me write in it, was moving to me. It was bringing someone to Christ in it, and that in itself is a amaing thing. But I didn’t get to bed till late, which is a bummer, because I like mornings =P  Still, yesterday I was a bit…crabby, and couldn’t be joyful for some reason. So I went into prayer again. He showed me more things! God is good. He gave me His joy and I am complete again. I love that feeling =)

Being it spring now, it means cats are mating. Urg.  Lovely, right? Ha not so much. But thankfully none of our males know what they are doing, so that’s a good thing! I adore kittens, don’t get me wrong, but inbred kittens don’t live, and that I don’t adore in the least. Loosing Tyler last year was sooo hard and seemed to be the last string. Sweet Heart is still alive (I know. I gave her a proper name when she was born, but it didn’t suit her, and I called her sweet heart a lot, so that is her name now. Don’t bash my naming skills, man!Jk) thankfully, and she is very sweet. =)

I actually got together with a friend on Friday, which was nice, considering I hadn’t gotten together with any friends since…January I think it was. I don’t know. I don’t get together with friends all that much, which is okay, because I’m fine by myself. Writing letters and the computer are my ways of being with friends ;)

Okey-dokey. I need to go now. I am sorry to those who I haven’t replied to your e-mails, or gotten that video to you, Jessica R.! I didn’t go on the computer yesterday at all, and I am behind now. I’ll get it done though! I will figure out how to get the video either sent to you or loaded onto something! :)

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“Knowing a Foreign language can be helpful” My ‘speach’

Knowing a Foreign language can be helpful

Shalome and good evening. I am giving a speach on my said title of choice. Well rather by force, but mayhaps I should have left that part out. What say you?

Now. Why do I think it would be helpful to know and speak a foreign language? There are a couple points I have to make.

You should know that I have always been interested in languages. I unfortunately only know bits of German, Italian and such. I also know how to write a think or two in Hindi; but that, my friend, is straying from my point.

One reason it would be extremely helpful to know another language is if you were going to travel to another place. You certainly would want to understand what people are saying, wouldn’t you? And what is also important ‘boot learning another language is that you can share the news of Christ in their language too! What a blessing that would be, huh? I think so.

Another point I have to offer is that we should know foreign language because if a person came over to America or something, and needed help learning English you could help them! Amazing!                                                                                                       There are many reasons why it would be helpful to learn a foreign lanuage.            Also it would be very educational.                                                                                                                                    In conclusion, I am 100% for learning another language!

This is Raechel signing off – Good night!

 © Raechel K.

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How to kill a balloon gently.

Haha, yeah, I don’t plan on writing anything relating to my title. It’s just weird. I do know how though ;) I’ve done it many times, being the ‘balloon doctor’. But I’ll really post.

So. Today is Tuesday.  I am in a good mood, I feel like dancing, even though I have no where to do so. I could go in the back yard, where there is some grass, but there is also something else back there now, that I don’t care to see. It being a dead body and all :D But I am dancing in my soul. God is good. He never ceases to amaze me with His love! I love Him so. More than anyone will ever really know.

This morning, my russian dwarf hamster, Svetlana, bit me =D  She actually drew blood even though she is so small! I tried picking her up to move her out of the way, so I could set their food bowl down, and she didn’t want to be moved, so she ‘told’ me so. I did put proxide on it, don’t worry =)

The conversations that go around here, are kind of boring me, I must be honest. We talk about the wedding almost every breathing second. I understand, really, that Dallas needs to talk about it, but it does get tiring. I don’t think I want to get married ;)  Dallas and I were talking about that topic a week or so ago. She asked if I even wanted to get married. I said yeah, if God wants me to I do. But if He doesn’t have that planned for me, I’d be okay. Yes, I’d be a bit bummed, but I can honestly say I’d be just fine serving Him in another country for the rest of my life. So there you just learned another interesting – well maybe not so much – fact about me ;-)

I get to order the Bright Lights stuff today…I’m actually looking forward to receiving the stuff and looking through it. It will go fine.

Noah will not be attending Pioneer Girls again, because Mum prayed about it, and God showed her that we shouldn’t put ourselves in places where people don’t believe the same thing as we do…like the verses that say “Don’t be unequelly yoked” ect. The girls there were ungodly, and even the older kids were not respectful. So there’s that.

Yesterday, I wrote a speach on why “Knowing a foreign language would be helpful” for me language arts. Heh heh heh. I was in a strange mood as usual, and so it really is kinda weird. Even Mum said so. But hey, she gave me a D flat on it ;) Hahaha.

So do you want to be totally grossed out????!! I could do it for you. Like telling you, we have a dead body of a horse in our back yard, and that it will stay there till this weekend till we can bury it in our yard! Are you nasted out yet? Mum said it was already starting to smell when Dad draged it out. :( How ’bout now? Then I won’t even tell you how Dad got it to the back yard on the trailer. I didn’t fully watch. I couldn’t.  You know, people think that if you live on a farm, you just become accustomed to deaths. And though that is partially true, it’s not completely. Seeing a horse stuggling and then being put down, then dragged out of the barn isn’t exactly easy. But we do know that it has to be done, right? You can also rest assured that I am doing fine. I haven’t cried again, and am not scarred/tramatized =) (Yeah I’m sure both those words are spelled wrong.)

I should end now, before I end up with a mile long post, that will be so boring, no one will visit my blog again = D