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A book “review”, “Kisses from Katie”


I have a book review sort of thing to share, even though it is not part of Blogging for Books.
As the title says, I read the book “Kisses from Katie” by Katie Davis. And I know I’ve already told a couple of my readers how absolutely amazing it is. =)
“Kisses from Katie” was lent to me from a family friend, and I began reading it right away. I was just absolutely touched, ministered to, and amazed by this book, as well as the author, Katie. There was so much I could relate to, and God used it to teach me much. There was a lot to take in, and I am planning on reading it again, when the copy I ordered through the library comes in. Though I am hoping to buy it as soon as I can afford it; it is a book I would love to own, and read over and over again for great, humbling reminders.
As most of you know, I have always(well, always, in that since I could rationally think ;) ) felt…led I suppose it the word, to mission. Specifically in India, and I am looking forward to beginning, in God’s timing. But by reading this book, I learned so much, and I believe it has prepared me more for the day God does send me. He had to gently remind me a couple of times, too, that I need to aspire to follow God like Katie, not be Katie herself… *blush*. It is easy to put someone up on a pedestal, isn’t it? And yet, each time God so softly and carefully tells us what is right, and that we can be inspired most certainly by a person, but to remember that God comes first.
Oh, “Kisses From Katie” is more than amazing, and more than inspiring, I think, and I highly recommend it to you all :)
Katie Davis actually has a blog, that you can visit (and then there is a link to her ministry site on there too):
(I tried to put it in link form, but it never works for me…ah well.)

Before I go, I will say that I did get to meet my German penpal at MOA that I mentioned in the last post – it was really great! At one point, she was with some of her group (fellow German-students) and they were all speaking in German; it was so neat! I loved listening to it :)
But yes, it was a good time! It was also my first time wandering around MOA without my parents XD God protected us, of course – no doubt in that!
I need to get going with the day; got animals to feed, school to start, and then the Azure truck is coming today…praise God in all things!!

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An Award and a Giveaway and a Visit (Not necessarily in that order)

I am here to post about a giveaway happening, as well as an up-coming visit that will hopefully happen, and share an award given to me! So here, we be:

I was so kindly awarded by Chantelle at (thank you!!)

I am a Writer Award


You must award 10-15 bloggers.

If you got awarded you need to award other bloggers too.

You need to post a little bit of information about your blog.

Sooo…in return, I award RaeAnne at and Bekah at and …well, anyone who wants it, really – I am a sharing person ;)

as to the info on my blog:
This blog’s purpose is many. Here I write about daily things, what’s happening, book reviews, thoughts, and anything in between.

So, thank you, Chantelle for awarding me!

Now, there is a giveaway here: http://simplemodestfashion.blogspot. for what I have heard is an amazing book, “Authentic Beauty” by Lesie Ludy. So, I suggest you head on over and enter!

And last but not least, this coming Thursday, God willing, I will be meeting another penpal at MOA. This penpal is from Germany, and actually staying in SD, so it is a blessing that she is coming closer to my home, so I can meet her! I pray this opportunity works out; it would be very neat :)
Apparently, MOA is the place to meet penpals ;)

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“To Heaven and Back” – book review for Blogging for Books

Hello! I have finally finished a book I got for Blogging for Books, and now am posting the review!

“I have heard a lot about these to heaven and back stories, and I was very curious to read one; upon seeing one on Blogging for Books, I requested it, and have found it very interesting. As usual, God used it to teach and show me various things, some relating to the book, and some that were just from Him that merely struck up because of a sentence in “To Heaven and Back”. This book, by Mary C. Neal, was fascinating, and real. Events that happened in her life, as it is with all our lives I believe, were evidently conducted by God. He has His Holy hand on and in everything, and it is amazing to see His ultimate power and glory revealed to us. I was pleased with this book, and glad I read it. As with just about every book, there were one or two things that I maybe didn’t agree fully on (believe systems, etc) it was such a thought-provoking book, and I enjoyed it.”

Here is the B4B site:

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Dobri Ootra!

Which is to say, good morning, in Russian! I am really quite enjoying my Russian.
So, as most of you know, I turned 17…Wednesday (had to think about that for a minute!) and honestly don’t feel all that different. Oh well XP I am thankful to be where I am at, and I’m certainly not complaining in any way.

Remember the list I did previously? Well…salwar kameez can be marked off that list! Yes, God blessed me with not one, but three salwar kameez’s in a amazing, God-thing, way. They really are gorgeous.
I have photos, but not really time to share them – I need to get going with my day. I’ve got some cages to clean, and then a friend is taking me out to launch for my b-day (it’ll be a treat to be sure!). Dad is gone up north, without us…ah well. I hope we get up there soon.

Also for my birthday, I received a bodhran drum (Irish drum) and a penny whistle in key of C, both has been fun to play around with. Noah got me a journal and…chocolate! Yumm. ‘Twas a good birthday, albeit busy. :)

I came on to give a worth-while post, but turns out, that isn’t happening! I am sorry for that. :)

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List…because I love lists.


I decided to make a short “birthday list” – I saw Bekah at do such a list, and well, I love lists, so I thought it’d be fun. All the things will most likely be a bit unrealistic, and not something you’d get for your b-day, because… (well, there is one or two things that I am going to save up for hopefully), one because they are all expensive, and two, because my birthday is only 8 days away :D This list with also just be a list of “wants” because again, it’s fun, and I love lists.  But here is my list anyway! Hope it makes you smile :)


  • A India Sari/Saree
  • A Salwar Kameeze – India dress type thing. Absolutely stunning.
  • A super nice photographers camera
  • This old globe on a stand that is at a Antique store here
  • A a round-trip plane ticket to Northern Ireland. (ha ha ha)
  • 2 rapier swords (one for me, and one for my opponent)

And well that is all I can think of for now :D

I must be off, but you might see lists in the future. Because I love lists.