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I seemed to have disappeared from here again…very sorry about that. I haven’t really had a whole lot to post about, nor much of the time, but I will try to get better at that. :)
I don’t actually have much to post about now either…well, I could tell about the honey-blow-up yesterday, and some answers to prayer :) I also could share photos of some hair. Well, not some hair – my hair, but done in a certain way. Nothing special or hard. Believe me, it would be an amazing day if I ever posted photos on a hair style that is fancy and complicated on my own hair… :D
First, I suppose I’ll start with yesterday’s ordeal. It was the Azure truck (organic food group – my Mum is in charge of one of the groups) and we’re still sorting it out with the new truck driver – timing has been somewhat difficult, but it’s sorting itself out. Before we went in for the food truck (it drops off in town at my sister’s) we of course did our normal morning things, school and the like (well…I did not do school…don’t tell anyone) and in the morning, as I was having my Bible time, I was asking God to provide what I needed (lettuce for guinea pigs, chicken food, and cat food). So there’s that detail. We went along with the morning routine (haha, as much as a routine can be had in this house on Azure day) and soon went into town. We had a few errands to run before the truck came, so we went to the thrift store, and guess what was in the entry way? Lettuce! Free. God answered that prayer immediately, and it was and is a HUGE blessing. We continued on with our few stops and then headed to my sister’s. First, there road workers on their road, so it was barricaded off, but that wasn’t too much of an issue – we were able to get the truck in. We began to unload the truck, and that is when the trouble really began :D You see, one of the packers had packed honey on it’s side. Bad idea. It exploded and ruined a ton of stuff. It of course got ALL over the stuff that was in the same box, but it also go on just about everything else. Including a huge bag of rolled oats, and a 50 pound bag of baking soda. That last one belonged to my sister, and thankfully the contents were fine. The oats on the other hand…well, the honey ripped open the bag, so there were oats spilled, and honey just everywhere. It truly was a mess. And since it was warm out, it was a muddy mess as well! Haha, it is funny to think about now, but it truly was a mess yesterday. Mum had to call the gal who ordered the oats and see if they still wanted them – they didn’t. And this is where I begin to smile – God provided free chicken food! Quite an ordeal for chicken food, huh? But hey, I am thankful! The mess did get sorted out yesterday, and it could have gone way worse. It was a long day, but we survived :D We did have honey all over us though – in our hair, on our coats and gloves, shoes, and I stepped in some with my sock.. :P Thankfully it washes out!
As time is cutting short on me here (I’ve got to head outside and feed all the critters) I will post pictures now.
Okay, so to explain the following photos: after I showered one day, I wrapped my hair in a tight bun above my head, while it was still wet, and wore it all day and over night. This was on a Saturday, so I’d take it out Sunday morning. I have tried this once before and it was crazy – my hair exploded that time :) But I was hoping it would be a little tamer..Mum does it and it works really nice once she takes it out; it’s wavy and pretty. My hair is super thick though and takes eons to dry in the bun and then when it is taken out…well one never knows what may happen ;) But I did take pictures. So, here is a not so good picture of my hair up:

And then the end results:
(Oh and this is a new dress!)



And now I must go! :)

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They’re here!! {Elf Ear Cuffs Review}

Yes! My beautifully astonishing elf ear cuffs arrived in the mail yesterday. I am ever so pleased with them! I must calm down a little to present a proper review now :)

As you know, I am reviewing a pair of elf ear cuffs, provided by the owner of this wonderful Etsy shop:


The owner, and creator of these ear cuffs, Kimberly Nichole, was so extremely kind to provide me with a complimentary pair of ear cuffs to review. She was ever so wonderful throughout the entire exchange of it all! I personally put a lot of weight/stock on kindness, and hers was amazing!

Here is a photo of the ear cuffs:

ear cuffs
(Above photo directly from Kimberly Nichole’s Etsy shop, )

And these are the pair I received:


In all reviews I write, I want to be as honest as possible (and those of you who have read my reviews knows this is the case). Even when it comes to little flaws or anything, I find it important to give my honest opinion so this review shall be that as well. I can say though, in all sincerity, there has been no flaws or mistakes in these ear cuffs that I have found! I was a little concerned about how they would feel against my ears once on, but now that I have worn them for a full day, I can honestly say that they fit very comfortably, and securely. You can tell they are crafted with care and love. They are very well made and plenty sturdy. They truly are a work of art and I am more than satisfied!
I highly recommend Kimberly Nichole’s Etsy shop, Woodland Wire Works and her service.

I spent much time looking at various pairs of elf ear cuffs, and as you will find there are many out there to choose from. But personally,
out of all of the many beautiful and diverse ones I saw, these were the ones that stood out the most to me. And I can happily report that these ear cuffs are even more lovely now that I have seen them in person. :)

I couldn’t be more happy and satisfied with Kimberly’s work; she obviously has a gift for this and it shows!
Thank you, Kimberly, again for all your work and kindness! It is so appreciated, and may God bless you!!



(Pardon the toys behind me…they seem to be everywhere! >.<)