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“I’ll be back.”

I ask myself why just about everything relates to a quote…

I will be taking a break from blogging for a while. As well as Buzz and a few other ‘fun’ computer sites. I will still be on e-mail, as well as posting on Ladies of Virtue often, but that might be it.
Why, thee asketh me? Because the Lord instructed me to do so. I keep being reminded that I am in a battle, and I need to prepare and fight in it. Not be distracted. So, this will be why you will not read any posts for a while. I don’t know how long, but God does, so ask Him, if you fele so inclined to :)
Thank you to all you readers though! Well maybe not ‘all’, as I don’t have a ton. Though I did notice that people from Maylasia, India and Norway have stopped by – amazing! Keep it up people! And please, do leave me comments! I’d love to hear from ye :)

Now, good bye to ye all, and I will most likely still be in touch with most of ya, and if not, well I will be soon!
Keep Christ in your focus!
The King reigns, and His Son!

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Happy Day Early Easter to you.

Yep! Exactly what my title says…

I thought I should post, but I don’t really know what to post…I mean there isn’t much going on, and yet a lot going on, but that is my personal life, and it would be hard and weird to try to record it all, ya know?
I just got done writing in my book. I love writing. God writing, is actually more acurate. (And I know, that is probably wrong spelling…) He surprises me sometimes, with the things He has me write in this current book I am working on. I love it though. It is so refreshing. Glory to God in the highest!
It’s so weird, how Dallas will be married in a month now. Her wedding is next month. Wow. Her room is starting to look empty, because she has been packing some stuff she doesn’t need anymore, and moving it over to a back room in David’s house to unpack later on, after they’re married.
Today I got two letters, which was great, because one of them was from a lovely pen-pal, who wrote me a very long letter! I was so thrilled with that, because I had been craving a long letter ;) I am fulfilled now.
The other letter was from a very sweet gal as well, though we are still getting to know each other better, seeing as we have only passed maybe five letters if even. But I enjoy her letters.
I have only five letters to reply to now; Julian and Nora, both from Germany (Not related. Julian’s last name starts with an R and Nora’s with a S.) and then Naomi’s, Kenzie’s and Joanna’s. ‘Tis all.
Well……see ya’ll lata then.

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“Been a long time, so I thought I’d say…”

So…as some of you know, my parents, my younger sister and I, went down to La Crosse, WI. Actually an hour away from that town…
We went to pick up a dealership car for a dealership in our town, that my Dad does this kind of work for.
What a long day it was yesterday! 12 hours. But hey, I was in WI ;) Almost lived there once…the house wasn’t for us though. That’s a different story however, so shall we continue on with this random post of the car trip?
It went fine, just long. We left at about 7:45am, because we had to get the map and lisense plate from the dealer in town, (who actually is a friend…) and then get gas. We didn’t arrive down there until like 2:30pm or something. And we didn’t get home till almost 8pm. So needless to say, we missed Maunday-Thursday service at church. Oh well.
When we got down there, we ate at…Culvers :) Yummmm.
It was quite pretty down there, but I wouldn’t want to live there. Too south. The valleys were beautiful though!
I took a nap on the way there and one of the way back, surprisingly. I was quite tired yesterday :P
I have nothing really exciting to report…other than absolutely amazing things that God has been doing in our family. But I think I might save that for an entry of itself.

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April 20th

What day is it? April 20th. Oh yes! I almost forgot! It’s almost Easter!! But wait…I thought it was Christmas? That’s just because it’s snowing, silly goose. Snowing?! On Aprli 20th?! We’ve had snow later than this in past years. Remember where you live sista. Oh yeah. Minnesota. Now do you wish you lived somewhere warmer? NO WAY! I LOVE it here. Wouldn’t change a state.
You’re weird.

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We’re all done. It went really well last night. I stood on the last choir stand thing, almost center-stage, between my Mum and a friend.
I don’t know if I really can write about it justly, as it was so much. And so great. The preformance always makes all the practices way worth-while. Wow. I am glad we did it again this year :)
The last song that we song, the finale, was so fun. One of my favourites! The drums were amazing! I would just adore to learn them and play them that well.
Another song I really liked was called “Take this Cup”, and it was the fifth song. There were nine songs in total. “Take this Cup” is great, because it’s almost…creepy sounding. I mean, it’s like you can invision the thick fog on a dark night. “The street was now deserted as evening filled the air. A band of frighten fo’lwers, slowing climbed the stairs. And there behind the table, a Man was on His knees, He called them with a whisper, come and dine with me” bum bum bum. “The hours would pass slowly, the anxious voices grew, the promises were many, but actions would be few.”
Okay, sorry. I love that song.
Mrs. Z was great on the piano as well. She does an amazing job — she’s our pastors wife, and is very nice.
I had to wear horrid ‘high’ heels. Not too tall of course, but none-the-less, they were highheels. But they were the only black shoes I have that look nice. The attire was all black. I wore my black slightly swooped-neck dress again this year. I think it looked a tad bit better this year, because I’ve lost a couple pounds since then :D
Afterwards, we got a few compliments, and I got a rose petal ;) Haha, it fell to the ground off Dallas’s flowers given to her by her fiance`, and I picked the one off the ground just to be nice. I tried giving it back to David, but he gave it then to Joannah, who gave it back to me. So it is mine xP
The night was very nice. We got home around 9:15pm and I didn’t go to bed till a few minutes past tenpm, because I was writing in detail in my journal. But I slept in some this morning.
But yeah, all in all, it was very awesome! God was praised!!

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Busy, busy, busy.

If you know me well enough, you’ll know that my title is a quote. If not, well…it is.
Not that we’re not busy, because we are. But that’s beside the point.
Today was Dallas’s first bridal shower. It was hosted by a couple of the church ladies. It went very well, and I realized that I never want to have a bridal shower. Way to much attention. But it works out well, because I have decided not to get married. Issue’s much, Raechel? Well I’m sure you have your own.
I’ll of course do whatever God wants.
So yeah. Dallas got lots of lovely things, and she will be starting off her life, very well! I didn’t have to talk a whole, thank goodness, and got to literally sit in a corner spot, and throw away the rapping paper as it was handed to me, watching Dallas unwrap all her goodies. Tiana did a really cute/fun thing for Dallas; writing a letter, and having a gift to go along with each sentence sort of. It really was great. Very sweet to. There were a couple wet eyes towards the end of her letter.
I am so exhausted. I have no clue why either. I’ve been getting sleep. Last night I fell asleep at 9:00pm and didn’t wake up till 6:15am. I could’ve kept sleeping too, I’m sure, but I had to pee. So out of bed I got.
Tonight is our last practice — almost like a dress-rehersal, only without the dress — for Cantata. Tomorrow night is the big thing.

Please pray for me, if you wouldn’t mind, because I am about to take over full control of Ladies of Virtue very soon. I’m looking forward to it, but would appreciate prayer, that God would use me as He sees fit!

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Bridesmaid dresses

Yes, they arrived finally! They first were shipped to David’s sister, and then she brought the remaining three for me, Leah and Kristen here to us, last evening. I do like them. I finally found my camera after prayer, and had Mum take some pictures. So, without further adu here they are.

This is my dress itself. The following pictures are of me in my dress. (I with hold back on my joke.)

Oh and btw, these aren’t the gloves we will be wearing — the right ones haven’t come yet.

We were hoping they would be more lilac, but alas, they looked really pink. But the flowers Dallas had put together bring it all together very nicely, and it all works out. Praise God!

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Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh what a beautiful day!

I know, I just posted. But guess what I finally did? I loaded the pictures! And I thought since I was on here, I may as well post ’em up!

This is my collection of ties.

These are my books. I have one or two more that are missing from the picture, because they’re somewhere else in my room.

These are my Cherished Teddy’s. Collector tpye things, that I’ve had since I was young.

Umm…pretty self-explanitory, think you not?

My second shelf, a mix of movies, and a few more books.

This is the view out my window. I took it not too long ago, on the last snowy day.

And lastly a shadow on the kitchen wall. I thought it was neat, so I dashed upstairs to retreive my camera and snap the picture.

So there you have it.

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What’s been happenin’

Not a lot, and not a little. “I don’t drink any more. I don’t drink any less either.” Again, don’t panic, that is not from a bad movie at all.

Kristen is obviously gone now. She and her parents left on Saturday, around 2:00pm.
Sunday wasn’t much. We went to church, ( I wore flip-flops!) and then went home. We hung around de house until about 6:30pm went Mum, Dallas and I went back into town to first go to Wal-mart, because I needed lettuce, and then to our church again to practice a song for Easter, and then we went to another church where the Cantata practice was at. It was late this time though, and we didn’t start till 8, and got done around 9.
Yesterday, Monday, I didn’t do any school. Naughty me.
I got two letters yesterday!! That was exciting. In one of them, RaeAnne’s, she sent me a beautiful necklace with a Friendship charm on it! I like it muchly.
The other letter was from Germany.

Today is Tuesday, but hasn’t yet begun. I might do some school, and hopefully write back a letter. I am pretty caught up in them though, which is nice. All that I have left are two from Germany and 2 from US.

Oh :) Yesterday afternoon, Dallas, Noah and I were ‘dancing’ in the kitchen. It was pretty funny. I need to learn how to dance better, as I can only dance well to one type of music…and that would be Toby Mac mostly. Or rapping. Yeah. Dallas and I had a difficult time matching our dancing styles, because she likes Michael Buble and all that type of slow music. So…you put it together and you get very different ways of dancing. We tried though! It was fun =)

You know I still have pictures to post, but I still haven’t uploaded them to the computer yet…

Has anybody heard of Hoops And Yoyo and seen the ecards? Just wonderin’ :)

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SockRaeBlue (Now say it how it’s supposed to be said. It sounds the same. And I don’t want to be socked blue)

So, hello all.
Please wear a mask when you visit here, because I have a cold. Oh wait, what’s that? You can’t catch things through the computer? Well that’s a reliefe! Never mind then! You’re fine :)

Kristen’s here!! Her parents and she came yesterday morning, and talked with us for a few minutes, and then they took Dallas back into town to ‘show them around’ and have lunch. There really isn’t much to see here, but they enjoyed the various antique (sp??) shops.
They came back to our house in the afternoon, and dropped Kristen and Dallas off, while they went back to their hotel till dinner time, when they came out to eat =) It was very nice.
It was cute to see Dallas and Kristen first meet though. They both were sooo excited! They get along extremely well, as we knew they would, and I haven’t heard Dallas laugh that hard for quite some time!

Oh and guess what? This is just a little concerning. Yesterday, when Dallas was showing Kristen around our yard, and Noah was with them, Noah found a letter in the ditch for me! It must have flown out on one of those windy days. Our mailbox needs to be fixed badly.
It was from a new pen-pal no less, Brandon is his name, and it was written on the 22nd of March….I felt a little bad for that. I’m just thankful Noah found it. I hate thinking that there are loose letters out there!

Can you believe that the Cantata is oly one week away???? April 17th at 7:30 pm. Also, one of Dallas’s showers is on the 16th.
We almost were planning to go up North on the 30th, because are various reasons that it would work, but that plan foiled. :( It’s kind of looking like it will be June the next time we get up there. Well Dallas and David get to go up there after their wedding. I said I’m going to tag along, and they can drop me anywhere up there, and I’ll walk the rest of the way to Nanny’s :D

I sometimes think I might loose my mind. Flossie (some of you may or may not have heard me speak of her. Or known her by JN if any of you Jibers visit here.) still doesn’t have internet. *Bangs head on desk* I haven’t ‘talked’ to her since…the last couple days in Feb. We didn’t even get to fully mourn Jibe Now together. How very tragic. BUT! I have gotten two letters from her :) I have to reply to her latest one, which I got on Thursday. But hopefully the internet dude will hook their internet up soon, so we can pass our long long lengthy e-mails once again!!!

“Good sir that is a lot of blood!”
“But under the circumstances, I don’t think we should move in together.” (This is not a bad movie. really. It’s soo good! the guy’s joking.)
“With a ha ha ha and a ho ho ho, we’ll have lots of fun as we go, go, go.”
“THERE IS NO WAY OUT! Just kidding. The doors over there.”
“This..this is a talking fishbone!”
“Well. There you have it.”

(Don’t worry. No animals were hurt in the making of this blog post.)