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I’ve noticed that when I’m on other people’s blog and I have a more personal question for them, I look for their “contact me’ page to just email them, and so I thought I would create a page here for the same purpose.
Please, no spam, junk or anything inappropriate.

Godspeculiartreasurerae (at) gmail (dot) com

8 thoughts on “Contact Me :)

  1. I’m so thrilled to get to know you! I love your site…and the banner photo literally made me laugh out loud. I LOVE that you have embraced the “Peculiar Treasure” theme. What a great reminder for us all!

  2. We are Danny and Wanda Pelfrey. Our latest inspirational mystery/suspense/romance novel, SOLID GROUND, will be released by traditional publisher CrossLink Publishing October 2, 2020. It is the first in our new “Adairsville Heritage Mysteries” series. We would be thrilled should you agree to review it. We could get a copy in the mail immediately upon receiving an address. Please consider the brief story description below:

    Seven years between them, Kirby and Riley Gordan, nurtured by their pastor father and loving mother, experienced almost ideal childhoods growing up in the Boston area. Then a season of misfortune culminated in the worse of all possible tragedies – the death of their beloved parents.

    Four years have passed. Kirby, having failed at marriage and pro-baseball, is now a Florida police detective. He finds himself in little Adairsville, Georgia along with Riley, his law school bound sister. They are there to settle their uncle’s massive estate. It is soon apparent that Uncle James’s death was no accident. But the worst of it is their names at the top of the suspect list. The siblings are embraced by spunky caretakers, Amos and Carol, whose love, wit, faith, and plain ole horse-sense bolster efforts to solve the murder and put Kirby’s life back on track.

    After reviewing SOLID GROUND, Terri Gillespie, award winning author of “The Hair Marven Series” commented, “The quaint town of Adairsville, Georgia is filled with quirky folks, history, beautiful scenery, sweet tea, and murder.”

    Thank you for your kind consideration.
    Danny & Wanda Pelfrey

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