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Octopuses and daisy-flies.

What an obscure title.

Please let me direct your attention to the new page I added, titled “I want The…”
I was going to just post it in a post such as this, but a page sounded better.

The past two nights, I have awoken right before I fall asleep-asleep, because I remembered what I was trying to remember. The night before last, I was trying to figure out who “Sandy McDade” was on Lark Rise To Candlford (An English tv show, which is really really good, and even Dad is hooked on it!) and right before I fell asleep, I though “Oh! It’s Margaret!” Then fell peacefully asleep.
Now, last night, before I got into bed, I was in my parents room, and they were watching “JCTV” and a music video was on. It was interesting, and captivating for some odd reason, and so I stayed it out, so I could see who it was. Turns out it was “Manic Drive”. My parents hadn’t heard of them before, but I knew I had. Not sure why though. Oh well. I went to bed, and right before I fell asleep: “Twitter! Manic Drive were the ones that followed me on Twitter for a time!” Then could I fall asleep peacefully, knowing my mystery was solved ;)

Yesterday was the Azure truck. Dallas came to help – sort the boxes that is. She of course can’t lift anything, since she is like 32 weeks along now, I think! End of March…I am so excited :) Oh and just to note, he (Liam) was kicking again, and I put my hand on Dallas’ stomach to feel, and what do you know, he stopped XP
Anywho. Azure went find. I didn’t get to use my new box-cutter, but my Buck knife is amazinger, so it’s okay. Dallas used my box-cutter :)

Also yesterday, I received two letters in the mail, and noticed that they had the same stickers! It was ironically funny. I mean, what are the chances, that I’d get two separate letters, one from Southern US and one from Northern US on the same day, and they have the same stickers? I thought that was pretty great :P

Well, I suppose that is all. Nothing has been happening really to make for a good post. So.

What an obscure post.

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Backwards isn’t forward no matter how hard it tries.

It’s true. Even if’s possible to go backwards, it isn’t in the way that it is never the same. No matter how much ‘bliss’ is had in the time of going back, once it’s over, and you’re back in the forward mode, it’s harder.
I don’t want to step back. I am very happy being where I am in life, who I know, what I’ve learned. I wouldn’t take that away to go back to being the carefree 10-year-old playing barbie dolls wondering if I’m approved by this person or that.
It’s strange to step back, plain and simple. Yesterday, being in the moment was fine, fun even, but it was like I was in-between worlds – of being who I am now, and who I was then. And there were moments when I was ‘sane’ and thinking “No, I’m not the same as that…” and then, coming home. It was like settling back into normality – or what I call normality.

In explanation, I was over at a friend’s house yesterday. My best friend from when I was 8 – 13. We were still friends after that age, but it was different, and we were both starting to change a bit. Plus we both have completely different life styles. She goes to public school, and lives that life, and I, obviously to you, am homeschooled, and live the simple life, because that’s what I love.
We played the game Life yesterday. How we both play, even shows who we are, I couldn’t help but laugh. Though this time I only had one set of twins. Last time I played that game, I had eight kids, and had to drive two cars :D

It was fun being over there, I won’t lie. But it was memories, and it almost seemed like we were trying to recreate how we were. I couldn’t remember if I was 16 or 10! ;) And nothing really had changed in their house. It was still beautiful. I love their house. It was my second home growing up :)

She would tell me about her friends, and how in-constant they are. I would think to myself how blessed I am for my friends who are constant. Even if they are only through letters and computer!
It just makes me so thankful for where the Lord has brought me. He is good! :)

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“Right is Right, and Wrong Ain’t Right.”

Anyone wanna guess the title quote? :P

So, today I am babysitting down at the neighbours. (They’re three houses down I think…near the end of our road. Not too far.) and Mum was just going to run me down, but I was saying that would just be stupid, because they’re not that far. So I ‘convinced’ (it wasn’t hard. I’m their favourite. Haha, just kidding totally. It’s an inside joke) both my parents to just let me walk or bike down there. I first asked what the temp. would be though, because it was below zero yesterday, and that was pretty cold. But Dad said it’ll be in the 20’s today, so that’s a bit better. I just planned on bundling up – dressing how one should dress in a MN winter. Now, I wake up this morning, come downstairs, look outside, and see the snow falling quite a bit, “Oh how nice! It’s finally snowing! Oh, wait. Bummer. That crosses of biking maybe.”
But maybe not…I’m still determined to either walk or bike. I don’t know which though.
Mum offered me the van to take down there, and even though I am 16 and capable, I humbly declined, because I haven’t had a lot of practice, especially on snow & ice. So, no danke. Another time maybe.
Though I often say I don’t want to babysit, (just ask my family) I am not really dreading it so much. Luke it pretty cute… :)

Oh, one more quick thing.
My family and I were in a town north of us a little bit, to celebrate my parents anniversary, (yep, they took Noah and I! They’re awesome parents) and we went out to eat, stopped at some places, and lastly we stopped at Wal-Mart to get the movie “Courageous” as well as hamster food for me..anyway, we bumped into someone we hadn’t seen in a while, and Mum and Dad talked to her for almost an hour I think, it not more. When they finished, Mum finished looking at toys with Noah (I had started with her) and then Mum looked at the clearance isle. Okay, so we’re leaving that isle, and I’m skipping/half jumping/tap-dancing, because it makes my shoes sound great on the floor, and I look up, and some wal-mart employee guy was watching me and smiling, looking as if he was trying not to laugh. I smiled, and looked down, trying not to laugh myself, because it was funny how he was looking at me, and he just saw me being a moron XP It was pretty great though.

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“How to not be a pansy” – a note to all guys.

The following that I’m posting, I found on Elise’s blog; it goes along with ‘Dear Boys’ posts. I thought it was great, and rather funny, because it’s often true, and so got permission to share it :) Hope you smile like I did!

How to not be a pansy

By Elise and Nichelle
( )

Step one: if you think a girl has a little somethin’ somethin’, or even if you simply think you could have fun on a date with her, ASK HER ON A STINKIN’ DATE.

Step two: if you have any bit of interest… keep in contact with her.

Step three: you are not mysterious when you don’t talk to the girl. she thinks you hate her and will move on if you don’t talk to her

Step four: if you think you’re too far in the ‘friend zone’, chances are she’s probably considered dating you a billion times and is way more likely to give you a chance than you think. So, go for it.

Helpful hint: for girls, the friend zone is either a way to hide her feelings, or she thinks of you as a brother. if you pay attention, it should be obvious

Sstep five: make a move. trust us, just grab her hand.

Step six: respect her. Yes, it’s nice to be teased, to flirt, to joke, but behind all of that needs to be respect. If you think the world of her, you will become her world.

Step seven: after respecting her, expect lots of love and affection. She’s gonna make you feel like the luckiest man in the world, because, now you are a man, not a pansy

Helpful hint: okay, so now you’ve become a man and you’ve gotten the girl. Whether it’s time to pop the question, or you just want to do something special talk to her best friend. Her best friend will ALWAYS know what you should know. How she wants to be proposed to, what she wants for her birthday, etc.

…or just read her blog. Because we all know that blogs are just secret training manuals for potential husbands.

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Calming Touch and Saddened Heart

Yesterday was my elder sister’s 19th birthday. It was different from all other birthdays for her, because she is more focused on the wee babe that pounds her in her stomach ;) At her request, Mum took her shopping for maternity clothes, and then she and her hubby came out for dinner. We had a nice time, almost everyone got to feel little Liam kick, because he was apparently happy from the cake :D Now, I said almost everyone. Liam rarely ever kicks when I put my hand on Dallas’ belly. It doesn’t matter when – he can be in a full kick-dance, but when I try to feel, he quiets! It’s the weirdest thing. I’ve felt him move only a couple times. The joke was that Dallas will call me whenever Liam needs calming ;) So I get to be the calming auntie Rae. :)
I seriously cannot wait to hold him, and…be the best aunt ever. Only three-four more months to wait.

Unfortunately, something else happened yesterday. I didn’t find out until later evening, when I went up to my room to feed the animals there. First, I must say: besides my five guinea pigs, Noah and I have 2 Russian Dwarf Hamsters. One is mine, the other was hers. Their names are Svetlana and Anastasia. Svetlana is mine, and Anastasia = Noah’s. Anastasia was getting very very very big. I have never seen something so small, get so big. At first we though she was just fat, then ‘What if she’s pregnant, and Svetlana is a Vladimir??” (Vladimir was what I wanted to name the one I got if it was a boy.) We’re still not sure if she had a eating problem/obsession or was pregnant. But last night, I found her passed away :( Nothing horrid (thankfully. No blown up hamster. Eww.) She just went to sleep I guess – her heart most likely gave out. I’m still not positive if she wasn’t pregnant or not…
Noah was very sad when she was given the news. Dad’s going to bury Anastasia in a box, in our pet cemetary. So sad..

And unlike I thought a couple days ago, I was sick with some bug. Not sure what…I only threw up once, and ran a fever once. That was on Sunday. Monday-Tuesday I still didn’t feel great, and today I’m doing much improved. Hopefully it will stay that way!

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I entered a Give-Away “It’s (Not That) Complicated”

There is a give-away here:

It is for the Botkin sister’s new book, “It’s (Not That) Complicated”
The book sounds excellent, going deeper into truths I already know are there, yet showing the way for them. Even if I don’t win it, I still hope to read it at some point. :)

(The site that the book is given away on, is pretty cool, too, just so you know. It was my first time on this young ladies blog, but possibly not my last.)

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When I’m tired…

When I am tired, my most used response to most things is “I don’t know.” If I am really tired, it’s “I don’t care.”
I am very tired today. Didn’t sleep much last night because of my ‘delightful’ cat. Naw, I love her, but she was being extremely needy, and took up the whole bed. So much so, that I was left a crunched spot next to the wall, and by sleeping so, my back was knocked out, and this morning I had the not-so pleasant feeling of throwing up. Mum prayed over me right away this morning, and I am doing better. Just extremely tired. I’m glad it’s Sunday.

On a lighter note, the roof is getting finished! Yesterday, Dad, David, and another guy worked on it all day, and they got a ton done. Now Dad, David and a different guy are working on it again. God willing this should be the last time we’ll need to work on it this winter. There may be some left for the Spring, but not urgent.
I can’t wait for snow. Everyone says there’s no point for it now, but I highly disagree. I love snow. Though in Duluth, my grandma said that they are having really strange weather too – everything is melting. Not okay. I want a decent winter, which means a cold winter, with snow.

I’m sure there is more I could post about but…I don’t care. You got enough from me as it is. Time for a game of Spit perhaps on Dallas’ phone… or watching “Happy Days” and then finally my favourite Sunday show “Laverne and Shirley” :D