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The Sound of Silver Birthday Tour

Hello and welcome to The Sound of Silver birthday blog tour! I’m posting today about Rachelle Rea Cobb’s second installment in the Steadfast Love series, an inspirational historical romance set during the 16th century! 
Rachelle is also the author of The Sound of Diamonds, the first book in the series, and a newlywed. This summer, she married a man with the same first name as the hero of the series! I’m joining in this blog tour to tell you a little more about Silver and spread the news about the lovely giveaway Rachelle is hosting—make sure you enter using the Rafflecopter form to win the lovely necklace pictured and your choice of any of the Steadfast Love titles! I know I’m going to enter. ;)



Enter using the Rafflecopter form below to win a beautiful necklace created by Baubles, Beads, and Stuff and your choice of any one of Rachelle’s three books (the series begins in Book One, of course, but in case you have one or two of her books already, Rachelle will gladly send you the next one to read!).

International friends, the paperback & necklace giveaway is open to continental U.S. addresses only (sorry!). But do still enter, because one international winner will also be chosen to receive an e-book.

!!!! a Rafflecopter giveaway  !!!!

ABOUT The Steadfast Love SERIES:

 The Sound of Diamonds (Steadfast Love Book 1)  The Sound of Silver (Steadfast Love)  The Sound of Emeralds

In 16th-century Europe, the Reformation rages between Protestants and Catholics. Gwyneth, half-Dutch, flees from England to Holland to escape the man who murdered her parents. When he follows her there and insists he came to rescue her, will she trust this man called Dirk? When tragedy strikes, will their steadfast love erode?


Rachelle Rea

Times gone by snatch Rachelle Rea Cobb close, so she reads and writes about years long ago–her passions include the Reformation, Revolutions, and romance. Rachelle wrote the Steadfast Love series during college. Five months after she graduated, she signed a three-book deal with her dream publisher, WhiteFire. She’s a homeschool grad, Oreo addict, and plots her novels while driving around her dream car, a pick-up truck. In June 2016, she married a man with the same name as her fictional hero, and they live happily ever after in Small Town, South.


Website // Facebook // Twitter // Pinterest // Amazon Author Page // Goodreads // Instagram: @RachelleReaCobb

ABOUT The Sound of Silver:

The Sound of Silver (Steadfast Love)

The stalwart saint and the redeemed rebel. One fights for faith, the other for honor…

After Dirk rescues Gwyneth from the Iconoclastic Fury, she discovers that faith is sometimes fragile—and hope is not as easy as it may seem. Gwyneth continues her quest to learn more about the love of God preached by Protestants she once distrusted.

Meanwhile, Dirk’s quest is to prevent his sullied name from staining hers. Will his choice to protect her prove the undoing of her first faltering steps toward a Father God? Once separated, will Dirk and Gwyneth’s searching hearts ever sing the same song?

Find The Sound of Silver on…

Amazon Paperback // Kindle // Barnes & Noble // Books a Million // Goodreads

>> And if you want to learn more ABOUT BOOK ONE, The Sound of Diamonds…

The Sound of Diamonds (Steadfast Love Book 1)

Her only chance of getting home is trusting the man she hates.

With the protestant Elizabeth on the throne of England and her family in shambles, Catholic maiden Gwyneth seeks refuge in the Low Countries of Holland, hoping to soothe her aching soul. But when the Iconoclastic Fury descends and bloodshed overtakes her haven, she has no choice but to trust the rogue who arrives, promising to see her safely home to her uncle’s castle. She doesn’t dare to trust him…and yet doesn’t dare to refuse her one chance to preserve her own life and those of the nuns she rescues from the burning convent.

Dirk Godfrey is determined to restore his honor at whatever cost. Running from a tortured past, Dirk knows he has only one chance at redemption, and it lies with the lovely Gwyneth, who hates him for the crimes she thinks he committed. He must see her to safety, prove to the world that he is innocent, prove that her poor eyesight is not the only thing that has blinded her, but what is he to do when those goals clash?

The home Gwyneth knew is not what she once thought. When a dark secret and a twisted plot for power collide in a castle masquerading as a haven, the saint and the sinner must either dare to hold to hope…or be overcome.

Find The Sound of Diamonds on…

Amazon // Kindle // Barnes & Noble // Books a Million // Goodreads 

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Red Pandas

I think we should just take a moment and talk about Red Pandas and how adorable they are.


(gif) red panda


The Cutest Animal in the world...according to Houston zoo ;):

*Resting in this animal. | Cute animals world I surrender! #PawNation #GIFs

Keep calm and love red pandas. ♥  panda, tree, branch, snow


Okay, so I could totally look at red pandas foooorrreeeever. They are just so cute! And I felt like you all needed a little dash of cuteness in your day. All the above pics/gifs were taken from Pinterest. However, this one was taken by me:


Awwwww. So cute! This was taken a year ago at the zoo. Though we did go to the zoo recently and “awwww” at it all over again. ^.^

Okay, enjoy your day, and buy me a red panda! ;)

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“The Cautious Maiden” GIVEAWAY

Hello readers! I return! :D

I am now sharing the lovely giveaway for “The Cautious Maiden” by Dawn Crandall that I just reviewed HERE.

If you didn’t gather from my previous post, I love “The Cautious Maiden”. It’s so good! So be sure to enter in this lovely giveaway!!


Giveaway #1:


Giveaway #2:



How to ENTER:

This is a Rafflecoptor giveaway, and if you’ve been on this blog for giveaways in times past, you’ll know WordPress isn’t too fond of showing the Rafflecoptor widget, but here is the link where you can go to enter!!!


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“The Cautious Maiden” by Dawn Crandall

I’m very excited about this book! I signed up to be an advanced reader on a whim, and oh am I glad I did!! I just really enjoyed it. :) It was so sweet, and such a good romance. But enough of this pre-review-rambling… Here is the book’s information, and my official review. Enjoy and thanks for reading!


“The Cautious Maiden” by Dawn Crandall   released October 6th, 2016

Violet Hawthorne is beyond mortified when her brother Ezra turns their deceased parents’ New England country inn into a brothel to accommodate the nearby lumberjacks; but when Violet’s own reputation is compromised, the inn becomes the least of her worries. In an effort to salvage her good name, Violet is forced into an engagement with a taciturn acquaintance; Vance Everstone. As she prepares for a society wedding, Violet learns that her brother had staked her hand in marriage in a heated poker game with the unsavory Rowen Steele, and Ezra had lost. Now Rowen is determined to cash in on his IOU. With danger stalking her and a new fiance who hides both his emotion and his past, Violet must decide who to trust; and who to leave behind.


My Review 5 Stars:

This book. I loved it. It’s one I’d like to just hug to myself. ^.^ This was my first Dawn Crandall book, but it won’t be my last. I was so impressed with her writing, and the characters are superb! I fell in love with them immediately. And I really want to read the previous books in the series to get some more background story of them! :)
Main character Violet was so sweet. I really liked her. And Vance…oh yes did I like him. I fell for him just like Violet did. :)
I was apprehensive after reading the back of the book that something BAD was going to happen, and it had all been so good in the beginning…but I knew IT was coming. It had to be right? Most books I read, the authors like to tear the reader apart, and I can honestly say that’s not my favourite thing….it doesn’t really “keep me reading” as some have said. BUT! The “bad” thing(s) that happened in this book, though bad, were not harmful to my health and did not kill me mercilessly. And I cannot tell you how much I appreciated that. Yes, there was the necessary drama, but it was realistic, and so well written. I want to thank you, Mrs. Crandall, for not drawing it out for the entire half end of the book. The build-up was perfect, and the execution of it so perfect. And the conclusion? Yep, perfect.
I want to read this book again And again. To me, it was that good.
I would strongly recommend, however, that it be read by no younger than at least 17 for some pretty heavy romance. It wasn’t “nasty” in the least, but there were a lot of physical-attraction going between the characters (nothing immoral though!). And a lot of kisses…and while my personal belief is to keep kisses for the wedding day, I know that is not a all-around shared view, and so I’m certainly not going to hate on this book because of it. :D
For those of you who aren’t into romance books, maybe this isn’t for you.
But the romance was still super sweet and I loved this book. The faith-strand was quite beautiful too. I think maybe it could’ve been stronger at times, but it still impacted me. And caused me to look up the hymn “Jesus Paid It All” and love it – and I admit that I don’t know a lot of hymns.
So yes, I loved this book. It made my heart happy. :)
Thank you for providing the review copy, Mrs.Crandall and Whitaker House Publishing!
About Dawn:
Dawn Crandall is an ACFW Carol Award-nominated author of the award winning series The Everstone Chronicles, which consists of four books: The Hesitant Heiress, The Bound Heart, The Captive Imposter and The Cautious Maiden which released October 4th, 2016.
Apart from writing, Dawn is also a mom of two little ones and serves with her husband in a premarital mentorship program at their local church in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
A graduate of Taylor University with a degree in Christian Education and a former bookseller at Barnes & Noble, Dawn Crandall didn’t begin writing until 2010 when her husband found out about her long-buried dream. It didn’t take her long to realize that writing books was what she was made to do.
Dawn is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers, the secretary for the Indiana ACFW Chapter (Hoosier Ink), and an associate member of the Great Lakes ACFW Chapter. She is represented by Joyce Hart of Hartline Literary Agency.
Connect with Dawn:  website,  facebook,  twitter,  pinterest email a passion for pages blog




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Hello October!



I love October. Don’t you? It’s definitely one of my favourite months. It’s so Fall-y. And beautiful. And cozy.  Hot cocoa, tea, and hoodies – my favourites! And it’s also my birthday month, which is always a plus. ;)

September is a good month too, though busy in the beginning half because of harvest. But it starts the Autumn time and I love that. I hope you all had a good September. Ours was…busy. It went by really fast. Hoping October is a little slower. ;)

So, it’s about time for my September Book Recap.  This is what I got last month:


Angels Watching Over Me by Michael Phillips – Thrift store

Lady in Waiting – Thrift store

Monk: Mr. Monk Goes to Hawaii – Thrift Store

Monk: Mr. Monk Goes to the Firehouse – Thrift Store

Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton – Little Free Library

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society – Little Free Library

Dear America: Light in the Storm – Little Free Library

Dear America: When will this cruel war be over? – Little Free Library

Heart to Heart with Mallory – Garage sale

Before Midnight: a Cinderella Retelling – Little Free Library

The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai – Library Book Sale

Walking from East to West by Ravi Zacharias – Amazon


And Sepetember was a pretty good reading month for me, so that was nice! I had several days of really bad back pain, which is a bummer but it resulted in lots of laying down so lots of reading! :) These are the books I read, 8 in total:

Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth #1

Asking for Trouble, Through Thick and Thin, Don’t Kiss Him Goodbye, and Flirting with Disaster all by Sandra Byrd

Call the Midwife #2 and Call the Midwife #3

Dead Reckoning by Ronie Kendig


I’m currently reading “God’s Daughter” by Heather Day Gilbert in preparation for the release of its sequel,  “Forest Child”!

For October, I don’t think I really have any goals…just to enjoy it. And turn a year older, but that’s not really a goal – that happens naturally. ;)

We’re going to the zoo, which promises to be loads of fun!

What does October hold for you, friends?


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Blog Tour: “Faith is in the Victory” by Faith Blum


Have you ever felt like too much was going on and you just couldn’t handle anything more? Or maybe someone has bothered you so much that you avoid them as much as you can, but they still keep coming back. David felt that way in Faith Blum’s short story, Faith is the Victory, and she’s here today to tell us more about her book.

About the Book

Winninfaith-is-the-victoryg story in Perry Elisabeth Design’s short story contest.

I don’t like change. I know most people get used to it, but I have never been able to. When Dad announced their move and I couldn’t go with them, I didn’t handle it well. Would I ever find the faith to be victorious?

Content warning: A character does attempt suicide, so please read with caution.

Available on Amazon and other platforms such as Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and Scribd.

Paperback coming soon!

About the Author

Author Picture 2015-2016 croppedFaith Blum started writing at an early age. She started even before she could read! She even thought she could write better than Dr. Seuss. (The picture doesn’t show it well, but there are scribblings on the page of Green Eggs and Ham). Now that she has grown up a little more, she knows she will probably never reach the success of Dr. Seuss, but that doesn’t stop her from trying.

When she isn’t writing, Faith enjoys doing many right-brained activities such as reading, crafting, playing piano, and playing games with her family. One of her dreams is to visit Castle City, Montana. She currently lives on a hobby farm with her family in Wisconsin.

There are many ways to connect with Faith online. All of them can be found in one convenient place: On her website you can find links to her various social media sites and both of her blogs.



This book doesn’t have much to do with Faith is the Victory, but if you like Westerns or stories about mail order brides, you might just like this novella. And it’s written by Faith Blum.



Two weeks after Dad lost his job, he made an announcement at supper. “I found a job and have been accepted into the position. Mother and I have prayed about it, and we believe it is the right thing to do, even if it will be difficult.” He looked at me as he said the last part.

“What kind of job is it?” Dalaiah asked.

“And why will it be difficult?” Daniel questioned.

“I will be a manager at a grocery store in another town.”

The breath all left my lungs at once and I struggled to fill them again. Would we have to move?

“What town?” Deborah said.

“That’s what is so difficult,” Mom said. “We will have to move.”

“Where?” I asked.

“Tripoli,” Dad answered.

I closed my eyes. Tripoli was at least five hundred miles away and had no colleges. “What about college?”


Tour Schedule

September 26
Bookish Orchestrations-Tour Introduction
Ember’s Reviews-Author Interview
Zerina Blossom’s Books-Excerpt
Karan Eleni-Excerpt
September 27
God’s Peculiar Treasure Rae-Excerpt
Melanie Snitker, Author-Excerpt
In the Bookcase-Book Review

September 28
Keturah’s Korner-Book Review and Author Interview
Letters from Annie Douglass Lima-Excerpt
Writings, Ramblings, and Reflections-Why this story and theme?

September 29
Bookish Orchestrations-Tour Wrap-up




Faith and her friend, Amanda Tero, are hosting a Facebook party on September 30th to celebrate their new releases! There will be giveaways, games, fun times, and a grand prize. They are also giving away a set of 4 eBooks to the person who invites the most guests. So head on over, invite some friends and then ask them to vote for you in the poll. The Party link is here and the link to the poll can be found here. They are also doing some fun pre-party posts and on September 26th and 27th, they are taking questions from the guests.

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I’m a Writer, no really!



I realize that, on this blog, I rarely {If ever?!} really talk about my writing. I mostly talk about books and what I’m reading.

Well, I do actually write too. There isn’t a lot of evidence online of that, but you’ll just have to take my word for it. ;)

I’ve been writing for…about 9 years I think. And of course, writing small things when I was younger. I’ve always wanted to be published. That’s been a big ‘dream/wish’ of my heart. And yet….it doesn’t happen. Another year goes by, and I’m still not published. Why is that? Some people probably don’t even know I seriously write.

I’ve got two novels finished. Countless ones started, and several in progress. I am a writer. But not published. I have characters I adore, I have the story of my heart written, and more bursting inside me. This is a passion of mine. But. I am not published.

And this…this hurts on some days, truly. I look at several friends and numerous people who are published, and it hits me again that I’m not. I could be, but I’m not. Am I not good enough? Am I just too lazy? But no. I know those aren’t the answers. And really, I do know what the answer is.

It’s not God’s time yet. 

I want it to be though! So badly, I do. I want to be able to say, “Yes, I did that! I am published – maybe you’ve heard of me. Check out my books!”.

Ah, but there is much wrong with that sentence for me. Because it is the state of my heart. Where is it at? I get caught up on focusing on what I want. So that my name can be known, so that it looks like I’ve accomplished something to the outside world.

Two major things are wrong with that. One, is that: Does it matter if my name is known out there? If you’ve read the previous posts about “Honor” (Part One and Part Two), you’ll understand that I’ve been learning that, no of course it doesn’t matter. It’s not about me. It’s not about my name, but HIS name. And if He doesn’t want me to be published right now, then that is the best course.

Second thing wrong is: Why does it matter what the world thinks, and if they think I’ve accomplished something or not? It shouldn’t matter. Yet, sometimes to me it does. Because I’m broken. But….

It. Doesn’t. Matter.

I need to stop looking out, and start looking up, and in.

“What is that to you? Follow thou ME” – John 21:22

This is what God has called me to. Only He knows why. But that’s enough. It’s enough for me to remember that I’m where I’m at because of Him.

I’m a Writer because He chose me to pen His stories. I can’t write apart from Him. So it is ALL Him, and pretty much none of me. And at this time, He has chosen to keep my writing “hidden”. It’s our thing – His and mine. And it’s special. My writing may not be “out there” yet, but it’s a treasure to me, and it’s where He wants it. Maybe someday I’ll only have time to edit and publish, instead of write. So be it. Wherever His will is, that’s where I want to be.

So I’m sorry I don’t share my stories with you lovely people just yet. I’m sorry I can’t share more about my characters. But, I think, that day will come. In His timing. When I can wholly and 100% be able to say “Look at these books God wrote – He’s healed me through the writing of them. Maybe He can touch you through them too. It’s His Work. Not mine.”

It doesn’t matter if I’m a writer. But it does matter that He’s a Writer. And I couldn’t be a writer if He didn’t write through me. So… “He’s the Writer, really, and I’m just His pen”.