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Hawks and Persuasion

Hawks and Persuasion; two amazing things.
There is something not so amazing of both though, or rather, they both have flaws despite their amazingness. The hawk’s would be its need to kill and eat, which is not really a flaw, but more an inconvenience for us…because it likes to dine on our future dinners, the butcher chickens.
Yesterday afternoon, I was about to go inside when I heard the butcher chickens and turkeys freaking out. I turned just in time to see this huge hawk swoop down into the chicken pen. I was like “Oh my goodness!!” and Mum asked what I was doing – I couldn’t answer, because I was hurriedly making my way to the scene of the ‘crime’. When I got to the pen, the hawk was in the pen on the ground with one of the butcher chickens in its claws. I could hardly believe what I was seeing! The hawk was in a hurry, and startled by me so it flew out of the pen to a tree branch above. By now the rest of my family was outside, Dad with his gun. The hawk killed the chicken (well, it wasn’t an immediate death…), but didn’t take it with him in his haste. Dad shot him away (to scare him, didn’t get him – it’s apparently illegal to kill hawks) and he did fly away. But seeing this made us wonder just how many chickens the hawk as gotten without us knowing, and how many, if any, cats he has taken. Last summer a number of our mamma cats just disappeared with no evidence left behind, and then just recently this summer, another one of our good mammas went missing too. So who knows. We also have coyotes that come into our yard at night…
It was a beautiful hawk, I must say. It was just huge. He came back about a half hour later (when we had company – people looking at our house, though I don’t think they’ll be buying it, but only God knows) but because we were all outside, he didn’t stay around. Today Dad put up a small net thing he had over some of the chicken pen to at least make it harder for the hawk to get in – hopefully it will deter him altogether. So yes, we’ve a hawk situation. (I’m glad to have seen it – I mean, wow!)

As for Persuasion…


Jane Austen’s “Persuasion” is by far my favourite of hers. I adore it. Our first version to have seen was the 1995 one with Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds. Our favourite version. Those actors are the characters for us. When I think of Captain Wentworth’s letter, I can only hear Ciaran Hinds speaking it.
The other evening, my Mum and I tried the 2007 version though, and tried to be open-minded (I believe it really depends on which version one sees first, that becomes ones favourite)
and there were a lot of pros and cons it. I really liked that the 2007 version gave a lot more details and whatnot, but I didn’t so much care for the actors/characters as I do the 1995 version. In my humble opinion (and it is just that – my own opinion) the main girl hadn’t really fully ‘lost her bloom’ as the book says over and over of Anne. And Captain Wentworth of that version (the 2007 one) was too young; they were both a bit too young-looking. But like I said, I appreciated the details. After we finished, my Mum and I were discussing it (well, after I tried to pry myself out of that world) and agreed that we’d like to just combine the two versions to make the perfect one! =)
As for the ‘flaw’ of Persuasion…well, it just triggered me on some things that I had to deal with through prayer. It is just a lot of romance and almost-heartbreak, and…well, that’s just a personal story.
Persuasion is still amazing, and one of my top favourites!

I must be off to read – I have two chapters left in “The Legend of the Firefish” by Brain George Polivka (a book I’m reading) and it goes back to the library today, so goodbye for now!

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For Sale….Books!

Hello one and all!

I have been going through books recently (among other things which will come to pass on here too, sooner or later) and wanted to offer them on here – if anyone is interested. I want to make them as affordable as possible (and if you want to make an offer, please do!), since shipping will have to be paid, so I hope someone will find them to be good deals! Books are amazing things, so you need to look through these – maybe I have something you’ve been looking for! :D
If you find one or more you are interested, just leave a comment w/ your email (if you don’t want your email public, just say so and I won’t publish it) and I’ll get in contact with you! Depending on where you are, I will give you the shipping rate accordingly (oh, and pick-up is also a possibility, if you live near-by. I’m located in central MN). I will ship to everywhere so long as you are willing to pay shipping. Okay, here are some of the books:
Note: All books are by Christian authors, and are soft-covers unless specified, images via Google unless otherwise specified.

“Leonardo’s Chair” by John DeSimone – Fiction, New condition (bought new, but never read). Asking price: $2.00 (plus shipping)


“Love Finds You in…Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts” by Melody Carlson Romance, fiction, Like-New condition (never read), but it is signed by the author to me (I have a picture of it if you would like to see – it isn’t uploading at this time, but I will continue to work on it!). Asking price: $2.00 (plus shipping)


“Yesterday;s Promise” by Linda Lee Chaikin #2 in the East of the Sun series – Fiction/historical/romance, Used; the inside of the book is in perfect condition, but the clear tape-like stuff that covers the outside is ‘bubbling’ a bit on the spine of the book and the edges. Nothing too terrible though! Again, I have pictures, but camera isn’t cooperating at this time =/ Asking price: $1.75 (plus shipping)


“Opal” by Lauraine Snelling #3 in the Dakotah Treasures Series – Fiction, hard-cover, Good-condition (it is over-all very good, the only thing is that there is a sticky-left-over from a price tag on the book sleeve cover. Otherwise very good). Asking price: $1.00 (plus shipping)


“Sisterchicks On the Loose!” by Robin Jones Gunn – Fiction/contemporary, Good/used-condition (there is a price-sticker on the back cover that is half-off). Asking price: $1.00 (plus shipping)


Again, if you want to make an offer on any of them, let me know!
That’s it for now, but I do have many more books, as well as skirts, movies and maybe more, hopefully in the future (Melody Carlson books, LOTR things, and more), so stay tune and follow! :)

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Another Review: Newman’s Own Organic Cat Food (aaannnd…something I’m excited about)

NOO also was very kind to send me complimentary cat food to review – or rather, for our kitties to review!
They send a variety of canned soft-cat food and a bag of hard, adult cat-food. We have two cats that were very glad to try these out.
Nina is two years old, and Nemo is only some months old. Nina is picky, so she was a good reviewer ;) Both of the cats love food. A lot. (Nina looks like she does..her tummy…well, lets just say she’s not skinny!)
Nemo loved every kind of the soft-cat food and ate it up quite quickly! Needless to say, he is a big fan of it.
Nina, who is very picky about soft-food (honestly, if we buy it from the store, she only likes one kind, no joke) liked this soft-cat food as well – each kind, I believe, too. So that was pretty big for her!
As for the hard cat food, Nina is also eating that and appears to like it, I believe. I’m trying to get her to eat more of it than she does Nemo’s kitten food, because the kitten food makes her fatter. And she doesn’t really need that… ^.^
But yes, both of the kitties were very pleased with the chance to review food!! Thank you again, Newman’s Own Organics!!

And now before I go..I just wanted to get excited for a bit……
Tessa Afshar’s “Harvest of Gold” is officially out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhh!!! *Runs around screaming*! ;) It is the sequel to “Harvest of Rubies” and I am SO excited to start reading it!!! I’m seeing if I can get a review-copy. We’ll see. Either way, I am going to read it. Tessa Afshar also wrote “Pearl in the sand” (her first book she wrote) and it is EXCELLENT! Truly. I don’t use caps like that unless I mean it, so… :D
This is the cover:

Harvest of Gold