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Well, hello. I’ve got some photos to share with you. As some of you might have understood by know, we have been cleaning and working on the house a lot lately. And all in order for the baby-shower held here for my elder sister and her adorable wee baby, which is tomorrow. Three rooms have been painted, the windows trimmed, the dining room floored (rather a big project, but it only took Dad and I two days.) and cleaning like mad. My guinea-pig/writing room was one of the fortunate rooms that was painted. It is lovely. Here, instead of trying to describe it to ye, here is a photo:

And here is a photo of the room with only a few pieces of things in it:

And a photo of my type-writer specifically:

So yes, we’ve been cleaning loads. A lot has gotten done.

I was going to share some more photos of my nephew, but it’s not working…bummer. He is super adorable, and looking older already!!

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Very very exciting give-away!!

There is a most exciting give-away going on here:

Oh my word, am I uber excited about it!! The give-away item is the book “Harvest of Rubies” and it’s by the same author, Tessa Afshar, who wrote one of my most favourite books ever, “Pearl in the Sand”!!! Wow, I am stoked to the very core! I honestly don’t think I have ever wanted to win a give-away as much as I want to win this one :) Tessa Afshar is a beautifully gifted author, and I can just tell she lets God write through her pen. It is amazing.

So yes, check out this amazing and awe-ing give-away! You won’t be¬†disappointed¬†:)

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The rain in spain falls mainly on the plain.

I have been quite horrible at posting, haven’t I? Well, my deepest apologies, perhaps.
We’ve been busy lately, and I honestly haven’t felt much like posting. As it is, this post will just be kind of a random one, with bits thrown together.
First off, I hope you all had a good Easter on Sunday. We had a nice one :) Still eating ham and rolls daily ;) I’ve unfortunately gotten a zit from the chocolate I’ve eaten XD I’ve been really good about not eating sugars and chocolates, but Easter was a little holiday for that :)
We’ve been cleaning quite a bit on account of the baby-shower for my seestor that is being held here at the end of the month.
We’ve gotten two ducklings in the last two weeks. One was given to us by a neighbour, because their dog killed one of our ducks last Fall, and they were determined to replace it. They did. It’s a cute duckling. It’s in my room. Or, actually the guinea-pig/writing room. :) Then yesterday, we got another duckling, so that the one wouldn’t go insane being alone it’s whole baby-life. We had that happen with a chicken, and the chicken is psycho.
Oh, and you should all know that I am not with my boyfriend Vlad anymore. He cheated on me, horrible dude. So we’re done, needless to say…

This has been extremely boring…and I can’t think of any picture’s I’d have to show you. So this will have to be all. Terribly sorry.

(And for those of you who wonder about the whole boyfriend thing…I’m just gonna keep ye wondering.)

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GMM – Good Mythical Morning.

Hello! Surprise.
Last night was the community Easter Cantata choir performance. I have been in almost every practice, but did not join in the performance, because I offered to stay out and help David with baby Liam.
The performance was about and hour and 20 minutes long…maybe longer. There was a break half-way through. Liam did really well the first half – he was sleeping in either my arms or David’s (we had to share…) and I sung along quietly for some of the songs. At the break, David and I quickly exited the watching-area, and made our way to the back with Liam and diaper bag, so Dallas could feed him quick. That all went fine. But Liam was awake then. I walked him around in the area outside of the main watching-area, and talked to him. David had gone back in to sit down, but came back out in 5 or so minutes, when I wasn’t back in :D We walked Liam around the rest of the time, because he would cry loudly, and was upset, which was so sad. It was so cool though, because as soon as we started telling him how much Jesus loves him, he would instantly quiet down. That was amazing :)
All in all it went well. I think David thought it could have gone better, but Liam is only a 2 weeks old, plus he’s got a wee cold, and he did quite well in my opinion. But guys see and think differently – and he’s also the daddy, so that had something to do with it :)
The choir did beautifully from what I got to hear. I had to stand in the back twice to retrieve Dallas XD
There isn’t really much more to say on that subject…it went well, and I thoroughly enjoyed Liam :)