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My first Kiss

Yes, I thought I would tell you all about my first kiss. It was a lovely kiss to be sure. I even got a picture! I’ll show you:

So..maybe this isn’t exactly what my very first kiss looked like, but it had to be similar, right?! Hehehe!

Now for a ‘normal’ post.
Yesterday we did go to church, but it was just Mum, Dallas, Noah and I, because Dad wasn’t feeling good. :( We went to our church, here in town. It went fine I guess.
I don’t know. Just a little awkward I guess.
Today I have to do school =/ Probably won’t get any done tomorrow, because of Azure, the food truck we do.
I did school on Saturday :D But I hadn’t done much school last week at all…
It’s snowing out. Very pretty :)

Well this was probably a very boring post. I think so at least :)
Though the Kiss part was pretty humorous I thought;)

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Pictures :)

Here are the pictures of snow that I took last night, @andiebug ! :) They didn’t turn out as nicely as yours though. I am still pretty happy with them. They almost look like stars! :)

And then I got a picture of little paw-prints on the deck :)

So there are a few of them!
I shall end here, I guess. Have a good day!
Trusting in Him,

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Sorry, no video. Just post.And picture.


I know I said I was going to post a video, but unfortunately, it won’t load :( I tried several options, but I am afraid you just won’t get to see me play the penny whistle. Oh well :D
Now, what should I post then? Hmm…
Today is Tuesday :) Tomorrow is Wednesday. And both days say “Do school” as does the rest of the week, except Saturday and Sunday.
I really don’t have anything interesting to tell…I could post a picture of my sgian dubh…anyone want to see that? It is really pretty :)
Here it is:

The background is our table :)
So yeah, there is my beautiful knife. Now I need a sword and a real gun :D I only have a fake sword, and a nerf gun – which is immensely fun btw :P
Alright, I guess I will stop bothering you all who might be reading this ;)
Love in Christ

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A birthday wish, an 'anniversary' wish, and maybe some other wish ;)

Happy Birthday my sister Dallas!!!!
You are finally 18, which seems so old. :P It’s even mroe crazy to think that you could possibly be getting engaged so soon!
I wish you the most happiest day that you could ever imagine. I am so very thankful that God let me be a little sister of you :) I wouldn’t have it any other way, you know ;)
Love you dearly Dallas!!

And now, Happy -day-late anniversary Adora!!!
Not that you are able to read this…but ya know, it’s the thought that counts ;)
Adora has been part of my life for a whole year now!!! It’s so exciting to think about :) I am so blessed to have her as my own. Gorgeous little mule that she is!
Yep, God has blessed me in every way possible!!

And tomorrow, you all might be expecting a video…maybe. But don’t get your hopes up, because it might not happen :)

Love in Christ

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The depressing things a Mamma can say. :P

Yes. The other night, Mum told me three things that did not float my boat. They made me very dissapointed.
Number one she told me: I can’t be a Knight.
Number 2 she told me: I can’t go to Northern Ireland yet. (It may or may not be because of the money… :) )
Number three she told me: I need to go take my shower now. (And they may or may not have been, because it was getting late, and I still had to shower…)
Yes, a very crushing night that was for me. Man, a Mum can be rough ;)

Now on a serious note. (Oh wait. I wasn’t being serious? *shh’s Marrisa* (Hahaha, no one knows about Marrisa. Muahaha.)
Yesterday was our family get-together with my Mum’s Dad, his wife, my Mum’s two sisters and their familes. Well actually, one of my Mum’s sisters came by herself.
It was at Poppy’s (my grandpa’s) and a little crowded that it was. But the dollhouse (A dollhouse that is for small people) brought back many memories of playing that there :) Very fun!
I was too old to play it now though. Another grave thing.
I really didn’t talk much through the whole time. I talked to my Aunt Jennifer about school. And I laughed at some things. But really, I was quiet.
We left our house at 12:30 and got there about 2:00pm. They live near the cities. We didn’t leave till 5:30 or so.
At dinner, I sat by my Dad at the one table, across from my cousin, (Who used to be a very favourite friend of mine, for we played often when we were younger.) And then at the other table near by, sat my younger sister, and then my Mum, then the other peoples :)
So that is a very short telling of the tale of the time of the gathering ;)
MERRY CHRISTMAS! Oh wait… Christmas is past. ;)