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Hope in the Dark by Hannah Wright ~Spotlight

Hope in the Dark

“Hope in the Dark” by Hannah Wright

Genre: Christian historical fiction

Broken hearts, a town torn apart, and a new job. What could possibly go wrong?

Moving into the great unknown of Featherlight, Idaho, was a huge change for Elizabeth Matthews. But while Asheville, North Carolina was comfortingly familiar, it had left her with a broken heart and a determination to never trust a man again. 

Hard working Samuel Bryson is honor bound to provide for his widowed mother and siblings. Determined to live up to his own expectations of being just like his father, he will let nothing get in his way. And that includes marriage. 

Serene and cozy Featherlight has taken a turn into something much darker. Newly hired school teacher Elizabeth and Samuel find themselves desperately searching for answers to the suspicious criminal activity around them. They find themselves thrown into facing their worst fears… and each other. In the midst of many unknowns, will they find the courage to do what God is calling them to? 

I was planning and hoping on having a review to share alongside this book, but I wasn’t able to read the ecopy at this time due to eye-problems. But it sounds so good and I wish the author the best success!!

Check out her instagram to keep up with her, and find out about the giveaway alongside this tour!


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“Castle of Refuge”by Melanie Dickerson – Review

Castle of Refuge (The Dericott Tales, #2)

“Castle of Refuge” by Melanie Dickerson

Book Two in the Dericott Tales Series

Review copy from the publishers

My rating: 5 of out 5 Stars

About the Book:

Audrey is a viscount’s daughter who has suffered her sister Maris’s cruel, jealous behavior all her life. An act of malice led their father to send Maris to a convent, but Audrey was still left with scars. Three years later, Audrey’s father is determined to marry off his damaged daughter, and Maris is returning. Desperate, Audrey sneaks away.

However, life outside her home is dangerous, and she soon finds herself attacked, injured, and in dire straits. She is taken in at Dericott Castle to be nursed back to health. While there, she decides to keep her identity a secret and work as a servant in the castle. But she doesn’t count on falling in love with the young and handsome Lord Dericott, who lost his arm several months earlier.

Meanwhile, Edwin—Lord Dericott—is curious about the new, well-educated servant’s identity. When the man Audrey’s father wanted her to marry comes looking for her, each must make a life-changing decision about what to believe and whether or not love is truly worth trusting.

In this Ugly Duckling retelling, New York Times bestselling author Melanie Dickerson brilliantly crafts a high-stakes, encouraging tale about the power of love.

My Thoughts:

Second in the Dericott Tales, “Castle of Refuge” features familiar character, Edwin Dericott, and new character, Audrey. I loved this story, it was so delightful and the characters were endearing. Audrey was bubbly, and such a joyful personality despite the difficulties she faced at the hand of her sister.The plot moved along so well, and I was swept into the story immediately.

The faith aspect was well-developed, and the characters really did shine. The romance was so, so sweet too. I loved watching the relationship between Audrey and Edwin, and how tentative they both were. And also how well they worked together in harmony against the struggles they were facing. They both felt like they were too scarred to love, but it was great seeing how they each grew as individuals and as a couple.

An exciting, well-paced book, and I look forward to more of this series!!

*I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion

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“All That Really Matters” by Nicole Deese ~ Book Review

All That Really Matters

“All That Really Matters” By Nicole Deese

Review copy from the publishers

My rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

About the Book:

Molly McKenzie’s bright personality and on-trend fashion and beauty advice have earned her an impressive social media following, as well as a big paycheck each month. When her manager-turned-boyfriend says she has an audition to appear as a host on a makeover show that nominates underprivileged youth, her dream of further fame seems to be coming true. There’s just one catch: she has little experience interacting with people in need.

When her manager-boyfriend convinces her to partner with a local organization, she begins volunteering with a summer youth program. The program’s director, Silas Whittaker, challenges her at every turn, but she swiftly grows more attached to the kids–and him–every day.

As Molly experiences an acceptance unlike anything she’s known, she wrestles with the lies she’s been believing about herself for years. She thought she knew what mattered most in life, but maybe she’s had it wrong this whole time, and there’s more to being truly seen than what she’s built her entire life on.

My Thoughts:

This book! Okay, so not only is the cover absolutely stunning, the inside story was just as captivating and beautiful – in every aspect. When I began the book, I was curious to see what we’d learn about main character, Molly, because she first came off as shallow and all about her social media influence – but I knew there was more going on, and oh boy was there. Molly was such an exceptional character, and how she grew throughout this novel, while still finding who she truly was, came across so well and was so lovely. I loved her so much, and Silas was a fantastic hero too. I loved his heart for the teens aging out of the foster system. This book really is packed with so much *heart*. I cried a couple times towards the end…it was that good.And then to read the note at the end that there will be a book about Val…!!!! I am so excited! Val was such an awesome friend to Molly, even through the struggles they endured. I can’t wait to read more of her story <3
But anyway, back to this book which was utterly fantastic in its own right. I am not a makeup/beauty/fashion person…but I loved how unique Molly was in her element, and I thought it was really neat to read about a character whose job was an influencer. And the depths she had were touching. There were several story threads of redemption in All That Really Matters, and it was truly beautiful to read. Every moment was heart-touching, and I enjoyed every minute. <3

*I received a copy of this book from the publishers. I was not required to write a positive review. 

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“Flying Into Love” by Kathleen Rouser ~ Book Review

Flying Into Love

“Flying Into Love” by Kathleen Rouser

Review copy from author

My rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

About the Book:

Her great-grandmother’s journal holds the key to the past–and maybe her future.

Unable to say no when others need her, Talia Sampson took on her deceased aunt’s advice column and the care of her special needs niece. Then new veteran, Ben Tanner, shows up unexpected on her doorstep. Hurt many times, he wonders where home is. Talia isn’t happy finding a hot-air balloon with him, but she treasures the old journal with it. Ben hopes restoring her family’s antique will please her, until he discovers a secret that shatters his trust. And Talia hates flying. 
Will she trust God—and Ben—enough to go airborne? 

My Thoughts:

This was a charming little story! It isn’t very long, but it makes for an excellent light-hearted read, and the length felt just right. I haven’t read anything from this author before, but I was very impressed with the writing style that immediately drew me in and flowed so smoothly throughout the entire story.The characters were both realistic and likeable, and I enjoyed seeing the plot unfold.  Talia and Ben both had backstories that played into who they were, and it all came together really nicely.I appreciated how both characters were Christians, and how that affected their lives and actions. All in all a very sweet read, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to read it!

This book was provided courtesy of the author, through Interviews & Reviews.