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Meet Me Knives In Shining Armour.

I have chosen to share a photo or two with y’all. Simply because I can. And also maybe because I’m a wee bit proud of my beautiful blades. I only have four at the present moment, but more on in the future.
So, here is first photo:

Are they not astounding? And yes, they of course have names, duh. I’ve been naming things – just about anything that I could – since I was little. One of the first cats I named was Polly Anna unfortunately. We called her Porky though…anyway! That, my friends, has nothing to do with my knives and their proper names.
The one in the middle (which I got only a couple months ago. August to be exact) is Abelia (Though, often called Dagger Me Truthful to match my other two’s names), then the one to the left, the Sgian Dubh, (which was my official first knife. I’m not including all the pocket knives I have and have had, for obvious reasons.) the sgian dubh’s name is respectfully Jarrow Smith. The one at the bottom, my Buck 119, is named Kill You and the last one, on the upper right, is Trust Me. Wonderful naming, no?

And here is one last photo of them all (some with their sheaths if they have one)


I am a peculiar treasure who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

3 thoughts on “Meet Me Knives In Shining Armour.

  1. Haha most of mine don’t have names but the ones that do are Tiwaz, Banamaðr, and Dreyrugr. Tiwaz was the name of the Runic letter T and also the name of the god of single handed combat in Norse mythology; Banamaðr means assassin and Dreyrugr means blood stained. LOL

  2. This is awesome! It made me laugh! Raechel, yes, “Kill You” is slightly morbid, but if you’re going to bother having a knife in the first place, might as well name is something like that! Frodo’s sword in “LOTR” is Sting, Eragon’s in those books is “Brisinger” (which means fire in Paolini’s version of Elvish) and there is also “Za’roc” which means “Misery”! I <3 knives and swords! :)

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