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“Right is Right, and Wrong Ain’t Right.”

Anyone wanna guess the title quote? :P

So, today I am babysitting down at the neighbours. (They’re three houses down I think…near the end of our road. Not too far.) and Mum was just going to run me down, but I was saying that would just be stupid, because they’re not that far. So I ‘convinced’ (it wasn’t hard. I’m their favourite. Haha, just kidding totally. It’s an inside joke) both my parents to just let me walk or bike down there. I first asked what the temp. would be though, because it was below zero yesterday, and that was pretty cold. But Dad said it’ll be in the 20’s today, so that’s a bit better. I just planned on bundling up – dressing how one should dress in a MN winter. Now, I wake up this morning, come downstairs, look outside, and see the snow falling quite a bit, “Oh how nice! It’s finally snowing! Oh, wait. Bummer. That crosses of biking maybe.”
But maybe not…I’m still determined to either walk or bike. I don’t know which though.
Mum offered me the van to take down there, and even though I am 16 and capable, I humbly declined, because I haven’t had a lot of practice, especially on snow & ice. So, no danke. Another time maybe.
Though I often say I don’t want to babysit, (just ask my family) I am not really dreading it so much. Luke it pretty cute… :)

Oh, one more quick thing.
My family and I were in a town north of us a little bit, to celebrate my parents anniversary, (yep, they took Noah and I! They’re awesome parents) and we went out to eat, stopped at some places, and lastly we stopped at Wal-Mart to get the movie “Courageous” as well as hamster food for me..anyway, we bumped into someone we hadn’t seen in a while, and Mum and Dad talked to her for almost an hour I think, it not more. When they finished, Mum finished looking at toys with Noah (I had started with her) and then Mum looked at the clearance isle. Okay, so we’re leaving that isle, and I’m skipping/half jumping/tap-dancing, because it makes my shoes sound great on the floor, and I look up, and some wal-mart employee guy was watching me and smiling, looking as if he was trying not to laugh. I smiled, and looked down, trying not to laugh myself, because it was funny how he was looking at me, and he just saw me being a moron XP It was pretty great though.



I am a 22 year old homeschool graduate who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

14 thoughts on ““Right is Right, and Wrong Ain’t Right.”

  1. I’m the same way about babysitting. Sometimes I just don’t want to, but mostly because I have to get up early. The kids I watch are are pretty great.

    That’s funny about the guy watching you. Haha! Sometimes it’s fun to just break loose and do something unusual. :D

    1. Hehe, yeah, I drag my feet sometimes, but in the end it really is never terrible!

      Yes it is :D I do it very often – it doesn’t bother me if someone is watching :P

  2. I hope your parents had a lovely anniversary! Do you have a hamster now? Or did you already have one?? I don’t think you can keep hamsters as pets is Australia!

    Love ~*Chantelle*~
    P.S. Did I tell you I have two new guinea-pigs? I’ll send you some photos in an email!

    1. Thank you for your comments, Chantelle! It was such a lovely surprise this morning!

      Thank you, I think my parents did have a nice anniversary! Well, Noah and I each had our own fancy Russian Dwarf Hamsters, but her’s died recently :( I still have mine, whose name is Svetlana :)
      Can’t you? That’s funny. :P Hamsters are a common pet here!

      Yes, I read that in the email!! That is so exciting! I love guinea pigs!:)
      Thank you again for your comments!
      In Him,

  3. Hi Raechel,

    : ) I’m glad it was a nice surprise!

    I hope so! Oh, that’s sad about your sister’s. :) I like the name Svetlana, its very pretty!

    : ) Guinea-pigs are adorable! I have to go and start getting ready for school work, this is our first day back for the year!

    Love ~*Chantelle*~

    1. Thank you – before I even got her, and Noah’s, I picked out Russian names so that the names would fit ^.^

      Yes they are! I love having mine.
      Oh, well good luck! :)

  4. I agree. I love Russia and it’s language and names, etc. :)
    Yep, we had a break over Christmas. Public schools had a break over the New Year too, but we didn’t, just because we have to take days off on random days, so we just try to get school done when we can! :)

    1. : ) Have you learnt some Russian? I would like to, but I don’t know any!
      Ok, we take random days of if we are going out, but some how the school gets squeezed in, but then we don’t usually take that many days off and I usually have a week at the end of each term to catch up……

      Love ~*Chantelle*~ :)

      1. I’m trying to – I can write my name and a couple other words in Russian, and know a couple words speaking, but it is a bit difficult!
        Well that’s nice that you keep to it though – I am a wee bit behind in my school, I must admit :)

  5. Yes, I’m sure Russian is difficult, escpecially cause you have to learn a whole new alphabet!

    Now I am a tiny bit behind! (Actually I’m a tiny bit ahead, so that evens it out I guess!) Yesterday we went to the Central Coast to get my pointe shoes (it’s quite a drive, but I have to get special ones so I don’t go through a pair every two lessons!) so I had to do stuff in the car,

    Love ~*Chantelle*~

    1. Yes, exactly so. And what I’m finding out, is that you almost have to learn it backwards in a way, for it to make sense, since their alphabet is so different!

      Oh okay. Good for you for even doing school in the car! I have a hard time focusing on school when there is other things going on… :P

      1. oh wow! That would be interesting!

        Ah, yes! I do too, especially if I am in a waiting room and mum is at the chiropractor or something………..sooo hard!


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