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Calming Touch and Saddened Heart

Yesterday was my elder sister’s 19th birthday. It was different from all other birthdays for her, because she is more focused on the wee babe that pounds her in her stomach ;) At her request, Mum took her shopping for maternity clothes, and then she and her hubby came out for dinner. We had a nice time, almost everyone got to feel little Liam kick, because he was apparently happy from the cake :D Now, I said almost everyone. Liam rarely ever kicks when I put my hand on Dallas’ belly. It doesn’t matter when – he can be in a full kick-dance, but when I try to feel, he quiets! It’s the weirdest thing. I’ve felt him move only a couple times. The joke was that Dallas will call me whenever Liam needs calming ;) So I get to be the calming auntie Rae. :)
I seriously cannot wait to hold him, and…be the best aunt ever. Only three-four more months to wait.

Unfortunately, something else happened yesterday. I didn’t find out until later evening, when I went up to my room to feed the animals there. First, I must say: besides my five guinea pigs, Noah and I have 2 Russian Dwarf Hamsters. One is mine, the other was hers. Their names are Svetlana and Anastasia. Svetlana is mine, and Anastasia = Noah’s. Anastasia was getting very very very big. I have never seen something so small, get so big. At first we though she was just fat, then ‘What if she’s pregnant, and Svetlana is a Vladimir??” (Vladimir was what I wanted to name the one I got if it was a boy.) We’re still not sure if she had a eating problem/obsession or was pregnant. But last night, I found her passed away :( Nothing horrid (thankfully. No blown up hamster. Eww.) She just went to sleep I guess – her heart most likely gave out. I’m still not positive if she wasn’t pregnant or not…
Noah was very sad when she was given the news. Dad’s going to bury Anastasia in a box, in our pet cemetary. So sad..

And unlike I thought a couple days ago, I was sick with some bug. Not sure what…I only threw up once, and ran a fever once. That was on Sunday. Monday-Tuesday I still didn’t feel great, and today I’m doing much improved. Hopefully it will stay that way!


I am a peculiar treasure who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

3 thoughts on “Calming Touch and Saddened Heart

  1. That’s cute about the baby…. maybe you do have a calming touch! That is often the case, ya know! :)

    Happy Birthday to Dallas! :)

    Sorry about the beloved pet…. give my condolences to Noah too…. :(

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