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A Pursuit of Home by Kristi Ann Hunter ~ Book Review



A Pursuit of Home by Kristi Ann Hunter

Haven Manor Book 3

Review copy from the publisher as apart of the launch team

My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

A Pursuit of Home (Haven Manor, #3)

About the book:

In early 1800s England, Jess Beauchene has spent most of her life in hiding and always on the move in an effort to leave her past far behind her. But when she learns the family she thought had died just might be alive and in danger, she knows her secrets can only stay buried for so long.
Derek Thornbury loves the past, which has led him to become an expert in history and artifacts. He knows Jess has never liked him, but when she requests his help deciphering the clues laid out in an old family diary, he can’t resist the urge to solve the puzzle.
As Jess and Derek race to find the hidden artifact before her family’s enemies, they learn as much about each other as they do about the past. But can their search to uncover the truth and set history right lead to a future together?



My Thoughts:


I’m feeling very inadequate to write this review. I just can’t believe this series is over, and that this particular story is over. I didn’t want it to end! Still don’t, but I suppose I must come to terms with that fact at some point.Readers of the Haven Manor series have been anticipating Jess’ story for quite some time. And oh goodness did it satisfy!! Right from page one of “A Pursuit of Home”, I was drawn into the story, and became even more entwined withe the characters. It was so nice (and sad too) to finally understand Jess and her past. Her snarky character really is marvelous, by the way. Every hardship only made her stronger and more resilient, and I just love her sarcasm. And Derek! Oh my word, was he fantastic too. The banter held between these two was beyond exemplary. I laughed numerous times, and I just loved their chemistry. A sentence that had me grinning:
“Unless you’ve an axe for me to use, I can’t go any farther,” Derek whispered. “And I feel I should warn you, before you produce an axe from some random corner of your person, I haven’t the ability to chop wood silently.”
At first, Derek irritated Jess, and that made for some very humorous situations. Jess was used to being hardened, and the thought of actually caring terrified her. And sometimes I could understand this. “This made her feel vulnerable. This was terrifying”  – I get that. ^.^ Truly, I was just very impressed with the characters as a whole. Beautifully done!The plot was exciting, and I loved seeing how everything unfolded. The mystery, the journeys, the danger, and the growth in each character – it was all just marvelous and I felt right at home within the pages. I also loved the knife-throwing aspect. That was extremely fun as knife-throwing is one of my hobbies  – and I was just flabbergasted to read the acknowledgements and find my name listed there. THANK YOU Kristi Ann Hunter! Being able to share info about knife-throwing was a delight and having my name in the acknowledgements an extreme honor. I’ve been squealing over it for days! :)But yes, in conclusion, this book is amazing, it never disappointed, and I adore these characters. I loved this book so much and am truly sad to see it end. But what an ending it was. I highly recommend this fabulous series! <3







“The problem with inevitability was that no matter how much effort one put into avoiding them, they still happened.”


“Derek loved the scent of books. Paper, ink, leather, and dust created an aroma that always made him feel at home.”


“Interesting thing about opinions. They tend to vary from person to person. If they didn’t, they would be facts.”

“This made her feel vulnerable. This was terrifying” — I feel ya Jess.


“God had given the sacrifice she needed, not the one she’d asked for. That was the sacrifice love demanded. It wasn’t sacrificing to make someone else happy; it was sacrificing to provide what they needed.”




**I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher. All opinions in this review are my own.  

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Reminder about Give-away, and a brief update

Just wanted to ‘remind’ all that the give-away ends tomorrow. I will take the following day or two to choose the winner, and God-willing, announce the winner on Monday possibly. Somewhere around there :)

And for an update…
I have another review that I will be posting soon, of cat food from Newman’s Own Organic’s as well. Our kitties are almost finished trying them :)

I think it is mostly known, that I graduated and had an open-house on the 8th of June. It went really well, though I was super nervous. And I do mean super. :) I am very quiet, and generally uncomfortable around groups of people, but God gave me His peace, as well as His voice, and it went swimmingly well, praise Him! My cake was gorgeous! Maybe at some point I will post more pictures of the whole thing, and what not. For now, though, this was one of my grad pictures, and I must say it was my favourite:


God is still bringing me through a lot of lessons; there are still a lot of downs and ups. But He is good throughout it all. :)
So that is a brief update on my life. =)

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I can’t possibly think of a better title than this one!

Hello….do I dare show my face? Why yes I do!

Sorry I never posted those said pictures of VBS – haven’t been able to get them from the camera to the computer. Not sure if the camera or the USB cord is fried…either way, I need a new camera. God will provide that I’m sure, at some point!
Oh and we never did go up to the Island.

So…what have I to tell you? Not much really…EXCEPT….
That….I…….a….new…..knife !!! Yay!! It was a total God thing too.You see, I’ve been really wanting a new throwing knife, because my “regular” throwing knife isn’t good, and my Buck 119 doesn’t handle well when thrown (it..ahem…breaks). So you can see my need. Or rather, want.
We were just at Wall-mart the other day, just in the clearance aisle, and I wasn’t really looking. I said out-loud though, “I really want to find a new throwing knife that’s under $20” Uh-huh. Under twenty. That’s about all I had. I turned around then, and what did I see?? A knife. A Gerber knife. And what was the price? $19.00
Haha, amazing isn’t it?? AND the blade goes all the way through the handle, so don’t have to worry about it breaking. AND (:)) it came with a really nice sheath, so that’s a blessing too! God is good!

We’ve been canning a lot – tons of tomatoes in the garden. Just tons.
But I’m feeling bored of typing, so I’m going to leave. Bye.


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Picture This

It’s a little before dark (around 4-5), it’s foggy out, and getting foggy-er as the evening wares on, I’m outside in my pj-pants that have penguins on them, and one pant leg is ripped up to below the knee, the shoes I have on have holes at the toes, and my tomahawk that I am throwing, it’s handle is electrical-taped. That is how I spent my evening. It was enjoyable. despite my not being able to feel my toes pretty soon. I was having a grand time, with the tomahawk being obliging, sticking almost every time.
It was very quiet out there, which was very nice. The TV has been on almost constantly lately, because sickness is flying through the house again, and movies are being played while the sickees are in bed. Thankfully the icky part of the bug is slowly fading. Mum had the flu quite bad, but now she is on the mend, just very tired and weak. I’ve still got a cold, which I’ve had for like a week – the cough lingers – and now Dad’s got the cold :P We’re still alive, so praise the Lord :D

I also got the thrill of wearing a lovely prom-like dress yesterday, that fit me perfectly according to Mum, all while holding my stunning sword. The dress is a deep purple, the sleeves are like the sleeves of a thick tank-top, and the bodice has lovely fabric work design, like flowers almost. It’s long, reaches the floor, goes out a bit in the back. It also has a sheer, see through matching purple ‘shawl’, cover up thing…not sure how to explain it. We’ve had this dress for quite a while, and I’ve worn it for like tea parties and whatever, but really, there’s no where else to wear it :P It was fun trying it on yesterday though… holding my sword no less. That was amazing…

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Octopuses and daisy-flies.

What an obscure title.

Please let me direct your attention to the new page I added, titled “I want The…”
I was going to just post it in a post such as this, but a page sounded better.

The past two nights, I have awoken right before I fall asleep-asleep, because I remembered what I was trying to remember. The night before last, I was trying to figure out who “Sandy McDade” was on Lark Rise To Candlford (An English tv show, which is really really good, and even Dad is hooked on it!) and right before I fell asleep, I though “Oh! It’s Margaret!” Then fell peacefully asleep.
Now, last night, before I got into bed, I was in my parents room, and they were watching “JCTV” and a music video was on. It was interesting, and captivating for some odd reason, and so I stayed it out, so I could see who it was. Turns out it was “Manic Drive”. My parents hadn’t heard of them before, but I knew I had. Not sure why though. Oh well. I went to bed, and right before I fell asleep: “Twitter! Manic Drive were the ones that followed me on Twitter for a time!” Then could I fall asleep peacefully, knowing my mystery was solved ;)

Yesterday was the Azure truck. Dallas came to help – sort the boxes that is. She of course can’t lift anything, since she is like 32 weeks along now, I think! End of March…I am so excited :) Oh and just to note, he (Liam) was kicking again, and I put my hand on Dallas’ stomach to feel, and what do you know, he stopped XP
Anywho. Azure went find. I didn’t get to use my new box-cutter, but my Buck knife is amazinger, so it’s okay. Dallas used my box-cutter :)

Also yesterday, I received two letters in the mail, and noticed that they had the same stickers! It was ironically funny. I mean, what are the chances, that I’d get two separate letters, one from Southern US and one from Northern US on the same day, and they have the same stickers? I thought that was pretty great :P

Well, I suppose that is all. Nothing has been happening really to make for a good post. So.

What an obscure post.

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Narnia, or Lord of the Rings?

What say you?

Yes!! This is my cloak…and bum..bum…bum…my new SWORD! Isn’t it astonishing? That’s what I was waiting to post about with my cloak, because it is just so awesome. More on the sword later.

Anyway, to come back around to my title – I’ve been wearing my cloak every where pretty much, and that includes church. Last Sunday I got so many comments on it. “What are you?” “Are you from Lord of the Rings?” “Are you part Elven or something?” “Are you Lucy from Narnia?”  Make up your minds people! Which is it, LotR or Narnia? In all actuality it’s not really either. I am just me. Raechel. Who is actually now officially a Lady:

That is what the blade says.  I love it.  I can finally be a Knight. Whaat.

(Have you ever seen the show ‘Jane and the Dragon”? It’s on tv, channel qubo? Well we altered the song to fit me: “There once was a Lady in waiting…Let’s call her Rae…that girl wasn’t ordinary!…No way for me, a lady stuck in waiting, I’d rather battling fire-breathing dragons. I knew I could prove that a girl could be a Knight, but my friends all laughed at. But I wouldn’t be defeated, and I trained in secret, met a firebreathing dragon, and everone was freakin’ so I went alone to the dragons home…to slay the dragon….Hey now, hey now now, Rae & the dragon are best friends now…” okay, I think you get the point now ;) )

This above photo kind of shows it’s length and whatnot.

My cloak w/o the hood up

This above photo is the cloak w/o the hood up (obviously).

My cloak was finished…November…22nd I think…the day before (actually the night before) we left for Duluth for Thanksgiving. I really love it, and it’s quite warm. The outside is green as I’m sure you can tell, with gold specks sort of, that shimmers when I walk. And the green is the same colour of my eyes, to that’s a major bonus ;) The inside is purple. Why purple? Well, at first I wasn’t going to do a lining. Then we decided it’d be best. What colour did I want though? Well, I liked how maroon looked inside the green, so we were gonna get some maroon coloured dye (we had white fabric already from something else) and dye the white fabric. But when we bought it, and tried it the fabric came out pink…and it honestly didn’t look the greatest (thankfully we only dyed the hood that colour, which we didn’t end up using anyway) and so we were gonna come up with something else. How about black? Black it is. But the dye wasn’t very strong, and since we had a lot of fabric it didn’t really dye black, but rather purple. So we just stuck with that. And it turned out nicely, I think. I am very happy with it.

Here, in this following photo you can kind of see how the cloak matches my eyes:

And the pommel of the sword reads: “The King reigns and His Son” because it is…a Knights of Arrethtrae Sword which makes it even better! Those are some of the best books ever. I adore that series, and was thrilled to find out they offered real swords. This sword was a bit more expensive then the original one I was going to get on the KOA site, but this was is also supposedly significantly better quality. (Inside joke there…) And so in honour of this significantly good quality sword, it’s name shall be…Significantly! Woohoo!

Oh and because this is semi similar to this topic, yesterday morning I was listening to some of the music from How to Train Your Dragon (ahhhh. I do so love that movie) and I found this site where a guy was offering the piano music for some of the songs for free! I printed one of them off, because I have high hopes that Noah will be able to play it someday. (She’s learning piano, to those of you who don’t know).

Alrighty then. There is my uberly exciting news!!! I am so in love with my sword, as well as my cloak, and of course Toothless. I will always love him.

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Things that annoy me

Decemberadio It’s not the band that annoys me, it’s the name. There needs to be another ‘r’ in there, because if separated it’d say: December adio or Decembe radio. That doesn’t make sense. I understand their want to be different, so I guess I’ll let it be.

Jasper he is one of the cats we have outside that has come close to death by my blades three times now. And only one was on purpose…

Whiny singers who mostly are girls. I’m sure they can sing normally if they wanted to, so please, do so.

the black chicken who is in the barn. She’s super annoying. She follows you around with those beady eyes, and her chest out, and she just makes you want to kick her.

These are a few things that annoy me.

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Of blades and names.

Yesterday, I was pleased to see the mail-man pulling into our driveway – because I knew what that meant. The tomahawks previously ordered were here!
There were five in total. Unfortunately not all were mine. As a matter of fact, only one was rightfully mine (thank you Nanny and Grandpa John for funding my tomahawk with some of my b-day money!) and one was my Dad’s. The other 3 belong to some dude named Toby. Not exactly sure who he is, but we ordered together nontheless. Haha :P

As soon as they came, and I opened up de box, my family and I headed outside, to my log. Mum stole my tomahawk, and threw it first, which really was not very fair, but seeing as she is my mother, I shant get too angry ;) I got next throw. And then next, and so on. Dad came out too, and was throwing as well. Amazingly enough mine stuck more times than it didn’t, and more times than Dads ;)
Though, soon after we started, they all deserted me because it was too cold and windy. It was quite so – my hair no longer looked clean and nice, but rather like a rat’s nest. Oh well. Didn’t stop me.

So, here is a photo of my tomahawk whose name shall be called “Toma” I know, you’re all thinking “Really? That’s the name you chose? That’s stupid.” But really it’s not, because it’s the name of the main person in a book that I highly enjoyed (even though no one else did…everyone said it was too morbid and just dark. But it was Christian, and had a very very good Christian message in my opinion.).

And there it is. :)