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A Day in Life Explained by Gifs Tag

Guten-tag, blog readers!

Today I have another tag to share. Marrok at Marrok Macintyre has created a tag, A Day in Life Explained by Gifs, and has kindly tagged me, so here I am. :)


Rules are:


  • Explain what an average day of life looks like for you (no need to divulge a ton of personal info, just the gist is fine)
  • Animated or live action gifs are okay (nothing inappropriate)
  • Tag at lest one other person
  • Exaggeration is fine

The main point of this tag is just random fun.

So, without further ado, here’s a day in my life in gif form (and yes, mine will be exaggerated a bit. Because why not!):


I like that they're all comfortable enough with each other to share a bed.  I sometimes even can't sleep with someone in the same room, nonetheless the same bed! Also, it's hard to see, but after multiple viewings of this episode, I noticed they still all had shoes on!

Wake up. XD


Image result for Disney character drinking tea gif

Have my cup o’ tea.


the monkees gifs

Wade through the snow to go do chores.


Image result for Winnie the Pooh drinking tea gif

Come in and have some breakfast. Very exciting.

The time Davy accidentally hit Mickey in the eye.

Try to write. Sometimes ends in chaos and throwing things.


Image result for The Monkees writing gif

Get the mail and find something for me.


Image result for Disney character reading gif

Read, of course.


Image result for Minion freaking out gif

Find out my nephews are coming over.



Chaos insues as my nephews run wild. (They’re adorable though – cuter than minions!)


Gifs - the-monkees Icon

Feeling triumphant to survive the 3 mini-tornados


.How to train your dragon 2 gif | Family Reunited: How to Train Your Dragon 2 Featurette

Talk to my cats. Cuz I can.


the-monkees-no-time-o.gif (320×240)

Be weird. This is actually an all day thing…


Image result for Disney character falling asleep  gif

Go to sleep. XD


As for who I tag…

Faith at Stories by Firefly

Ashley at Ashley Bogner



**None of these gifs belong to me. Also, this isn’t really a completely acurate description of a typical day for me, but dat’s okay. XD Like it said in the beginning, this is just for fun.











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2016 Book Recap Tag

Hello! Faith tagged me for the 2016 Bookish Recap Tag (click on the image below to go to her post!), and so I am here to fulfill this tag! Fun, fun, fun!




— Include the above button in your post.
— Answer the 11 questions.
— Use as many book covers as you like. (The correct answer to this question would be ALOT. B-))
— Tag 5-10 people and notify them that they have been tagged.
>> Questions. 
// How many books did you read in 2016? (Exact if you know, or approximate if not.) 
63 I think.
// Did you set a reading challenge for yourself and, if so, did you meet it?  
I did set a goal – I had originally set it for 75, but then in about October or November, I could see that wasn’t looking good, so I re-set it for 60. Which I did meet. :D
// What was your most read genre this year? Least read? 
Oooh, golly…I have to think about this one…The most was either historical or contempory fiction. Least read was…nonfiction – that can be a genre, right?! ;)
// What’s five of your favorite books from 2016? 
I did a post on this on the 31st (here), but I shall reitterate:
Family Lies Deadly Ties by J.A. Marx Land of Silence by Tessa Afshar Forest Child by Heather Day Gilbert
The Cautious Maiden by Dawn Crandall Light of the Last by Chuck Black
“Family Lies, Deadly Ties” by J.A. Marx, “Land of Silence” by Tessa Afshar, “Forest Child” by Heather Day Gilbert, “The Cautious Maiden” by Dawn Crandall, and “Light of the Last” by Chuck Black. All amazing!!
// What’s five of your least favorite books from 2016? 
Okay, um…let’s see…
A Daring Sacrifice by Jody Hedlund The Prophetess by Jill Eileen Smith Risen by Angela Elwell Hunt
The Fiercest Fight by Brent King A Time to Die by Nadine Brandes
“A Daring Sacrifice” by Jody Hedlund (didn’t finish because of inappropriate content), “The Prophetess” by Jill Eileen Smith (skimmed the end half), “Risen” by Angela Hunt (didn’t finish because again, inappropriate content), “The Fiercest Fight” by Brent King (wasn’t my kind of book. Creepy.) “A Time to Die” by Nadine Brandes (Okay, let me say something before I’m labasted by this choice…it was goodish, but I had some issues with it personally). And yeah, these least favourites were least favourites for me personally. May not be for others.
// What new favorite author did you discover? (Not necessarily that the author is ‘new’, but that they became new to you this year.)   Dawn Crandall! I loved “The Cautious Maiden” so much, and was really impressed with her writing!
// What’s five of your favorite book covers from the year? 
How about I show you?
The Flaming Sword by Heather L.L. FitzGeraldCourageous by Dina L. SleimanLand of Silence by Tessa Afshar
Austen in Austin, Volume 1 by Susanne  DietzeKeep Holding On by Melissa TaggForest Child by Heather Day Gilbert
(You just realised I chose 6 instead of 5. Yeah. I broke a rule – sorry! Couldn’t decide which to leave out, so I didn’t. XD)
// How many books did you purchase for yourself in 2016? (Exact if you know, approximate if not.) Oh my goodness, I don’t even know…maybe somewhere between 50-70?? Maybe more, or less. I really don’t know. XD Thriftstores are my friends, so I find quite a few there….and I got some as gifts/review copies…so yeah, I don’t know.
// What’s the longest book you read in 2016? “Watch Over Me” by Christa Parrish at 515 pages.
Watch Over Me by Christa Parrish
// What’s the shortest book you read in 2016? “Last Wish” by Valerie Howard at 15 pages.
Last Wish by Valerie   Howard
// What’s your reading goal for 2017? 70 books is my goal. But to be honest, I’m really hoping to read 100. But…we’ll see!
And so there is the tag! And I’m afraid I’m going to break another rule and not tag anyone specific. Because let’s face it…I don’t know a lot of people to tag. So, if you’re reading this and you want to be tagged: You’re It!
I do make an awesome hermit.:
(via Pinterest)
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Blog Tour: The Reward of Anavrea by Rachel Rossano


We all like a reward, don’t we? But, not all rewards are what they appear. That’s the case in the latest installment of Rachel Rossano’s Theodoric Saga. Rachel created an intriguing Historical-like Christian Fantasy as she tells the tale of Jayne and Liam. Find out more and be sure to check out the giveaway!

About the Book

web2-rossano-reward-finalShe couldn’t hide forever.

A hard life taught Jayne to avoid men, powerful men most of all. When a new nobleman arrives to take over the vargar, she takes her family and hides. But the new baron seeks her out and makes her an offer she can’t refuse: protection. However, once they were sheltered behind the dark stone walls of the vargar, who would protect her from the new master?

His reward isn’t what it seems.

King Ireic of Anavrea charges Liam, a former bodyguard, with the task of retaking and taming a corner of the northern wilds. Upon arrival at Ashwyn Vargar, Liam finds challenges beyond his military experience. The keys to the vargar are missing and so are the field hands who should be harvesting the fields. Once he finds the keeper of the keys, she raises more questions than answers.

About the Author


Rachel Rossano is a happily married mother of three children. She spends her days teaching, mothering, and keeping the chaos at bay. After the little ones are in bed, she immerses herself in the fantasy worlds of her books. Tales of romance, adventure, and virtue set in a medieval fantasy world are her preference, but she also writes speculative fantasy and a bit of science fiction.



Rachel is giving away one of her favorite CDs to listen to while she writes. If you’ve ever wondered what kind of music she likes to listen to, you can check out the CD on Amazon and then come back here and enter the giveaway.


a Rafflecopter giveaway



Book Excerpt


The rest of the day flew by in an unending series of crises. Rowana and Urith had a huge fight over who was to blame for the spilled soot all over the main hall floor. As far as Jayne could piece together, Urith tripped Rowana after she pushed his book on the floor. She happened to be carrying the metal ash pail at the time. The result was a loud clatter and a cloud of black that settled over the entire room. The ensuing shouting match brought Patti and Jayne running.

Once Jayne managed to start the two of them cleaning up the mess before the evening meal, Trina fell down the stairs with a blood curdling howl and a sickening crack. It took an hour to calm her. When Jayne settled her in the kitchen with a cold compress for her bump and a sugar stick for her sorrow, Urith appeared at the door, covered in black from sole to crown except for his hands, to tell her that the king wished to speak to her. Leaving Trina with her hiccup gasps under Patti’s watchful eye, Jayne hurried off toward the study, praying she would survive until bedtime.

She paused outside the heavy door to straighten her dress and brush the soot off the front as best she could. Please let it only be the king, Kurios, she prayed. I can handle him, but I don’t think I could face Liam right now. Her heart did a strange flip at the thought of Liam’s recent behavior in the garden. She had to struggle to push the image aside. Taking a deep breath, she tapped on the door.

“Come,” a deep male voice called.

The door opened easily to her touch and she stepped inside. The fire on the hearth held off the nip of rainy autumn air, and the dark, heavy furniture crowded for space on the carpets.

“Please close the door behind you,” the king requested without looking up from his scrutiny of the documents on his desk.

Jayne closed the door and crossed to stand before the desk. Instead of the memories of the distant past, she found her thoughts preoccupied with the first time she had met Liam here. His kindness and gentleness as she recounted her sordid family history warmed her heart.

Something stirred in the shadows to the right of the king. Jayne’s eyes met the steady gaze of the armed man standing in the shadow of a bookcase. He inclined his head to her politely. By now she had grown used to this acknowledgement. The royal guard treated her like a noblewoman. She wasn’t sure if they were taking their cues from Braxton and Liam’s men or the king’s direct orders. Either way, she was thankful for the distance and respect they granted her.

“Please be seated.” Ireic rose and turned toward the man in the shadows. Handing him a small stack of papers, he said, “See that Braxton gets these. He needs them immediately.”

“But, sire,” the man protested.

“She is hardly a threat to me, Yoric. Now go. The sooner you leave, the sooner you return.”

With a brisk bow and tapping of boot heels, Yoric left to obey.

Tour Schedule

January 2
Bookish Orchestrations-Tour Intro and Book Review
Julie Coulter Bellon-Review
Bokerah-Guest Post

January 3
The Overactive Imagination-Guest Post
Queen of Random-Book Spotlight
Rachel Rossano’s Words-Book Spotlight

January 4
Stephany Tullis-Book Spotlight
Ember’s Reviews-Author Interview and Review

January 5
Frances Hoelsema-Book Spotlight
Laurel’s Leaves-Author Interview
Author Franky A Brown-Guest Post

January 6
Zerina Blossom’s Books-Review
Shout outs-Guest Post
God’s Peculiar Treasure Rae-Book Spotlight
Rebekah Lyn Book-Character Spotlight

January 7
Bookish Orchestrations-Giveaway Winner


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New Year, New Growth

Happy New Year all. :)

I figured I ought to make a quick first post of the year. ^.^ I was hoping to put together a specific post to be my first of 2017, but haven’t had the chance to do so. I think I say that a lot… Coming up I have a blogtour post, so at least that’s something. ;)


It will be interesting to see how 2017 plays out. I know God will reign strong, and keep prompting us to His Cross.

2016 was a good year. A growing year. Towards the end months, I personally have felt more “refining fire”, and it hurts, but God’s growing me. He’s working on me – healing a lot of stuff. I praise Him. But it is hard, can’t lie. However, these verse bring amazing awe and comfort:

“Come, let us return to the LORD. For He has torn us, but He will heal us; He has wounded us, but He will bandage us.” – Hosea 6:1

“For He bruises, and binds up: He wounds, and His hands make whole.” – Job 5:18


Yes, He will bruise us. But He will heal and make us whole again – His bruising is only to make us more like Him. I pray that He continues to do that in each one of our lives this year. Let Him bruise. Burn the dross out of us. We can’t be full of Him if we don’t let Him empty us of ourselves first. Let that be our 2017 goal – to let Him work, no matter how painful it might be. Because the wounds of God are better than the pleasures of evil. Like the verse that says “Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.”(Proverbs 27:6). Jesus is our Friend.

By Him growing us, we will only grow closer to Him, and that is a beautiful gift.









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The Big Ol’ Wrap Up

It’s that time of year….where we wrap up this previous year and prepare for the new. On my blog, that mainly means: Books. ^.^
And because I am doing this post, I won’t be doing the Monthly-Wrap up of books like I often do. I did aquire some good books in December, but I didn’t actually read many at all. In fact, all I read was a short story (“Last Wish: a Short story” by Valerie Howard) –  I started “Wives and Daughters” by Elizabeth Gaskell at the beginning of the month, and am just finishing it now, so I’ll count it for 2016 but I’m afraid I may finish it on the first. XD. It’s a 600 page book, heavy English. But very good! :)
I read quite a few books during 2016; not quite as many as I was hoping for, but still a good amount, rounding out at a total of 63 books, and a total of 15,048 pages, according to Goodreads.
I won’t list them all, because that’d take time I don’t really have, and some people (most?!) probably won’t care. XD If you *want* to see what all books I’ve read, you can check out my Goodreads page here:
In this post what I *will* be doing, is listing some of my favourites. I read quite a few good ones, so narowing it down is always hard. I’ll try to just list 5.  So, shall we?
Family Lies, Deadly Ties by J.A. Marx. This was a 5 star book for sure. I loved it.
Land of Silence by Tessa Afshar – Mrs.Afshar does it again, writing a brilliant, heart-touching, encouraging read!
Forest Child by Heather Day Gilbert – This is an easy one for “Best of 2016” for sure. Absolutely magnificent!
The Cautious Maiden by Dawn Crandall – My first Dawn Crandall book and it was amazing. So sweet!
Light of the Last by Chuck Black. – A fantastic ending to a great series!
But I can’t forget these other amazing books that I thoroughly enjoyed:
Like Never Before, Keep Holding On, and One Enchanted Christmas, all by Melissa Tagg – all of these were SO good! So cute.
Anchor in the Storm by Sarah Sundin  – one simply cannot go wrong with a Sarah Sundin book! Her WWII fiction is fantastic.
…and so many more books. ^.^
NonFiction: I only read a few, but two of my favourites were these:
“I, Isaac, take thee, Rebekah” by Ravi Zacharias and “I Dare You” by Isabella D. Morganthal.
Honourable Fiction Mentions:
“If He Lives” by Sarah Holman
“Counted with the Stars” by Connilyn Cosette
“Long Way Gone” by Charles Martin
“Miriam” by Mesu Andrews
“The Flaming Sword” by Heather FitzGerald
Augh, do you know how hard it is to narrow down great books?! I realize a lot of you do. ^.^
So, what do I plan to read in 2017? Um…well…I’d like to get through my TBR bookshelves! XD That’s a lofty goal. But realisitcally, I really would like to check off a couple on my shelf that have long been waiting to be read. I also want to reread the first book and novella in the Ilyon Chronicles, and continue on with that series, and also reread The Time of Grace Series by Alicia Ruggieri, finally getting to read the third one! I have many other “To Read”s though. We’ll see what get’s done! What is on your 2017 Read List? Did you have a favourite book of 2016?
Here’s to a year of pleasurable reading!
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BookLook Review: “The Silent Songbird”

Eeek, I’ve been silent on my blog for quite a while! I should’ve posted this review sooner, but between life and memory, it didn’t occur…I apologize! 



The Silent SongBird by Melanie Dickerson

Review copy from

About the Book:

“Evangeline is gifted with a heavenly voice, but she is trapped in a sinister betrothal until she embarks on a daring escape and meets brave Westley le Wyse. Can he help her discover the freedom to sing again?

Desperate to flee a political marriage to her cousin King Richard II’s closest advisor, Lord Shiveley—a man twice her age with shadowy motives—Evangeline runs away and joins a small band of servants journeying back to Glynval, their home village.

Pretending to be mute, she gets to know Westley le Wyse, their handsome young leader, who is intrigued by the beautiful servant girl. But when the truth comes out, it may shatter any hope that love could grow between them.

More than Evangeline’s future is at stake as she finds herself entangled in a web of intrigue that threatens England’s monarchy.Should she give herself up to protect the only person who cares about her? If she does, who will save the king from a plot to steal his throne?”


My Thoughts:

I really love the cover of this book. As usual for a Dickerson book, the cover is very beautiful and captivating, and represents the story inside very well.
This was a retelling of The Little Mermaid – what I love best about Melanie Dickerson’s books is that they are Christian Fairy-Tale Retellings *without* magic. That’s so great. And they have a historical feel with the setting, which is neat too.
This was a fun story to read. I enjoyed seeing the similarities to The Little Mermaid a great deal, and yet also reading new twists to the story.
There were only a couple slight concerns I had for this book towards the end. I don’t want to give too much away so I will try to keep it brief, but I wasn’t very pleased with an act of disobedience that was shown in a good light, and later condoned because it was “courageous”. The goal for this act could’ve been accomplished in a way that was not glorifying stubbornness and disobedience. That disappointed me, though I see it in stories a lot –  a strong female character doing what they want because they know they *can*, even when they’re requested not to out of care from the other person, and then later the other character saying she was right in going against his wishes. It just could’ve been handled in a better way, in my opinion, and still reached the desired ending.
The other thing was the romance bit, where they fall in love without knowing each other – even when a father warns against it because “the heart is deceitful”. They never really truly got to know each other better before kissing happened.
But otherwise, it was a great story, and a sweet romance for the most part. Strong characters, great plot, and a well-done retelling. :)


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November is Over

So it is. And now December is upon on. Already Winter seems to be coming fast and going quickly…not sure I’m okay with that. :D I am glad Winter stays several months before Spring comes again. I know I’m one of the few, but that’s alright.

November was a fairly good month, I doth believe. We had warm weather till about the middle of the month, which was strange. First snowfall was late, if you ask me, but it’s just as well since we weren’t quite prepared for it. We were getting out all the animal heated-water-bowls as it was snowing. ^.^ We’re just about buttoned up though – need to get some more hay for the Winter before closing the barn up more, but then we should be good.

Throughout November I dealt with some health-issues – gallbladder to be precise. It was extremely unpleasant and caused a great amount of pain. It took a couple doctor/chiropractor visits to figure out what it was for sure, but once we knew, we started to work at healing it naturally. Because I don’t want my gallbladder taken out – nor any of my other organs. God put ’em there, so I think they should stay. :D And just so others know: it IS possible to heal it naturally.

I dealt with the pain from both sides – physically and spiritually, praying heavily through it all, getting to the root of the problem and getting healing from God spiritually first. I know that was really the key.  Went on a gallbladder/liver cleanse which was not fun, but it did help, and now I’m taking some specific enzymes every meal to keep up with it.

Bookwise…. I collected several books, some of which were:


“Bridge to Haven” by Francine Rivers – Tyndale Rewards

“Flame of Resistance” by Tracy Groot – Tyndale Rewards

“Forest Child” by Heather Day Gilbert – Review copy

“Worth it All” by Isabella D. Morganthal – Giveaway Win

“The Silent Songbird” by Melanie Dickerson – Review copy


Let me just note quick that the Tyndale Rewards program is really lovely! I don’t really remember how I first came upon it (it was some time ago!) but I just recently have begun to discover how nice it really is – for doing various things (not hard things either), I was able to earn enough points to get two books – print copies – for free! Isn’t that nice? If you haven’t joined already, I definitely recommend it – and if you join using my link, I’ll also get 10 points which is kinda nice. :) If interested, join here.


Anyway, back to the regular schedule. ;)

I read a few books during November, too. Those being:

“The Hope of Shridula” by Kay Marshall Strom,

“Forest Child” by Heather Day Gilbert,

“I, Isaac, take thee, Rebekah” by Ravi Zacharias,

“The Silent Songbird” by Melanie Dickerson

and “Long Way Gone” by Charles Martin.


One of those was even non-fiction – can you believe it?! ;) “I, Isaac, take thee, Rebekah” was truly amazing, and I highly, highly recommend it!!

Favourite book of the month was probably…”Forest Child” by Heather Day Gilbert for fiction, and Ravi Zacharias’ book for nonfiction. :)


Musicwise…umm…I have been listening to one group pretty much exclusively for a couple months. And that group would be The Monkees. My sister and I have greatly enjoyed watching – and rewatching – the two seasons of shows, and avidly listening to their music. I love their music. I do have a favourite Monkee, and that would be Michael Nesmith. His songs are my favourite, though they’re all so good. :)


Mike Nesmith.jpg


So yes, that’s November for ye. How was yours? Did you all have a good Thanksgiving?