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“Shadows Over Whitman” Series by Gina Holder ~ Review

I recently had the lovely opportunity of reading the Shadows Over Whitman series by Gina Holder, and today I am sharing my reviews for each book. If you enjoy well written books about related characters and great faith messages, I certainly recommend this series!

About the Book:

She’s looking for her birth mother. He’s looking for a thief.
Will each find what they are searching for?

Paige McDonald, an avid book collector, discovers a forgotten Bible. When the Bible reveals that she was abandoned on the steps of a fire department, she begins a journey to search for her birth mother.

Hamilton Bryant, a Patrol Officer, has sworn off romance, reserving his passion for the town he’s sworn to protect. When Paige’s arrival in Whitman coincides with random thefts and threats against the mayor, Hamilton is compelled to investigate the newcomer.

When the danger gets personal, can Paige save her reputation before she ends up in jail for crimes she didn’t commit?

My Review:

“No Greater Love” is a great start of this series, and I was easily brought into its pages. 

Well-written, I was especially impressed with the level of mystery and danger that was portrayed in such a good amount. Really, the story was all very nicely balanced, and I really enjoyed getting to know these characters. Paige McDonald is searching for her birth mom, which turns out to be rather complicated. Meanwhile, her own past threatens to get her in further trouble, and when her paths cross with Whitman’s policeman, her life becomes a little more complicated. The faith strand was also really well done and an important element of the plot, which I greatly appreciated. Religion never was something Paige pursued, but God pursued her and wrapped her in His enduring love, which was a beautiful message.

Looking forward to continuing this series!

About the Book:

She’s running for governor. He’s a pastor.
Will they risk their lives to keep a secret?

Annie Staten, now known as Kathleen Phillips, has dreamed of pursuing a political career and following in her father’s footsteps. But Richard was a hated man during his tenure as governor and now his enemies will stop at nothing to prevent his daughter from winning the election.

Ryan Whitestone has loved Annie since high school, but his heart is broken by the woman she has become. When the daughter she gave up for adoption comes back into her life, can he help her heal from her pain and remind her of who she used to be?

Will Kathleen be able to forgive herself, put the past behind her, and find love again?

The continuing story of No Greater Love.

My Review:

I really enjoyed reading this next book in the Shadows Over Whitman series, and seeing how it continued after book one left off. A lot of the story themes were continued and resolved, and we get to see more from Katherine’s perspective, and a little of what her motives were for her often hurtful actions towards her family members and those she loved.
I’m not really a huge fan of politics and novels involving politics, so I would say the first book in this series was more of my speed than this one, however I did still really like the story, and once again, the mystery element was well written, and I was eager to see how it all transpired and worked together in the end.The theme of forgiveness was truly beautiful and so heartfelt. I loved and appreciated that. Katherine was a hard character, but I think that made her transformation even more touching and inspiring. I also really liked Ryan’s perspective thorughout the novel and what that added to the story. He still loved the woman he fell in love with, but also had to learn what it meant to truly love who she was now too. I thought that was a good touch to the story.
And now I’m all the more excited to see what the third book holds!

About the Book:

he’s a modern day damsel. He’s her self-appointed knight. Who will rescue whom?

Kylie just wants to run her café without people thinking she’s a damsel-in-distress. That proves difficult when a man claiming to be her half-brother reveals buried family trauma and forces Kylie to face the scars of her childhood.
Peter doesn’t mean to be a knight in shining armor, but as her proverbial big brother, he decides to uncover the truth about Kylie’s semi-sibling, while trying to make peace with his own mistakes.
Unearthing the past leads to a danger greater than either ever expected. In the end, who will rescue whom?

My Review:

I think this one might be my favorite of the series! I was already anticipating getting to know more of Kylie’s story from what we learned in the first two books in the Shadows Over Whitman series, so it was a treat to dive in.
Yes, Kylie is very trusting, maybe too much so at times, but she had such a tender and giving heart. I really liked how that was highlighted throughout the novel.
The mystery of the bad guy continued in Grace Immeasurable, and it was great to see how it all tied together in the end. There was a fair bit of danger and suspense but once again it was at a decent balance that never felt like too much or anything.
The romance was more on the subtle side but still very tastefully done and I thought it was a very sweet addition.
As with the first two, the faith strand was the most important part of the story and I loved that. It was a beautiful message.

All all, this series was a delightful experience, and I enjoyed getting to know these characters!  


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