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Today’s the Day! Writer’s Unite Contest!



You might’ve heard me mention this Writer’s Unite contest before, and now today is finally the day! So, let’s get to the details first, and then I shall give you my writing prompt! You may use mine or any of the other’s that they post on their blogs, or combine them too. It’s up to you. But please do use one of the prompts to include in your story. Thank you! Also, at the bottom of this post, one of the judges put together  ‘bio questions’ so you can know about the each of us, if you care to read that. :) Then you must pick up your pen (or your laptop…) and write! We look forward to your entries!!


image (1)




Writes Unite Writing Contest


Dates: April 15th – May 16th
Winners announced: May 30th
Maximum word count: 7,000

Prizes: The Calling by Rachelle Dekker, Space Kitties -a collection of short stories, and 3 songs:

1)What Are You Going to Do Now You Are Not Saving the World? (From Superman: Man of Steel)
2)Superman – Man of Steel
3) Legend-The Celtic Collection

Even though not everyone will win, we did want to include the links for 2 free ebooks for everyone:
Daughter of Light by Morgan L Busse
and  Failstate by John Otte

Please submit your stories to: writersunite2016(at)gmail(dot)com

*NOTE: Please, no inappropriate scenes or language. Preferably no magic, though powers are okay.*
"Those who give much without sacrifice are reckoned as having given little." ~ Erwin Lutzer
“Greater Love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends”





1) Introduce yourself

2) What is your favorite genre of book to read?

3) What is your favorite genre to write about?

4) When not reading/writing what are some things you enjoy doing?

5) What is you favorite kind of music to listen to?

6) Whose side are you on for Captain America? Civil War team Cap or team Iron man? Whose said are you on for Batman vs. Superman? Superman or Batman?





R. J. Steele – 

And my rep:

1) My name is R. J. Steele

2) My favorite genre is probably fantasy, but dystopien follows closely.

3) I write fantasy with some futuristic.

4) I like to hang out with my friends and cousins in my free time.

5) …Um, I listen to a lot of different kinds of music….not just one

6) I am Team Cap for the Captain America Civil War.




SMB – 

My rep.

1) I’m SMB

2) I love to read Biblical and historical fiction, as well as fantasy

3) Everything! I have a ton of different stuff I am working on right now, or have plans for: fantasy, futuristic, historical fiction, and a few other things as well. :)

4) When I’m not reading and writing I’m usually either dreaming up stories, traveling and doing outdoor adventures, or on Pinterest.  :)

5) I like to listen to a lot of different music. I have a playlist for when I’m writing, but for everyday life I like to listen to stuff like Jamie Grace, Moriah Peters, For King and Country, and similar artists/songs.

6) Up to this point I’ve been team Captain America for the Civil War.





This is my representation pic.:

1) Raechel

2) Oh that’s a tough one…I love many genres, but two of my top favourites are Christian fantasy and Biblical fiction.

3) Christian fantasy with no magic, and a sort of ‘medieval’ ish feel to it.

4) Well…I’m almost always reading or writing, but I also love throwing my tomahawk/knives at my log target, and just being with my family.

5)I don’t have a specific favourite kind of music really…is TobyMac a genre? XD I like upbeat, exciting Christian music.

6) None? I’m not into Marvel stuff.





My rep pic (sorry it's so late)

1) My name is Sierra, though I also go by Sparrow a lot online

2) It depends on my mood, I read a lot of different genres. If I had to pick one, I’d probably say fantasy.

3) Again, I write all different genres. Probably fantasy is my “favorite”.

4) I like drawng and… uh… wow I sound like a boring person. I don’t do all that much besides read and write and draw. I love photography though.

5) Also depends on my mood… *hides* I’m not a consistent person. I just have a bunch of spotify playlists with groups of artists and bands together. Right now I’m listening to the TobyMac and Capital Kings one, but last week it was BarlowGirl, ZOEgirl, Addison Road, and Superchic(K)

6) Team Cap!





My representation. :):

1) Hey, I’m Faith P.!

2) My favorite genre of books to read is historical fiction. :)

3) My favorite genre to write is historical fiction as well. :)

4) I enjoy pottery, camping, kayaking, and hanging out with my dog. ;)

5) Contemporary Christian :)

6) I’m not familiar with any of those, sorry!





my representation:

1) Aiden

2) Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Superhero (whatever that genera is called)

3) Fantasy-Sci-Fi

4) Cosplay, Marital Art, and Parkour

5) Almost anything

6) Well team Spidey for Captain America Civil War, and Superman for Batman Vs. Superman 


And my representation.
1) Hi, my name is Jesseca Dawn. :)
2) My favorite genre to read would have to be historical fiction. It’s awesome. ;)
3)And, my favorite genre to write would be historical fiction as well! I love all the research that goes into it.
4) My favorite kind of music is movie soundtracks! They’re the best! ;) Hymns tie with the soundtracks for a favorite, and contemporary.
A HUGE thank you to everyone!! Have fun writing, and again, can’t wait to read your stories!!
*Representation pictures, and the picture prompt are from Pinterest


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Once a week/Pinterest Favourites

I know a while back I had said I might try to share some Pinterest favourites on here, but I kinda let that one fizzle out. I thought that I might try again, this time setting a schedule for myself – I’ll post 5 or so favourite pins I discovered over the past week every Friday. I’ll give it a try, and if it interests you, great, and if not, please let me know! I would love to hear what you would like to see on this blog. :)

So, as it is Friday, here are a few of my favourite finds of this past week:

There is just something eerily grabbing in this quote. I thought it would be a great writing prompt. :)

I want this!

Mum and I both want this so much – isn’t it adorable?!


"El Shaddai knows all my 'if onlys' and weaves them on the loom of His good plan" - "The Pharoah's Daughter by Mesu Andrews, releasing in March

From Mesu Andrews’ upcoming book, “The Pharaoh’s Daughter”. (I can’t wait to read this book – I have an ARC copy, but haven’t been able to start it yet. Will soon though!)


Imperfections - we all have them. And yet He loves us more and more.

We all have imperfection, yet God loves us more and more, and continues to work on us. He is love. :)

Made the paper heart yesterday!

I thought this was pretty cute. I made the heart piece, and am hoping to add it to a frame like this. We’ll see. :)


And this is for a type of writing prompt. It just is lovely. :)

And so concludes this first week of ‘Pinterest Favourites’.

Are you on Pinterest? Did you have any favourite pins of the week? I’d love to see. :)

And just to note, though I’m sure it is evident, all images shared above are from Pinterest. :D

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Extra’s for “My Heart Knew” short story

I thought I would also share just a few things that reminded me of the short story I just posted – “My Heart Knew” – and also how God used it to teach me. He likes to do that, and I like it when He does it, too. :)

First, here are some pins (all from Pinterest) that are like the story:

For my short story I wrote...

Adelaide maybe wouldn’t have been wearing this exact mask to the ball, but I thought it was lovely looking.

Not an exact resemblance, but I think it kind of show the bright excitement in her eyes. (I don’t know who drew this picture, but it is lovely, and if by chance the artist of it is reading this, please let me know so I can credit you!)


By burdge bug!

This also reminds me of her a lot. (Done by BurgeBug on Pinterest)


Maybe her, but not quite him, at least in my mind. :) (Again: I don’t know who drew this picture, but it is lovely, and if by chance the artist of it is reading this, please let me know so I can credit you!)


So, my husband realized (and verified) this is not a Shakespeare quote (smartypants!), but I love it just the same.


As for what God taught me through this short story…read on.

Around the time that I wrote “My Heart Knew”, I was debating whether or not to get a Kindle Fire. I had saved up birthday money and some Christmas money, and had enough to buy one….but I was afraid of making the wrong choice. Doubts flew through my head, “What if God doesn’t want me getting a Kindle and I waste my money?” “What if I spend the money, get a Kindle and then find it hurts my eyes?” etc.

So anyway, I was thinking on it a lot. I didn’t want to make the wrong choice and have God be angry at me. But I wanted a Kindle Fire – it would make reading a few ecopies so much easier than on my laptop. I tried praying about it, but then I was afraid of not hearing correctly. Mum was talking with me, and she said, “Remember the short story you just wrote? Adelaide trusted that the Lord would bring good to her – and that she would know it. And that, no matter what, He would be glorified through it.”

Trust. Trust that He has everything in the palms of His hands, and He does only want good for me – whatever that may mean. If it meant that He would find me the perfect Kindle, or if He would have me wait – whatever He chose, it would be good. Adelaide prayed that God’s will would be done no matter what, and in everything that He would be glorified – she would rest joyfully in that knowledge alone. And God proceeded to show me the same thing. He gave me ultimate peace – whether I got a Kindle Fire or not.

God’s not out to give us the worst or punish us, or withhold things that we want from us. Everything He does for us is good. He has reasons why He does what He does. And He does it because He loves us, and goes on loving us. Such a valuable and important reminder!!

(P.S. God did provide the perfect Kindle Fire within my price range – almost immediately after I surrendered it to Him! And I love it. :)


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Shine – Short story

Hello :)

I mentioned in my last post that I had recently written two short-short stories. I thought I would share them here, one at a time. This one is the second one I wrote. I post the first one sometime soon. :) The way these stories came about was just going on Pinterest and seeing a pin and writing from it. :) Enjoy and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Please do not steal/take, etc. Thank you! :)


“Shine” a short story by Raechel L. K.

Don't shine so others can see you; shine so that through you, others can see Him.

“Shine,” Alsebeth sighed. “What if you don’t want to shine?” she mumbled to herself as she flipped the Bible pages continually, reaching the end without finding anything to touch her soul. Oh sure there was plenty of gems to be found in the Bible, but she wasn’t interested at that precise moment. She wanted something to reach out and touch her – deeply, not just on the surface. And yet the only thing that kept jumping out at her was the same verse she had seen nearly everywhere she turned. It was mentioned at church the recent Sunday, it was in the recent magazine issue she received from like-minded Christian girls, it was even in her penpals latest letter. Shine. What did it really mean? Alsebeth was introverted, quiet and shy to the extreme. She liked staying in her quiet home that was well within her comfort zone. She loved the Lord deeply – He was rooted in her very soul. But shining was a daunting aspect she hadn’t wanted to consider. Before or now. It just wasn’t in her vocabulary, nor her way of living.
Placing her head in her hands she prayed, “Oh God, show me what to do. Show me how only You can change my heart. Show me.”
“Alsebeth!” her mother’s voice invaded her prayer, “Time for dinner honey, can you come help clear and set the table dear?”
Alsebeth shut the Bible gently, setting it on her pillow. “Coming mother!” she replied with a soft voice. “I will return, Lord,” she whispered as she fingered the Bible one last time and headed down to the kitchen.
Once dinner was set and Alsebeth and her family of five were seated at the table, father, John, bespoke the family prayer and blessing over dinner. Amen’s echoed around the rectangle table, and mother, Junelette started to dish each family member their plate. Rice, mashed-potatoes, gravy, corn, and not to forget the roasted turkey. A treat among their table. What was the celebration, one would ask? Nothing quite so extraordinary as a holiday or birthday, but rather a quiet gathering of their growing family together. Alsebeth’s older sister, Lily, and her new husband, Ryan, were visiting. In fact they had just come to announce that their family of two would be turning into three come Summer. Alsebeth smiled to think of greeting her new nephew or niece into the family.
“Are you staying till Sunday liked you hoped?” John asked Lily and Ryan across the table. Lily nodded and Ryan answered, “If you’ll have us, we’d love to.”
“Of course dears! We’ll have you as long as we can keep you,” Junelette smiled at her children. There was little that made her happier than seeing all her children together.
Dinner was continued with warm conversation, and truly Alsebeth loved being around her family, but she was eager to get her soul settled some. “Mother, when dinner is complete, may I return to my room? I have something I want to pray about.”
“Certainly, darling. May I help you in any way?” Junelette said.
Aslebeth shook her head, “Not yet, I don’t think. There’s just been a verse on my mind that I want to mull over some more. One in Matthew.”
John nodded his head knowingly. “The ‘shine’ one? That one has been on my mind too.”
Alsebeth was glad to know she wasn’t the only one thinking – and perhaps struggling some – with that verse. “Yeah,” she answered, “It provokes a lot of thought.”
“I agree. Well, let us know if you need anything, and we’ll be glad to talk with you, or pray with you, too,” John said, and Alsebeth smiled, “Thank you, Dad.”
“I don’t want to shine, God, I’m too afraid…” Alsebeth later cried on her bed, as she considered the verse more and more. “I am not outgoing, I am not bold, I am timid and shy. And I don’t know how to fix that,”
As she sat still, remaining quiet except for the occasional drip of a tear falling off her nose onto her outspread hands, she was humbled by a Voice much greater than herself, “You need not fear, My little one, for I have everything in My hands. I have created you just as you are, you are holy and sacred to me. I will change what needs to be changed, and heal what needs to be healed in you, but you need only be still. Look closer at this verse My love, and whisper it to Me.”
Aslbeth felt tears stream harder down her face as she breathed in awe at the One Who so graciously spoke to her soul. She took in His message like a rain shower on a parched land. It was everything she needed to hear. And so she picked up her worn torn Bible again and opened to the marked spot, whispering the words she feared, out loud in a quiet whisper to her Creator.
“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matthew 5:16”
And more tears cascaded down her face as she realized the meaning – it didn’t mean that she had to shine in an out-going way; it meant that she was to shine for Christ, for her Abba Father. It was to serve Him, and through serving Him – in whichever way He sought fit – that others might see her shining for Him and glorify Him too. “It’s all about You, Lord, and what You do in us, and for us.” she whispered, a smile gracing her face.
“I will shine for You. In however way You see fit, Jesus. I will shine.”


The End