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All is Love

Happy Valentine’s Day. :) I don’t really celebrate this holiday or give it much ‘stock’ myself, but it does bring to mind ‘love’ and ‘romance’ doesn’t it?

Pretty much my life as a whole. Unless they want to hear about what book I'm reading.

Haha, I do like to joke about my single-ness, but in truth I am not actually worried about it. Because I want the right man, not just a boyfriend.

Today I want to share something with you, doesn’t matter if you’re female, or male, single, or married, etc. This is for everyone:

You may be wondering why I am sharing The Articles of the Code (which is from Chuck Black’s books “The Knights of Arrethtrae” and “The Kingdom Series”) on Valentine’s Day. What does this have to do with love or romance? Well…quite a bit actually. I have this poster on my wall, and as I was reading it the other day, something hit me – these words are not only applicable to how I want to live my life, but what I want to look for in a future spouse. I want a man who will honor the King (our Lord) with his whole life and serve Him as God only. I want him to hold truth, justice, and honor as important. I want him to have a servants heart, always willing to serve, and ultimately living for the King above all else.  I don’t want him to abandon me – I want us to work side by side in all things. I want him to persevere in all fervency in knowing the Lord and fighting evil, and leading me and our family to do the same.

Every trait on that poster I want my future husband to have, and I also want to possess such admirable traits.

I am putting this to a spouse, but these traits can also be applied to our everyday life, no matter who we are, no matter what our situation is.

And any single young women reading this, I want to say to you: don’t give up. Don’t settle. If God wants you to marry, He will provide a way. Don’t be afraid if it takes longer than you would like – He hasn’t forgotten you, I give you my word! He will bring that right young man into your lives at the right time if that is His will. Be open to Him and He will guide you. He loves you more than any man ever will and will provide for you. If He wants you married, He will bring the right one to you. Trust Him. I know it’s hard. I know it can be scary, but please, wait for His best.

Also remember that no mortal man is perfect. God’s best for us will be perfect for us. That doesn’t mean he will be perfect – neither are we! But that he will be right for us just as we are right for them. :)


May you all feel treasured by our Heavenly Father today and always!! His love is everlasting! <3



*First and third picture used from Pinterest; I claim no right to them

**The Articles of the Code belongs to Chuck Black, used here with permission. Please visit his website here:

The photo of The Articles of the Code used with permission came from this page where you may purchase your own copy:



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“Love is in the Heart” Writing Contest!

Hello my friendly readers! Today I’m sharing about a writing contest that a friend is putting on – it sounds pretty fun, and I’m hoping to join in! I’m reblogging her post to help spread the word:




“I’ve decided this will be a Valentine’s contest, with love being the over-all theme. It can be romance, but doesn’t have to be. Other types of loves stories are worth celebrating too. (mother/child, best friends, etc.) Any genre is accepted Romance, Western, Cozy Mystery, Children’s, MG, YA, NA, MA (Middle age, I’m thinking of readers my age, lol!), and the list goes on- as long as it’s fiction and clean. (No horror, please).

The word limit is 5000 words. No minimum word count required.

The deadline for your entry(s) is noon, on February 1rst. I’ll announce the winner(s) on (drumroll, please) Valentine’s day! (Big surprise, huh?)

In order to have a contest we need entries, so it will take at least 5 entries to hold one. If we can’t garner enough interest, then we may have to cancel, but hopefully, you will all get inspired and write your hearts out with love!!!

If we get 5 entries, we’ll only have one winner, but if we get 10 entries, we’ll have a first and second place. If we get at least 14 entries (In honor of February 14th) we’ll have a first, second, and third place! You may enter more than one story if you wish. Please make it one you haven’t won in a previous competition.

This would be a great time to spread the word about this contest, and invite your friends to the group or share my blog link so they can participate!

You’ll also be welcome to beta swap/read, and critique each other’s stories by posting an ad under the files tab so you can polish them up for submission!

Prize(s) are yet to be determined, but will be rather limited as your host is providing the spoils. (No trip to the Bahamas, yet! But who knows as time goes on what will happen, lol!

Your stories, and the rights to them will be yours to keep. (They will not be published in any shape or form). Please mull around the idea and let me know if you come up with something. I need to know fairly soon if we’re going to reach our goal for the number of stories we need to continue with our contest.”

Go HERE to Lesa’s blog to keep updated and find out more! Hope to have your participation! :)
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Tyndale Book Review: “Paper Hearts” by Courtney Walsh


“Paper Hearts” By Courtney Walsh   facebook

Review copy from Tyndale Blog Network

My rating: 4 out of 5 Stars



Could the loss of her dream lead to her happily ever after?

Abigail Pressman would never have guessed that love notes penned on paper hearts by an anonymous couple could restore her belief in love. As a business owner in a quaint town at the base of the Rockies, she’s poured everything into her dreams of expansion… and resisting the matchmaking efforts of the Valentine Volunteers, who gather in her store to continue Loves Park’s tradition of stamping mail with the city’s romantic postmark. When Abigail is unwillingly drafted into the Volunteers, she encounters the paper hearts, a distraction that couldn’t come at a worse time. A hard-to-read doctor has become Abigail’s new landlord, and he’s threatening to end her lease to expand his practice. As she fights a growing attraction to this handsome man who seems intent on crushing her dreams, Abigail is inspired to string the hearts in her store, sparking a citywide infatuation with the artsy trend. But when a new batch of hearts reaches the Volunteers, it appears something tragic has happened to the couple. Will uncovering their story confirm Abigail’s doubts about love, or could it rescue her dreams… and her heart?

My Thoughts:

This was a truly sweet story. A rather ‘heart-melting’ one. :) I wasn’t sure what I’d think of it, because I’ve read my fair share of contemporary romances, and most just aren’t so great, but I was pleasantly surprised with this one. It wouldn’t leave my mind when I wasn’t reading it, and there were some really, really sweet parts. I know I already said it was sweet, but that’s the perfect word for it. And the Christian theme was really well done too. I was very happy with that, and the outcome, and the healing, etc. All in all I really enjoyed this book! I really liked Abigail – right away; I could relate to her in some ways. And plus, she owned a book store – I love books. :)

The Paper Heart bit of it was just soooo lovely. So cute. And I loved how Abigail loved it secretly, how she poured over the hearts.

Yep, this was a cute and adorable book, well written, and very engaging! I really liked it. :)

I was sent a free copy of this book from the Tyndale blog program for the purpose of this review. All thoughts are my own; honest and unbiased.

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Another post relating to books, but not a book review :D

Hello my dear readers!
I do realise that all I have been posting is book reviews. I have been dwelling on that fact a lot, and do want to write a regular post very very soon!! Life has been extremely busy, emotional, and rough. But I’ll get to all that in another post.
For this post, though, I am sharing about a LOVELY give-away here:

15 books!! Doesn’t that just sound absolutely marvelous?? I just adore books, and would love to win and read all of these titles by self-published authors. Wowee! Do head over and check it out – who wouldn’t want to win some grand books? :)

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Happy Valentine’s Day XP

D’ya got a sweet-heart you’re going to spend the day with? D’ya have any plans for the day?
I do. Packing, and cleaning a guinea pig cage, or two, as well as a litter-box, (oh joy) and possibly a date. With the movie “Persuasion” :D And then Noah’s got a piano lesson this afternoon, and we’ll have some more stops to make, as I need lettuce for the time being that we’ll be gone, as well as other things. Then I get to come home and pack bags of lettuce and hay/carrots. Lovely way to spend the day huh?
But silly me. I have not said where it is that I’ll be gone to. Though I’m sure you can guess. :)
Yes. We are finally going up to Duluth. I am looking forward to it so much. And it will be a long visit. Five days. Though really, four days and an evening. Oh I am so glad we’re finally getting to go! It was November last time we were up there. We shall be going to an Aquarium up there on Friday, for Noah’s birthday (though her b-day isn’t till Saturday) and it shall be grand, I’m sure. David and Dallas are coming up as well, but not till Thursday. Our friend, Brenda will be here taking care of all our (erm…my) animals.

Now more on the tune of Valentine’s day. If I still had it, I’d dig out my card I got so many years back from a Secret Admirer. Yes, I have in fact received one or two of those in my life-time. :D I never did find out who that card was from, but I have a guess.
I wish I could get what I got last year on Valentine’s day….my “Knights of Arrethtrae” books. But that is highly unlikely ;)

Have you ever had a dream that was so real-like and wonderful at the time being, you wish it were real? And could actually happen? I had one of those last night. It was grand, yet waking up I came back to my senses and knew that would most likely never happen. And if it did, I’m not sure I’d want it. *sigh* Dreams are as much as an enigma as guys sometimes. XP Haha.
As for right now, I am still pretending I live in that dream, and am living in the moment by listening to first “Vanilla Twilight” and then “Deer in the Headlight” by Owl City. Oh please do not scream. I know. I have talked to myself many a time on the subject. Why in the world am I listening to Owl City? *whispers* I like it. Oh well.

Let me remind ye, I am human. Why should I remind you? Because I just felt it needed to reminding. And now I shall stop confusing you will off-subject sentences.

Well, I hope you have a most wonderful Valentine’s day! May Jesus be your sweet-heart always <3