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“Window Fellow” by Faith Potts

Faith Potts has released a new short story, and I’m pleased to be joining in the celebration, and sharing my review of this sweet story! :)





Window Fellow by Faith Potts

Short Story

My rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

About the Book:

What can you hide through a window? 
 Annalyse never expected to make a friend through a window, but her talks with the guy who lives next to the bus stop have become a favorite part of her day. But when a sudden schedule change reveals a secret he hadn’t meant to share, is there anything she can do to make things right? Or is their window friendship broken beyond repair?

My Thoughts:


This was a very sweet story! It was only about 13 pages long, so very easy to read in one sitting, yet it is not so short that there isn’t a story you can be fond of. The two main characters were both very endearing, and I loved their little exchanges. I would’ve loved to see how their story continued ;) Very well written, and well-developed especially for its length!



You can add it on Goodreads Here.

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Special Book Review “Ceaseless” by Sarah Holman

Why is this book review special, you might ask? Well, this short story is not yet released, nor does it have a cover or ‘about’ blurb. So this is a very, very early review I guess you might say. :)


“Ceaseless” by Sarah Holman

Short story part of the Tales of Taelis series

My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars


About the Book:

Not available. To hint at, it is the short story connected to “Courage and Corruption”, about a character named Alfred.


My Thoughts:

This was a very good short story, part of the Tales of Taelis series! Very well written, with a meaningful message. It was short, as the style would suggest, but still very enjoyable and a connecting piece to two of the books in this series.
I was impressed that so much could be expressed about Alfred and his journey in such a short amount of story-telling time.
As I said, love the writing style, and the author’s note at the end was beautiful. I really love this series. :)
*I was given an ecopy from the author. All thoughts are my own.
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“Continuing Destiny” by Sarah Holman ~ Book Review

(click on image to go to its amazon page)

“Continuing Destiny” by Sarah Holman

Short Story collection

My Rating: 3.5/4 out of 5 Stars


About the Book:

What would Maria’s life look like three years after The Destiny of a Galaxy? What about James, Quint, and Winter? This collection of four stories gives readers a glimpse into the romance, faith, trails, and everyday lives of this group as they each explore their Continuing Destiny.
Approximately 17 pages (5,500 words) long.


My Thoughts:

After finishing The Destiny Trilogy, it was fun to sort of “revisit” them, and see where the characters were a few years past the time where the series ended.
The short story (stories? They were more like chapters told from different character’s POV’s, telling a sort of continuing story) had a bit of a different feel to it, but still familiar and well-written. I very much enjoyed it, and would definitely recommend finishing off this series with this one! Adds a nice touch. :)


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“Father, Forgive Them” by Sarah Holman ~ Book Review

(Click on cover image to go to its amazon page)

“Father, Forgive Them” by Sarah Holman

A Resurrection Story


My rating: 4 out of 5 Stars



About the Book:

Jonathan was happy that this blasphemer would die. His only regret was that the Romans, not his people, would carry out justice. Yet, his world is rocked with a few words spoken from the cross.

A 5,000 word short story



My Thoughts:

This was a very short story about the death and glorious Resurrection of our Savior. It was a very touching story, as we are reminded the power in the empty grave – He is alive, and has forgiven all. Beautiful message, and well written for being so short!

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Book Review: “Befriended” by Sarah Holman

(Click on Image to Purchase this short story – it’s only 99 cents, and well worth it!)

“Befriended” by Sarah Holman

A Tales of Taelis Short Story

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars


About the book:

Eleanor is happy to be living with her brother and sister-in-law. She loves helping with her mischievous nephew, John. When John gets away from her one day, it sets off a chain of events that will change her life.

A short short story of faith, friendship, and family. A prequel story for Brothers and Betrayal.


My Thoughts:

The Tales of Taelis short stories offer a very fun glimpse into some backstory, or sidestories of various characters, and I enjoy that a lot!
This one was so sweet! Eleanor is a great character, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading her story!
 I don’t know what else to say besides the fact that I loved it! It really was sweet, and once again, the message was great. Definitely recommend it!



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Book Review: “Admirable” by Sarah Holman

Admirable (Tales of Taelis Short Stories Book 1) by [Holman, Sarah]

Admirable by Sarah Holman

A Tales of Taelis Short Story

My rating: 4 out of 5 Stars


About the book:

William returns home to find his family threatened with attack from a neighboring Earl. Will he be able to protect his sister and the rest of his family from this threat? Will he be able to trust God no matter what?
A prequel story for Adventures and Adversities.


My Thoughts:

Very good short story that gives us a glimpse of William’s backstory from “Adventures and Adversities”! It was very short making it easy to read in one sitting, but still very well-written and I enjoyed getting to read more about William’s past. The message was very sweet and profitable too – trusting God with our loved ones isn’t always the easiest, but it is very important!
Great story. :)
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“A Greater Freedom” by Raechel Lenore – Short Story Link Up

Hello readers!

Today I’m sharing a short story I wrote as part of the “They Have a Story” Link up over at Emily Anne’s blog. She posts a Inspiration Picture every month, and we have the choice to write something on it or not. You should check it out if you like writing. :) This is my first time participating. So without further ado, here’s the photo, and my story!


A Greater Freedom by Raechel Lenore

I was afraid again. Not afraid for my own life, but for the precious life of the daughter clinging to me as we awaited our coming judgement. It was always the same. To others, we were never worth more than the tasks we could accomplish. I wanted my daughter to have so much more. But so much had already been ripped away from us. Too much. Sometimes I felt like, “What is one more thing?” but in my soul, I fought against that bleakness. I wanted to believe there was hope, and that it would find us sooner than later.

I watched as the white man came towards, closing the distance between us until finally he stood in front of us. “What have I done?” I whispered in fear, my voice trembling no matter how strong I tried to be for my daughter.
The white man only smiled. But it wasn’t a menacing type of smile that I had grown accustomed to from our life on the big house land. It was a peculiar smile. I waited for the man to speak.
“It’s not what you’ve done. It’s what he’s done,” the white man tossed his head in the opposite direction where another man stood. I hadn’t noticed him before. But what did the white man mean? What had that other man done? She was afraid to voice her question. My daughter then softly pulled away from me, shyly looking up into the face of our “owner”. “Mister, what’s he done?” her little voice asked. I wanted to hug her for the strength she showed. The innocence. And I praised God that she still had some innocence in the rough life we’ve had.
The white man just smiled, “He’s bought your freedom. Good luck to you.”
And with that, he just left. The other man came closer, almost timid-looking. I didn’t know what to say, but once again my daughter spoke up, “Is this for real, mister? Am I free?”
The man bent down to her level, and smiled a smile that was very gentle. He reached for her hand, and said, “Yes. You are free. I have paid the price. You are free.”
“But why?” I heard myself speak, surprising even myself.
A look of sadness and joy mixed together appeared on the man’s face. “Because I am doing it for Someone higher. Someone who loves you very much. Now go, gather your things, and start a new life together. Here is some money to help you get started,” He handed her a sizable pouch.
I still did not truly understand, but I was thankful. Oh was I thankful! My daughter could live a new life. We could be free. “Thank you,” I said to the man. “What will happen to you?” I don’t know why I asked that, but I suddenly had to know.
“I will take your place,” he said.
But…that didn’t seem right. Couldn’t we all be free? Why did something bad have to happen to someone else so that something good could be accomplished in another?
“I do it because I have a Father in Heaven that loves you. I do it willingly. Have no fear – the Lord has delivered you, and someday He will deliver me also. Live in peace,”
Tears suddenly stung my eyes. This man was being uncharacteristically kind, and all because he loved the God whom they both worshiped. “I pray your deliverance comes soon, then,” I said as I bowed my head in thanks.
The man smiled, “Thank you. I am not afraid.”
It was time, then, for my daughter and I to depart….but I would never forget the man’s kindness. He delivered us, so that we might be free. All because of a loving God.



And that’s it. :) Please no stealing, copyright by me, yada, yada, yada. :) Thanks for reading!!

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A Writerly Update

Ah yes, I am actually writing a normal post! And about my writing, no less :D It has been a while, and so I thought ‘why not?’ (anybody thinking of the quote from “Leap Year” when the icky fiance’ says that? XD)

So yes, my writing…

I am only working on a couple projects now – of writing, that is. The biggest news that I have to share here, is that a few days ago, I FINISHED the story of my heart – the novel that has taken me over 4 years to write! It’s all done. Two full notebooks, and lots of pencil stubs later, it is complete.  And I cannot even being to express how exciting, and sad, and amazing that is for me! I don’t feel like I will ever be done with this story though. It’s too close to my heart to ever really be over. =) Next step for that one comes typing it up on the computer and then editing…I’m not exactly sure when I will start that mountainous project.

Currently, my Beauty and the Beast retelling is in its second stage of editing. After that, I imagine I will give it one more read through, and then start the publishing process for that one. So exciting! Even if it isn’t till later this year, or even next year, it’s still exciting that I will be published in the near future!

I am also currently writing a short story for a contest through Homeschooled Authors.


You’ll just have to wait and see what Jane Austen story I am retelling. =) I am also writing this one by hand because my laptop has not been behaving properly. That’s okay though, because I felt that it is God’s doing to have me writing it by hand. It gives Him even more control. :)

I’m also working on another writing project that is my “typical” medieval-y/village-y setting. Fantasy, but not really. Hard to explain. =) I’ve sort of set this beloved story on back-burner until I finish my short story, which I’m hoping will be soon, because I miss that other story which I refer to as “M and A Story” online. =) Once everything is all done and published, I will share names, details, etc.!

I’m editing a couple of friend’s books as well, so that’s fun…

I think this about wraps it up for a writerly update! Not much else to say… =) If you’re a writer, what are you working on at present?


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“Forgiveness with Thee” – a Short WWII story by yours truly

Hello readers!

Jack Lewis Baillot over at However Improbable is holding a WWII themed give-away, the ‘give-away’ to be three copies of her book, “Brothers-in-arms” which I dearly would love to read. Thus I am entering! One of the ways to enter is to write a short story relating to WWII, so that is what I have done. Here it is!


American medic in Anzio Italy 1944 WWII  (pic via Pinterest)

“Forgiveness with Thee”

by Raechel Lenore

Gun fire and explosions rang in Danny’s ears continually, yet his limbs refused to follow his brains muddled commands to move!

*One more hit and I’m a goner,* he silently thought to himself. When would the terror and nightmares be over?

“I can’t…go…yet” he mumbled. “Too…many…sins to…make up for,” he cringed, the pain coursing through his entire body nearly unbearable.

“Lord, hear me, please…let me not die in vain.” He coughed rapidly, his eyes widening in fright and alarm as he saw blood on his chest, surely from the coughing.

Another explosion hit near by.

A single tear trickled down his cheek,  “I am…so…sorry…for all I’ve done, God. Please…save…my family.” More coughs, more blood. Danny knew it couldn’t be long now.

Then, as a refreshing river drenching his parched soul, Bible verses his mother had repeated over and over in his growing up years made their way through his mind:

“Out of the depths have I cried unto thee, O Lord. Lord, hear my voice: let thine ears be attentive to the voice of my supplications. If thou, Lord, shouldest mark iniquities, O Lord, who shall stand? But there is forgiveness with thee, that thou mayest be feared. I wait for the Lord, my soul doth wait, and in his word do I hope. My soul waiteth for the Lord more than they that watch for the morning: I say, more than they that watch for the morning. Let Israel hope in the Lord: for with the Lord there is mercy, and with him is plenteous redemption. And he shall redeem Israel from all his iniquities.” – Psalm 130

Tears continued to flow down his face. But there is forgiveness in Thee…  “Thank You, Lord, Thank You,”

Everything in Danny’s world went dark.


“Ma’am? You home, Ma’am?” a young soldier pounded on the door of a small American home. Amelia McQuade stood at the kitchen stone, making do with what little supplies she had. “This blasted war” she mumbled. Wiping her flour-covered hands on her apron, Amelia hurried to her door. Another knock sounded, and she called out, “Be right there!” Her little four-year old son appeared at her feet, “Who is it, Mamma?”

“I’m not sure, Daniel,” She answered patiently. “Shall we find out?”

Not waiting for her child to answer, Amelia opened the door, her hand resting on her pregnant stomach.

“Can I help – ” her hand quickly flew to her mouth. Danny. You came home!

The young soldier stood behind Amelia’s husband’s wheelchair. “We thought he was a goner, Ma’am, but apparently the Lord had other plans,”

Danny took Amelia’s hands in his broken ones, “I waited for the Lord…and He delivered me back to you.”

Praise ye the Lord.

The End

I hoped you enjoyed this short tale! Be sure to head over to Jack’s blog and join in her give-away fun!

Please no stealing – this writing piece belongs to me (and God!); thank you for respecting that!

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Pinterest Favourites Week Six

Happy Friday!

I hope you enjoyed the author interview with J.A. Marx this past Wednesday! If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can do so here!

This weeks pins are most story-inspiration, except for these first two:


God desires a soft heart

God desires a soft heart, one He can mold and shape into His beautiful vessels. :)

C.S. Lewis

I do. And I realise that sometimes I struggle with my ‘idea of God’ – when I just need to let Him be God and me be Raechel.

Just thought this was rather neat.

Saw this and stories started flowing through my brain. :)

Maybe M?.

And this is a possible face for my most recent character. (Yes, I started another story. Don’t judge me.)

So, there are some of my pins from the week! This is what I finished reading this week:

The Tomb: A Novel of Martha (The Living Water)   – it was EXCELLENT!!!

This is what I am reading now:

Brothers and Betrayal


but I also read this:

Think: A Short Story  and this: Love by the Letter (Unexpected Brides, #0.5)


Both short stories were enjoyable. “Think” would make a very amusing movie. “Love by the Letter” was adorable and I wish it was longer than its seven chapters! Such a good prequel to Melissa Jagears other books. :)

What are you pinning and/or reading?