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Wanted to Share…

Hey-ho, Kermet!


Going to be quick here…I was hoping to have this posted this morning, but we had to leave the house before I got the chance, so here I am now. :)

A couple days ago fellow blogger, Ashley posted a blog post that was really good and I wanted to share it because I enjoyed it, and she gave the okay, so here I am to share. I know a lot of you just add favourite posts in your monthly wrap-up and so one would think that’s what I should do, but to be honest, I can never remember to do that. ^.^ So, I’m here now while I’m thinking of it! So yep, here’s a post by Ashley that I enjoyed reading. Hope you can enjoy it too!

Below is the beginning snippet, but be to go HERE to read the rest.



I remember taking an American Literature class my senior year of high school. I really enjoyed it, and not just because I love reading and I love history (especially American history). I found it fascinating, because it showed me how entertainment not only reflects culture, but also influences it. When I looked at the various time periods, I saw how the books, poems, and short stories written expressed how people felt at that time. I witnessed how society viewed God, morality, science, technology, government, etc.

We oftentimes dismiss entertainment as just that. Entertainment. Movies, books, and songs make us laugh, stir our emotions, and provide a brief respite from the reality of life.

But there is something deeper to entertainment that we often fail to realize.


“Entertainment and the value of human life” by Ashley Bogner.

Another snippet to interest you – one I loved:

We were made in God’s image, a concept I’ve been really learning a lot about in some of my Bible college classes. This phrase comes from Genesis 1:26-27, where it specifically says that man and woman were made in His image. How cool is that? God made us in His image and breathed life into us. We’re pretty special to Him. Do you think He views the death of one of His “image-bearers” lightly? I don’t think so. And neither should we. We should see everyone in this light, as one of God’s children.

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One of my favourite magazines…

Hello readers!

I wanted to share with you one of my favourite magazines that I have the privilege of receiving. It is an e-magazine, handily delivered right to your inbox once a month – the owner/author of this lovely magazine is the sister of my dearly dear friend. :) Here is a little more info on “The King’s Princess”:

“The King’s Princess is a monthly e-magazine dedicated to encouraging young ladies in their walks as daughters of the King of kings. The magazine includes encouraging articles, fiction stories, book and movie reviews, and more! For more information or to sign up for the magazine, you can send your email address to Bella M. at:”  


And I can honestly say the content in this magazine is always uplifting. The articles Miss Bella and Miss Kenzie (my David/Jonathan!) write and share are truly amazing, and always touch me deeply.

If you decide to sign up to receive the monthly e-mag, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy!