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Book I read during 2014

Another year is coming to a close. Seems so soon, doesn’t it?

This past year I’ve been able to read quite a few lovely books! In fact, I’ve read over 50 this year, which is a new record for me. :) I thought I would share what books I read this year, and which ones absolutely touched me and remain on my ‘favourite’ list!


The Headmistress of Rosemere (Whispers on the Moors, #2) Shadowed by Grace (Story of Monuments Men #1) God's Daughter (Vikings of the New World Saga, #1) Solomon's Song The Quilted Heart Omnibus (Quilted Hearts #1-3) The Thief (The Living Water Series, #2) The Well (The Living Water Series, #1) October Baby The Queen's Handmaid Visible Threat (Critical Pursuit, #2) Mary Magdalene A Sensible Arrangement (Lone Star Brides, #1) Grace Unplugged Pearl in the Sand For Such a Time Abraham And Sarah: The Long Journey 30 Days to a More Beautiful You: A Devotional for Girls Daisies Are Forever The Cross-Centered Life: Keeping the Gospel the Main Thing Miranda Warning (A Murder in the Mountains, #1) Raptor 6 (Quiet Professionals #1) The House of Mercy A Broken Kind of Beautiful The White Umbrella: Walking with Survivors of Sex Trafficking Rebekah's Treasure In the Field of Grace A Heart for Milton: A Tale from North and South A Bride for Keeps (Unexpected Brides, #1) A Distant Melody  (Wings of Glory, #1) Forgotten: Seventeen and Homeless (Secrets, #1) A Bride in Store (Unexpected Brides #2) Kingdom's Dawn (Kingdom, #1) A Memory Between Us (Wings of Glory, #2) Kingdom's Hope (Kingdom, #2) Kingdom's Edge (Kingdom, #3) Thief of Glory Citizen: Your Role in the Alternative Kingdom Where Treetops Glisten: Three Stories of Heartwarming Courage and Christmas Romance During World War II Love Amid The Ashes (Treasure Of His Love) Sew, It's a Quest (The Bookania Quests #1) The Crown of Anavrea Finally and Forever (Katie Weldon, #4) The Silver Bowl (Silver Bowl, #1) Destiny Defied The Princess Spy Destiny Delivered And the Bride Wore White: Seven Secrets to Sexual Purity Shades of Mercy (Maine Chronicle, #1) How to Be a Pirate (How to Train Your Dragon, #2) Swept Away (Quilts of Love)  Bella at Midnight Dash and Cinder  Ransomed At Home in Last Chance (A Place to Call Home, #3)  (If you click on the image of each book, they will lead to my review of it, if applicable. The last one “At Home in Last Chance” will be reviewed in January).


So that is it – or at least most of them. These are the ones I added on Goodreads (and the images are from that site as well); there were a couple others that I read, but forgot to add to GR…

As some of you may remember, a good percent of these were review books. I liked more than half of the books I read, which is always a good thing! As for my favourites, it is really hard to choose, and the list might be too long, so I will try to keep it short and list one the ones that I super loved (in no order):

“God’s Daughter” by Heather Day Gilbert

“The Well” and “The Thief” by Stephanie Landsem

“Visible Threat” by Janice Cantor

“Pearl in the Sand” (though I’ve read it numerous times before), and “In the Field of Grace” by Tessa Afshar

“For Such a Time” by Kate Breslin

“Daisies are Forever” by Liz Tolsma

“The Cross Centered Life” by C.J. Mahaney (oh my word was this amazing!! Everyone should read this)

“The House of Mercy” by Alicia R. Ruggieri

“A Broken Kind of Beautiful” by Katie Ganshert

“A Distant Melody” and “A Memory Between Us” by Sarah Sundin

“Kingdom’s Dawn”, “Kingdom’s Hope”, and “Kingdom’s Edge” by Chuck Black

“Love  Amid the Ashes” by Mesu Andrews

“The Crown of Anavrea” by Rachel Rossano

“Destiny Defied” and “Destiny Delivered” by J.A. Marx

“Ransomed” By Elizabeth Ender

Like I said, there were many!! I truly adored each of these books and they made huge impacts on my life. :)

So, what books did you read this past year, and which made it to your favourites? I’d love to hear!

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Book Review: “Finally and Forever” by Robin Jones Gunn

Title: “Finally and Forever”

Series: The Katie Weldon Series, book Four

Author: Robin Jones Gunn

Review copy source: Publishers (Zondervan)

My rating: 2.5 of 5 Stars



About the book:

What was she thinking?

Katie Weldon wonders if she was crazy to spontaneously fly off to Africa on a mission trip. Suddenly she is dealing with a new culture, a world she’s never experienced—and Eli, a friend who is quickly becoming much more. It’s all overwhelming … and exciting. As her life turns topsy-turvy, however, she begins to think this might be exactly what she needs. Here, God might give her a glimpse into His will for her life. But just as Kenya and its people find a place in her heart, and her relationship with Eli begins to get serious, Katie is faced with unanswered questions from her past and unresolved issues with Eli. Is she really headed down the same path into the future he is? It doesn’t look like it. Why can’t she finally and forever settle into a set direction? Living in this new and captivating place, one thing she knows for sure: anything might be possible.

Finally and Forever is the final book in the Katie Weldon Series.


My Review:


Well, at first it felt like any other Robin Jones Gunn book, and followed suit of the previous books in the series – I figured any R.J.G. fans would easily love this book – and with the writing that is still the case. You can tell it is an R.J. Gunn book, and I think I would have enjoyed that more a few years ago when I was younger and avidly reading her books. :)

There was just much that I did not care for in this book. As the book progressed, I felt more and more that it wasn’t just ‘not my style’, it was starting to be the kind of book that could make others stumble. However, I will also keep in mind that God can use any book in any way He wants to touch the reader.

There were good parts, but I also think there were incorrect lessons/information as well.

I liked that Katie (main character) learned to praise God in every situation – that really is so true, and a great lesson.

However, I was really disappointed with how concerned she was that she couldn’t have what she wanted – she didn’t care that Eli didn’t want the same thing. The big impression I got from her was that she was head-strong, or, strong-willed, and seemed to only  want what suited her (I even noticed this in the small things. For instance, Eli bought her a coffee with the last amount of money he had, and just asked for the last couple sips, since he couldn’t get his own – Katie not only didn’t seem to care that he bought her the coffee with the last of the money he had with him, but she didn’t want to give him the last sip because that’s the best part – I know it was said that they were teasing, but it is still little things like that that are noticeable), and another big part was that she didn’t want to compromise her dreams and wishes.  I know she and Eli weren’t married, just a couple, but still, God calls us to serve. No matter what. To be selfless, and I didn’t see that change of heart in Katie, which made me sad.

Also, ‘follow your heart’ was promoted in the book, which I disagree with. For “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” (Jeremiah 17:9). We must only follow God. He will guide us and lead us on the right path.  He knows. And that is a comfort. I don’t have to know – because He already does, and He will show me. “Ask and you shall receive”. “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.” I just really want to see that in books – see His ultimate control, and the characters growing in that.

I liked the Africa being the ‘landscape’ and learning more a bit about that, and there were some good parts that will stay with me. And I am trying to think of Katie as just in the learning process. We all are in a learning process, just on different spots on the road.

I encourage you to pray before, during and after this book to seek His truths on the matter.

Upon finishing this book, I admit that  I was really disappointed. But we also have to learn to take the good and toss out the bad  – so that is what I have done. Or at least, what I am trying to do. :) Katie was flawed, just as we are, and maybe I just saw it more than I expected. I just wish we could have also experienced her healing more.


Thank you the publishers for providing me with a review copy in exchange for my honest review which I have given.



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For Sale..More books, because we all love books, don’t we?

You got that right! Books are wonderful. I am about to share some more. And don’t forget about the ones I’ve already posted (they’re all available still; I will edit the posts as they go unavailable):

Okay, here are today’s books:

Title: “Fallen from Babel” by T.L. Higley — $2 (plus shipping)

Title: “Empire Builders” #1 in The Great Northwest Series by Linda Chaikin –$1 (plus shipping) This book has the ex-library tags on it.

Title: “Island Bride” by Linda Chaikin — $1 (plus shipping) This book also has the ex-library tags.

Title: “The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun” by J.R.R. Tolkien — $2 (plus shipping) This book is brand-new and a hardcover. (And don’t panic anyone, I am not getting rid of my only copy. I love this book, and this is a double copy :)

Title: “Till We Have Faces: A myth retold” by C.S. Lewis — $1 (plus shipping) This book has tons of highlighting done on the inside :( We got it and found it that way. I took a picture of the inside to show.


There are several colours of highlighting. It is a very good book though.

Next group of books:


Title: “Ivanhoe” by Sir Walter Scott — $2 (plus shipping) This book has now found a home :)

Title: “Emma” by Jane Austen –$1 (plus shipping)

Title: “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte –$1 (plus shipping)
This book has also found a home :)

And then I have just on paper stapled together, “North and South Fanfiction: This Wild Strange Miserable Feeling” by a ‘bnanachild on” that I am passing along. It’d only be the cost of a stamp to mail.

And another batch of books:


The Christy Miller Series by Robin Jones Gunn:

These are the older ones, not the ones that come in volumes.And I do not have all of the books, just some, as is listed below.

#1 Summer Promise
#3 Yours Forever
#5 Island Dreams
#7 True Friends
#8 Starry Night

$5 for all of the above, or $1 for each, plus shipping.

“Departures: Two rediscovered stores by Robin Jones Gunn; Christy Miller and Sierra Jensen” –$2 (plus shipping)

And more books:


Title: “Notes from a Spinning Planet: Mexico” by Melody Carlson — $1 (plus shipping)

Title: On the Runway Series, by Melody Carlson:
#1 Premiere
#2 Catwalk

–$3 for both or make an offer for each one separately, (plus shipping).


Title: “Deep Down Popular” by Phoebe Stone –$1 (plus shipping)


Jennie McGrady Mystery Series by Patricia H. Rushford

#1 Too Many Secrets
#2 Silent Witness
#3 Pursued
#4 deceived
#5 Without a Trace
#6 Dying to Win
#7 Betrayed
#8 In Too Deep
#9 Over the Edge
#10 From the Ashes
#11 Desperate Measures
#12 Abandoned
#13 Forgotten
#14 Stranded

— $12 for the whole set, or $1 individually (plus shipping).

Star Sisterz Series by various authors:

#1 “Nova Rocks!” by Tea Emesse
#2 “Carmen Dives In” by Linda Johns
#3 “Bright Lights for Bella” by Lana Perez
#4 “Rani and the Fashion Divas” by Anjali Banerjee
#5 “Nova and the Charmed Three” by Tea Emesse
#6 “Yumi Talks the Talk” by Tea Emesse
(I do not own number #7)
#8 “Bella Goes Hollywood” by Lana Perez
#9 “Maya Made Over” by Debra Green

–$6 for all, or $1 individually (plus shipping).

Okay! There they are. If any of these look good to you, please let me know! And if you want to make an offer – do so! =)

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For Sale….Books!

Hello one and all!

I have been going through books recently (among other things which will come to pass on here too, sooner or later) and wanted to offer them on here – if anyone is interested. I want to make them as affordable as possible (and if you want to make an offer, please do!), since shipping will have to be paid, so I hope someone will find them to be good deals! Books are amazing things, so you need to look through these – maybe I have something you’ve been looking for! :D
If you find one or more you are interested, just leave a comment w/ your email (if you don’t want your email public, just say so and I won’t publish it) and I’ll get in contact with you! Depending on where you are, I will give you the shipping rate accordingly (oh, and pick-up is also a possibility, if you live near-by. I’m located in central MN). I will ship to everywhere so long as you are willing to pay shipping. Okay, here are some of the books:
Note: All books are by Christian authors, and are soft-covers unless specified, images via Google unless otherwise specified.

“Leonardo’s Chair” by John DeSimone – Fiction, New condition (bought new, but never read). Asking price: $2.00 (plus shipping)


“Love Finds You in…Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts” by Melody Carlson Romance, fiction, Like-New condition (never read), but it is signed by the author to me (I have a picture of it if you would like to see – it isn’t uploading at this time, but I will continue to work on it!). Asking price: $2.00 (plus shipping)


“Yesterday;s Promise” by Linda Lee Chaikin #2 in the East of the Sun series – Fiction/historical/romance, Used; the inside of the book is in perfect condition, but the clear tape-like stuff that covers the outside is ‘bubbling’ a bit on the spine of the book and the edges. Nothing too terrible though! Again, I have pictures, but camera isn’t cooperating at this time =/ Asking price: $1.75 (plus shipping)


“Opal” by Lauraine Snelling #3 in the Dakotah Treasures Series – Fiction, hard-cover, Good-condition (it is over-all very good, the only thing is that there is a sticky-left-over from a price tag on the book sleeve cover. Otherwise very good). Asking price: $1.00 (plus shipping)


“Sisterchicks On the Loose!” by Robin Jones Gunn – Fiction/contemporary, Good/used-condition (there is a price-sticker on the back cover that is half-off). Asking price: $1.00 (plus shipping)


Again, if you want to make an offer on any of them, let me know!
That’s it for now, but I do have many more books, as well as skirts, movies and maybe more, hopefully in the future (Melody Carlson books, LOTR things, and more), so stay tune and follow! :)