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Virtuous Spindle Book Sleeve Review



I am so excited to share about an Etsy shop today, and in particular, a book sleeve from this shop! I was very blessed to receive the NeverLand print book sleeve for review from The Virteous Spindle Etsy shop, and I am thrilled to share my review with you here!

The shop has some adorable items, including book sleeves, mug-rugs, cup-cozies, and more! I definitely suggest checking the shop out. The owner was very pleasant to work with, and I love the quality of her book sleeve!

Read on for my official review. :)



The Virtuous Spindle


Oh my goodness is this print darling! Peter Pan has always held a dear spot in my heart, so when I saw this Neverland print, I was smitten. And the soft pink color is perfect.
This sleeve is padded beautifully, and size is perfect for softcovers and hardcovers alike.
I like how the inside is lined with a soft purple fabric that compliments the outer print very well, and is gentle on the books it will keep safe!



It looks and feels very durable, and it has been sewn very well. I definitely feel that I can trust this sleeve to protect my books and keep them snug while on the go! Not to mention, keep them looking even more fashionable. ;)
I really am extremely pleased with this book sleeve, and the Etsy shop itself! Beautiful, well-made items that I can recommend.


I have already  used it to protect my current read and love how it fits safely into my purse without bending the book. Book sleeves are a must have, in my opinion!




And again, the print is absolutely darling. A great pair with the Peter Pan story. :)





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My very first booksleeve from The Cozy Life ~ Review


(So, somehow, in the pictures I took, I managed to put the cozy backwards each time, failing to showcase “The Cozy Life” fabric tag….oops! I’m still learning on picture-taking. ;))


My Book Cozy! My first from The Cozy Life. I have seen the cozies from this etsy shop all over, was very familiar with the name, and drooled over the cozies in the shop frequently.

And then I got to receive one for the purpose of this review. And I couldn’t be more excited about it!!

The owner is so kind, and super quick in mailing the cozy out – I received it right away. And when I took it out of the package, I found it wrapped so perfectly.




Perfect little package tied up in string – so cute and special!

Now, for the quality…Um, it’s beautiful. Need I say more? I mean, that word encompasses the whole thing! It’s durable, and thick, and soft, and sturdy, and I adore it. I was surprised by its thickness and softness upon receiving it – it’s almost like a pillow! You can tell it is extremely well made, and I love knowing it protects my books so well. Because if you know me, you know that I do my best to keep my books in like-new condition, but I still have to have my current read accompany me wherever I go, so this book cozy is perfect for that.

It’s just the right size for my paperbacks, and they fit snugly inside.





If you couldn’t tell already, let me tell you that I am utterly thrilled with my cozy from The Cozy Life, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her shop!




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Book Sleeves!

Happy Monday :)

Today I am talking about Book Sleeves.  Have you heard of them? They are fabric “pouches” just for books.  Some people might ask why that is necessary, but I’m sure anyone in the book community can assure those people that they are indeed very necessary. Books should be protected when they travel with you. And that’s where the booksleeve comes in! I am going to share my review of a book sleeve I was sent recently, and the shop from whence it came…


This shop is full of all sort of custom designs. But these are what particularly nabbed my attention….




The description from the listing: “These hand made Book Sleeves are made to protect your books while dressing them up at the same time. They are custom made with your favorite book phrases, and in a variety of color appliqué finishes. They make great gifts for all book lovers.
This pouch measures around 10.5 by 7.5 inches, perfect to fit small and medium size books, as well as large paperbacks. ( Please note since these pouches are hand made, they could be 1/2 inch off some times)

Customized to order, you can pick your phrase and text color before checkout.

100 % cotton cloth with a soft flannel interior to make your books feel very cozy :) . Customized with a HTV Vinyl application.”



My Thoughts:




Oh I love this sleeve! I’ve been wanting a booksleeve for a while because I hate the danger of traveling with a book (they might get dirty or bent!), but I of course can’t stand to NOT have a book, so a booksleeve seemed like the perfect option. :) Not to mention, booksleeves are just plain adorable.
Selecting which saying I wanted on this particular booksleeve was a toughie, because this gal’s shop features several adorable ones! I love each one. But in the end, I went with this Frank Zappa quote because, well, how true is that?! So many books, so little time indeed. Perfect for my book-reading habits. ^.^
This booksleeve is very well made, and is nice and room-y – I love how it protects the book, of any size. And the inside fabric is super soft, extra gentle on covers, which I appreciate. :)
The lettering is bright and cheerful – definitely eye-catching and easy to read.
The quality is superb, and overall I am just thrilled with this sleeve and would definitely recommend this shop’s booksleeves!! The owner has been delightful, and I’m so thankful!


(Sorry for the fuzzy pictures – our camera of course had to die a couple days before I received my booksleeve, so I was stuck with using the camera on my mom’s slide-phone which does not take good pictures, obviously. But I will be featuring this booksleeve more in the future, and hopefully with a better camera!!)




So, readers – do you have a booksleeve? If not, is it something you would use or not really?

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Sorella Bella Review – Cassy Red Dress

I was extra pleased to be able to review this Cassy Red Dress from Sorella Bella – it is such a lovely dress, and looks 1940’s which, as you probably know, I have been looking for clothing as such!
The dress arrived very quickly, and I of course tried it on immediately. It fit well, and I love it!

The company is fantastic as well, and I received very quick and super kind and helpful response.
I really encourage you to check out their site, Sorella Bella. They have ADORABLE clothing, I am serious. I had a really hard time choosing which to review, because there are soo many lovely choices.

This is the dress on the site I chose:

Cassy Red

Cute, yes? I thought so. The colour is bright and the black bow is so perfect for it. I love the material, as it is stretchy and not too clingy. I have a couple pictures to share, of me wearing this lovely dress.







I was going to put on red lipstick to compliment the colour, but I kinda forgot. :)

Anyway, I was really impressed with this dress, and am very thankful for the chance to review it! I would most definitely recommend this company to others – it is splendid!


Thank you,  Candace, and all from Sorella Bella for your kind help and generosity! I am so very pleased and would easily give this dress 5 stars! :)

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Product Review: Style J Skirt

Product Review of a skirt from Style J Denim Skirts

I was so pleased and super excited when Style J Denim Skirts allowed me to do a product review of one of their skirts! They had some lovely choices on the site, but I finally landed on this one:

The Golden Grace Long Denim Skirt


Doesn’t it look lovely? I know, for me, it is going to make a perfect Fall/Winter skirt!

I knew that I’d probably receive the skirt when we were out of town (which it did of course!), and so I was very excited to arrive home to see it. And I was so thrilled to see it and quickly take it out of the packaging to admire it. I should’ve gotten a picture of it in the wrapping, but I was too excited and forgot. :)
The skirt is of lovely material – it’s denim and still stretchy. And it fits pretty comfortably too. It is a little snug around my hips, but nothing too bad – it is still plenty comfortable to be in!


I knew it’d be a bit long on me, because I am short – but I don’t mind it and Mum might hem it up a little bit – I’m still undecided on that. I do like long skirts a lot. (I wore high-heels for these pictures so the skirt wouldn’t drag on the ground). :)
I love the pockets. Most skirts I find never have pockets, but I am so delighted that this skirt does!



The skirt feels very elegant, and yet comfortable enough to wear on an every-day basis. It is pretty easy to match with too, which I appreciated since I am more apt to just throw on a T-shirt. =)


Overall, I am SUPER pleased with this skirt, and am so looking forward to wearing it more.

A huge, huge, huge Thank You to Style J Denim Skirts for allowing me to do this review and sending me the complimentary skirt – I cannot thank you enough!
I would recommend this company to others, definitely. :)



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Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil Review

My Mum and I had the opportunity to review Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil, and this is my Mum’s review on her blog ( and I thought instead of writing the same thing, I’d re-post hers :) Enjoy!


I had the pleasure of reviewing coconut oil from Tropical Traditions. I had heard about them from the internet and thought their background was really neat. You can read their story here:

I have a natural and organic food group where we buy products from a wholesale distributor and I normally buy all my coconut oil from them. They sell a few different brands and I have always been happy with them, but then I happened upon Tropical Tradition. Seeing as how coconut oil is so good for you, and Tropical Traditions has such a unique oil, I really wanted to try it. The way they derive their coconut oil naturally and for ultimate nutrition sounded great, so I really wanted to try it out.

I am happy to report that I love it! We tried it a few different ways and found each way superb. The first method we used, we fried potatoes in the oil. The potatoes tasted fantastic. Crispy, light – with a really great flavor. Then we even tried it with pastry type products (apple fritters, etc). Expecting it to hold the coconut flavor, it really didn’t. We tasted the apples or the pastry flavor and it wasn’t heavy at all. As strange as it is to say, we even used it in our hair – believe it or not, coconut oil has many uses! And again – it is great.

We are all very, very pleased with this product and we do highly recommend it. The price at first might seem a bit steep, but when you consider all that is involved, where it comes from, how it is made, and the nutritional value, it is worth it.

These are the links to Tropical Traditions products:

• Tropical Traditions Home Page:
• Gold Label Product Page:
• What is Virgin Coconut Oil:
• How to Use Coconut Oil:

Disclaimer: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.

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Product Review: Necklace


(Sorry the picture is so small – I couldn’t get it any bigger =/)

Etsy Shop:


About the Shop:
This shop sells hand-stamped, personalized jewelry, from necklaces to key chains and pet tags in between! The shop ships from Canada, and she makes the requested item in 3-5 days and ships them the next. Good service!

My Review:

I was provided with a complimentary necklace to review, and let me say I am very pleased! The shop-owner, Nicole, was pleasant to work with and she does an excellent job on her jewelry. The necklace I requested and received is this one:

Photo credit goes to Etsy shop, Little Personalized Pieces.
Photo credit goes to Etsy shop, Little Personalized Pieces.

The necklace reads “I keep a close watch on this heart of mine” with a stamped heart below it, and then it has a small heart and gun charm on the necklace too. This is the photo I personally took of the delightful necklace upon receiving it (sorry it is not the best quality):


As you can see, the necklace came in a cute little draw-string bag – I thought that was lovely, as I love those little bags! :)
The necklace is very light-weight; both the necklace pendant itself and the chain, which I like a lot. I’m so used to my heavier necklaces so at first I was worried it might break, but upon inspecting it more, I don’t believe it will! It seems very well crafted and well-built, so I don’t need to worry about it breaking.
I was (and am) quite impressed by how nicely stamped it is. I have tried hand-stamping before and it is a bit difficult to get all the letters to align correctly and look nice! This necklace is beautifully done.
Included was a sheet of some of the details which I will share part of:

“The metal is 18 gauge aluminum metal. The metal is thick, but light-weight, durable, looks similar to sterling, shines up like sterling, does not tarnish and aluminum is also skin-friendly and affordable. The pendant hangs from a 24 inch (unless otherwise specified) stainless steel ball chain. The chain is very strong, etc. ”

When the shop-owner agreed to allowing me a product review, I was thrilled for more reasons than one. You see, I have been dealing with some “issues of the heart” and the Lord recently brought me to the stage where I can fully trust my heart in His hands. Thus, “I keep a close watch on this heart of mine” has more meaning to me! God has shown me how valuable our hearts are to Him, and how we must guard them, as Proverbs 4:23 says, “Keep [guard] thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life”.
This necklace is a blessing to me, and I greatly appreciate the shop owner allowing me to do this product review and providing me with the complimentary necklace! Thank you so very much, Nicole, and God bless you!

Nicole has many other wonderful hand-stamped items in her shop, so I greatly encourage you all to go check it out! You won’t be disappointed with her products! :)

Note: all thoughts stated here are my own; honest and unbiased. I was not paid to review this product. :)

And to my readers: I have another post prepared (that is somewhat on our church’s VBS that was recently) that I hope to share soon, but I shan’t promise anything, because well, I don’t want you waiting on it and then me forget ;)