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Pinterest Favourites Friday Week Thirteen

Happy May First! This post is scheduled so it hasn’t happened yet, but we’re hoping that ‘today’ – May First – will bring my newest baby nephew! =) All in God’s timing of course.

And also, I would like to wish my Kindred Spirit, Kenzie a VERY Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a fantastic day my dear sister in Christ!! <3 Here’s a pin just for you:


I wish I could be there celebrating with you. =)


And now back to our normal programming… ;) Here are some other pins I enjoyed this week:

Just thought this was hysterical. And you can’t go wrong with minions :D



Isn’t this beautiful? I cannot wait to watch the new Cinderella movie!


This is what Michael tells Mia in SIDE BY SIDE. Find out more at

One of the lovely quotes from the book I just read, “Side by Side” by Jana Kelley. My review was posted previously. =)



I really like this. =)


"Everyone you meet has a part to play in your story" -Beau Taplin

Thought this was kinda neat.


The 50 Most Shared Facebook Posts Of 2014

And why not end with another funny minion pin? =)


What I’m reading:


The cover is GORGEOUS!! And I’m sure the story within will be so as well! Only 7 chapters in and it is positively delightful!

I finished reading this also a couple of days ago:


It was a good one-time read. I enjoyed it.

And I thought I’d leave you with one final thing: a cute video! Have a lovely day, comment if you want to (I always love to hear from you!), and just be blessed =)

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>


(And if it didn’t work to embed it here, check it out at the link HERE)


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Pinterest Favourites Friday Week Twelve


As you might have noticed, my blog is a wee bit changed – I’m still working on it. And the background is actually a picture of snow not stars and moon…but what can you do? =)

Anyway, here are some pins that took me fancy this week!

The stable boy ~ #story #inspiration #character

So, most of what I pinned was story-inspiration, apparently castles specifically! They are lovely though. :) And the one with the horse is for character inspiration. =)

2 timothy 2:11-13 Needed this verse today.

Lovely verses. :)

I finished reading this:

New blog post, book review of: Trial by Twelve (A Murder in the Mountains Book 2) by Heather Day Gilbert – you might have seen my review of it posted recently. The book was a good one. :)

Now I am reading this:

Side by Side by Jana Kelley It’s very good so far!

So, that brings this post to an end. =) As always, I’d love to hear how your week was and what it was filled with! :)

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Pinterest Favourites Friday Week Eleven

Good day to ye! Has the weather been nice where you’re at? It’s been nice here, but very windy…I don’t care for the wind much at all, but the fresh air is lovely. Even if I still prefer winter. :D

So, this week’s pins are as follows:

I do.

This is so true. I just talk better in writing – letters, emails, stories, poems, etc.

Handmade, drawing envelopes, great for cute snailmail.

I thought this was an adorable way to decorate an envelope. I am always looking for more ways to decorate my penpal’s letters. =) There are so many cute ideas out there!

Fun! Please do :)

Did this on Pinterest – ’twas fun.

Story inspiration, of course!

modest prom dresses with sleeves | Dreamy Modest Prom Dresses Cap Sleeve Ball Gown

And I love this dress – the colours, the skirt. Oi! I would love it very much. :)

I finished this book:

Salt-Covenants-Cover-Final-FrontAnd really enjoyed it. I’ll be posting my review probably tomorrow.

I began reading:

I don’t know how far I’ll get – I’m always a bit tentative with fairy tale retellings because of the magic and all. But we’ll see. =)

I also hope to start this book soon:

I’m an early reader, which is always exciting and fun!

Okey-doke, I think that brings this to a close! How has your week been and what has it been full of?

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Pinterest Favourites Friday Week Ten

Happy Friday my friends. :) Enjoy these pins…


Once Upon a Time

Such beautiful words. :)

Hehe, yep, I love letters, so feel free to keep calm and write me ;)


How to Train Your Dragon…it’s starting to seem like I have at least one pin of HTTYD in every Pinterest Friday post…! Well, I do love it, so I guess it makes sense. ;)

Briar Rose by on @deviantART

I believe this lovely drawing is by BurdgeBug. I’ve seen other drawings of hers and they’re just as lovely. :) I love this picture of Briar Rose, though.


And that’s pretty much it for pins. I didn’t really pin much this week, I guess. ^.^

I’m reading:

Salt-Covenants-Cover-Final-Front which is good so far. :)


And you? :)

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Pinterest Favourites Week 8

Happy Friday :)

It’s been rather an eventful week for blog posting for me….I hope you’ve enjoyed them! This weeks pins I’ve to share are a bit diverse. Some story ones, some quotes, cool things, etc. Take a look below.



An Archer in the woods. Most would think Robin Hood, but it could be anyone. :D


Hehe, I like this ^.^

This just made me smile. I love being an aunt. ^.^


Elaborate bracers held closed with three leather belt strips, includes small dagger in a riveted pocket. Available in any color. - if anyone ever wants to buy me these, I'd be more than okay with that. ;)

Aren’t these amazing? There is even a place to put your knife! Love them.

A Beautiful ‘crown’. :)


"God never uses anyone greatly until he tests them deeply." A.W. Tozer.

I thought this was encouraging and inspiring. He will clean all the dross out of us yet!


Yes! Our every goal is to Further the Kingdom of God and declare HIS image! :)

Amen. Our purpose in everything is to further God’s Kingdom!


What I was reading this past week:

Cloak of the Light by Chuck Black - book review   (It is AMAZING. You should all read it. This was my second time threw)

And I’m now reading:

#2: Rise of the Fallen  -     By: Chuck Black  SO excited for this one, and I’m already enjoying it. =)

What are you reading? Pinning?



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Pinterest Favourites Week 7

Good Friday to ye all. :)

I’ll be honest and say I’m a little tired this week, so I’m just going to dive right into this week’s pins and I might not say something about each one:



Yes!! Just the other day, I wasn't reading anything because I had to download the next bk but needed wifi, so I just read a short story (two actually) and it felt soooo good and needed!! <3

(so much so)



I like the KJ version better, but this verse is a favourite!.

Verse to lean on for me right now. What was cool is that I read this verse in the Bible RIGHT before I saw this pin – not a coincident. :)



Yep. Been there, done that.

That’s how I felt after finishing “The Tomb: a novel of Martha” by Stephanie Landsem.


What I am reading:

A Mighty Fortress (Hymns of the West) by Faith Blum,

I’m enjoying this book by a friend. I’m excited to finally be reading her books. :)

I also just finished reading a story of one of my other friends, about human-trafficking. It is yet unpublished, thus I don’t have a cover picture to share, but I am SO excited, because I believe this is the book she will publish first, within the next few months. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely be posting more about it when it comes to pass! The book is so good.


As always, I’d love to hear from you, about your week, what you’ve been pinning,reading, doing, etc. Anything and everything. :) God bless!

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Pinterest Favourites Week Six

Happy Friday!

I hope you enjoyed the author interview with J.A. Marx this past Wednesday! If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can do so here!

This weeks pins are most story-inspiration, except for these first two:


God desires a soft heart

God desires a soft heart, one He can mold and shape into His beautiful vessels. :)

C.S. Lewis

I do. And I realise that sometimes I struggle with my ‘idea of God’ – when I just need to let Him be God and me be Raechel.

Just thought this was rather neat.

Saw this and stories started flowing through my brain. :)

Maybe M?.

And this is a possible face for my most recent character. (Yes, I started another story. Don’t judge me.)

So, there are some of my pins from the week! This is what I finished reading this week:

The Tomb: A Novel of Martha (The Living Water)   – it was EXCELLENT!!!

This is what I am reading now:

Brothers and Betrayal


but I also read this:

Think: A Short Story  and this: Love by the Letter (Unexpected Brides, #0.5)


Both short stories were enjoyable. “Think” would make a very amusing movie. “Love by the Letter” was adorable and I wish it was longer than its seven chapters! Such a good prequel to Melissa Jagears other books. :)

What are you pinning and/or reading?



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Pinterest Favourites Week Three

Happy Saturday! And Valentine’s Day too, I suppose…though this day is neither here nor there for me. As I mentioned in my last Pinterest Favourite’s post last week, this week’s one is posted today (Saturday instead of Friday) because of the book review I had scheduled for yesterday. :) I’ll go back to Friday’s next week!


From “Finding Nemo” – I thought this pin was funny and cute. :)


Peter Pan's shadow. Get an outline, cut out, and put it on top of lamp shade.

I really loved this – and would love to do that. :)


Very nice quote. I’ve read one of the Redwall books by Brian Jacques (which I enjoyed) and have plans to read more, hopefully this year. :)

She needed a hero, so that's what she became. Reminds me of Merry in "Dauntless"

This quote reminded me of the book I just read and reviewed (here), “Dauntless” by Dina L. Sleiman. This quote was true of Merry. But so glad she found out that God is our hero – He is strong enough!

stone house with pink roses- s climbing roses!!

I just thought this was lovely. :)


I hope you had a good (pinfull)week! As always, if you had any favourites pins you’d like to share (or anything), feel free to!

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Pinterest Favourites Week 2 – Tarzan and Jane

Hello and another happy Friday to you! This past week’s favourite pins of mine were primarily from the movie Tarzan, which I happen to really love. I just love Tarzan and Jane as characters. They’re so sweet and just darling. So…here is this week in pins:


Jane - I LOVE this!!

This is just lovely, is it not? I do not know who the artist is, but if you are by chance reading this, as always, please let me know and I will give you the credit!


{Tarzan & Jane}

A cute collection of the movie. :)


I love this song, as well as “Son of man” which I also pinned the video of, but won’t bombard you with it here. :) (If you wish, you can go here to see it)


Peter Pan

One of my favourite quotes from Peter Pan, which I am also quite fond of. :)


Hehe :D

Hehe, I thought this was cute and true. I love “How to Train Your Dragon” very much – books and movies both. :)


And so there it is! If you’re on Pinterest, what were some of your favourite pins this last week?

I also want to make note that I won’t be posting week 3 of this Pinterest favourites, as I have a book review scheduled. I will try to post a Pinterest Favourites post either before or after that – probably on Saturday. :)

Have a good weekend!

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Extra’s for “My Heart Knew” short story

I thought I would also share just a few things that reminded me of the short story I just posted – “My Heart Knew” – and also how God used it to teach me. He likes to do that, and I like it when He does it, too. :)

First, here are some pins (all from Pinterest) that are like the story:

For my short story I wrote...

Adelaide maybe wouldn’t have been wearing this exact mask to the ball, but I thought it was lovely looking.

Not an exact resemblance, but I think it kind of show the bright excitement in her eyes. (I don’t know who drew this picture, but it is lovely, and if by chance the artist of it is reading this, please let me know so I can credit you!)


By burdge bug!

This also reminds me of her a lot. (Done by BurgeBug on Pinterest)


Maybe her, but not quite him, at least in my mind. :) (Again: I don’t know who drew this picture, but it is lovely, and if by chance the artist of it is reading this, please let me know so I can credit you!)


So, my husband realized (and verified) this is not a Shakespeare quote (smartypants!), but I love it just the same.


As for what God taught me through this short story…read on.

Around the time that I wrote “My Heart Knew”, I was debating whether or not to get a Kindle Fire. I had saved up birthday money and some Christmas money, and had enough to buy one….but I was afraid of making the wrong choice. Doubts flew through my head, “What if God doesn’t want me getting a Kindle and I waste my money?” “What if I spend the money, get a Kindle and then find it hurts my eyes?” etc.

So anyway, I was thinking on it a lot. I didn’t want to make the wrong choice and have God be angry at me. But I wanted a Kindle Fire – it would make reading a few ecopies so much easier than on my laptop. I tried praying about it, but then I was afraid of not hearing correctly. Mum was talking with me, and she said, “Remember the short story you just wrote? Adelaide trusted that the Lord would bring good to her – and that she would know it. And that, no matter what, He would be glorified through it.”

Trust. Trust that He has everything in the palms of His hands, and He does only want good for me – whatever that may mean. If it meant that He would find me the perfect Kindle, or if He would have me wait – whatever He chose, it would be good. Adelaide prayed that God’s will would be done no matter what, and in everything that He would be glorified – she would rest joyfully in that knowledge alone. And God proceeded to show me the same thing. He gave me ultimate peace – whether I got a Kindle Fire or not.

God’s not out to give us the worst or punish us, or withhold things that we want from us. Everything He does for us is good. He has reasons why He does what He does. And He does it because He loves us, and goes on loving us. Such a valuable and important reminder!!

(P.S. God did provide the perfect Kindle Fire within my price range – almost immediately after I surrendered it to Him! And I love it. :)