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It is a Good Fight (surprise, not a review post!)

“God will not harm your soul. He might harm your body – that’s going to be the tough part. But He’ll never, ever harm your soul.”
This video brought tears to my eyes – Joni E. Tada is such an encouragement to me. I highly recommend watching this video – especially to the end. The quote from her that I typed above really hit me. God will never harm my soul. But yes, He may harm my body. It may seem like a conundrum to say that that brought me relief. But it did. I don’t know about you, but it can be too easy to start questioning God about this pain or that pain, or the fear that imbeds itself into your very being. The fear that says “What if God has abandoned me because this pain is so severe? A Loving God wouldn’t do that, surely.” But the reality is…He is a LOVING GOD and THAT is why He allows these things, because they grow us so much. So, so much. The fight for joy is a struggle, but it is worth it – as Joni said, it is a Good Fight. I sometimes hate all the trials I have been through over the past several years, but I cannot deny that they have brought me to where I am today, that God has used them as my refining fire. And yes, I still battle to accept this, and know that it is okay. There are more days than I can count where I wrestle with God, pleading for that healing. But He promises to never harm my soul, that all He does is for my good. What a promise.
The things that hurt us are often the very thing that brings us to the cross, to Jesus’ feet. And it may not seem good at the time, but we can trust that He is doing something good. Something oh-so good that when it is completed, we will stand in awe. We just have to keep holding on, keep reaching out, keep wrestling, hoping, and trusting. Never, ever give up. He is worth every ounce of searching and fighting, and trusting and hoping.
I was reading in John yesterday, and came upon the chapter where Jesus is preparing His disciples for His death. And it hit me anew that, were I there, I would have pleaded and begged for Him not to go, not to leave me. Because at that moment, all I knew was His presence and the thought of not having that would be excruciating. But if He wouldn’t have gone, wouldn’t have gone to the cross, death would not have passed over us. His brief seperation from us hurt, but look at the good that came of it – eternal life with Him forever! But we couldn’t see that in the moment, when it scared us to think He would be taken from us. We, in our small human insight, would have rather begged for one more moment with Him, than enduring the unknown, and as a result, eternity with Him. It may sound cliche or contrite but I mean it with all my heart – I am glad He sees what is Best for us, even when it means that it may appear that He is hurting us in the moment. The result far outweighs these light and momentary trials. May I always remember that.
Happy Passover, friends. <3
Here is the video:
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The God Who Sees Me

The God Who Sees Me


We want to be seen. Seen for who we are, not necessarily for what we may (or may not) do. We yearn for someone to see past our scars, and to see the real us inside.


Have you felt this way too?


A fiction book I read semi-recently was relating to this topic. The main character, Moriyah (you’re probably familiar with her name now since the last two Monday posts have been related to her ;)) had a visible scar as well as invisible scars. She had a hard time believing anyone would ever look past them and see the real her.

And honestly, I’ve felt something similar. With all my quirks, and my issues, I sometimes fear I won’t find someone who can not only deal with said quirks and issues, but also will see past them and see me.

As I spoke about this to God one morning, He brought to mind a quote from the book where Moriyah’s father says to her that he believes that Yahweh will bring her a man who sees past her scar for who she is.

And with that God affirmed the same to me – He will bring me someone, someday, who will see me. Not just my oddities and struggles, but me.




But even greater knowledge is that He sees me.

He knows me even better than I know myself. That means He sees the absolute WORST of me, but…He still sees me, the me He created in His image. This truth touched me even deeper.

During this last Passover a while ago, my family and I gathered at our table and refreshed our minds about this holiday, and as we prepared our hearts to partake in His communion, I sat there with tears in my eyes because…I’m not good enough. I’ve got scars. Lots of them. I’m not nearly as healed as I yearn to be. But right then, as I was about to take the piece of matza bread, Jesus gave me the picture of Him holding out His wrists to me, showing me His scars. For me. He revealed to me that yes, He sees all my scars, and He offers Himself for me anyway. Freely.



“And as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessed it, and brake it, and gave it to the disciples, and said, Take, eat; this is my body. And He took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, Drink ye all of it; For this is My blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.” Matthew 26:26-28



Jesus sees me, accepts me, cleanses me, and loves me.

The very same truth is the truth for each and every one of His children. He sees you.  He is El Roi.

He doesn’t just see what you try to hide, or what you feel makes you broken, He sees the real you, the beautiful you. Fashioned by Him. And He loves how He sees you.

Regardless if any human person on earth sees you, sees me, we can rest absolutely assured that He sees us, and calls us His beloved.