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“Echoes Among the Stones” by Jaime Jo Wright ~ Book Review


Echoes Among the Stones


“Echoes Among the Stones” by Jaime Jo Wright

Review copy from the publishers

My rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

About the Book:

After Aggie Dunkirk’s career is unceremoniously ended by her own mistakes, she finds herself traveling to Wisconsin, where her grandmother, Mumsie, lives alone in her vintage, though very outdated, home. Aggie didn’t plan for how eccentric Mumsie has become, obsessing over an old, unsolved crime scene–even going so far as to re-create it in a dollhouse.
Mystery seems to follow Aggie when she finds work as a secretary helping to restore the flooded historical part of the town’s cemetery. Forced to work with a puzzling yet attractive archaeologist, she exhumes the past’s secrets and unwittingly uncovers a crime that some will go to any length to keep hidden–even if that means silencing Aggie.
In 1946, Imogene Grayson works in a beauty salon but has her sights set on Hollywood. But coming home to discover her younger sister’s body in the attic changes everything. Unfamiliar with the burgeoning world of forensic science and, as a woman, not particularly welcomed into the investigation, Imogene is nonetheless determined to stay involved. As her sister’s case grows cold, Imogene vows to find justice . . . no matter the cost.



My Thoughts:


Another gripping Wright book to add to the shelves! Carrying a more bittersweet, sorrowful tone to it than the other books by this author, “Echoes Among the Stones” tells the stories of two main characters who have both suffered deep grief and suffering. I really liked how the two characters were so closely related, grandmother and granddaughter. Through both past and present timeline stories, we see how specific griefs and traumas have affected and shaped both heroines. I felt for both Aggie (present day) and Imogene (past timeline), and enjoyed getting to know them through their stories. I loved present-day hero, Collin. He was charming, and so sweet. His gentle reminders to Aggie of God’s presence in our lives was touching, and his willingness to remain beside her through her story was heartwarming.I felt like there was a lot of struggles with God portrayed (understandably, which you will understand upon reading), but there wasn’t a great healing resolution. Which I also understand takes time, and it was hinted at finally healing at the very end, but I would have liked to see them wrestle a bit more with finding God’s peace instead of just finding the resolution to the murder.
On conclusion, I enjoyed another well-written Wright novel, and look forward to more. :)

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“In the Shadow of Croft Towers” by Abigail Wilson ~ Book Review


In the Shadow of Croft Towers

“In the Shadow of Croft Towers” by Abigail Wilson

A Regency/Mystery Novel

Review copy through BookLook Bloggers

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

About the Book:


From debut author Abigail Wilson comes a mysterious Regency tale of secrets and spies, love and treachery.

Orphaned Sybil Delafield jumps at the opportunity for a position at the mysterious Croft Towers. She believes she was hired to act as companion to a dying woman, but a highway robbery and a hostile welcome from the Chalcroft family cause her to wonder if she was actually hired to help someone spy for France.

An unsolved murder adds intrigue to this already secretive family, and Sybil recognizes Mrs. Chalcroft’s handsome grandson as one of the infamous highwaymen who robbed her. Sybil must determine if this man’s charming smile and earnest eyes speak the truth or if he is simply using her like others in the house. Everyone seems to have something to hide, and Sybil must decide who to trust while also coming to terms with the truth about her own past.



My Thoughts:


What a captivating read! Goodness. I didn’t want to put it down, especially as the plot got going. I loved that it was written in first person – that is one of my favorite styles, and it just draws me in immediately. The writing style itself was lovely too, fitting into that time period just beautifully.
We are instantly drawn into our heroine’s plight. Sybil has a sweet, and curious nature. I love how the book starts out – a highway robbery! And might I say, I was in love right then and there with a certain person. You’ll have to read it to find out who. ;)
The mystery held up till the very end and was handled quite masterfully. The entire plotline was really well done!
And I loved the characters. Oh I loved them so much. Except for a bad apple or two. I don’t want to ruin anything because it was all so fabulously played out that I don’t wish to ruin it for any readers! But I definitely would recommend the read. It was enchanting, and so much like a beloved British period drama – loved it! And I have a new book-boyfriend, which is always so lovely! Quite honestly, I was smitten from the beginning with him, and I would very much like my own Mr. Mystery (I’m sure you can guess who he is, but I will withhold his name just to be safe. ;)).
After finishing, I was a bit saddened to find that really there was no faith thread whatsoever. It was a very clean and wholesome book, one which I loved VERY much, but there were lots of instants where a message of trusting God could’ve been implemented very well. So that was the one and only thing that brought it down a half star.
But otherwise, it was a completely lovely novel and I eagerly await more from this author!!
in the shadow of croft towers (1) in the shadow of croft towers
abigail wilson
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Author Interview! Jaime Jo Wright


Copy of Connilyn Cossette AI.png


Good Monday morning readers! I took a bit of a schedule-break in July, but I’m back now with today’s author interview, and next week’s character introduction! Good to be back, right? ^.^ I hope you enjoy this interview – I know I do. The genre of books that Jaime Jo Wright writes (teehee) is usually one out of my normal, but I’ve greatly enjoyed her two books and eagerly await more!


Image result for curly q



Welcome to my “Peculiar” Blog! I’m so happy to have you here :) Would you please introduce yourself and the genre that you write:

Thank you so much for having me! I am Jaime Jo Wright, perhaps known more for my indulgence in coffee and my handle “The Professional Coffee Drinker” rather than my books. LOL But I write dual-time or split-time mystery. Basically, it means half the book is set in a contemporary setting while the other half takes the reader back into a historical setting, with the mystery weaving in and out of both time periods.


In your Dual-Time stories, do you find one easier to write than the other – past or present?

It sort of depends on the story. In “The House on Foster Hill” my first novel, the historical setting was easier, but in “The Reckoning at Gossamer Pond”, I found myself gravitating more toward the contemporary setting as the one that came smoother.

Of your characters, is there one that you relate to more than the others? And if so, why?

Hmmm, well honestly there’s some of me in every character. I don’t know that I’ve written one character I super relate to, although I will say I think a lot like Kaine from “The House on Foster Hill”. Sort of impulsive, act first, think later, type of thing. 😊


Do you have a special process for how you choose your character’s names?

None whatsoever. LOL! Sometimes the name just pops into my head and it sticks. Other times, I just look around and like was the case in “The House on Foster Hill”, I see my cat and go, “oh. Ivy. That’s a solid name for a human too.”

I have heard that many authors have their own interesting writing quirk – do you have one? If so, would you mind sharing?

I’ve heard this too. If I have one, I’ve not discovered it yet. Unless you count composing the chapters in my head before I write them down. But I don’t know if that’s so much quirky as just an attempt at efficiency. LOL


Does writing energize or exhaust you?

Neither? It’s part of who I am. Some days I’m exhausted so I just don’t write. Other days, I’m excited to write and then words come out energetically. I don’t usually feel too broad of an emotional swing with writing so much. More just: contentment.

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

Continue to enjoy every moment to its fullest. Don’t look too far ahead and don’t live in what’s already happened. Make every minute a memory.

What other authors are you friends with, and how do they help you become a better writer?

I’ve been blessed with a fairly broad group of writerly friends. The closest ones, I refer to as my “sisters”. They help me become a better writer by challenging me as a person, by supporting me, praying for me, and just overall, being there. I think relationships that are deep and go beyond just the writing world, definitely become ones that help form you as a writer and as a person.


How important to you is the faith-element in your writing? Is it central to the theme or more of a sideline plot?

The faith-element for me is very important. I usually have a one-word theme to my novels and the characters all circle around it in their stories. It’s also important to me that the faith-elements be relatable and non-preachy. Something that anyone could pick up and be encouraged or challenged by without feeling like they got slapped in the face with evangelism. If that makes sense?



What does your family think of your writing?

My kids are very proud. They firmly believe I’m famous—think Bon Jovi level of famous. When I reassure them I’ve not yet achieved the rabid fan-base they believe I have, I am quickly corrected. LOL! My husband is also proud, and he’s super supportive. All in all, the family is my fuel.



And lastly, would you recommend a book that my readers might like if they’ve read your latest, “The Reckoning at Gossamer Pond”?


Great question!! If you enjoy the mystery elements, I’d strongly encourage checking out Rachel McMillan for her historically based mysteries. Super good with a unique voice and an edge that I really enjoy!

Image result for curly q

Great answers to each question! I loved reading through them. I hope you’ve enjoyed this too, readers! And here’s some more info about Jaime Jo Wright’s latest book:


About The Reckoning at Gossamer Pond:

For over a century, the town of Gossamer Grove has thrived on its charm and Midwestern values, but Annalise Forsythe knows painful secrets, including her own, hover just beneath the pleasant facade. When a man is found dead in his run-down trailer home, Annalise inherits the trailer, along with the pictures, vintage obituaries, and old revival posters covering its walls. As she sorts through the collection, she’s wholly unprepared for the ramifications of the dark and deadly secrets she’ll uncover.

A century earlier, Gossamer Grove has been stirred into chaos by the arrival of controversial and charismatic twin revivalists. The chaos takes a murderous turn when Libby Sheffield, working at her father’s newspaper, receives an obituary for a reputable church deacon hours before his death. As she works with the deacon’s son to unravel the mystery behind the crime, it becomes undeniably clear that a reckoning has come to town—but it isn’t until another obituary arrives that they realize the true depths of the danger they’ve waded into.

Two women, separated by a hundred years, must uncover the secrets within the borders of their own town before it’s too late and they lose their future—or their very souls.





Jaime Jo Head Shot


Professional coffee drinker & ECPA/Publisher’s Weekly best-selling author, Jaime Jo Wright resides in the hills of Wisconsin writing spirited romantic suspense stained with the shadows of history. Coffee fuels her snarky personality. She lives in Neverland with her Cap’n Hook who stole her heart and will not give it back, their little fairy Tinkerbell, and a very mischievous Peter Pan. The foursome embark on scores of adventure that only make her fall more wildly in love with romance and intrigue. Jaime lives in dreamland, exists in reality, and invites you to join her adventures



Social Media Links:

Web site:









Book Review

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Mulligan College Series by Ann Naedele – Review

I will be reviewing the three books/novella’s in one review:



Mulligan College Series by Ann Naedele
Review copies provided by the author for the purpose of this review.
My rating overall: 3 Stars (1st book:3.5 stars, 2nd book: 2stars, 3rd book: 3 stars)
About Milligan Mayhem: College days in East Tennessee were different during the 1960s, especially at a Christian college like Milligan. Two young roommates are confused when a beloved professor dies suddenly, leaving the entire campus grieving. Outside forces penetrate the quiet school adding more mayhem! The reader will enjoy the practices concerning dating during this time, as well as the descriptive experiences of the author who attended the college for four years. A little mystery, a little romance, a wedding, and a visit from the Letterman round out this short tale. It’s a fast read aimed at youthful readers, but will even satisfy the nostalgic, older reader.
About Ghost Quest: The main character meets up with a ghost in her college dorm. She then sets out to find out why ghosts want to stay on Earth. She calls alumni from as far back as 1911 and finds out interesting details of ghosts of the past. Ann then puts all this information together for the campus newspaper. Join her in her quest for the campus ghosts!
About Pop Tops and Smiley Faces: Do you know a lot about the 1960’s? Some of it you will read about in American history classes, but many of your grandparents and great grandparents lived through that volatile period. This book is the last in a series of three about campus life in the hills of Tennessee during this time. You will enjoy the book’s mystery while learning about real events; even though this is a fictional account, you will learn what was happening through the eyes of a student. The customs were very different from today’s and might even surprise you. Could you have handled these major events in history? …their customs? How did your relatives fare? Did they share any stories with you? Go back in time with Ann as she leads fellow classmates and even some professors toward danger. Will they solve the mystery? This is a fast-paced read for those of you who are pressed with deadlines, jobs, school, and families.
My Thoughts:
These books read very much as if the author is sharing her memories only in mostly first-person. Through these books we get a small glimpse into life during the 1960’s, specifically in the landscape of the Christian College of Mulligan. Each novella has a small mystery thread that is easy to follow along with.
Sometimes the storyline is a bit choppy, like when a scene changes, but they are easy and quick reads.
It was fun seeing little things that are familiar, like mention of the Beatles, or the first ‘pop-tab’ drinks, and the start of the popular smiley-face.
Of the three novella’s, I enjoyed the first the most. The second one (Ghost Quest) was not a favourite because of the topic and the trivial manner in how the “ghosts” were refered to as if light and fun, when in reality, ghosts are just demons – not fun at all.
The third book focused on a bit more serious a subject, mentioning the turmoils that were very real in the 60’s.
They each read quickly, and contained interesting and good aspects.
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“Death at Thornburn Hall” by Julianna Deering ~ Book Review

Review (7).JPG


“Death at Thornburn Hall” by Julianna Deering

Book Six in the Drew Farthing Mysteries Series

Review copy provided by the publishers

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars


Image result for curly q



About the Book:


The Fartherings’ Scottish Holiday Takes a Dark Turn 
Drew Farthering arrives in idyllic Scotland for the 1935 British Open at Muirfield hoping for a relaxing holiday, but he soon finds a mystery on his hands. Lord Rainsby, his host at Thorburn Hall, fears his business partner may be embezzling and asks Drew to quietly investigate. Before Drew can uncover anything, Rainsby is killed in a suspicious riding accident.

Thorburn Hall is filled with guests, and as Drew continues to dig, he realizes that each might have had a motive to put Rainsby out of the way. Together with Madeline and Nick, he must sort through shady business dealings, international intrigue, and family tensions to find a killer who always seems to be one step ahead.


Image result for curly q


My Thoughts:


I found this book uniquely written, and very… British-mystery-esque! Really, it was liking stepping into a BBC Mystery show. ^.^
The setting and era were very nice, and worked well with the story.I was most intrigued to find out the culprit in the end, though I did suspect the person earlier than Drew figured it out…! ^.^ But then, I have watched a lot of British Mysteries ;)
The characters were endearing, though because this is part of a series, you don’t really get to know them completely in one book. That is the one thing that probably makes this a lower rating for me, but not due to the book’s fault at all. This is just the kind of series that should be read in order. And I did not do that. ^.^ There were lots of references to past happenings in the previous books, so I wished I had had the chance to read them in order, but alas. I’m still glad I got the chance to read a Drew Farthing mystery, even if it is the 6th book. :) I’d like to start over at the first book at some point, and go through them, because, judging off this one book, they seem good and entertaining. :)
That being said, “Death at Thornburn Hall” could be read as a standalone (as I did), but I think I would recommend reading them in order to get a better grasp on the characters and their background! :)

Image result for curly q




“That could be. Or maybe He has something else in mind. Some other way for you to find out what you want to know. A better way. Or maybe it just isn’t time yet and His answer isn’t no, but ‘not now’.”
“People generally think sheep are stupid, you know, but he says they’re not. It’s only when they’re afraid that they make bad decisions.”
“It wouldn’t be faith if we could see everything ahead of time.”
“You know how it is. When there’s a tragedy, people are so helpful at first. But after a while they go back to their regular routines, and the bereaved one is left quite alone with nothing to go back to.”
“At some point we have to trust God with our lives, don’t we? Otherwise we spend our days huddles in a corner afraid to take a step outside. But what a waste that is when there’s so much we;re meant to do with the time He’s given us.”
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Book Review: The Case of the Clobbered Cad by Debra E. Marvin


“The Case of the Clobbered Cad” by Debra E. Marvin

A Nosy Parkers Mystery


Review copy provided by the author

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars



About the Book:   Inspired by the famous Girl Detective, the members of the Olentangy Heights Girls’ Detective Society, affectionately known as the Nosy Parkers, spent their formative years studying criminology, codes, and capers. Unfortunately, opportunities to put their unique skills to work were thin on the ground in the post-war boom of their little corner of suburbia and they eventually grew up to pursue more sensible careers. Until… Heather Munro’s youthful devotion to The Girl Detective led to a passion for digging around in history. Now pursuing her Master’s Degree in Celtic Studies, Heather must balance exploring Edinburgh with her determination to excel in her all–male classes at the University. Unfortunately, on her first night working in the Archives room, she discovers the dead body of a visiting professor, the same would-be lothario she’d hoped never to see again. As clues come to light, it’s clear someone hopes to frame Heather for the murder. Besides her quirky landlady, whom can she trust? How can she clear her name? The police and the American Consul have plenty of suspects, but only two seem to have both motive and opportunity: Heather and the quiet Scottish historian she longs to trust.



My Thoughts: 

Oh my word, this was such a delightful read! I was swept away the moment I started it. It was just charming! I know, how can a “murder mystery” be charming, right? But just read “The Case of the Clobbered Cad” yourself and find out!
This book has a darling cover, and a fantastic setting. 1956 Scotland – yes please! Main character, Heather Munro, is American spending time in Scotland as she studies. But she doesn’t find time for boredom – right off starts her in the midst of a murder, and a mysterious one at that, with her being a possible suspect – yikes!
Very well-written and captivating, with very pleasant characters. And I didn’t guess the murder till the end, which is always more enjoyable, to be kept in a bit of suspense. :)
I’ve enjoyed each story I’ve read by Debra, but this might just be my favourite. I already would like to read it again.
CCC was a clean book, with a couple mentions of faith. It wasn’t the main point of this novel, but the book was still extremely enjoyable, and I appreciated the few mentions of prayer and the Lord. :)
If you enjoy mystery novels, or BBC mysteries, or really just a great read, be sure to pick up a copy of “The Case of The Clobbered Cad”!


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Book Sale Updated

Hello again!


I just wanted to whip up a quick post to let you all know that my book sale page has finally been completed – all the books I have currently to re-home are listed. If I ever choose to add a couple more, I will do a post about it, but for right now, that’s it. There’s quite a lot there though, so take a peak!

I’ve got Biblical fiction, Suspense, Amish, Romance, Mystery, Historical, Fantasy, and Non-Fiction, etc.

Authors like Becky Wade, Katie Ganshert, Wanda E. Brunstetter, Ted Dekker, Jonathan Friesen, Angela Hunt, Jill Eileen Smith, Melody Carlson, and many, many more.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)

So yes, books! By the list you may think I’ve got none left on my shelf, but that is not the case, worry not. My bookshelves are still somehow full to bursting. :D This collection of books has been over a couple of years, so had to make room for new ones. :)

Anyway, go take a look and see if you can find a new read! :) And if you want to share about it on your blog, social media, or whatever, I certainly won’t mind. ;) I would love to get these out of totes and into happy hands. :)


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Litfuse Book Review: “A Respectable Actress” by Dorothy Love

“A Respectable Actress” by Dorothy Love

Historical Mystery Fiction

Review copy source: Litfuse

My rating: 4 out of 5 Stars


About the Book:

When India Hartley is accused of murder, she must uncover the deceptions of others to save herself.

India Hartley, a famous and beautiful actress, is now alone after her father’s death and embarks upon a tour of theaters across the South. Her first stop is Savannah’s Southern Palace. On the eve of the second night’s performance, something goes horribly wrong. Her co-star, Arthur Sterling, is shot dead on stage in front of a packed house, and India is arrested and accused of the crime.

A benefactor hires Philip Sinclair, the best—and handsomest—lawyer in Savannah to defend India. A widower, Philip is struggling to reinvent his worn-out plantation on St. Simons Island. He needs to increase his income from his law practice in order to restore Indigo Point, and hardly anything will bring him more new clients than successfully defending a famous actress on a murder charge.

Because India can’t go anywhere in town without being mobbed, Philip persuades the judge handling her case to let him take her to Indigo Point until her trial date. India is charmed by the beauty of the Georgia lowcountry and is increasingly drawn to Philip. But a locked room that appears to be a shrine to Philip’s dead wife and the unsolved disappearance of a former slave girl raise troubling questions. Piecing together clues in an abandoned boat and a burned-out chapel, India discovers a trail of dark secrets that lead back to Philip, secrets that ultimately may hold the key to her freedom. If only he will believe her.


My Thoughts:

I was pretty pleasantly surprised with this book. It would’ve gotten a big higher rating had it had a fantastic faith-strand, but that was sadly missing. However, the mystery and suspense of this book was gripping. It wasn’t creepy, or dark at all, and the feel of it was lovely, truly. I really liked the character India and Philip, as well as Amelia, and a several others.  The historical aspect was rich and yet it didn’t bog the book down at all, which I really appreciate. It really was a rather beautiful book.

The setting was intriguing, and well described so that I could picture it well. There were some interesting twists, and this book kept my attention quite well!

This quote made me happy:

“Anybody who collects books can’t be all bad” – Phillip Sinclair, A Respectable Actress by Dorothy Love

So true. :D

The romance was a little too fast, and as usual, the kissing was too soon, and before marriage. That was a shame.

To be honest, I’m not sure what else to say about this book. I enjoyed it, and would have enjoyed it a great deal more if God had been involved. That was really the only disappointing fact. I think with a great godly-theme, this book would be amazing!

I received a complementary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review which I have given.




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Some September Reads

September books 2015 (2)


Hello readers!

I thought that perhaps today I’d show a picture of some of my September Reads. From the picture, it doesn’t look too big, but seeing that September is already half over and I actually forgot a couple of my ‘to-read’ books, it’s big enough for me! In case you can’t really tell the titles from the picture, I’m reading/going to read:

“All Our Empty Places” by Alicia G. Ruggieri – I am actually almost done with this one and it is FANTASTIC! I am so excited for this new release of Alicia’s. For anyone that read the first book in this series, “The Fragrance of Geraniums”, you definitely won’t want to miss this one! And if you haven’t read either, I highly recommend it! You’ll hear more about “All Our Empty Places” soon enough, when I share my review and spotlight the release!

“The Girl From the Train” by Irma Joubert – I started this one at the beginning of September, but it has been kind of slow for me to get through. I set it down momentarily, to read “All Our Empty Places” but I will be picking it back up shortly. :)

“Bathsheba: Reluctant Beauty” by Angela Hunt – I am looking forward to this Biblical fiction; I haven’t read any of Hunt’s work before and so this will be a great chance to do so. The cover is beautiful.

“Hiding Places” by Erin Healy – Again, I haven’t read anything by this author, but I am looking forward to it. It’s a mystery/suspense novel, so it should be interesting!


And then I’m also beta-reading a couple short novella’s not pictured here. :)

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get them all read before October First, but I am certainly going to try! What are you reading?

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Book Review: “Trial by Twelve” by Heather Day Gilbert

“Trial by Twelve” by Heather Day Gilbert

Book 2 in the Murder in the Mountains series   releases May 30th 2015

Review source: ecopy from the author

My rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

About the book:

Tess Spencer loves her low-key job at the Crystal Mountain Spa, which allows her plenty of down-time with her one-year old daughter and lawyer husband, Thomas. But when a pool installation turns up eight skeletons in the spa’s back yard, Tess becomes entangled in a sleuthing job destined to go awry.
As the investigation gets underway, someone dumps a fresh body near the excavated burial site, confirming unspeakable fears. A serial killer has returned to Buckneck, West Virginia…a skilled hunter with a unique taste in prey.
When Tess agrees to help the cunning Detective Tucker gather clues from the inside, she discovers the posh spa hides more than dead bodies. Even as she sifts through layers of deceit, Tess realizes too late that the killer’s sights have zeroed in on her.

My thoughts:

Wow! What a spectacular, on-the-edge-of-your-seat mystery! I read this book as fast as I possibly could – I needed to know who the killer was.
Heather Day Gilbert has a gift for writing, and I just love how smoothly and well-crafted every book comes out.
“Trial by Twelve” was thrilling, and I think, even better than the first in this series. It was truly riveting. :) And so realistic! The characters were so real to me, and felt so familiar. It was great ‘visiting’ the characters from the first book – felt so homey. :)
And Mrs. Gilbert sure knows how to write crazies for characters – goodness, the killer was creepy! But the Christianity in this book was stronger than the last, and I believe shown nicely. I could always go for some more (I love me some God-centered books) but I know a lot of people prefer the subtleness of faith in books. This had that ‘vibe’ to it. One of the quotes I liked and high-lighted on my kindle copy was this:

“Her [Miranda] numerous biblical commentaries and Bible notebooks remind me of how close she walked with God. I feel so inadequate in the face of her faith, but I know she’d tell me we each grow at our own speed and the point is to be growing,” – location 3088

Sometimes it was a little weird that Tess never filled her husband in on some things, but I guess I can still understand how that happens in some marriages. Not being married myself doesn’t give me the point of position to know for sure. ;)
One thing that I was just ‘ehhh’ on was the comment about her baby and cat being hyper because of a full-moon. I’ve heard that before, but I’m just not so sure about that.

But all in all, I really enjoyed this book – this mystery! – and am looking forward to more from Mrs. Gilbert! Oh and the cover is lovely, isn’t it? I think it’s beautiful! Thank you so much, Mrs. Gilbert, for allowing me to be one of your early readers!

I received a complimentary ecopy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review, which I have given.