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“A Glitter of Gold” by Liz Johnson ~ Book Review


A Glitter of Gold (Georgia Coast Romance Book #2) by [Johnson, Liz]


“A Glitter of Gold” by Liz Johnson

Georgia Coast Romance Book #2

Review copy through LibraryThing Giveaway

My rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

About the Book:


Anne Norris moved to Savannah, Georgia, for a fresh start. Now her pirate-tour business is flagging, and paying the rent requires more than wishful thinking. When she discovers evidence of a shipwreck off the coast of Tybee Island, she knows it could be just the boon she needs to stay afloat. She takes her findings to local museum director Carter Hale for confirmation, but she runs after a disastrous first meeting.

Carter has been searching for the location of the wreck detailed in the worn pages of an 18th-century diary, the discovery of which could open the door to his dream job at a prestigious museum. But convincing Anne to help him fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle is no easy task. And working with Carter means that Anne will have to do the one thing she swore she’d never do again: trust a man.

Finding a monetary backer and sticking with a search that’s turning up nothing will take all their dedication–and every secret they’ve tried to hide. If they can find the lost ship, they may discover a treasure worth more than all the pirate gold in the world–love.

My Thoughts:


Liz Johnson is quickly becoming an author whose books I don’t want to miss out on! This is my second book by her, but I can’t wait to dive into her previous works.
“A Glitter of Gold” was more than a good book. It told the stories of more than one real-to-life character, showcasing their realities and rawness in such a beautiful way.
Main character, Anne Norris, has a painful past she can’t seem to outrun. Throughout the novel, we see her trying to find freedom. Carter Hale is looking for his own sort of freedom and rescue. How their stories intertwine, and bond together with a story from the past is just lovely.
I *loved* the diary entries ending a majority of the chapters – they belonged to the story of the past and that story was just enthralling, and captivated my heart right from the start. I could picture the characters in my head so vividly, and I was just in love with it all.
The sweet and gentle faith message was well written, and I enjoyed seeing how the story tied up at the end. So good. <3 I look forward to continuing the series!



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“A Sparkle of Silver” by Liz Johnson ~ Book Review


“A Sparkle of Silver” by Liz Johnson

Book One in the Georgian Coast Romance series

Review copy from the author

My rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

About the book:

Uncovering the past can lead to an unexpected future . . .

Millie Sullivan plays a 1920s-era guest during tours of a palatial estate on the shore of St. Simons Island, Georgia, where her great-grandmother was a real guest ninety years ago. When Millie learns of a lost diary that may contain the location of a hidden treasure on the estate and reveal the identity of her great-grandfather, she sets out to find the truth of her heritage–and the fortune she desperately needs. But it won’t be easy. When security guard Ben Thornton discovers her snooping in the estate’s private library, he threatens to have her fired. Still, her story seems too ludicrous to be fiction, and her offer to split the treasure is too tempting to pass up. Get ready for a romantic escapade through dark halls and dusty corners that will have you holding your breath and sighing with delight.

My Thoughts:


I really enjoyed this book. It was my first Liz Johnson book but it most certainly won’t be my last! I loved her writing style – it was fun and easy to follow, and beautifully accomplished.
The story itself was a true delight as well. The characters were so very realistic and believable. Millie – I loved her! She was relatable and raw and real, struggling with real problems. And of course, I related to her love of happily-ever-after novels! Book-sisters at heart <3
Ben was a dashing hero without being “too hunky” like a lot of heroes XD He was down-to-earth, dealing with his own problems, but so kind and likeable.
It was also such a treat to have clips from a relatives diary at the end of several chapters – seeing that story and mystery unfold was utterly delightful! The whole treasure-hunting theme in this book was riveting and kept you interested for sure.
The setting was fabulous – I wish I could visit The Chateau!! Sounds beautiful.
There was just so much to love about this book. The relationship of Millie and her grandmother was precious, her friendship with Ben, and Ben and Carl’s work-relationship/friendship were each so well done. And I really did love Millie and Ben’s growing relationship. It was very good. However, there was a moment of tension at the end that I felt was a bit overdone – one character overreacted just a little bit and I wanted to sit down and talk with them myself. XD However, almost all of their actions were understandable.
For most of the book, the faith theme was kind of sprinkled throughout; not very heavily. More like a reminder here and there. But towards the end the message of mercy, forgiveness, and who we are in Christ being what really matters came out a bit more strongly. It could’ve been even more strong for my taste, but it was well done for sure.
All in all, I enjoyed this book a great deal and look forward to more from this author!