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Something to look forward to.

That sentence actually gives excitement, doesn’t it? :)
I wanted to give a little up-date here…Sometime soon, I shall have a product review to share with you all, and not only that but also my first…give-away! So that’s super exciting!! Something to look forward to, indeed. I think ye will like the give-away too. It’s a good ‘un.

We went to the MN zoo on Monday. That was so fun, and I did get some good pictures. I would like to share them, but I don’t know where that camera is… :D
Lots of fun animals there. I looooovvved the cows. We got to watch them milk one (it is a one parlor milking station; not by hand) and the guy explained everything; it was really great and interesting. I love cows. :)
Oh, and I got to wear Elias in a wrap for a little while too, which was really neat. (It’s called baby-wearing – you wrap the baby/toddler on your front, back or side, with the wrap which is a long piece of woven fabric, and it holds the baby securely without using you arms or anything. It’s amazing.)

We are going up north soon, so that’s exciting. We’re going to pick out a kitten to bring home for inside. For Noah =) Lots of fun!

God brought me through some things yesterday while praying and it was amazing and so good. He even used the book I am reading in parallel. It was so neat. I’m still working through a few things, but He is a great God! My Abba Father.

Okay, so look forward to a review and give-away soon!!

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The Hobbit, Duluth, pictures, and more :)

Good Sunday morning to ye all!

With The Hobbit movie out now, I’m sure many of you have seen or even possibly own your own pair of elven ear cuffs, or other beautiful styles of ear cuffs. I saw one on a gal’s blog as I was passing by, and absolutely fell in love with them. After seeing them, I went on Etsy and found many beautiful, and elegant ear cuffs ( the elf style particularly caught my attention!) I am hoping to review a pair very soon, and share pictures of them if possible, to show you all how gorgeous and fun they are, and to make you want some too! :) They truly would be a fun accessory for anytime wear. At least I think so! I was thinking how neat they would look when I wear my long green shimmery cloak :) See, can’t you just imagine elven ears to complete this look?:
Elder photos 674

So, check back, and hopefully (God-willing!) I will be able to share photos of the gorgeous elf ear cuffs!

Now on to recent news…

We just took a trip up to Duluth to visit family for an early Christmas, and I did actually get some photos of BentleyVille – which is a festival of lights – and also of a lady’s house on the Point whose yard is all decorated with lights as well. So, I shall try to share some in this post!
Before I do that, I wanted to say quick, that I know I mentioned in my last post that I was hoping to share my thoughts on the movie, The Avengers, but I have decided not to do that at this point, because everyone has a different opinion on it, and it often ends up in an argument of opinions, which is never a favourite of mine… :)
Okey-dokie, here are the pictures now :)
First we’ll start with pictures from BentleyVille – I have more of those, because we did that first, so by the time we got down to the house on the point we were all really really cold!






And here are photos of the house on the Point:


And that is all for pictures. Like I said, I didn’t get many on the Point because it was so cold. :)
Our visit in Duluth was nice, as always. I do so love Duluth. At my grandparents house there are many critters, mainly because my grandma feeds them, and so while up there we got to see two large deer right in her driveway, eating out of a bird feeder, as well as rabbits eating bunny food that my grandma leaves for them ^.^ We almost came home with a stray cat she has tamed, but it didn’t work out.
Anywho, there are the pictures!

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Good day to ye all; giveaway anyone?

Yep, I’m posting about another give-away! It is at Shining Stars Magazine blog, and the give-away is… the book, “Set Apart Femininity” by Leslie Ludy. It sounds so good, and I definitely want to read, whether I win it or not :)
You can enter this wonderful giveaway, too:


oh and before I forget – I will not be online much at all from Wednesday-Friday. We’ll be in Duluth. Yay!!! I am really looking forward to going; it’s been too long. We’ll be stopping at Lake Superior on the way up (normally, we just head on straight to my grandparents, and do Lake Superior one of the days we’re up there).
Dad leaves today, and Mum, Noah and I leave tomorrow. “See” you soon! :)

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You took my toothbrush?

Hola, I’m home! And have been since Sunday night.
Duluth was grand. There was flooding up there…but thankfully it was done by the time we got there – I mean, you could still see the effects of it, but it wasn’t raining hard or anything while we were there.
I may or may not update more on the whole trip soon…as of right now, I just don’t feel like it…

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First, Happy Father’s Day to you! I hope you all have a wonderful day with your Dad’s :)

I’ve got some photos of dresses I’ve been meaning to share, but haven’t gotten to it for various reasons. We’ll see if I can get it to work today though!

(Above: Notice how freaking low it is? Man, it was shocking. We got the dress at a garage sale, and we were at Dallas’ afterwards, so I tried it on, and I didn’t even want to come out of the bathroom XD So, we found a shirt to go under. :P)

(Above: I felt a little ‘funny’ in this one – like a “homeschooler” ;) Haha!The knives helped me be more me, though, so it was okay.)

And this following one is my favourite. It makes me feel…oh I don’t know. Fairy-tale-ish, but not quite the right word…Elven-ish?

I love the dress though. I got a little sick of being in dresses after a while, but this one I could wear all the time. There is just something about it. Twice I was told it is a very “Rae dress” if that means anything. ;)
Oh and just a little note: If I’m not wearing my knives, it means it was Sunday. But of course, if I am, it means it’s not Sunday. :)

There has been quite a bit that I could be posting about lately, but I just haven’t gotten to it.
But this week is going to be a grand week. Yay!!! Going to be meeting a penpal (Yippee, RaeAnne!!!) at MOA, then my family will be heading up to Duluth and I’ll be meeting two other penpals too! So much fun to look forward to!! :)

And then this past week, we got to tour the Tabernacle. It was so cool. If you have the time, look up “Messiah’s Mansion” – it’s an amazing ministry! I really really really loved going through it. Seeing so much passion was beyond amazing, and just a great reminder to never settle for less! The passion of both tour guides we had (we went through twice) was really great. Our first tour guide was a older gentlemen who was so sincere, and knew his Bible so well – he was great. Then the next day we got a young man, and he was great too. He focused a bit more on Jesus and His call to mission, and of course, I loved that! He was so on fire though; it was so encouraging! I wish I could be surrounded by more people like that; so in love with the Lord!!

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When you run out of things to say, just keep running; something will turn up somewhere.

Dearie me, has it been a while since I last posted. My apologies. Haven’t really had much to post about, nor the energy or desire…
I’ve got some pictures to share though, if my computer will behave. Shall we give it a try?

"These are my friends, Bill and Bryce"

(Above) Okay, c’mon people, one of you should know what my humor is up there. I did this a few weeks ago. Like a week before we even went up to Duluth. I wore them on my fingers the whole day, which made eating a tad bit hard, but you know, it was worth it XD

Tired of waiting...

(Above) Not a very good picture, but I figure it shows my weariness of waiting to just leave for Duluth :D We had to do this Open House/Auction type deal for a friend of Dad’s, and then we were gonna head up to Duluth. Next photo is of Noah in the car with me.

8, almost 9-year-old driving. Just kidding XP
Birthday time.

(Above) A few days later, up at my grandparents, lighting Noah’s birthday cake!

A few days ago, Noah and I decided to dress up (very rare for me, but it was fun.) Mum took some photos:

(Above) I love Noah’s serious face in that one!

(Above) Mum then took some in Sepia. Oh and Noah changed outfits, just in case you weren’t aware ;)

So those are the photos of that day :)
Yesterday, while Mum was on the phone, I wrote on my ankle (naughty me) and gave myself a tattoo :D It says my future husbands name. *Snickers* One of you readers knows for certain who that is, and I’m sure the rest of you could guess.
But my funny-realisation was that, I had done it, and then worn a shorter skirt that day! And not long-socks. We went to a town 45 min. West of us, which made it all the better for me, as I’m sure I was a sight. Though that is normal for me, utterly so. I was also wearing my OP shoes that are big and clunky, and black with red plaid >.< Good times.
Weeel…I guess that is all for now folks. :) Merry Christmas!

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Home again, home again.

I am home now. Which is very nice. But not. Because I don’t want home to be here. This trip, coming home was harder than normal for me. I don’t know how to explain it, but something changed, and my desire to move up there has changed – deepened, and become more realistic. I can honestly say it pained me to leave. We did look at two homes for sale up there, but one was absolutely out of the question after thinking on it. It was 80 acres, which was very nice, but the house, barn and sheds would have to be torn down – there was hardly anyway to redo them. Plus the house was so tiny. I mean so so tiny. It was a kitchen, a living room, and a little off room, which looked to be a bedroom at one point but was opened up. Anyway, then there was an upstairs that we didn’t even dare ascending the stairs…
The barn was an old one. Which would’ve been so lovely if it were fixable. And Dad said there was a slight chance for that to happen, but it’d be slim. We can’t really go through the whole process again – it has taken us nine years to get our house into the shape it’s in.
The second house is still in consideration actually. The price is more than decent, there is 22 acres, and room for pasture land, it’s in the town we so badly want to live in, and it’s on a dead-end road, that goes onto a paved road that is quiet. But…the house would also have to be torn down most likely. There is think/high black mold in the basement, and so it would have traveled upstairs as well. Plus the home is a split-level, which is not something we want. The land was gorgeous though…Again, this is still in consideration and most importantly prayers.

Our trip in general, was wonderful. I was out of it for most of the trip, but that’s okay. I couldn’t focus often…I believe that was due to lack of sleep for so many nights. I had to sleep on the floor, which did a number on my back, and kept me from much sleep. But it was fine. I could’ve changed that – but by the time we figured out a better arrangement, there was only like two nights left, and I did not want to blow up the freaking blow-up mattress for two nights.
We went up on Wednesday, and Dallas and David came up on Thursday – late. Like at 9:00pm.
On Friday, we went to the Aquarium for Noah’s birthday, which was lots of fun. I felt like I was five again or something :D Yes, I played with the boats on the Lake-table. It was great fun. And I figured, if a 26-year-old guy can do it, than so can I. David and I ‘played’ with the boats and such more than anyone else…
The green screen was a hoot as well. We all got involved with that one – even Dad. It was really a fun day. We got to watch the Otters play and get fed, which was grand. I touched a Stingray, talked to a magpie (whom I named as well), fed some ugly fish, and all that good stuff. We were there from..10:20am till like 2:45pm. We took like 45 minutes there to go eat lunch though.

Saturday we went into Duluth again, went to the Dollar Tree (by Noah’s request. It was her birthday after all.) She wanted some balloons. I got some cute stickers, a writing pad, and a bouncy-ball that has the world on it.

We arrived home yesterday, late afternoon, around 3:20pm. Mum and I had like 30 minutes before we left again, this time for town – for the first practice of the yearly Easter Choir thing. I was so exhausted, physically, mentally and emotionally.
Then we got home an hour and a half or so later, I checked my emails, did my chores, came in and finally took a shower. Oh that was nice. The shower up at my grandparents is so ridiculously tiny. And I’m a short person. I don’t know how every body else manages it. I skipped out on a shower while I was up there, and just took one when I got home. My hair was so icky and oily/greasy Saturday-Sunday. I did take a shower once while I was up there, and my hair was still a mess – snarls, and all that good stuff. Plus it was on the ‘fluffier’ side, which is oft untamable..

Oh and I didn’t get to see my (yes, my) Lake Superior. :( Well, I got to see it out of the Aquarium window…but that was it, which is very sad. Just wanted y’all to know that.

Okay, well I shall depart now, and leave you with a long post :P

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Happy Valentine’s Day XP

D’ya got a sweet-heart you’re going to spend the day with? D’ya have any plans for the day?
I do. Packing, and cleaning a guinea pig cage, or two, as well as a litter-box, (oh joy) and possibly a date. With the movie “Persuasion” :D And then Noah’s got a piano lesson this afternoon, and we’ll have some more stops to make, as I need lettuce for the time being that we’ll be gone, as well as other things. Then I get to come home and pack bags of lettuce and hay/carrots. Lovely way to spend the day huh?
But silly me. I have not said where it is that I’ll be gone to. Though I’m sure you can guess. :)
Yes. We are finally going up to Duluth. I am looking forward to it so much. And it will be a long visit. Five days. Though really, four days and an evening. Oh I am so glad we’re finally getting to go! It was November last time we were up there. We shall be going to an Aquarium up there on Friday, for Noah’s birthday (though her b-day isn’t till Saturday) and it shall be grand, I’m sure. David and Dallas are coming up as well, but not till Thursday. Our friend, Brenda will be here taking care of all our (erm…my) animals.

Now more on the tune of Valentine’s day. If I still had it, I’d dig out my card I got so many years back from a Secret Admirer. Yes, I have in fact received one or two of those in my life-time. :D I never did find out who that card was from, but I have a guess.
I wish I could get what I got last year on Valentine’s day….my “Knights of Arrethtrae” books. But that is highly unlikely ;)

Have you ever had a dream that was so real-like and wonderful at the time being, you wish it were real? And could actually happen? I had one of those last night. It was grand, yet waking up I came back to my senses and knew that would most likely never happen. And if it did, I’m not sure I’d want it. *sigh* Dreams are as much as an enigma as guys sometimes. XP Haha.
As for right now, I am still pretending I live in that dream, and am living in the moment by listening to first “Vanilla Twilight” and then “Deer in the Headlight” by Owl City. Oh please do not scream. I know. I have talked to myself many a time on the subject. Why in the world am I listening to Owl City? *whispers* I like it. Oh well.

Let me remind ye, I am human. Why should I remind you? Because I just felt it needed to reminding. And now I shall stop confusing you will off-subject sentences.

Well, I hope you have a most wonderful Valentine’s day! May Jesus be your sweet-heart always <3

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My heart lies north

I want so badly to be up in Duluth, I can’t tell you. I am aching for the smell, for the sight, for the feel. I want to stand on the rocks at the point, looking at Lake Superior and never cease to be awed by it. Lake Superior is…amazing. I know I’ve been over all this before, but I adore it in Duluth.
Ideal situation would be for us to move to a town very near Duluth (we want Moose Lake, but still haven’t been able to find the perfect house there.) and then I get my driving license, and I could drive to Lake Superior whenever I wished. Yes, I would battle the terribly roads of Duluth (whose idea was it to build a huge ‘town’ on a hill?) just to get to L.S.
Not only would I go to L.S. I’d also go to my beloved Seven Bridges Road, and even possible Enger Tower. That’s a very cool place too.
Yeah, I’m not sure why I live so south. :P

I was looking through some of the pictures on the computer, and came across one of my initials in the ice, and you can see my foot in a flip-flop. Haha. I am very much accustomed to cold weather. I thrive in it. ;)
Here, this is the photo:

It’s my grandparents’ lake that I am at in the picture.

I don’t know when we’ll be able to go up to Duluth again…it’s not looking like a very soon possibility. :( We all want to of course, but it very unfortunately isn’t possible right now…
Maybe later on this month, or maybe next month, who knows. I just hope it’s soon! I need my Duluth-fix ;) I was up there in October, and then November again, and we were hoping for a December visit, but that didn’t happen. Oh well…

Oh and just to note quick – I did end up changing my blog-name sort of. I didn’t change the web-address yet, (I probably won’t) but as I’m sure you saw, the blog now says “Gods Peculiar Treasure Raechel instead of just ‘Rae’. I had reasons for this.

One last thing:
Today is my Mum’s birthday! Yay, Happy Birthday Mum!! :)
(We get to have Culver’s for her b-day dinner! Yumm.)

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And I wonder

As I sat out on this swing the other day, just thinking,

I couldn’t help but also think that Noah might one day sit there doing the same thing. The tractor swing seems to be the young adult swing, where one thinks about their life, and their future. Dallas did, and how funny that I am now too. Same age no less. Will Noah get to see the same view from swinging?

Not that it’s the most stunning view or anything, but when she’s fifteen or sixteen, will we even still be here? In the house? I personally hope not…but that’s only because I’ve been wanting to move for quite a few years. Not because I don’t like the house or anything, but I’ve always wanted to live up north. Once you’ve been in Duluth, nothing compares – in my opinion at least.
Yes, it’s true, I get weird like this once in a while. And that’s okay. To know me, you’ve got to know the whole package deal. This is who I am, and only God could change that if He wanted to. :)