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This is my thought

Okay, so that is not a completely correct title, because, first, I have many thoughts, and second, I don’t actually have one particular thought to share in this post. I really don’t know what exactly I am posting about, but I wanted to post *something* because I miss doing regular posts.
As most, if not all, of you know, I turned the whopping age of 18 last week. It still hasn’t fully sunk in. I keep wanting to say “I’m 17!” when asked or prompted to give my age.
I can already tell this new year of age is going to good in the fact that God is growing me continually. Year 17 was really hard, I went through a lot of lessons, a lot of valleys, but those valleys eventually brought mountains and I learned a ton. I am thankful for my seventeenth year, as I’m sure I will be for this eighteenth year.
And with another step in age, another step is made in my preparation of missioning. Kinda scary! But exciting, too. No, I don’t know exactly when I’ll go, but I feel very strongly that I am being prepared right now.
Yay for that! :)

18 is just an age. Just like 17 was, and 19 will be. I tend to be somewhat sentimental, but God reminds me that He doesn’t measure time how we do. I am learning that :)

Well…there are some musings on age. ^.^ I should get going for bed…I know this is short, but it IS a post, so :) G’night to all!

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Dobri Ootra!

Which is to say, good morning, in Russian! I am really quite enjoying my Russian.
So, as most of you know, I turned 17…Wednesday (had to think about that for a minute!) and honestly don’t feel all that different. Oh well XP I am thankful to be where I am at, and I’m certainly not complaining in any way.

Remember the list I did previously? Well…salwar kameez can be marked off that list! Yes, God blessed me with not one, but three salwar kameez’s in a amazing, God-thing, way. They really are gorgeous.
I have photos, but not really time to share them – I need to get going with my day. I’ve got some cages to clean, and then a friend is taking me out to launch for my b-day (it’ll be a treat to be sure!). Dad is gone up north, without us…ah well. I hope we get up there soon.

Also for my birthday, I received a bodhran drum (Irish drum) and a penny whistle in key of C, both has been fun to play around with. Noah got me a journal and…chocolate! Yumm. ‘Twas a good birthday, albeit busy. :)

I came on to give a worth-while post, but turns out, that isn’t happening! I am sorry for that. :)

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List…because I love lists.


I decided to make a short “birthday list” – I saw Bekah at do such a list, and well, I love lists, so I thought it’d be fun. All the things will most likely be a bit unrealistic, and not something you’d get for your b-day, because… (well, there is one or two things that I am going to save up for hopefully), one because they are all expensive, and two, because my birthday is only 8 days away :D This list with also just be a list of “wants” because again, it’s fun, and I love lists.  But here is my list anyway! Hope it makes you smile :)


  • A India Sari/Saree
  • A Salwar Kameeze – India dress type thing. Absolutely stunning.
  • A super nice photographers camera
  • This old globe on a stand that is at a Antique store here
  • A a round-trip plane ticket to Northern Ireland. (ha ha ha)
  • 2 rapier swords (one for me, and one for my opponent)

And well that is all I can think of for now :D

I must be off, but you might see lists in the future. Because I love lists.