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June ’18 Recap

June '18 Recap.png



June was an extremely busy month – I felt that I barely had time to breathe sometimes. Summer began in earnest, though there were a few days of cooler weather tucked within the June days. Not as many as I would like, but then I would gladly have a longer Fall and Winter ;)

The heat really has been sweltering lately, and without air-conditioning…I feel like I’m going to melt away. Haha.

We started selling at our local farmer’s market again once a week, which has been going well, but takes up a lot of our time in prep-work. I’ve added to my necklaces – now in addition to the Pixie Dust and ‘Drink Me’ ones,  I have some “Message in a Bottle” necklaces, “Dragon Scales”, and “Wishes”. They look pretty cute if I do so say myself. ;) I need to update the blog site I created for them at some point….


June was just filled with life-stuff, as usual. We got butcher chickens, and they are quickly becoming annoying and ugly. XD We got the garden in, and spent a whole day weeding (I got sunburned, of course), re-fenced the horse pasture (still need to add the wire line but so far the tape keeps Pepper and Adora in), and other life stuff happened.

I was happily introduced to the amazing movie, “The Greatest Showman”, and that has been a near-constant high. ;) It really is a remarkable movie, and probably shouldn’t even get me started on it… ;)


So! Among the busyness and constant running, I managed to actually read a decent amount this month. My sister and I read before bed each night, which helps immensely with that. ;)


A Breath of Hope by Lauraine Snelling  Among the Poppies by J'nell Ciesielski  Trust and Obey by Faith Blum  All for Love by Mary Connealy  The Orphan's Wish by Melanie Dickerson  The Hunter and the Valley of Death by Brennan S. McPherson  I Don't Dance by Jesseca Wheaton  Dangerous to Know by Megan Whitson Lee



If already reviewed, you can click on the covers to go there. :) I will have the remaining reviews posted soon, hopefully!


Added to my collection:




Isn’t that cover of “Anne of Avonlea” stunning? And I found it at a Free Little Library! So cute.

Oh and see that little Paris lamp to the right? I found that at a garage sale and was so thrilled because I’ve been wanting an Eiffel Tower figurine thing and this is perfect. :)



Main Monday Posts from June:


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LindsayH Megan Jacobs CI


Devotional Type Post: “It’s Okay”


Bucket List


Books Reviewed:

Jesus Calling // Quest for Leviathan // Among the Poppies //  Enchanting Nicholette // The Orphan’s Wish // A Breath of Hope // Trust and Obey //


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Hi peoples. I feel like I’ve kind of disappeared from my blog for a bit…but I guess, honest moment: it happens frequently.

Today I have  mainly a question. First, are any of you people crafty? Like, do you have loads of washi-tape and paper-items, and pens, glitter, glue, etc.? I need to talk to you. Where do you store it, and how do you store it? I’m just looking for some tips and would love to talk about such stuff. One of the places I am happiest is sitting at my desk surrounded by my paper-y-craft stuff. I’ve got about 100 rolls of washi-tape (including decorative ducktape – don’t judge me. XD I have saved up for this stuff, and gotten some as gifts. <3), stationary up the wazoo, pens and pencils and markers, glitter and glitter glue of many variations, and more stuff. Paper stuff makes me happy. :D But the problem is storing it, and keeping it easily accessible. I keep my washi-tapes in a pretty box, and most of my stationary in likewise pretty boxes/folders, and then keep these things on two small bookshelves, but they’re overflowing. I don’t even have enough penpals to keep up with my love of decorating letters/envelopes (I think this partly has to do with the fact that most penpalers my age are married, or busy in college, or something along those lines).

I’d show pictures, but…let’s just say me and our camera don’t get along too swimmingly and…yeah.

I’m not actually too concerned about my mess, but I am interested to see how other people organize they’re craft items! :) So, share away, and if you have pictures, I’d love to see. I don’t know if you can share pictures in comments? If not, you could always email them to me (go to my ‘contact me’ page). :)

On another subject, April 15th is quickly approaching!!! Do you know what that means?? The writing contest!!




I also have more posts I want to do…like one about something HTTYD related…not promising anything though, because life gets busy, as it has been lately.

I’ve been taking care of a cute little girl on some days, feeding neighbour’s animals every day (they have baby sheep!!! *Sigh* so cute!!), and just trying to get life-y things accomplished, all while trying to stay on top of my Reading List that just keeps growing. I should have some reviews coming up, God-willing!

But I shall leave off for now. Happy Saturday, and may you enjoy a weekend of rest!



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Sometimes I wish

Sometimes I wish you could just post one image that summed up everything you wanted to say, when you don’t have much to say in words.
I know I need to get posting more, and get more ideas for posts, but I am lacking, sadly. I try to scan through my Pinterest page for even an ounce of inspiration, but nothing seems to come.
I’d update you on what has been going on lately, but as I discussed with my David-Jonathan (ahem, darlingfriend – You know who you are, Ken! Hehe :D I WILL stop calling you that, don’t worry) last night on the phone, not much transpires in my life – just things around the ‘farm’, like escaped chickens, or mule and horse. Or calling one of our ducks ‘Mrs. Olson’ from Little House on the Prairie. Or putting in a bigger duck ‘pond’ (it’s just a small plastic pool we put in the ground), or gardening, or laundry. Are you catching my drift? Though I love my life, there is not much to report. :D

I got married in my dream last night…well, almost. I woke up just before the ceremony. My dress was very much like Molly Gibson’s white frock, only a tad bit more ‘wedding-y’:

Elizabeth Gaskells's Wives and Daughters by BBC (1999) with Justine Waddell as Molly meeting the new mommy in lovely white

This is the best picture I could find of her dress (the white one). =/ And it doesn’t even show the bottom, which is what was also very much like ‘my’ dress in the dream…oh well.


And my hair was short and I thought (in the dream) “I never imagined to get married with short hair”.
But I guess, I actually DO have short hair right now; not that I plan on getting married…haha, there’s no chance of that. XD
The dream was strange. But really realistic. *Shrug* I have a lot of dreams like that…

Anywho…what else could I rustle up to post about? I’ve been writing somewhat frequently. Mostly in just one of my current stories. I have like, three main ones going, but I really just focus on two primarily, and lately I’ve been working on the ‘shorter’ one. It’s going to be my attempts at a short story. :)


So, dear readers, is there anything in particular you would like me to post about? I would welcome any suggestions and do my best to fulfill them. :)



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Just a regular post.

Finally. Not that I really know exactly what I am going to post about…Sometimes I actually have an idea of what I am posting about, but this time I am just kinda winging it. ;)
My lack of posting anything other than book reviews in January was due to it being a difficult month. To sum it up, it started out with death and ended in death, with a few more in between. I don’t want to be all gloomy about it, but that’s just how it was, very sadly. The amount of tears shed from all of us was probably a sea-worth. Haha, maybe not, but you get my point.
On the first one of the older horses in our barn passed away, which was sad. Then about a week later my elder sister’s horse passed away unexpectedly – he was only 7 years old. Then during all this, we were dealing with my dad’s father passing away. He passed about a week after the horse passed. And then about a week after he passed, our mini-donkey unexpectedly passed away too. That was on the last day of January.
There was so much involved with all of it, and we were all so emotion-spent.


Yes, the Lord did definitely stand with all of us and strengthen us. He still is. And always will be.
We’ve been learning a lot of lessons, which is good, of course.

Let’s see…what else could I post about…I like Pinterest. I could spend a couple of hours showing you what pins are my favourite, but I will refrain. :D

I am hoping to post more often, but I really cannot promise anything, because I never know how that goes…I have a couple posts in mind that I want to do, so we’ll see. And of course, there’s always book reviews. :) I have been reading a lot. In fact, when I am done here, I will probably go read some more. =)
Alright, how about one more picture from Pinterest before I go?

How to train your dragon two

(I really am excited for this!!)

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Pinterest Favourites: Cats and Piggies

Hello! And Happy December 3rd :) Let me just say politely, gently, and in control-y…. WE NEED SNOW

*Ahem.* Okay, now that we all understand that, I will share a pin that I found amusing and true :)


“Just checking he’s comfortable” says the cat.
Haha. One of our cats, Nemo, would love to go sit in with one of my guinea pigs, until he tipped his cage and nearly scared Piggy silly. It was fun to watch them, though, before that happened, especially because Piggy was afraid of EVERYONE and just about everything, but he didn’t mind Nemo.
Very sadly, dear Piggy passed away a few days ago :( He was my… 5th guinea pig; I’ve had 9 total, including my three baby piggies I still have (who are not babies anymore). He also lived the longest – about 8-9 years! The average age I’ve found for piggies to live is 5-6. But diet has a huge play in that, and my family and friends can certainly vouch for the fact that I fed them extremely well.

So yep, there’s a pin! :D

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Just a Bit In Between

Hey there =)
I figured I’d try to do a little bit of an update in between all these reviews I seem to be doing ;) I actually do have one more book review to post as soon as I finish the book. (Technically, I should have read and reviewed this book weeks ago, but haven’t…oops)
So, we’ve been kept very busy around here.
Mum and I have begun canning in smallish batches; just as the tomatoes are ready. We’ve done diced tomatoes and spaghetti sauce so far, and today we’re going to freeze more grapes, and hopefully get some more spaghetti sauce done if time allows.
We also began the process of butchering chickens a week or so ago, but only did 19 because they kept getting smaller, so we had to wait till they got bigger =/ Now they are a bit larger, and Dad says he wants to get them all butchered tomorrow, God-willing.
School has started, but not for us…or rather, Noah…It seems weird not to have to do school. I am still actually going to continue some studies (80% to learn and 20% to keep me occupied while Mum does school with Noah… ;))
Oh and in between life (ha ha) Mum and I have watched “Persuasion” (1995 version!) and Jane Eyre (with Ciaran Hinds). I love both of these movies. They are so good =)
Recently Dad and I re-did my mule and donkey’s stall/inside area. He cleaned it out with the bobcat which was such a blessing, because there was no way I could’ve pitched all that manure by hand. I had gotten so behind back in March/April when I came down with the cyst. But now it is all nice and clean out there, and I’ve been keeping it clean every day. We built the pen with pallets which work really nice. We had to cover the side with chicken-wire though, because Adora (my beautiful mule) is a bit stressed from all the change and chews on the wood. We didn’t cover the pallets on the closest side because we didn’t figured we’d need to since that is where their water-buckets hang, but Adora has so kindly chewed Miss Kitty (the mine-donkey) a window…*cringe* Miss Kitty really does like to peak her head out though. It’s rather humorous, but a bit of a bummer that Adora is chewing so much. We certainly don’t want her to chew a door for Miss Kitty…!

Well, shortish as this was, and picture-less too, I must be going. I have to get chores done, and then begins canning/freezing. Ta-ta :)

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Hawks and Persuasion

Hawks and Persuasion; two amazing things.
There is something not so amazing of both though, or rather, they both have flaws despite their amazingness. The hawk’s would be its need to kill and eat, which is not really a flaw, but more an inconvenience for us…because it likes to dine on our future dinners, the butcher chickens.
Yesterday afternoon, I was about to go inside when I heard the butcher chickens and turkeys freaking out. I turned just in time to see this huge hawk swoop down into the chicken pen. I was like “Oh my goodness!!” and Mum asked what I was doing – I couldn’t answer, because I was hurriedly making my way to the scene of the ‘crime’. When I got to the pen, the hawk was in the pen on the ground with one of the butcher chickens in its claws. I could hardly believe what I was seeing! The hawk was in a hurry, and startled by me so it flew out of the pen to a tree branch above. By now the rest of my family was outside, Dad with his gun. The hawk killed the chicken (well, it wasn’t an immediate death…), but didn’t take it with him in his haste. Dad shot him away (to scare him, didn’t get him – it’s apparently illegal to kill hawks) and he did fly away. But seeing this made us wonder just how many chickens the hawk as gotten without us knowing, and how many, if any, cats he has taken. Last summer a number of our mamma cats just disappeared with no evidence left behind, and then just recently this summer, another one of our good mammas went missing too. So who knows. We also have coyotes that come into our yard at night…
It was a beautiful hawk, I must say. It was just huge. He came back about a half hour later (when we had company – people looking at our house, though I don’t think they’ll be buying it, but only God knows) but because we were all outside, he didn’t stay around. Today Dad put up a small net thing he had over some of the chicken pen to at least make it harder for the hawk to get in – hopefully it will deter him altogether. So yes, we’ve a hawk situation. (I’m glad to have seen it – I mean, wow!)

As for Persuasion…


Jane Austen’s “Persuasion” is by far my favourite of hers. I adore it. Our first version to have seen was the 1995 one with Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds. Our favourite version. Those actors are the characters for us. When I think of Captain Wentworth’s letter, I can only hear Ciaran Hinds speaking it.
The other evening, my Mum and I tried the 2007 version though, and tried to be open-minded (I believe it really depends on which version one sees first, that becomes ones favourite)
and there were a lot of pros and cons it. I really liked that the 2007 version gave a lot more details and whatnot, but I didn’t so much care for the actors/characters as I do the 1995 version. In my humble opinion (and it is just that – my own opinion) the main girl hadn’t really fully ‘lost her bloom’ as the book says over and over of Anne. And Captain Wentworth of that version (the 2007 one) was too young; they were both a bit too young-looking. But like I said, I appreciated the details. After we finished, my Mum and I were discussing it (well, after I tried to pry myself out of that world) and agreed that we’d like to just combine the two versions to make the perfect one! =)
As for the ‘flaw’ of Persuasion…well, it just triggered me on some things that I had to deal with through prayer. It is just a lot of romance and almost-heartbreak, and…well, that’s just a personal story.
Persuasion is still amazing, and one of my top favourites!

I must be off to read – I have two chapters left in “The Legend of the Firefish” by Brain George Polivka (a book I’m reading) and it goes back to the library today, so goodbye for now!

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Something to look forward to.

That sentence actually gives excitement, doesn’t it? :)
I wanted to give a little up-date here…Sometime soon, I shall have a product review to share with you all, and not only that but also my first…give-away! So that’s super exciting!! Something to look forward to, indeed. I think ye will like the give-away too. It’s a good ‘un.

We went to the MN zoo on Monday. That was so fun, and I did get some good pictures. I would like to share them, but I don’t know where that camera is… :D
Lots of fun animals there. I looooovvved the cows. We got to watch them milk one (it is a one parlor milking station; not by hand) and the guy explained everything; it was really great and interesting. I love cows. :)
Oh, and I got to wear Elias in a wrap for a little while too, which was really neat. (It’s called baby-wearing – you wrap the baby/toddler on your front, back or side, with the wrap which is a long piece of woven fabric, and it holds the baby securely without using you arms or anything. It’s amazing.)

We are going up north soon, so that’s exciting. We’re going to pick out a kitten to bring home for inside. For Noah =) Lots of fun!

God brought me through some things yesterday while praying and it was amazing and so good. He even used the book I am reading in parallel. It was so neat. I’m still working through a few things, but He is a great God! My Abba Father.

Okay, so look forward to a review and give-away soon!!

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Hello :)
Sorry for such a long time with no posts. I have been lacking in time, once again, and when I have time, my blog doesn’t immediately pop into my brain :) I kept meaning to make a post on a more deep subject, but alas, that has not happened either. I specifically wanted to go more indepth with the video I posted recently (found in this post: ); I don’t have much time to do so now, nor the energy, but I do want to stress the fact of it being really good, and I highly recommend that you all watch it – if you already have, that’s great, and another watch is great too! :) I really have thought really differently about taking communion now after having seen that video. How it is a covenant between Jesus and I, and yes, I want to join into that covenant whole-heartedly (is that a word?). Every Sunday I re-commit to that covenant by taking communion. As Jesus asks, “Will you marry Me?”, how do we respond? Will we say yes to Him, and open our lives up to Him completely and be His bride? I want to. All that is within me yearns to say yes, and be a “perfect disciple” of His – I cannot be perfect though. As much as I want to and strive to, I simply can’t attain perfection like that. I can however, say yes to Him. I can say yes, and give my heart to Him, and so I will. Even if I fail Him, I still want to say YES, because I love Him so ardently and want Him to be my everything.
Spiritually/emotionally I have been going through a lot lately. To be painfully honest, I have been and still am a total “mess”. There has been so much. Sometimes all I can do is nothing. Seriously, nothing. Except maybe cry, and relate to Tenth Avenue North’s song, “I’m Worn” which has meant a lot to me. Here, you can hear it too, if you haven’t already:

One thing that I am finding out, that is pretty much concrete, is that I am exactly where God wants me. He wants me at the very bottom, and He wants it so I can’t do anything. Because He says, “Apart from Me, you can do nothing” and I keep seeking Him, and He keeps having me where I’m at. I am learning that I really can’t do anything unless He wills it. And He’s comforted me with the fact that He is in my tears. That is Him.
I am waiting on Him to give the “go-ahead” for a couple of things, and so much of me wants to just push past that and do it myself, but I know that it is best to wait for Him to say, “It is time”. So I wait. And I pray. And I pray some more. And I cry a lot too. But that’s okay. Some days are good, and some days I can barely look up. But that’s okay, too. Today is kind of one of those “not so great” days. I just feel bleh. Tomorrow will be different though. And so I will keep waiting on my Lord and Saviour.

My nephews are BEAUTIFUL, and I don’t think I could love them anymore than I already do. They are amazing :) Elias is doing great, as is Liam. I love my boys.
We have a dog. We got him about two weeks ago, and that has been a trial. It is getting better though. At first he killed a chicken, which wasn’t a big deal because he didn’t kill the chicken, and we have more of those. But then he got off his run and killed our pet duck right in front of me, and that was horrible. It was horrible for many reasons, and shook me so much because it was more on the level of trust, and God was teaching me something. We weren’t going to keep the dog after that, but we decided to give him a try and bring him through training. We named him Doug (like the dog on UP). Training starts this Thursday. Dad has been the one taking care of Doug, but he got called up to Duluth to help my grandparents today, and so I am taking care of him now. God has healed my issues of trust, and – provided he doesn’t kill my cats next – I am beginning to like Doug a bit more. I am not a dog person (I love my kitties), but he is a good dog.
We got a dog mainly because we have been having severe skunk problems. Five in the last month or so. Dad shot three of them, our neighbour shot one, and one got hit on the road and lumbered into our yard to die. Two of the three Dad has shot, I have encountered in the barn – both a foot away from me. So that was fun. We’ve decided that Dad is going to teach me to shoot his gun, because obviously it would come in handy.
So, now I shall get on with the tag, because I am tired and ready to watch a movie with Mum and Noah :)


1) How would you describe you style?
Interesting and different. Often un-matching, always very “Raechel”.

2) What are you wardrobe staples?
Hmm…skirts, t-shirts and either hoodies or my army jacket.

3) Most expensive clothing item you own?
Probably my bridesmaid dress – I didn’t pay for that though..I think half was paid by Mum and Dad and the other half by Dallas and her money she saved up for her wedding…The dress was about a hundred…maybe a bit more. Not sure.

4) Most wanted item?
An army knapsack that is a little smaller than the one I have now (which I LOVE, but it is a bit too big to carry around very where. I’ll have to post pictures of it soon, though, because it is AWESOME).

5) Favorite designer?
Don’t have one. I like OP for shoes though :D

6)How much do you spend on clothing?
Not much at all. If it’s more than $10 I’ll most likely skip it.

7) Favorite places to shop?
Well, shopping for clothes (or shopping in general) isn’t a favourite pastime of mine, but mainly Walmart and thrift-stores.

8) Favorite fragrance?
Don’t know that I have one.

9) What is your go to outfit when you don’t have anything to wear?
Either my worn denim skirt (it’s not tight jean – it’s loose and almost flowy) or my brown skirt, with one of my favourite t-shirts. Probably my light bulb one or the Minnie and Mickey one.

10) Most prized possession?
Does this have to be fashion related? My Bible is probably my most prized possession…otherwise I don’t know. I am thankful for my things, but try not to cling to them. though I fail with that often…

Okay, so, I tag anyone who wants it :) Let me know if you do it, so I can see! =)
I’ll be off now, so ta-ta.

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Donkey Pictures!

Long over-due pictures. We got a donkey on Saturday, which has been so fun. Miss Kitty is her name, and she was our neighbours. We were able to walk Miss Kitty down (wearing some kind of orange apparel since hunting season began that day. Even Miss K. had an orange coat spread over her ^.^), so I led her while Noah rode – cute. It was fun. She is now in with my mule, Adora, which is nice!
Okay, here are some photos:

Miss Kitty is a tiny thing, especially compared to ..well, all the other horses and mule!

She hugs!

My funny girl, Adora
Okay, if you have ever seen “Little Dorrit” this picture might seem funny to you, too. I had to laugh, because, well, it is like the exactly photo on that movie, only with a donkey, instead of Amy Dorrit XD

Alrighty, that is going to have to be it for now. Maybe more later!

Not the greatest picture of me (XD) but I love it, because Miss Kitty is so funny. :P