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“The Hunter and the Valley of Death”

Happy first Monday of July! And boy is it a hot one.
I know that I normally do an Author Interview on the first Monday, but June was such a busy month that I was not able to line one up…so I do apologize for that. But I do have something else in store for today :)
It is the release day for the first book in the Psalm series by three different authors. The first book is…”The Hunter and the Valley of Death” by Brennan McPherson.
And I had to absolute pleasure of being able to read and review it. So I would very much like to share about the book today, as well as my review.
Happy Release Day!

“The Hunter and the Valley of Death” by Brennan S. McPherson


A man wakes up in the Valley of Death and realizes he’s given up everything to attempt to kill Death so that he can bring his Love back to life–but when he fails, who will be there to rescue him?

The Hunter and the Valley of Death is a profound meditation on life, death, loss, and love. Formatted as a fantasy parable based on Psalm 23, this story shows that there is only One who could kill Death–and because of him, and him alone, we say, “Oh, Death, where is your sting?”







My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Review copy from the author



This was an extremely profound story. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into it, but it really did astound me. It felt very much like Pilgrim’s Progress or “Till We Have Faces” by C.S. Lewis. A fantasy parable/allegory. And it was beautiful and powerful.
The way it was written – so unique, and it just flowed excellently. It captivates the reader and fully draws you into its world.
The symbolism of Psalm 23 was lovely, and how it was all portrayed through the story – brilliant. I found numerous truths in “The Hunter and the Valley of Death”. And oh, the beauty of that truth, specifically regarding suffering. That couldn’t be more apt for me to read right now.
I feel like I can’t even give this book justice in a review for the beauty of it, and the deep meaning.
The only thing is I would have liked just a tiny bit bigger emphasis made of the repentance stage, as that is very important. And personally, my favourite version of Psalm 23 is the KJV or NKJV – I feel it holds the most reverence. So I would’ve preferred to see that in this, but as I’ve stated in past reviews, I know that everyone has different opinions on Bible versions.
Otherwise, I really did love this book, and the notes at the end. It was a short novella, but full of meaning. I am looking forward to rereading it, just to digest more of it. Excellent!
*I didn’t make the graphics; they were provided by the authors of the Psalm series.
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Book Review: “Ransomed” by Elizabeth Ender

“Ransomed” by Elizabeth Ender, illustrated by Louie Roybal

My rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

About the book:

“Both of them have promised to protect me. My lord is not here. The stranger is. One said I would die if I left; the other says I cannot live unless I go…and to go with one means to forsake the other. Do I stay or do I go? This is my choice.”
“A luminous allegory of true love and redemption. ~ Regina Doman, author of the Fairy Tale Novels
“Ransomed is a beautiful allegory reminding us of God’s redemption and unfailing love. When we read this story in our Bright Lights group, the girls enjoyed it so much!” ~ Sarah Mally, author of Before You Meet Prince Charming
“This story is a beautiful and clever analogy of Christ’s love. It’s totally worth the read.” ~ Jill Williamson, author of the Blood of Kings trilogy
“Ransomed is an incredible allegory of salvation, forgiveness, and love that touches the heart and feeds the soul, growing richer with every reading.”~ Jessica Greyson, author of Annabeth’s War

My Thoughts:

Oh my goodness! This book is a gem, I am not kidding you. Going into this short read, I thought it’d be good and all, but I was in fact blown away by it. Priceless, truly. The story is amazing, and the underlying truth spectacular.

The way Miss Ender wrote of our redemption through Jesus Christ, in such an easy to read, highly riveting work of fiction is amazing. And Jesus’ message, told so clear through this book, is more than amazing to be reminded of again and again. Such Biblical truth to “Ransomed”, it was beyond delightful.
This is a book that can bring you to tears in such a short of amount of time – I loved it sincerly.
The writing was very well-done, and flowed  superbly. The illustrating (done by Louie Royball) was also remarkable and added good depth to the book.

What more can I say than that it was fantastically spectacular and deeply heart touching? This book will sit on my favourites shelf for a long, long time. :)

Thank you so much, Miss Ender, for sending me this complmentary copy for me to review. I was, and am very impressed with “Ransomed”. :)