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Etsy coupon

Hello :)

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, and if you participated in Black Friday, then I hope it was good too! We went out in the early morning to get a couple things, and came back home as quick as we could. ^.^ I am now a proud owner of a Bear Grylls survival knife with paracord. I love it :D

But anyway, let me move on to the subject of this post. I have (“I have some fifteen thousand pounds just sitting in the bank earning little to no interest…” North and South. <3 “You don’t need Henry to explain” – if you are a N&S fan that quote should make you squeal inside! ;) ) a coupon to a specific Etsy shop that I am not going to use. The shop contains some headbands, scrunchies, and cosmetic cases decorated in Dr.Who, Star Wars, and Marvel designs. The coupon is for $10 off an $11 minimum purchase. It expires December 31st, 2015.

If anyone is interested, please let me know РI would be glad to see it put to good use! This is the shop:

Have a lovely weekend!

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There’s a give-away…

There is a lovely give away, here:

The give-away is for a $10 or less pillow of winner’s choice. I am in love with this one:


Isn’t that gorgeous??

This give-away runs from now (Dec. 1) until December 13th. It is international, too, so that’s always a plus! :) Even if you don’t intend to enter the give-away, I really do advise you skip on over to the blog and go to the etsy shop that is hosting this give-away. Her pillows are darling. There are Pride and Prejudice, Winnie the Pooh, Downton Abbey, and as the picture shows, North and South, pillows. Gorgeous! :)

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Another Product Review: LotR necklace

Oh yes, I have another product review to share! This one is another very delightful necklace! It is simply stunning; wait till you see it.

etsy shop

Etsy Shop:


Shop Description (taken off the shop site): “Welcome to Storybook Whimsies!
My handmade jewelry is inspired by fairy tales, stories, and books, as well as the other fantastical and whimsical things in the world around us. My book page jewelry lets you carry a piece of your favorite stories with you wherever you go! My bird nest jewelry and other charming trinkets are fun and whimsical! I hope you’ll find something that makes you smile!
Want a book quote (or any quote) that you don’t see? Or a bird nest with different colored beads or wire? I can do custom orders! Just send me a message!”

My Review:

Okay, so this is a wonderful etsy shop!! I don’t know about you, but I love books (didn’t know that, did you? ;)) and this shop owner takes pieces of books and makes them wear-able. And this includes maps. And I love maps. The piece I was given to review (that I requested) is this lovely piece:


“The Shire” from the beloved classics of J.R.R Tolkien, Lord of the Rings.
As soon as I received it, I fell in love with the necklace. The chain is just beautiful, and the necklace pendant itself is stunning. Plus the little bead-charm compliments it so well! This is how I received it, (well, it came in a package, but that’s not included here):


I am really a lover of necklaces – I don’t wear much jewelry, but I do wear necklaces (and my purity rings) and I am definitely in love with this necklace. One of the things I love about it, is it’s a unique piece. All the necklaces I own are all unique and individual in their own way, and I am very pleased that this one is likewise! The necklace is heavy-duty, and it feels very secure and comfortable around my neck. The clasp is a nice one too, though I can just slip the necklace over my head. The chain is aprox. 24 inches long, and hangs at a comfortable length I think. You can request any size chain length, too, by the way.
Here’s another picture for you to admire (I am admiring it still…):


This is an etsy shop I will definitely keep in mind as I’m sure I can come up with a million book quotes to request for custom order to buy someday :D
I greatly encourage you to check out the shop as well – I’m sure you’ll be able to find something you like!

Thank you so very much, Paige, for allowing me to do this, and for being so kind and patient as we discussed it! God bless you richly!

And thank you, readers, for, well, reading! =)

Note: All thoughts stated here are my own; honest and unbiased. I was not paid to review this item.