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A notice


I hope you are having a good week. Ours has been quite busy. This week was our church’s VBS (Vacation Bible School) and not only am/was I helping in 4th grade (with my Mum) I was in the skit/drama. We all had really little time to memorize (there are two other participants in the skit besides myself), but it has all gone off good. I do have some photos of the outfits I wore to share, but I can’t load them onto the computer until I get the cord from my elder sister.
I was a rapper/hip-hop star. The one and only MC CiCi ;) The little kids really think I was famous, and I’d get waves and hugs etc. all the time. It’s adorable.
Tonight is the last night, the end program. Should be good. I think we’ve got the skit down.
It’s been a little…hm…”difficult” because the boy who plays the DJ, has an obvious crush on me, and it’s a little odd, we’ll put it that way.
God has been teaching me plenty through this week, reminding me how I need to lay down *my* image, and take up *His*. “I die daily”. It’s a hard lesson with all the details and all, but a good one.
Last night was cool, because I was really tired, and wiped out, but God just refreshed me during the end singing. Watching all those children dancing and praising God, jamming, getting down, etc. was so great. The Lord is good!
I can’t think of much details…
Last night, I was running things here and there from our group (gathering the completed crafts and putting them in our pew, taking the name tags that were missing, etc.) and so I kept running into a guy that is there with his family (he’s a teen and not in the VBS classes. Just hanging out), but this time he had the camera. I swear he took a dozen or more of just me. It was a joke, but I just hope they don’t make it to the big screen XD

Now, come Monday, I may not be around. It is a possibility that my family and I are going up north to a cabin that my grandpa’s family owns. If that is the case, and I don’t have the cord to our camera, you won’t get to see the photos of my drama outfits until after I get back. Not too big of a loss though :)
If we go, we’ll be back on Thursday.
This weekend I’m doing chores along with my elder sister and her hubby, for the gal that keeps her horses here. And I’m also dog-sitting tomorrow for a “neighbour”.

Well, I need to get off now, but I wish you a merry Christmas, and a happy new year!

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Christmas Concert by MN Teen Challenge and Mac Powell from Third Day.

As I mentioned briefly in the previous post, my family and I attended a Christmas Concert in the cities done by MN teen Challenge, with Mac Powell.
It was AMAZING. Seriously. I figured it’d be good, but it was beyond that.
It was held at a Mega-Church. I’ve never been in a Church that big. There were honestly a minimum of a thousand people there. The MN Teen Challenge Choir was superb, beyond astonishing. They sang Joy To The World, Angels We Have Heard on High, then there was a video, then a Welcome from the President of MNTC Then a lady from MNTC had a solo and sang Go Tell. Then a couple of them gave their testimonies. And oh my word, a lot of them were tear-jerkers. After that a guy had a solo and sang Mighty to Save, then there were some more testimonies that were amazing as well, then Born Again was sang, the first two parts were solos then Mac Powell came out and started singing! He was amazing too. His voice is grand and it was all awesome. Plus he didn’t take the spotlight – he brought it always back to MNTC, which was very cool. He sang some songs then. Born in Bethlehem, O Come All Ye Faithful were the first too. And on the O Come All Ye Faithful song, he asked the audience to stand up and sing with him. That was really cool. Then there was a video of a testimony, the gal in the video came on stage and talked a little bit with her husband as well. Then another song was song titled Jesus, Born On This Day and a lady from MNTC had a solo in it.
Then the Mission Pastor of the Church it was at came on and talked. If anyone there was not somehow convicted or extremely encouraged, then like he had said, they don’t have any switches. His message was hugely powerful, and you knew he meant it. And he just kept saying Bible verses that came to mind, and it was spectacular! When we prayed, I was crying. It seriously was an amazing time last night. God was there so strongly, and it was so up-lifting and encouraging! Some of the people in the choir of MNTC had only been there a couple days! In fact, there was a lady who had only been part of MNTC for 48 hours, and she was still there, part of the choir!
I can’t even begin to express how amazing and moving it was. You had to be there to understand. It left you feeling awed and inspired, amazed and hungry, wanting to pursue God like you never have before.
After the Pastors Message, they closed with Silent Night, and Mac Powel came out, and the audience sang with them again.
I am so glad we went. It was beyond any words.

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Oldest in Christmas Program

In my church, I am almost always still included in some way in most of the children productions. There are three of us teens, that are grouped like this.
Thankfully, I am the respected teen among the children’s things ;) I get to do the ‘Big girl things’ as Mrs. S. said yesterday. :P
Last evening was the annual Children’s Christmas program. Mrs. S. was leading it this year and was a bit frazzled. I offered my help (aren’t I nice?) and she thanked me, saying she definitely could use me. I didn’t know what I’d be doing until the first rehearsal that was yesterday morning, a few hours before the performance. Which was fine, because I’m flexable, and don’t mind learning fast. All I had to do was read some verses off a screen, but they were the longest ones out of the entire program :D Which I handled with ease of course. ;)
There were risers for the children to stand on (The kids were Angels, Shepards, like four Magi/Kings, and of course Mary and Joseph as well as a babe, who played Jesus.) and then Mrs. S. put four chairs off to the side for some of us older kids. Though my seat was taken, and so I sat on the floor next to one of the other teens. I probably shouldn’t have, because he had a comment/joke for everything, and would whisper it to me, but I didn’t mind that. :D I don’t know how the church felt about it though… ;) Naw, I’m sure they were watching the kids, not him and I.
The program went quite well, the children were adorable, and did exceptional. There was a pot-luck afterwards, but we didn’t stay. Mum and I went home to Dad and Noah. (They didn’t come, because Noah didn’t want to be in it, and our church…um…well, let’s just leave it at that. Anymore could turn to slander. And I don’t mean it in that way at all.)

Tonight, my family, including Dallas and David, are going to a Christmas concert in the cities, with Mac Powel from Third Day singing, along with MN Teen Challenge. So that should be enjoyable.

Oh and after Christmas – even possible after the New Year – I have a series of blog posts to post, God-willing.