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“All That Really Matters” by Nicole Deese ~ Book Review

All That Really Matters

“All That Really Matters” By Nicole Deese

Review copy from the publishers

My rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

About the Book:

Molly McKenzie’s bright personality and on-trend fashion and beauty advice have earned her an impressive social media following, as well as a big paycheck each month. When her manager-turned-boyfriend says she has an audition to appear as a host on a makeover show that nominates underprivileged youth, her dream of further fame seems to be coming true. There’s just one catch: she has little experience interacting with people in need.

When her manager-boyfriend convinces her to partner with a local organization, she begins volunteering with a summer youth program. The program’s director, Silas Whittaker, challenges her at every turn, but she swiftly grows more attached to the kids–and him–every day.

As Molly experiences an acceptance unlike anything she’s known, she wrestles with the lies she’s been believing about herself for years. She thought she knew what mattered most in life, but maybe she’s had it wrong this whole time, and there’s more to being truly seen than what she’s built her entire life on.

My Thoughts:

This book! Okay, so not only is the cover absolutely stunning, the inside story was just as captivating and beautiful – in every aspect. When I began the book, I was curious to see what we’d learn about main character, Molly, because she first came off as shallow and all about her social media influence – but I knew there was more going on, and oh boy was there. Molly was such an exceptional character, and how she grew throughout this novel, while still finding who she truly was, came across so well and was so lovely. I loved her so much, and Silas was a fantastic hero too. I loved his heart for the teens aging out of the foster system. This book really is packed with so much *heart*. I cried a couple times towards the end…it was that good.And then to read the note at the end that there will be a book about Val…!!!! I am so excited! Val was such an awesome friend to Molly, even through the struggles they endured. I can’t wait to read more of her story <3
But anyway, back to this book which was utterly fantastic in its own right. I am not a makeup/beauty/fashion person…but I loved how unique Molly was in her element, and I thought it was really neat to read about a character whose job was an influencer. And the depths she had were touching. There were several story threads of redemption in All That Really Matters, and it was truly beautiful to read. Every moment was heart-touching, and I enjoyed every minute. <3

*I received a copy of this book from the publishers. I was not required to write a positive review. 


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