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“The Heart of a Hero” by Susan May Warren ~ JustRead Tour, Review


The Heart of a Hero (Global Search and Rescue, #2)

“The Heart of a Hero” by Susan May Warren

Book Two in the Global Search and Rescue Series

Review copy from publishers through JustRead Tours

My rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

About the Book:

Rescuing Aria Sinclair is just what former SEAL Jake Silver needs in order to redeem his past mistakes. Keeping her distance from Jake is what Aria needs to protect her heart. As a hurricane turns paradise into peril, they must save themselves and others in this story of second chances and survival–and the cost of both.



My Thoughts:


The first book in this series had me already wanting to read Jake and Aria’s story, so I was so glad when I got the chance to dive into The Heart of a Hero! I really like these two characters. Especially Jake. He’s complex, and wounded, but a very strong character. Same can be said for Aria.

Once again, they are put through some very dire circumstances, this time trapped in a hurricane. The danger was abundant, and the action continuous, though my favorite part was seeing how their relationship grew and worked together. They each had to face some inner battles, and there was a lot of running from each other at times. I will say that I feel like there were a couple too many “trauma’s” right after another. I know books like these don’t really have to be realistic, and usually I’m not a stickler for all novels being completely realistic, but especially towards the end in this book, it was just one more thing after the other and it didn’t really feel natural. It just felt like the typical story line of the trick happily-ever-after then something bad happens again to separate the characters and make them question each other – they make up and almost get their happily-ever-after but then some big event happens again.And I know that this isn’t a problem for a lot of people, and many will love the nonstop occurrences. I just felt for myself that the end few things weren’t really necessary to the story.

The ending of this novel was very good, though it didn’t really feel as much as Jake and Aria’s ending as it was the beginning of Ham’s story. Which I now need to read even more! Looking forward to the next book’s release for sure!

There was a good faith message in The Heart of a Hero that I did appreciate. It was really good to see Jake and Aria both come to a place of healing. The characters were all well-written, as usual, and I enjoyed seeing more of all of them!

If you like action packed books, you’ll love this one. :)



**I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion


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